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Will the love in flashzhao high school really last a lifetime OAQ

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Will the love in flashzhao high school really last a lifetime OAQ
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Thank you everyone for your love (how do you feel like fundraising?

Make me popular and get more comments from people

When I met my boyfriend last night

I carefully read all the comments with him

He has been calling “Look, see, right, right, right, people tell you to cheer” -3-

Secretly attach a photo with him -///-

We will cherish the happiness of everyone at the moment, Keke

——–(The above is a little thank you text)————-

Many college interactions really entered the auditorium afterwards

But for high school exchanges, except for getting on the bus first and then making up the ticket

In fact, there are very few examples that really just go on like this for a lifetime

I want to ask…Do you really think about getting married and having children in the future?

Anyone who is interacting now, can you share your thoughts with me OAQ

My boyfriend learns to make a locomotive during the night school

And I’m a general high school. Next, I’m going to choose a university department like a test and lottery lottery.

He often said that I will not leave him and I will not give up

I’m willing to be with him for the rest of my life, he will marry me

No matter how gentle the girl is on the road, it has nothing to do with him

Because he already has the best girl beside him -///-

Maybe it’s because I don’t dare to devote my heart

I always feel that there is no way to be so “specialized” like him

It’s still young now, the future is endless

Maybe you can meet better…

Actually, I know that our two personalities complement each other

Many things are very compatible or even super compatible (for fear of being deleted, haha)

Sweet and happy but afraid of the future

I’m afraid that I will have to go to universities in other counties and cities

Afraid of his pawn -3-

The current conclusion is to stop thinking about it

Cherish the current study and confirm the school

But I’m still quite curious about what everyone thinks.

Then just saw the hot

I want to say that mine is also a domineering boyfriend><

If you have a temper, just turn my face with both hands to kiss

Bite your lips directly

Then touch my head touch touch touch touch touch touch

I’ll be fine

But as a girlfriend

Go to the park and ask him to walk the health trail with bare feet

It’s definitely for his health hee hee


In short, I love him very much now and cherish it

I think it’s so lucky and miraculous to be in love with him

Hit a lot unknowingly

The happy little woman bowed down the stage~

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