Will Men’s Obsession With Black Suits Ever Die?

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Black is a favorite color of almost half of the world’s population. This versatile color provides sophistication to anyone’s look, so black is often the most chosen color for suiting up. Men are obsessed with black suits, and you can confirm this through celebrities wearing them at various award functions, music concerts, and weddings.

Trendy designer black suits for men have always been the best and safest formal wear in black or white tie events. Even now, with so many colour options from navy-blue to grey and beige, black has retained its position as the most sought-after suit colour. And this obsession with black suits will not end shortly, in our opinion.

However, fashion is an ever-changing subject. So, it has changed a lot in suits over the years. Hence we feel we should give you some contemporary tips on how to style your black suit. But first, let us guide you through some rules you should remember while suiting up in black.

Some Rules to Follow When Suiting Up in Black

  • Styling up in the suit should be according to the occasion. For a formal or black-tie event, formal white shirts with a black bow or long tie are the best choice. And a Tuxedo’s perfect for white tie functions.
  • An all-black suit looks stunning, but ensure you create enough contrasting textures between every piece. Style your suit in a pattern, pitch-black shirt, with a slightly grey tie, followed by an all-black suit.
  • Do not leave your suit simple; play around with accessories. Silver tie pin rose gold lapel and pearl cufflinks will add warmth to your monochromatic black-and-white suit.
  • When you want to style for a casual look, replace the formal white shirt with a white t-shirt in summer, and a roll-neck sweater in winter. Make sure you pick neutral colors like maroon, beige, navy, olive, etc.
  • Pocket squares are essential, so give them a place in your look. White or black pocket square could never go wrong. But you can also be playful with color as long as the event’s mood allows it.
  • If ties are not your thing, you could also try a neckerchief. Button your shirt, grab a neckerchief and tie a loose knot around your neck. Tuck the loose ends in the shirt or keep them out flying in the breeze.
  • Finish off your formal black suit look with an elegant pair of dress shoes. Similarly, a pair of boots or sneakers would go well with the look if you are creating a more rockish and casual look.
  • You would want to invest in a quality black suit as you will need the ensemble repeatedly. If you don’t have time to visit physical stores, you can choose online platforms also. But, make sure you procure your dress from a renowned and reliable online clothing store in South Africa.

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Black Suit Combination Ideas

Classic black suit ensemble

When you are unsure about styling your black suit, you can always go for a classic look with a white shirt and black tie. This timeless combination will always be a fail-proof suiting idea. A nice pair of black dress suits will also complete your look.

Black suit with sneakers

Sneakers are casual, but they would be a great option if you want to give a little twist to your black suit. But make sure your sneakers are entirely white and clean. Also, keep your trouser’s length on the shorter side so that it does not hide your ankles and sneakers.

Black suit and black shirt

The all-black formal suit looks as dashing as the classic white shirt combination. If you have a party black-tie party ahead, this look would surely stand you apart from everyone else. Achieve this look with a well-fit black shirt and lace up a good pair of black oxfords or loafers.

Black suit plus a t-shirt

When you keep it all casual for your smart-casual events, pair your black suit with a white or black t-shirt. A long v-neck t-shirt would be perfect for this. And to top the look off, grab a pair of black sneakers or derby shoes with some accessories like watches.

Black suit with color shirts

A little complicated look, but if you think you can pull this off, it will strike a charm. To be safe, go for softer colors like light pink or baby blue. Make sure the tie is in bold color. You can also further experiment with bold color shirts, but in that case, the tie would be in light hues.


Black suits are timeless clothing for men, so we will be seeing men putting this garment on now and then on various occasions. However, a slight change in a style or ensemble, as discussed in this blog, can give a fresh look that brings your best version to the front.