Why is Kashmir the Paradise of India?

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Kashmir, often referred to as the Switzerland aur Paradise of India, is a land where you happily can soak your sorrows in a hot cup of tea, while marveling at the beautiful landscapes of snow capped mountains. This article is about the facts why Kashmir is referred to as the paradise of India by travellers. And, with the Best Kashmir tour packages from Kolkata, things can get more spiced up. So, what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and start knowing Kashmir better! 

Cool Misty Air 

If you are from a busy city like Kolkata, the crisp misty air of Kashmir can help you feel warm and complete from within. You can feel yourself synchronising with the flowing waters from the glaciers above. This is one of the things to not miss when you are in Kashmir. When it comes to booking a resort or hotel, the tour agency Kolkata can take care of it so that you do not miss the synchronisation of the glacial waters and misty cold breeze. 

Trekking Opportunities

If you are fond of trekking and have not yet got the chance to trek your heart out, Kashmir is the best place to start with. After long treks, you can watch the snow capped and sun kissed mountains dusting the eyes from your shoulders. The valley between the pir panjal range and the great Himalayan range is an amazing destination for enjoying the simple and pristine beauty of nature. Do not miss the incredible trekking opportunities that land you up in beautiful sites you have never seen before. 

Unique Culture

Kashmir is built with a unique culture that makes your heart in trade throughout your trip from Srinagar to Sonmarg to Gulmarg and Pahalgam. There are numerous terrains like snow capped mountains, calm lakes, pine laden forests and glacial rivers. The place is covered with beautiful untouched wild terrains and you can also find orchards of apples and fields of saffron waiting to bloom fully. Apart from that, there are numerous flowers that attract photographers every year. The best Kashmir tour packages from Kolkata can help you cover all of these. 

Peaceful Nature

When you land in Srinagar, you can feel a sense of comfort and peace. Nothing will feel more peaceful than gliding your fingers through the cold waters of the lake while spending quality time with your better half on a shikara boat. Encompassed by numerous deciduous trees promising a vibrant show during their fall season, the dal lake is a place you’ll never forget in your life. 

Enchanting Weather and Food

Kashmir weather happens to be an experience of its own. Generally the sun rises at 5 o’clock in the morning and sets at approximately eight o’clock at night. This provides the tourists with sufficient time to marvel at the valley, the cuisine and the culture. The interesting cuisine of Kashmir will make your taste buds crave for more. You can book packages from tour agency Kolkata and experience the best of Rista curry, Kashmiri kebabs, Kashmiri rogan josh and Kashmiri pulao. Plan for a gastronomic trip now!