What You Should Know About Successful Influencer Marketing
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What You Should Know About Successful Influencer Marketing

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What You Should Know About Successful Influencer Marketing
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Creating a presence on social media is a constant search for effective ways to promote products and services. The market is ever-evolving and constantly growing, providing vast opportunities. This is one of those opportunities, and it’s huge on Instagram. The fact that 75% of brands partnered with Instagram influencers this year has a good reason.

Certainly, influencer marketing is nothing new and Instagram is not the only way to do it. Instagram is where they have the most influence.

It can be difficult to identify the right influencers for your business. Here’s how to find them.

What is the purpose of Instagram influencers?

An influencer doesn’t equal celebrity or blogger, one thing to keep in mind. It’s not enough to have a lot of followers to be considered a leader. Someone who understands their audience is an influencer. Engaging followers and motivating them to make certain decisions are skills they possess. As with any brand, influencers must build a community of loyal followers that trust their opinions and experiences.

The real advantage of influencer marketing is that you can market your products through recommendations instead of blatant advertising. In general, people don’t like it when you try to sell them a product. People will listen to recommendations from people they like and trust.

The focus is not solely on advertising, however. There are several objectives you can achieve with influencer marketing:

  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Sales growth
  • An increase in brand trust
  • Restoring your reputation or responding to negative feedback
  • Informing and educating your audience
  • Creating a loyal following.

It does not mean you have to use influencer marketing. Various marketing strategies can be used to get great results.

The best way to find Instagram influencers

Although there are no shortages of tools and methods for finding Instagram influencers, they can all be boiled down to a few:

  • Manual searches
  • Lists of influencers
  • Social media platforms with influencer agencies.

On StarStuded you can match with a verified celebrity and influencers and interact with them, which is really cool. Let’s discuss in more detail the most efficient options.


The process of finding a suitable creator is sometimes as simple as just searching for them online. Just type in your desired niche and location and click to search. You should pay attention to the article titles with lists.


  • Easy, fast, and free;
  • Offers a wide range of options.


  • Results aren’t very accurate;
  • There is no way to know whether these creators are genuine unless you use a third-party analytics service.



Using the platform itself is the most obvious option. It offers several options for locating influencers:

Hashtag search

Search for influencers in relevant niches and locations on the Instagram search engine. Consider choosing influencers you already know and checking out their posts. Find the hashtags that are used most often, click on them, and view all the posts using that hashtag. You may find influencers who are relevant to your target audience. Ensure their content is of good quality and their engagement with their audience is authentic.

Location search

This is a great option for local brands that want to find influencers in their area. Simply click on the geotag right under your username in your profile and select a publication. Take a moment to browse through the selection of posts and select the ones you consider the best in terms of quality and engagement.

Look among your own followers

Your own followers are very likely to be passionate about your brand and willing to be your brand ambassadors.

Tagged posts

View the creators who tagged you on your profile page by selecting the Tagged tab.


  • Quick and easy;
  • Search influencers without having to leave the platform.


  • It’s time-consuming and difficult.


Influencer marketplaces

The best option would probably be to choose an influencer marketing platform. You can discover influencers in your niche using many of these services, but they offer much more than that. Typically, they come with CRM features and make it easy to manage your marketing campaigns from start to finish.


  • Many influencer marketplaces have vetted influencers to ensure authentic creators are selected;
  • Plan and implement marketing campaigns;
  • Monitoring campaign performance;


  • Not the best option if you are seeking macro-influencers;
  • High-priced;

Influencer marketing agencies

The role of agencies is to serve as a middleman between brands and creators. Influencers are sourced, meets your requirements and the terms of your partnership are negotiated for you by them. In addition, a marketing strategy is developed for you by them. Unlike traditional advertising agencies, influencer marketing agencies focus on individual, hands-on work.


  • Agencies can represent creators of all sizes and niches;
  • Personalized experience;
  • Experience in the market;
  • Detailed analytics.


A database is normally more expensive than a marketplace or database.

It takes a lot of effort to market them.

Take a cue from your competitors

No, this does not mean you should copy your competitors’ actions or poach their creators. Take note of influencers who are actively engaged with the content of your competitors. Utilize trendHERO’s Ad Post feature to see what your competitors are saying about you. Also, you may be able to find creators who are interested in your brand.


  • Simple and free;
  • Find influencers that have followers who are likely to be in your target market.


  • Time-consuming and energy-intensive;
  • Getting in trouble for conflicts of interest is easy.
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Curtsy 11m index ventures perez techcrunch

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Curtsy 11m index ventures perez techcrunch has been a VC for over 11 years and have a deep understanding of the technology, startup, and venture markets. As a result, she is in an excellent position to help entrepreneurs build their companies. According to a recent interview, she is seeking to make new investments in high-growth startups.

Beam Impact raises $13.3 million in Series A funding

In October, Beam Impact raised $13.3 million in Series A funding from Index Ventures and Ulu Ventures. This brings the company’s total to $15.4 million. The startup combines consumer and brand power to support high-impact nonprofits and raise awareness about social issues.

The beam is a B2B2C platform that helps consumers donate online spending to a cause of their choice. It works with over 500 organizations and enables customers to track the impact of their purchases toward a real goal. Consumers are able to support their favorite causes through their favorite retailers and brands.

As Beam grows, its team is also growing. Viveka Hulyalkar, CEO and co-founder, is a former McKinsey consultant and Tinder iOS engineer. She was inspired to launch the startup after realizing that brands were investing in problems she cared about.

The company’s mission is to shift $10 billion from brands to high-impact nonprofits. To date, Beam has partnered with more than 100 leading brands. Additionally, Beam is working with over 500 nonprofits.

Curtsy’s go-to-market strategy was focused on Gen Z women

Curtsy is an app that aims to make it easier to buy and sell clothes. It caters to Gen Z women and is a competitor to Poshmark. The company has raised $14.5 million in funding to date.

As part of their mission to simplify the reselling process, Curtsy has developed a machine-learning algorithm that helps merchandise items. They also provide shipping kits to sellers, which allow them to package and ship orders from their own homes. Previously, sellers had to manually fulfill orders or ship their own products.

Curtsy has a small user base, but it is growing rapidly. In the month of October 2020, Curtsy users sold 85,000 items. This represented a 35% increase from September.

Curtsy is an iOS-only app. Users typically spend about three transactions per month. To help sellers, the company provides branded supplies. When a seller lists an item, Curtsy recommends prices and helps clean up listings. The company also moderates spam, which is a big concern among reselling platforms.

Index’s new fund name pays homage to the firm’s origins as a seed fund

Index Ventures is a London and San Francisco based multi-stage firm that specializes in the fintech and e-commerce sectors. They are known for their forays into artificial intelligence and mobile. The firm has also been keeping a close eye on the cryptosphere. This year, they’ve made two investments in the cryptocurrency space.

Despite the downturn, they’ve kept up with their game plan and continued to fund startups. In their XI fund, they’ve raised a whopping $900 million. Not to be outdone, their newest fund, the Seed, will invest $200 million in pre-seed and seed stage companies around the globe. They have also bolstered their ranks with the hire of a partner in Tel Aviv. Founded in 2009, they have a hefty btw, which is the reason they are able to make such splashy moves.

In addition to its XI fund, they also made their way across the pond, launching an office in New York. For an aspiring entrepreneur, this is a good time to start. Their new offices will give founders access to a wealth of information, connections, and the requisite funding.

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Monoprice 110010 noise-canceling headphone

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The headphones from Monoprice, model 110010, provide an excellent price-to-value ratio. You can expect the highest convenience, acoustic quality, and overall performance from them. In today’s piece, we’ll review this high-quality set of monoprice 110010 headphones and provide detailed information on its features and benefits.

Finding an appropriate solution when you need a high-quality set of headphones but have a limited budget might be difficult. But products like the Monoprice 110010 may deliver exceptional value while still providing the functionality you’d expect from a much more expensive device. Immediately below, you’ll find sections covering all the information you need about this unit.

Overview of the Monoprice 110010 Headphones

Both form and function have been given special attention in creating this set. In addition, the device weighs less than 6.3 ounces, making it very portable. Also excellent are the headphones’ bass response and mid-range audio reproduction, as well as the user-friendly simplicity of their button configuration. You can use this headphones during using laptop.

There are numerous ways in which this combination succeeds, although it does have some flaws. These headphones have a shaky headband and small ear cups for an over-ear style. The good in things exceeds the negative, and we’ll go through both sides in detail.

Battery timing

The 52-hour battery life offered by the Monoprice 110010 is exceptional for a product in this price range. It’s great for listening to music for long periods, and it may also serve the gaming function, albeit the sound quality may need to be better if you need detailed sound for competitive games where you need to notice the slightest noises.

These headphones may be used for quite some time before the battery dies, despite the lack of features that might otherwise help save battery life, such as an auto-off timer.

A USB charging connection is included for easy recharging through any available USB port. It takes around two hours to charge the device completely, which is also very fast.

Silence-Isolating Technology

The Monoprice 110010 has a built-in silencer. The microphone may be used to control the background noise cancellation volume and set a comfortable volume level, although it does not provide complete noise cancellation.

These Monoprice headphones look great and include active noise cancellation, making them a great choice for use in noisy environments. This is the way to go if you’re in the market for premium noise cancellation.

Water resistance

While these headphones are water-resistant to a high degree, they are not completely waterproof. Because of this, you shouldn’t wear them while swimming or let them get wet in any manner. On the other hand, you may safely wear them in wet and steamy conditions without worrying about any long-term harm.

Headphones with an IPx7 certification are completely watertight and will function normally even if submerged in water.


Monoprice’s 110010 headphones may be a better option for those on a tight budget, but they provide great functions. They are user-friendly and handy due to their good noise canceling, superb mid-range audio reproduction, and straightforward button arrangement. In addition to selling solar-powered equipment and outdoor accessories, Monoprice is considering entering the bicycle market; however, contrary to what one might expect, the company intends to compete at the upscale end of the market.

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Best Features And Benefits Of LEVO Pa71

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Technology advances rapidly, especially when it comes to cell phones and their accessories. Our phones work pretty much like desktop computers. With them, we can check the current news or our email. Watch videos, make calls, and use our social networks.

So, as important as cell phones have become in everyday life, we know that battery life is never enough on a day-to-day basis. The cell phone that lasts a whole day without having to charge it is rare. Fortunately, there is levo pa71 power bank, to charge our cell phones anywhere.

Thanks to them you will never be disconnected, even if you are camping far from plugs and civilization.

With Which Devices Can A Levo Pa71 Power Bank Be Used?

The most common use of the levo pa71 power bank is usually on cell phones. This is so because a cell phone is a tool that almost everyone uses for multiple functions during the day, so it is normal that due to its intensive use it frequently runs out of charge. The problem is when there is no plug nearby or you need to travel. The power bank is the ideal solution to these situations.

However, they are commonly used for mobile. They are not limited to them; they can also be used with other devices that have various types of USB inputs such as cameras, tablets, headphones, and speakers. Some models can even charge laptops.

I’m a big fan of the Levo PA71 power bank. It’s not only a great value, but it also provides good performance for its price point. I’ll explain why below!


Entry Level Charging

The Levo Power Bank PA71 is an entry-level power bank. It charges at a rate of 5V/1A, which means it takes three to four hours to charge from 0% to 100%. A typical smartphone will take about two hours to fill up the PA71’s battery on its own.

The PA71 supports charging two USB devices simultaneously, but you can only use one at a time you can’t plug in two phones or tablets simultaneously if they’re both running at full capacity (which they will be when plugged into the same charger).

As such, this model should work well for anyone who wants to charge their phone or tablet as well as other small electronics such as speakers or headphones by connecting them directly to their port via a micro USB cable (or Lightning connector if you have one).


The Levo Pa71 is a power bank with a 3080 mAh capacity and can charge an iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S8 up to 2 times. It also comes with two USB ports that work at 5V/2A each, so you can use them to charge your other devices as well.

The performance of this power bank is not the fastest we’ve seen, but it gets the job done without any issues in our testing (see below).

Power Bank

The Levo Pa71 is a power bank with a capacity of 7100mAh. It has two USB ports that can be used to charge your device, and it also has an LED indicator that shows the current level of charge.

The Levo Pa71 charges via only one port at a time, which means you can’t use both at once if you want to juice up both your phone and tablet simultaneously. However, it does have enough capacity for most people’s needs: If you’re charging multiple devices at once (like me), then this will work just fine!

It’s An Entry-Level Power Bank

The Levo PA71 is an entry-level power bank that’s good enough to get you by. It won’t blow your mind, but it’s not the worst thing out there either. You’re getting what you pay for, so if this is all you can afford, then go with it!

The Levo PA71 has a 2200mAh battery inside of it and charges up quickly. You can charge your phone while using it as well (or any other device).


The Levo pa71 power bank is a great choice for a budget-conscious customer. It comes with multiple charging ports and a built-in flashlight, making it easy to use at home or on the go. If you’re looking for something that will last longer than one day without breaking down too often then this might just be the right choice for you!

Many current portable batteries are intelligently designed and programmed to detect the voltage required by each device in order to charge it at the fastest possible rate safely. They also usually have some method to prevent them from overheating. It is vital to review the instructions to verify that our electronic devices are compatible with the Power Bank, although these are usually universal.

Read More: techbullion.com

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