What to do to Throw a Decent Office Party

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The sweetest office party for the even sweeter people of Kolkata is the next thing to talk about. It isn’t a surprise that Kolkata is known for its sweet dishes, sweet culture, and dialect. It is not new for people to admire the place due to the history it brings with it. Be it a celebration, work-life, holy rituals, or spiritual life the spirit of Kolkata has always struck out. It isn’t restricted to being in the city either, the aura of the people of Kolkata always stands out and drives other people in the room to aspire to them, be in awe, and above all be friends.

What we are here to talk about is how you can throw an office party in Kolkata whether you belong to the place or not. Imbibing the vibe of the place in a true sense and liberating yourself to experience the true colors and wisdom of your colleagues while making a comfortable space for yourself in the company, your party should be admirable. And here are a few things you should have in your celebration as a necessity to make a good impression and some good friends. 


  • Order a cake

Order cake delivery in Kolkata in rich flavors like pineapple, red velvet, coffee, mocha, chocolate fudge. The flavors should be spellbinding and should be in alignment with the class of your party. Also, feel free to order a multi-tiered or pinata or fondant cake to celebrate the reason for the big bash. Make sure the quantity is enough for everyone to have the slice they deserve. 


  • Drinks

Office parties are usually stashed with branded drinks liked by the majority of people. Depending on the kind of gentry and the reason for celebration your drinks can vary from champagne to whiskey. An open bar is the best option to go ahead with. You can mix a few things with this by adding ice cubes to the party, or by making challenges around it. 


  • Good food

The charm of every party is the kind of food it has and is remembered by everyone. To impress your colleagues and boss, especially if you have the responsibility to manage the best caterers, your party should have starters, main course, and dessert all in good quality and quantity. 


  • Party Games

Games to be played in official parties can be a pool, musical chairs, singing and dancing face-offs, poker, dumb charades and of course impromptu games discovered ag the very moment is good to be played room you can always check with the interns to have a few new-age indoor games with them. 


  • Open mic system

An open mic system brings the whole party together usually in all kinds but official gatherings could use this to the most of their benefit helping everyone to open up and forget the motion of hierarchy for one day to represent their true selves in front of everybody. 


  • Lighting

Good lighting, usually blue and yellow along with white is primarily good for office parties. The drinks section can have blue, the open mic can have yellow and the place where people are still preserving to have serious talks, white lights can always be good. You can hire a professional to make the arrangements for you and put a good impression on your peers. 


  • Return gifts

Every party deserves to be ended with a souvenir for everyone and also should be so empowering that more of such kind are looked up to by the people. Gifts like planters, stationery kits, headbands, vodka shots are good choices. Like always do send along a greeting card to mark the most important memories of the journey of office life. 


  • A badge

Many parties these days go by a tradition of handing out badges or bracelets that people wear unanimously to identify as one and lose their hierarchy aside. It could be something with customized names in it for all. It could also be dog tags. Make sure it’s all the same kind for the bosses and interns to not let any place come in between people getting to know each other. 


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