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How to capture the hearts of loved ones | What makes you happy to be a woman, and what is the attitude of men to loved ones?

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what is the attitude of men to loved ones?
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what is the attitude of men to loved ones?

I want people I love to look back on me, and if I can get along well, I want them to love me forever! So, this time, I’ve been investigating how to capture the hearts of men and why men become women and become happy. Please read while thinking that there may be people who are interested not only in those who currently have a boyfriend but also in those who do not have a boyfriend.

How to look back on your favorite person ♡

I think there are many women who are worried that they may have a favorite person but do not know what to do. It’s good to get closer, but with psychological skills you may be able to get closer more naturally. Check out the psychological techniques that can be used to develop love right away!

What to do if you have a loved one

① Give the impression of getting along with the “mirroring effect”
The “mirroring effect” is a method of giving the other person a sense of security and shortening the distance by acting in the same way as the other person. If you eat rice, you eat it yourself, and when you touch your hair, you just imitate the movement at the same timing, so it’s easy to incorporate
What to do if you become a big person

② Produce a thrill with the “suspension bridge effect”
The suspension bridge effect is also one of the psychological methods that can be used for romance. The “suspension bridge effect” is a psychological technique that makes you feel like you are in love by sharing your throbbing emotions. If you experience it, you will get a suspension bridge effect.
What to do if you have a loved one

③ Feel familiar with “Zajonc’s Law”
The following “Zajonc’s Law” is a law that is familiar to people who have a lot of contact while taking a positive attitude toward unfamiliar people. It is said that increasing the number of times you enter the field of vision will increase your taste, so it seems to be effective just to enter the field of vision or increase the chances of talking a little more than other people

Three attitudes that men really like

Of course, it’s important to approach from here to build a romantic relationship, but it’s also important not to overlook the pulsing ant sign from him. Love can be good or bad in an instant, so let’s firmly grasp the attitude of men toward people they really like

Attitudes towards people that men really like

① Frequent use of “first person” during conversation
If he makes heavy use of the first person in a conversation with you, it can be a sign of favor for you. You may be unknowingly self-appealing by using the first person a lot! It may be a narcissist, so it needs to be identified, but it may be that a man who makes heavy use of the first person is trying to attract attention
Attitude toward people that men really like

② Place your hands behind your head and stretch your back
It’s a natural attitude, but when a man coats a woman he likes, he often folds his hands behind his head or stretches his back and bends a little. From a behavioral psychological point of view, this is a sign that he is relaxed and likes others. From this, if you feel more relaxed than nervous when you are together, you may be tolerant or trustworthy.
Attitude toward people who really like men

③ Email content
The “Pulse Ali Mail” sent to your favorite man has these characteristics!
It can be pulsing if you keep in touch with lots of questions in a casual conversation, or if you report that you don’t need to email honestly Anyone interested, answer the question and get a new topic from you Try to get!

My favorite feelings continue ♡ What makes a man happy to be her?

So far, I’ve introduced the psychological techniques you need to know to turn your favorite person around and the signs of pulse ants from men, but here are the men who continue to love even after a date. I collected happy things

Reasons why a man becomes happy to be her

① Serve home cooking
• “The next day, I made a lunch box at work” (male, 30s)
• “Cooking home cooking” (male, 30s)

After all, it seems that many men want homemade food By the way, it is the top 5 dishes that I would be happy if you cook!
1st place: Curry … 34 votes
2nd place: Nikujaga … 17 votes
Same rate: hamburger … 17 votes
4th place: Miso soup … 11 votes
5th place: Omelet rice … 8 votes

Curry is by far the best. It is a dish that is loved by a wide range of people from children to adults, and the scent alone will arouse your appetite! If you’re wondering what to make, you might want to put it in the top 3 of your repertoire
Reasons why a man is happy

② Compliments
• “Sit next to me” (male, 20s)
• “Compliment” (male, 30s)

There are many men who want to be spoiled by themselves even though they are cool outside. I want you to notice if there is an aura that seems to be spoiled
Reasons why a man becomes her and makes her happy

③ He showed me a different side

• “When you look at another side” (many answers)
• “When I was able to bring out her unexpected intention” (33 years old, male)

I haven’t done anything, but many men fall in love when they see something different than usual Actually, he’s just showing himself. You are going to do it! If you think you can forgive each other’s hearts, you may feel love again.

I broke up with my loved one … the recommended way to change your mood

It’s good to have nothing, but for a variety of reasons, you can say goodbye to your loved ones. Shock may be minimized if there are ways to recover and change mood in such cases. Check it out someday!

How to recover from a shocking event

① Let go of negative bondage
When there is a shocking event, I often blame myself for myself. If you get caught up in these negative beliefs, even small mistakes can grow and fall into a negative loop. When a shocking event happens, we don’t pay attention to negative beliefs and try to let go of negative bondage!
How to recover from a shocking event

② Write down only your strengths on paper
The best way to recover from shock is to restore self-esteem. Therefore, it is effective to write down only your strengths on paper, even if it is small. By doing so, you can find out what you are good at and get closer to recovery.
How to recover from a shocking event

③ Switch to a crisis situation as an opportunity
When a shocking event happens, you tend to focus only on the bad parts, but that’s when it’s important to change your mind. It’s good to think that it won’t get worse and get excited when you go up! Also, if you are kind when your self-esteem is low, you can earn the trust of the other person, so you can easily create new romantic and business opportunities. Broaden your horizons when you’re depressed.

We have introduced the psychological technique of having a loved one turn around, how to make him love even after dating, and how to recover if he farewells to his loved one. I want to remember the feeling of approaching each other so that I can stay with my loved ones forever

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Five gifts for your children for their special occasion

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Five gifts for your children for their special occasion
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The children are just perfect, they know how to make us smile, know how to make us realise that we have the best in ourselves, the children have always been there for us, and you can always get them so many things that they are just going to love. The children are just magical. They always are there bringing out the best in us, and the children motivate us. Their childlike wonder reminds us about how to look at the world in such a manner. The children are truly magical, and you can always opt for the gifts for children and remind them that you support and love them no matter what happens. The children will make you smile, and they will make you realise that there are many things that you can always hope for and consistently achieve.

As a parent, you always protect them, take care of them and help them out in every manner that you can, and This is when you need to find certain gifts that would be better for your children. There are times when we are looking for the gifts which would make them learn about things as well and would contribute to their development, and this is when you can always opt for the following gifts for your loved one and surprise them with that, the smile that they are going to have on their face when they see the gift that you have got for them would be perfect, you can always opt for the midnight cake delivery for your loved one. These would also be perfect, and the moment that they get these gifts, they are just going to have a smile on their faces. These would be perfect for your loved one. Here are a few gifts that you can always opt for your loved one:

The jewellery

You can always surprise your child with these, and these would be perfect for them. You can get them something made of gold or diamonds. This is something that they are going to cherish forever. You can always opt for these things for your loved ones and surprise them on their special occasion. You can even get beautiful bracelets and anklets made for your kid as well. You can even engrave it with a small message. Something that they can always cherish.

The toy they always wanted

There must be a particular toy that they would want, and you can always opt for that toy for them and surprise them with that. These toys would be perfect for them and would remind them about so many things that are there. We all have a toy which used to be our befriend, and for some of us, that toy is still there somewhere. Without that toy, we could not sleep. You can always get your loved one the toy and express your love to your kid. They are going to be so happy.

Art and craft supplies

Art and craft never fail. You can always try that for your loved ones and surprise them on their special occasion. The art and craft are bound to be perfect, and this is going to make your kid learn so much. Opt for this for their special occasion, and many kits are available online that you can opt for this occasion and surprise them with. The art and craft kits are comparatively cheaper. You can always introduce the artistic streak in them with this one. They are very imaginative; you never know what kind of beautiful things that they can create with this.

The cake

You can bake a cake with them, remember when you are cooking and that they are always there trying to help you out in some manner or another. The cake is another perfect gift that you can give them. Know about the kind of cartoons that they love and you can opt for the themed cake for them. You can even get them a cake which would be perfect for reminding them about the bond that they share with you. For this, you can always opt for the photo cake as well. You can always order birthday cakes online and surprise them on their birthday, and you can even opt for the midnight flower delivery as well.

The board games

The board games are also a perfect option for your loved one, you can always opt for these, and these are bound to develop them. You can get so many games for them which would teach them so much. There are many options available online. Opt for these options and surprise them on their special occasion.

For your child, you are the hero, and this is your turn to remind them that you will always be there. The moment they realize that you have got a gift for them, they are just going to have that beautiful smile and eyes full of wonder. Surprise them with these gifts on their special occasion this year!

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8 Tips To Help You Have The Best Sorority Recruitment, In Person Or Virtually

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8 Tips To Help You Have The Best Sorority Recruitment
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Take my advice, as someone who went through recruitment twice and is now on the other side.

Sorority recruitment season is upon us yet again. A time where women all over the country get primped and glammed up to impress their soon-to-be peers and sisters, in hopes of getting a bid to their favorite chapter. This experience can be so amazing and smooth sailing for some, while others struggle and don’t even make it through the entire process. Everyone has a very different recruitment experience, which is why they encourage you to not share your experiences with anyone throughout the week and make your own choices. However, there is a few tips that can help just about anyone feel more comfortable with the process. Here are my eight best tips for anyone that wants to give sorority recruitment a go, whether it’s online or in-person:

1. Let your true self shine through

Whether you are a girly girl who loves makeup or you are a sporty spice, make sure you do your best to show who you really are. Each chapter is different and the best way to find your perfect fit is by letting your guard down and seeing where you feel at home.

2. Know what’s important to you

How can you truly decide where to spend the next four years if you can’t even pinpoint what is important to you? Is it sisterhood? Philanthropy? Certain values? It can be multiple things, but decide what you are looking for in a chapter before you get too far in the week, preferably even before recruitment starts if you can. This way, you can try to spot similarities in the chapter women and see what is important to them. It also may guide you towards some questions to ask!

3. Have meaningful conversations

Your recruitment counselor will talk a lot about values and having meaningful conversations during recruitment. Listen to them. One of the most important aspects of recruitment is your conversations, so make sure they’re meaningful. The chapter women want you to join their chapter just as much as you want to join, so don’t be nervous. They are trying to get to know the truest, most authentic version of you! Ask important questions based on the round. Talk about you and take advantage of the open-ended questions the chapter women will ask you. Use those as an opportunity to give serious and meaningful answers that show off you, as a person, so that the process can work its magic.

4.  Make them remember you

Now, when I say this, I do not mean to do anything crazy. What I do mean is try to have a conversation that makes you stand out, or even wear a statement piece of jewelry or a really cool outfit that will help the recruiters remember how amazing you were. When recruiters talk to and see hundreds of girls a day, it’s super hard to remember what made each PNM special, so it is your job to make sure that they have no reason to mesh you in with the rest. Try asking unique questions and working on actual fun facts about yourself into the conversation.

5. Look around

This may actually be my most important piece of advice to anyone going through recruitment. This is often an overlooked thought, but a really great way to see where you’d fit in and feel at home is to look at everything around you.

Not only should you look at the chapter house itself, to see if you can picture yourself hanging out there and potentially even living there, but as the rounds go on, look at the girls! Look at all the women you’re talking to, the ones walking around the house, the exec members that pop in, and even the PNMS that are in the last couple of rounds with you. Can you see yourself being friends with the chapter women you’re meeting? How about the PNMs that you keep seeing return with you to the houses you like? These are all things to take into account that could potentially help you make your decision.

6. Utilize your recruitment counselor

Some places call it a pi chi, others a rho gamma, and others just a plain old recruitment counselor. Whatever she is called, the unaffiliated woman who is appointed to you as your designated helper throughout the week was given to you for a reason.

Take advantage of her!!!

She is there to answer your questions, help you think of questions to ask, bounce ideas off of, and even just to be some moral support or someone to hear you out. Don’t be afraid to say something bad about her chapter because she is trained to be unbiased and help you no matter what you say about any chapter. Some of the most amazing women I know have been/are rho gammas. I relied so heavily on my rho gam both times I went through recruitment and would not be a sorority woman today without either one of them!

7. Look and feel your best

Panhellenic will put out guidelines for what you should wear during the recruitment and introduce ways for you to care for yourself during the week(s) at your orientation session. These guidelines and helpful tips will be your lifeline through this experience. This experience can take a toll on you, but the best way to make it through is to take care of yourself so that you can show off your very best self.

The best way to show off your best self is when you look and feel your best.

Yes, there will be guidelines for the dress code during each round, but inevitably you should take that into account while picking something that makes you feel confident and look beautiful in your eyes. When picking out your outfits, you should be able to get into them and not stop looking at yourself in the mirror while they’re on. Confidence is key. Also, to help you look beautiful, you have to take care of yourself. Make sure you are staying hydrated, eating healthy (with the occasional comfort meal, you’re gonna need it), and going to sleep early!

8. Trust the process

As a PNM, you will hear this from the very first minute of orientation to the second you open your bid. As cheesy as this statement is, it is actually true. The process didn’t go as planned for me the first time around, but I trusted my instincts to drop it and try again a second time. The second time around, I went in with more of a, whatever happens, happens attitude and let the process do its thing. That’s when I found my home.

Recruitment can be a very hard and trying time, but the one big benefit of the experience is that you have a lot of time for self-reflection and you are truly able to find yourself. You cannot truly find your place if you don’t know yourself, but if you are able to truly know yourself, finding your home will come easy to you. Every school has so many wonderful options, as far as Panhellenic sorority chapters you can join, and every chapter has something unique and special about it, in addition to a wide variety of girls. While the Panhellenic community nationwide has a long way to go, sororities are finally starting to include all kinds of women and judge based on the content of their character, instead of vein qualities.

Don’t be scared of everything you hear or see, because I promise after this trying week when you join your chapter and fall in love with your forever home, you will be so glad you trusted the process.

Good luck, PNMs, and may the odds be ever in your favor!!

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All-Time Best Cakes For Any Type Of Gathering

Ody Team



All-Time Best Cakes For Any Type Of Gathering
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Love is a complicated thing best described by the way we all have feelings and an emotional connection with others. It also differs from personal relations regarding the way we care for and protect our friends and family, and to the passion, intimacy, and commitment we have for our better half. In general; love is a two-way thing like communication, and it also gets better with time like wine. Showering loved ones with gifts and sharing their best moments in life is a sure way to make the best and lasting impressions. Anyone can make the happy moments blissful with the traditional sweet treat and snack gifts, to the all-time best cake delight. With so many options available from which to choose, it is important to keep in mind the occasion, recipient, and the size of the gathering.

The three principles will help you select the best cake. Some of the all-time cake favorites include fruit cakes, red velvet cakes, chocolate cakes, and many more! You will find varieties of cake ideas and options from online bakeries and social media platforms. The best part about surprising your loved ones miles away is you can order midnight cake and flower delivery in Pune and other cities in India. To help you find the best cake of the occasion, in this post, we share the eight best cakes of all-time.

  1.   Icecream cake

Ice cream and cakes are some delicacies that bring vibrancy to the world with their enticing flavors. A combination of these two elements will put everyone in a party mood. One that will leave a mark in the scapes of their memories. It is delicious, mouth-watering, and simply satisfying. The cake comes in a myriad of flavors (like chocolate, almond, and cherry, ice cream cake, banana, caramel, chocolate ice cream cake). And you can also pick your loved one’s favorite theme (like unicorn and rainbow).

  2.   Fruit cakes

This is a healthy cake because of the fruit mixture. It renders a chance to mix pleasure and health for your kids. It is developed from the traditional sponge cake. An assortment of fruits is found here including a peeled watermelon as the main cake and other smaller fruits like strawberries, cherries, pineapples, and kiwi slices which are added as cake toppings. An enjoyable, healthy, and too delicious a treat for your kids.

  3.   Red velvet cake

This is a delightful cake that is gracefully sprinkled with colorful red velvet all over. It is an enchanting work of magic to the taste buds. The main ingredient can be vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and it is a sponge cake characterized by sprinkles which alternate with whipped cream or frosting. It can also be baked in a heart-shape, circle, or any other cake shape as long as you remember to add the edible red velvet sprinkles. The red velvet cake is strikingly tasty and is bound to brighten up your loved one’s day.

  4.   Theme cake

The theme cakes are always in fashion. This is because they are often based on the instruments of pop culture and thus do not go out of trend. A theme cake of your loved one’s choice is sure to excite them beyond measure. This will reside in movingly in the depths of their memory and would eternally be grateful.

  5.   Cupcakes

A cupcake is a small cake with the purpose of serving one person. This makes cupcakes one of the best options to go with if you want to break the ice at your in-laws’. So you can bake or order a box of cupcakes with different flavors, colors, and ingredients. You can also have the cupcakes decorated with sprinkles, chocolate chips, Kit Kat chocolate bars, Ferrero Roche, and tiny elements like flowers made out of fondant which is stuck onto the small cakes.

     6.  Kit Kat cakes

If the recipient is a sweet tooth person, you need to step the game up with a satiating Kit Kat chocolate cake. While the cake batter will be mixed with chocolate flavor, the design finish is one of the best – no one can resist the enchanting charms of Kit Kat bars on the cake’s decoration. And you can further raise the bar by designing the cake with choco creamy fondant, edible sprinkles, and chocolate gems.


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