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What I learned from childhood (I shouldn’t do this)

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What I learned from childhood
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Our mother doesn’t have to teach us these things, but she can do it because if she doesn’t, we will be the next tragedy that can be avoided.

On August 19, 1920, as a result of the women’s suffrage movement, women gained the right to vote. The brave woman who fought for rights gave me the right to vote for a girl nearly 100 years later.

They teach their daughters how to become strong and independent women in a society ruled by men. Our current society is more balanced, but there are still problems.

Every day, you will see articles about rapists and murderers. Fearful mothers now teach their daughters what to do to prevent them from becoming the next hot news headline.

These are the courses that I have to learn, I didn’t have to do this.

1. When you walk into the parking lot, sandwich the key between your knuckles like a weapon and get as close to the shop as possible. Check the back seat before getting in the car.

When I got the first set of keys, my mother taught me their value. I know they can be used to lock and unlock things, which is important to prevent people from stealing cars.

What I don’t understand is what she taught me.
“You may be attacked while driving. Please always be as close as possible to the parking lot.

Most shops have cameras on the front and more lights. But please always keep the key in your fist and use it as a Weapon.” I haven’t understood its seriousness for a long time.

There is a weapon that looks like an innocent key chain because women need such things to feel safe.

I don’t remember when she asked me to check the back seat. I don’t think it is possible, but then I heard a news story about a woman who took a thief all the way home because she didn’t check the back seat. I hardly dare to look now.

2. Do not walk or sit anywhere with headphones. Keep as far away from the alley as possible.
I remember that about a week ago, I was alone in my mother and car.

She was appointed as a doctor in a building that I didn’t like to go to. I sit in the driver’s seat because it is in the shade, away from the hot summer sun.

The window facing down makes me feel nervous even if it makes me feel the temperature is right. I picked up the phone and put in the earplugs, then immediately took it out.

I realized it was the same as walking into them.
It may distract me, and because my music is getting better and better, someone may block my side-especially when I go deep into the phone.

The truck of the company next door was parked next to my car, and it was full of people moving equipment. I stared at them intently, trying to decide whether I was paranoid. I can’t say anymore

3. Always use the buddy system!
Boys often ask why girls go to the bathroom in groups. We are told to walk together because one person may be waiting to catch us and take us farther.

We need to beware of each other. Not as most people think, in the bathroom is not social time. In fact, I learned from several men that women’s bathrooms are usually harder and quieter than men’s bathrooms. When we tell them that we use the buddy system because it is more secure, people think we are ridiculous

. I don’t think this is so important.
Until my big sister was almost kidnapped by a man when she went to the bathroom alone.
He has never been caught.

4. Pay attention to your drinks at all times, even at friends’ gatherings. Observe when they are poured.

If you ignore it, throw it away,
Did you know that 75% of rapes in 2010 were from someone the victim knew? This means that even at gatherings with friends or brothers from people you know and trust, you may be drugged and raped.

Even knowing that I only drink soda and water, my mother has to tell me to be wary of my drinks.

She kept telling people of my vigilance. She is proud of me for being so careful. It was terrible because she didn’t have to teach me this.

I should be able to believe that people will be good and they will not hurt me. But I can’t.
She also told me that if you can, please have a drink with a lid or put my drink in front of me. If necessary, cover the drink with your hand to avoid slipping.

The woman witnessed other girls going to the bathroom, and the date she was drinking for them after she left.

There are cups and nail polishes that are under development to help people find out if they are drugged. No one, men or women, will feel compelled to use this products-but we still do, because we live in a very unsafe world.

5. Fight.
When everything else fails, all you can do is fight. Fight for your life, because those who attack you want to rape you, hurt you, and kill you. They want to destroy everything that makes you your own person.

Start arguing, but don’t shout “help” or “rape” because people won’t help you. They are afraid of confrontation. They may call the police, but by the time the police arrive, the damage has already occurred.

Shout “fire” because it attracts a group of people, and once they see you, “they will almost be forced to help you”.

Run in jagged lines because it will make it more difficult for you to shoot and it will tire the attacker. If you are “flexible” enough, they may stop chasing you.

Oh, if you can do nothing, try to break their fingers or leave a bruise. Then, when you go to court and receive a positive rape kit, you can tell them you don’t want it

. You must prove that you don’t want it or you will be shot down by another woman who “changed his mind afterward” or “is seeking revenge.

” However, if you cannot escape, beware, because if you fight too much, they may kill you. Wear “moderate” clothes, because if you don’t wear them, you are “requiring.”

Before I got old enough to have to understand all these things, life was simple. I am not afraid of anything except those terrible spiders.

It was easy when I was young. Now, because I was worried that someone would hurt me, it was easier to stay inside and lock my door.

I can’t do this because women have double standards. Because I can’t make anyone happy, I just hope my mother teaches me everything I need to know to survive in this world, which will cheer us up and spit us out.

Maybe it will be better for my children or their children.


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Ramen is a popular Japanese dish that consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a flavorful broth, typically topped with various ingredients such as sliced pork, green onions, seaweed, eggs, and bamboo shoots.  It has become a beloved and iconic part of Japanese cuisine.

Ramen originated in China and was introduced to Japan in the late 19th century. Over time, it underwent significant modifications and adaptations to suit Japanese tastes, leading to the development of various regional styles and flavors. Today, ramen is enjoyed throughout Japan and has gained international popularity as well.

Each region in Japan has its own distinct style of ramen, characterized by differences in the broth, noodles, and toppings. Some of the most well-known ramen styles include:

1. Tokyo Ramen (Shoyu Ramen): This style features a soy sauce-based broth that is typically clear and light. The noodles are thin and firm, and the toppings may include chashu (sliced pork), menma (fermented bamboo shoots), and nori (seaweed).

2. Sapporo Ramen (Miso Ramen): Originating from the northern city of Sapporo, this style features a rich and hearty miso-based broth. The noodles are usually thick and curly, and the toppings often include butter, corn, and bean sprouts.

3. Hakata Ramen (Tonkotsu Ramen): Hailing from the southern city of Fukuoka, Hakata Ramen is known for its creamy and milky tonkotsu (pork bone) broth. The noodles are thin and firm, and the toppings commonly include sliced pork belly, green onions, and pickled ginger.

4. Kitakata Ramen: This style comes from the city of Kitakata and is characterized by its soy sauce-based broth that has a slightly sweet and salty flavor. The noodles are thick, flat, and curly, and the toppings often include chashu, menma, and green onions.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more regional variations of ramen across Japan. Ramen shops, known as ramen-ya, can be found throughout the country, ranging from small local establishments to large chains. People often line up to enjoy a steaming bowl of ramen, especially during colder months.

Ramen has also gained global popularity, and you can find ramen restaurants in many major cities around the world. It has become a culinary symbol of Japanese cuisine, loved for its comforting and delicious flavors.

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