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What Color Of Tanzanite Is The Most Expensive?




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We all should accept the fact that when it comes to color gemstones, tanzanite is a top-notch pick; from the mines at Mount Kilimanjaro to your doorstep, it possesses many unrevealed stories. We all know that tanzanite is a symbol of luxury because it is a hard-to-find gemstone. But do you know all the color shades of tanzanites are not equally expensive? Some of them are not very expensive and some of them come with a hefty price tag. So without any delay, let us start finding out what color of December birthstone is the most expensive one and why?

What Is Responsible For The Color Of Tanzanite?

In nature, tanzanite is found in a trichroic form which means it looks different in color from different angles. These colors are blue, purple, and red, which are typically caused by the traces of vanadium and chromium present in the chemical structure of the stone. After mining, most of the tanzanites are heated to a temperature of 600 degrees to oxidate the vanadium content and improve the overall color.


The term ‘saturation’ refers to the depth of color; with an increase in saturation, colors appear to be purer and with a decrease in saturation, the color looks washed out or faded. Based on its color, each stone is given a grade between 1 and 6. Stones that are graded higher than 4 generally feature a purer color composition. The finest quality tanzanites come with a saturation of 6, which makes them eye-catching.

Saturation Grades from 1 to 6:
1: Grayish/Brownish
2: Slightly Grayish/Brownish
3: Very Slightly Grayish/Brownish
4: Moderately Strong
5: Strong
6: Vivid


The color theory defines a true tone as any hue or mixture of pure colors with only gray added. To be precise, this definition considers gray as truly neutral instead of white. Gemstones are graded between 1 to 8, where 1 is extremely light and 8 is given to the darkest one. In the case of tanzanite, the optimal tone is 6. Here is what the 1 to 8-tone scale means.
1: Extremely Light
2: Very Light
3: Light
4: Medium Light
5: Medium
6: Medium Dark
7: Dark
8: Very Dark


Gemstones with this property appear to exhibit different colors when viewed from different angles. But in the case of tanzanite, a gemstone with blue shades from all sides is much more valuable than purple or violet shades.

How To Choose The Right Tanzanite For You

As December birthstone, tanzanite is a precious gemstone, you should be extra careful when purchasing it. Although the color is the key identifier, you should also check all the authenticating certificates carefully before making a purchase. There are many other blue gemstones available in the market and only laboratories can figure out the differences, so you should always go for GIA-certified stones.

To conclude things; we can say that the pure dark blue shade of tanzanite is the most expensive one. But if you go for a bigger size, you can also see shades of violet or purple in it. Although that is also a symbol of purity, an equally distributed blue tone is hard to find and expensive. So grab the finest one for yourself; though it is an expensive gemstone, it can get you a good return for what you have invested.

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How Electrolyte Sachets Can Boost Performance and Recovery in NZ Athletes




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Athletes are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and enhance their recovery. One emerging trend is the use of electrolyte sachets to supplement their training and competition routines. Electrolytes nz play a crucial role in the body, and ensuring their balance is maintained is vital for athletes of all levels.

The Importance of Electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge and are found in our body fluids. They include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride. These minerals are responsible for various functions, such as regulating fluid balance, supporting nerve and muscle function, and maintaining proper hydration levels.

During intense physical activity, especially in hot and humid environments, the body loses electrolytes through sweat. This loss can lead to dehydration, muscle cramps, fatigue, and impaired performance. Therefore, replenishing these essential minerals is crucial for athletes to maintain optimal performance and aid in their recovery.

How Electrolyte Sachets Work

Electrolyte sachets are convenient and portable sources of electrolytes that are designed to be mixed with water and consumed before, during, or after workouts. These sachets typically contain a blend of electrolytes tailored to help athletes meet their specific hydration needs.

When consumed, electrolyte sachets help replenish the minerals lost through sweat, maintain fluid balance, and support proper muscle and nerve function. The balanced electrolyte formula helps athletes perform at their best and recover more efficiently.

Benefits of Electrolyte Sachets

  1. Hydration Support: Electrolyte sachets help athletes stay properly hydrated by replenishing essential minerals lost during physical activity.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Proper electrolyte balance supports optimal muscle and nerve function, allowing athletes to perform at their peak.
  3. Reduced Muscle Cramps: Electrolyte imbalances can lead to muscle cramps. By consuming electrolyte sachets, athletes can minimize the occurrence of cramps and improve their overall training experience.
  4. Improved Recovery: Electrolytes play a crucial role in the recovery process. By replenishing these minerals, athletes can recover more quickly and be better prepared for subsequent training sessions or competitions.
  5. Convenience and Portability: Electrolyte sachets are easy to carry and use. Athletes can simply mix them with water and consume them wherever and whenever needed.

Choosing the Right Electrolyte Sachet

Not all electrolyte sachets are created equal, and athletes should consider several factors when selecting the right one for their specific needs:

  1. Electrolyte Content: Look for sachets that contain a balanced blend of electrolytes, particularly sodium, potassium, and magnesium.
  2. Additional Ingredients: Some electrolyte sachets may contain added vitamins, minerals, or carbohydrates to further support performance and recovery.
  3. Taste and Flavor Options: Since electrolyte sachets are consumed with water, it’s important to choose a flavor that is enjoyable to drink.
  4. Safety and Quality: Opt for reputable brands that prioritize safety and quality control in their manufacturing processes.


Electrolyte sachets offer a convenient and effective way for athletes to optimize their performance and enhance recovery. By replenishing the essential electrolytes lost during physical activity, athletes can stay properly hydrated, improve muscle and nerve function, and minimize the risk of muscle cramps. When choosing electrolyte sachets, athletes should consider factors such as electrolyte content, additional ingredients, taste options, and safety. Incorporating electrolyte nz sachets into training and competition routines can give New Zealand athletes the edge they need to excel in their respective sports.

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Is an old useless junk car in your yard bothering you? Don’t worry we have got you because, at Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta, we provide top junk cars removal services in Riverdale GA.

Our services include the removal, buying, or towing of old, damaged, or unwanted vehicles without damaging your property. At Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta we are dedicated to providing fast and efficient service to our clients moreover, we offer free quotes for old or damaged vehicles based on their condition, make and model and provide fair market value for your vehicle.




Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta offers a hassle-free process for the best junk cars removal services in Riverdale GA. We also remove vehicles from commercial properties therefore if you have to remove a junk vehicle from your business property, all you need to do is contact Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta. With a focus on customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability, we are the top choice for those looking to remove old and damaged vehicles in a responsible and cost-effective manner.

One of the key specialties is our towing service. We understand that our clients want to remove their vehicles quickly and easily and, our towing service ensures that the process is as easy as possible therefore, our team of experienced professionals will come to the client’s location and tow the vehicle away, saving them from the trouble of having to transport the vehicle themselves.




In addition to our Junk Car Removal services, we also provide professional junk car buying services in Atlanta GA. We base our offer on the vehicle’s condition and model ensuring that our clients receive a reasonable price for their car. Our focus on fairness and transparency has earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy junk car removal business. Moreover, we are also committed to environmental sustainability. Our team understands the impact that waste has on the environment and we work to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfills. When we acquire a vehicle, we recycle and repurpose the materials from the car, reducing waste and promoting the reuse of valuable resources.




Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta, owned by Tariq Cooper, is your one-stop destination for all junk car removal services in Atlanta GA. We are a reliable and affordable car removal company so you can always rely on us for quick and efficient services. We offer a variety of services to our clients, from jump-starting a dead battery to towing away an old junk car. Our team is experienced in all types of vehicles, from cars to trucks, and can provide fast and affordable solutions. We also offer virtual consultations to help our clients decide the best course of action for their vehicles. Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta is a great choice for people who need to get rid of an old junk car. Contact us now to get your property free from junk vehicles.”

When it comes to selling your junk car, its important to choose a buyer who understand your needs and ensures your confidence throughout the process . Hi ! This is Tariq with Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta. With Tariq by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll recieve the maximum and best price of your old junk car . At Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta we believe in building trust and providing a seamless selling experience .As soon as you contact us, Tariq will guide you through the entire process ,addressing any questions or concerns you may have . One of the standout features of our service is the provision of free towing . Once you agree to sell your car to Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta, we take care of transportation logistics , saving you time and efforts. We understand that convenience is the key, and we strive to make selling process as easy as possible for you . With Tariq expertise in the industry, you can trust that you’ll recieve a fair and competitive offer for your junk car . We value transperency and integrity, and our goal is to provide you a price that meets our expectations.Don’t let your junk car to take a valueable space any longer. Contact Mohammed at Cash For Scrap Cars Atlanta today and he’ll work closely with you to ensure that you sell your junk car at your dream price and experience a stress free process with trusted junk car buyer at your side


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