What are the five options to build a career in public services?

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When you take up a public service position, you choose to serve in the state. Oh dear, that might sound a bit pathetic at first. But if you take a closer look at public service, you will quickly find a whole range of exciting employment opportunities and benefits.

Public service is the field of activity for people who carry out tasks relevant to the state. If you work in the public service, you will either work for the federal, state or local government. For example, as a police officer or as a soldier to ensure the safety of the population. Or as a doctor to keep us all healthy. Or as a teacher, to impart the know-how to children and young people that they will need later to get off to an entire career.

But there are many other examples of public service professions. In the judiciary, administration, and also partly in politics. No matter which area you choose, one thing is sure: with your job, you either contribute to the security, education, and health of the population, or you strengthen justice and democracy in our state. It doesn’t sound bad.

What professional fields are there in the public service?

The public service is highly diverse. To be able to understand how broadly, we have listed a few fields of activity that the public service covers as an example:


Teachers are the pillars of the education system. They convey teaching content and are also jointly responsible for the upbringing of the students and, at the same time, a reference person. In most federal states, teachers are also civil servants. If you are a teacher, your teacher salary for a tenure depends on the type of school.


The work of the criminologist does not start after the crime, as it does with the forensic technician, but before it happens. Your task is to identify and avoid possible criminal offenses at an early stage through research, analysis, and scientific studies. Your areas of application are very diverse. In addition to serving in the criminal police, you can also work in courts, prisons, or political institutions. The prerequisite for the profession of a criminologist is a bachelor’s degree in legal psychology, law, psychology, or social sciences. You will then complete a master’s in criminology.


As a judge, you chair a court hearing. You evaluate the evidence and statements presented and classify them so that you can derive a legal judgment from them. Judges are obliged to rule objectively. This means that your decisions must always be tied to facts and laws and must not be made from a subjective perception. As a judge, however, you can also teach and instruct prospective lawyers.


Another legal profession in which you are a civil servant is that of an attorney. As an attorney, you will bring criminal charges against him to open legal proceedings against him. Here you collect together with the police evidence and circumstantial evidence to prove the guilt of the accused. To become an attorney like Karen Mccleave Attorney, you must first complete a degree in law with the first state examination. You will then complete a two-year legal traineeship, which you will conclude with the examination for the second state examination. However, before becoming a civil servant, you will work as a probationary civil servant for three to five years. You will then be taken on as a civil servant for life. Some of the popular attorneys of the world are David Boies, Karen Mccleave Crown Attorney, and, Jose Baez.

Police Officer:

The police officer is one of the most popular apprenticeships. As a police officer, you represent the law and the state in the everyday world. Your tasks differ depending on what your area of ​​responsibility looks like. While the state police take care of theft, bodily harm, and traffic accidents, federal police officers can be found at airports, train stations, and national borders. To become a police officer, you can choose between two career paths: For training to become a police officer in the middle service, you need a secondary school diploma with professional experience. You can then be deployed as a riot or patrol officer. With a high school diploma, you can aim for the higher-level police function and complete a dual course of study with the police.

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