What are The Benefits of Matching Kundali by Name or Date of Birth?

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In India, people have a heartfelt belief in horoscopes. If they organize any auspicious ceremony, then the first thing they do is horoscope matching. Like if the time is good for the occasion or not. When it comes to marriage, people don’t take steps forward without asking their priest and matching the kundalini of boy and girl. There are many expert astrologers available in the market, who can help you get perfect horoscope matching. If you’re also looking for one, you can anytime connect with ‘SUVICH : The real astrology.’

Horoscope matching is the essential thing that is done before marriage in India. The family of both sides examines the kundalini of both, boy and girl, to resolve their nature, future of marriage, their behavior, and so on.

If you are getting married and still confused about your compatibility and married life future, then before taking any decision regarding your marriage, give a chance to kundali matching. You may find all the related answers to your question.

In this blog post, we will cover all the aspects of kundalini matching and the benefits of kundalini matching? If you are eager to know about Kundli Milan, then let us start reading with us.

What are the factors that are evaluated during Kundli Milan?

While horoscope matching or Kundali Milan, many aspects are studied in kundali of both sides such as the 7th house of the lord of the seventh house, Manglik, gunas, etc. These factors are given below:-

  • The position of the seventh house and seventh lord is the most crucial factor that is checked during kundali Milan.
  • Another prominent factor that is noticed while matching the kundalini is Mangal dosha. This dosha may bring some complications after marriage, so it is essential to check this dosha very well.
  • Check out the Raj Yog in Kundli. If both have raj yoga in their kundalini, they will lead a healthy and robust relationship.
  • If both have the same moon Rashi, then they must have different nakshatra. In case Rashi and nakshatra both are identical, then nakshatra pada must be altered in both kundalini.
  • Bhav in both kundalinis should be compatible with each other. If the boy has a bhav of earth, then the girl should have earth or water bhav in her kundalini because the earth is either compatible with the earth or water. This bhav defines the compatibility of the couple.
  • They both should have favorable Dasha in their kundalini so that they can carry the relationship to life long.
  • Karakas should be well analyzed. Venus for boys and Jupiter for girls. They shouldn’t be associated with any malefic planet to avoid complications in marriage life.
  • Malefics planets should be present in the kendras of both kundali to neutralize each other. If only one has malefic in the Kendra, then it may create some troubles in marriage.

Why is Kundali Milan Important in any marriage?

Marriage is the most important and beautiful decision that enhances anyone’s life. Marriage brings happiness and prosperity to their life. In India, most marriages are arranged by families, where people don’t know anything about each other. In such conditions, doubts about their future increase. To clear your doubts about marriage Kundali Milan is the best method to get an idea about the future of marriage. By Kundali Milan, you can gain exposure to your upcoming married life and lead a happy married life. Let us read out what kind of probability is predicted through Kundali Milan:-

  • Compatibility  – This is the most doubted topic among couples. Thirty-six gunas are situated in kundali that tells you the compatibility between the couple. These guns affect each other’s lives in many ways.
  • Dosha in Kundali  –  Kundali Matching before the marriage can warn you about your dosha that may harm your married life. If you know your kundali dosha, then you may find the cure for them and can marry your partner without any trouble and doubt.
  • Financial stability  – When two people got married, their respective grahas affect each other’s life. The 7th guna in 36 gunas indicates the financial strength of the couple.

What are the benefits of Kundali Milan?

The exact Horoscope matching or Kundali matching benefits you in different manners if done by the actual birth of time and Rashi name. Kundali Milan by name and by the same time of delivery will predict the most probable possibilities of the future of marriage. The perfect kundali match positively affects the couple. When parents start finding the perfect match for their daughter or son, the most doubted thought is if they are compatible with each other will get financial stability after marriage. You can also connect with experienced astrologers at  ‘SUVICH : The real astrology’, they will help you with most appropriate Kundali milan results.

As we mentioned earlier, 36 gunas play a significant role in a happy life. If there are identical gunas in the kundali, then the couple has good compatibility and prosperous life.

Kundali Milan also predicts childbirth and their health. People have to adjust and compromise at some stage in any relationship. By kundali matching, people would know if they can adapt with each other in their married life.

In kundali, many aspects predict your financial status and career status after marriage. Many malefic planets affect the couple’s financial status, like if they will lead to financial stability or promotion in their respective careers. The graha, yoga, and dosha of each other affect the couple in many positive ways if kundali matching is performed by name and exact birth time.

Online Kundali Milan

In this digital world, everything is available online. You can also enjoy reliable horoscope services online with ‘SUVICH : The real astrology.’ Astrologers and priests prepare the traditional kundali. They take some time to prepare the kundali. But now, you can get the kundalini on the tip of your fingers. All you have to know is the exact Rashi name and exact date of birth, and same time of birth, and you will get your kundali on your screen. There are many apps from where you can see your kundali online. Although the online kundali Milan is not always accurate as of the kundali of priests and astrologers. Yes, you can get some idea of how your kundalini looks.


You have read about the benefits of kundali matching, and If you are also going to marry and look for a prediction about your married life, you can go for a kundali Milan that will give a possible prediction about your married life.

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