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To set up your TP-LINK EXTENDER SETUP, you need to be connected to the TP-Link Network. If the extension is not close to the router in the initial setup method of, please ensure that you cannot set up your tp-link extension.

How do i Installation

  • To connect the device to the LAN TP-link port, use the Ethernet cable.
  • Enter a static IP address for the machine manually.
  • Do the following processes if you don’t know how to delegate. Follow the methods here if you run Windows 7.
  • In order to modify adapter adjustments, go to the LEFT->Start —>Network and the Internet —>Center-Share->Change Adapter settings.
  • When clicking Link to Local Area-> Properties, double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 option (tCP/IPv4).
  • The static IP address can be updated from
  • Now that’s your turn. Enter the IP address and press Enter on any browser.
  • Enter the username and password in the appropriate areas.
  • The default admin is the username and password. Click OK once you have entered your credentials.
  • The IP settings indicated above for the web-based TP Link Repeater gui. Setup via Web browser 

  • To be able to set up your extension on
  • Take from your device a mobile telephone, tablet or computer.
  • Connect your device now with Tp-Link 2.4Ghz.
  • Open a browser with Chrome, Firefox or Edge.
  • Hit bar Hit type or Type:
  • Enter your username’s default password.

TP-Link Extender Setup 

To commence, your computer will be linked to the TP-Link Extensioner via an Ethernet line. That allows us to programme the wireless settings and connect them.

  • Plug the Tp-link extension in the power socket.
  • Log on now with the Tp Link extension on your PC.
  • Go to  to open up your navigation. Try if that doesn’t work. You should list a TP-Link web-page.
  • Select Setup Next and Fast.
  • Select your region and the next one.
  • Allow the TP-Link extension to view the accessible wireless networks. Depending on the number of networks in the area, it can take one or two minutes.
  • Choose Next after you have selected a wireless network in the list.
  • Upon request, enter the wifi password.
  • In the last box, check the network setting and click Finish if everything looks fine.

The TP-Link extension will boot again, and may be connected to the Internet. First, test with an Ethernet cable, then without Wi-Fi. Depending on the model, you can indicate whether or not you are connected to a network on the front of your TP-Link extension. See whether it can sustain a connexion. See for yourself.

TP-Link Extender Setup via WPS Method

TP-Link Repeater installation

  • Connect your Range Extender to the power outlet of your main router.
  • To press the WPS button and then the WPS extension key, click on the principal router.
  • Wait until the router light blinks, and the Range Extender both, when the WPS button is pressed.
  • The WPS process fails if you discharge the wireless LED signal of your Range Extender after 2 minutes. If this does not work, try hitting the WPS button again.
  • Substitute the steps above before you achieve. The Range Extensioner can be used wherever you wish to expand your wireless network.
  • You will have a wireless network connection as soon as you plug in the Range Extender.


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