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Top 10 Strange and Bizarre Paintings




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For every picturesque painting, there is at least one strange and bizarre counterpart. We usually gloss over the oddities, because, well, they’re just weird. It’s almost like being the weird kid in middle school; you get put in your “box” and people peek in but don’t ask too many questions – that is if they dare to get close. Today, we’re going to dive, headfirst, into that box! So, strap in as we take a look at the top 10 strange paintings.

1. The Garden of Earthly Delights

Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, c.1480-1505, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

How can we not begin this list with Hieronymus Bosch’s famously bizarre triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights? The infamous masterpiece was likely commissioned by Engelbert, Count of Nassau, for the Coudenberg Palace. From outer panels to inside panels, it visualizes the Biblical creation and humanity’s fate, inflicted by our own tragic flaws. The story begins on the outer panels where Bosch created a monochromatic image of the Third Day of the Creation of the World. The half-empty sphere illustrates the formation of Eden as the waters of the world seem to drain and separate. God is perched in the top right corner as he observes his handy-work.

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Hieronymous Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights (outer panels), c.1480-1505, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain. Detail.

When the outer panels unfold, they reveal three brightly colored panels depicting a common theme: sin. As your eyes move about, you’ll probably conclude Bosch has created an image of a human menagerie. The left and central panels utilize a common horizon line that carries your eyes through Eden. As you take it all in, you’ll also probably wonder what Bosch ate to conjure such surrealistic images. In the air, you’ll find tree-bearing humans sailing through the air atop a swan-lion hybrid. Down on the earthly side, we see humans engaging in all kinds of behavior in a variety of odd places; two figures are laid up inside a clam, two more are face to face standing on their heads, or just chilling in an oddly egg-like object.

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Hieronymous Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights (right panel), c. 1480-1505, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain. Detail.

Then, on the right panel, all hell breaks loose – quite literally. Most depictions of the fiery depths are quite tame compared to Bosch’s painting. At the top, we see a shadowy city of sorts, illuminated by the fires springing up around it. As your eyes dare venture further down, there’s a pair of ears with a knife protruding through them, humans gathering for shelter, and all manner of strange beasts consuming humans. Just take a look at the blue, bird-like creature towards the right side. Seated atop a toilet-like throne, he is mid-snack while also excreting another human.

Throughout the whole panel, there are several musical instruments that symbolize the evil distractions our senses create. Those ears are the perfect example; the knife piercing them strongly represents that deceptive lure. Many of these symbols are taken straight from the seven deadly sins, themselves, which often leads us to believe that over-indulgence and consumption ultimately lead to our demise. It would take a whole book to unpack all the symbolism jammed into this strange painting. To fall into the rabbit hole of details, click here!

2. Magdalena Ventura with Her Husband and Son

Jusepe de Ribera, Magdalena Ventura with Her Husband and Son, 1631, Museo Fondación Duque de Lerma, Toledo, Spain.

We’ll continue our tour of strange paintings with a portrait of two men? Right? Guess again! The figure in the front is none other than the Bearded Woman of Abruzzi! Nowadays, gender is a fluid concept for most. While we might think this is a relatively new idea, Jusepe de Ribera‘s painting just might prove otherwise. Our lady, Magdalena, wasn’t much of a fan of the Renaissance’s ideal beauty. So, she defied those standards and created her own. Oddly enough, this made her quite famous. In fact, the Viceroy of Naples was fascinated by her and commissioned Ribera to paint her portrait.

While her breast appears a bit out of place, Ribera intentionally depicted her breastfeeding her son to show she is anatomically a woman. Meanwhile, her facial features, beard, and muscular figure juxtapose the womanly task with a masculine image. Even her finely colored robes allude to a manly figure as if, ironically, recalling an image of a Biblical prophet. Magdalena’s husband stands in the shadows behind her, appearing much older and more feeble. Their features and positioning allude to the idea that Magdalena’s reputation overshadows that of her husband, turning the typical marital balance upside down.

3. The Ugly Duchess

You just can’t help but do a double take with this strange painting. For decades, scholars believed this painting and its partner, Old Man, were satirical statements. The woman before us is dressed as an elderly temptress. In her right hand, she holds a rosebud, which has its own sexual connotations. To enhance that, her low-cut bodice exposes her wrinkled chest, furthering Massys’ allusion to the temptations of the flesh. Another clue is her heart-shaped headdress that seems oddly similar to devilish horns. Speaking of clothing, the artist has chosen to depict her in the rich garments and jewels typical of the upper class. However, those garments had been out of style for about a century by the time she was painted. Overall, it would seem that this pair of highly similar portraits mock the old and ugly for their mischievous, youthful behavior.

Thanks to science, we now know this isn’t the whole truth. A recent analysis of the painting has told us that this woman actually suffered from advanced stages of Paget’s disease, which deforms the bones. Here, that is presented in her oddly arched nostrils, pushed-up nose, elongated upper lip, and enlarged collar bones and forehead. Feel bad now? Yeah, me too.

Before we move on, another fun tidbit worth mentioning is a shared interest in the grotesque and bizarre shared by Quentin Massys and none other than Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo frequently made studies of grotesque heads, which he likely exchanged with Massys. It was once believed The Ugly Duchess was a lost Leonardo due to its resemblance to two of his drawings. However, it is most likely Massys sent a copy of this portrait to Leonardo which his pupils then copied and altered.

4. The Melun Diptych

Jean Fouquet, The Melun Diptych, 1452, Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, Germany. Photo by Sailko via Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0).

Next up: a late medieval masterpiece and one of the most unorthodox strange paintings of the Virgin Mary in art history. Jean Fouquet was commissioned to paint this diptych by Etienne Chevalier, treasurer to France’s King Charles VII. The left panel depicts the patron with St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr. That part is pretty straightforward. For our purposes today, we’ll focus on the right panel, also known as Madonna Surrounded by Seraphim and Cherubim.

This strange painting is equal parts fantastic and bizarre – and not just because of the freakishly charming seraphim and cherubim surrounding Mary or the man-toddler that is baby Jesus. Jean Fouquet broke with tradition in several ways here. His use of intense color is one but the most striking is his depiction of the Virgin Mary and the woman who served as his model. Now, it’s definitely not an issue that Mary is shown as the Queen of Heaven, as evidenced by her jewel-encrusted crown, throne, and dress. What’s bizarre is that half her chest is exposed, creating quite a sensual, erotic image of a traditionally chaste figure. Imagine the shock this must have given viewers in the 15th century! Said scandal was probably not helped by the fact that Fouquet’s model was likely the king’s mistress, Agnes Sorel.

Sorel’s beauty made quite an impression on the king, which, unsurprisingly, lead her to become his mistress. In this strange painting, Fouquet has captured that beauty, from the way her fashion-forward dress accentuates her body to her porcelain skin, and her demure gaze, she embodies ideal beauty. According to legend, Sorel’s bosom was quite eye-catching. Not to compare apples to oranges, but they are quite askew in both placement and size in the portrait. That factor might make you wonder what the men in the left panel are really looking at.

Sorel was actually more than a mistress who happened to bear the King several children. She was also one of his trusted counselors. During an ill-fated war, Sorel used her charm to gain the financial backing of the wealthy nobles, which in turn aided France in securing its borders. To thank her, Charles made her three children legitimate and promoted her to be his official mistress. In fact, she was the first mistress to be given this title. Said title came with many benefits, including a salary, private chambers, and a substantial place at court. As you could imagine, church officials as well as the King’s own son weren’t thrilled about this. Alas, the pregnant Agnes dropped dead not long after, likely due to mercury poisoning.

5. Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X

It’s quite unlikely you’ll ever see a figure as dignified as the pope shrieking in public. Luckily, Francis Bacon has brought that delightful image to life for us. During the 1950s Bacon experienced an inspirational shift, trading fantastical creatures for unconventional portraiture. This particular portrait is Bacon’s rendition of Diego Velázquez‘s Portrait of Pope Innocent X from 1650.

Francis Bacon had an opportunity to view his inspiration in person but allegedly never laid eyes on it. He stuck to reproductions of the famous portrait, claiming it would allow him to take greater artistic license with his own work. That license was quite extensive. Bacon often combined images from different places. For this particular strange painting, he took elements of Velázquez’s carefully rendered portrait, such as the gilded throne, his seated position, and vestments and combined them with a scream from Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 movie, Battleship Potemkin. The manner in which he meshes these elements with a highly dramatic, ghostly color palette gives this painting a totally new, if unsettling, appeal.

This strange painting has been recognized as one of Bacon’s finest from his pope series but the reason why has been unclear for a while. To most, Bacon’s painting is mysterious. As hard as it can be to look at, you almost can’t help but look closer. In contrast to Velázquez’s serene, authoritative pope, Bacon’s seems to have lost all control; just about everything in this painting feels as though it is slipping away. His purple-blue face expresses an expression of silent distress. Bacon’s pope grips the chair as if hanging on, the golden cords extending below the chair seem to be the only boundaries holding him in place. These lines oddly resemble the shape of a boxing ring, perhaps suggesting the eternal, internal struggle we all fight.

6. Saturn Devouring His Son

Usually, gods and goddesses are the epitome of beauty and are portrayed as such, even in their most unflattering moments. Enter Francisco Goya! He broke from tradition with this rendition of Saturn. Before we dive into that, let’s take a look at the story behind this strange painting. According to the myth, the titan, Saturn, had been told via prophecy that one of his sons would usurp him and take his power, Naturally, Saturn wasn’t fond of that idea. He liked his power and wanted to keep it. So, Saturn ate one of his sons. Good parenting move, right? What Saturn didn’t know is that his wife, Rei, had hidden her youngest son, Zeus. In the end, Zeus ended up conquering the titans.

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At the time Goya painted this, he was contemplating the influences of power on humanity and likely painted this mural, and others, on the walls of his home, the Quinta del Sordo. Ironically, this one was painted on the dining room walls. Here, Goya has created a strikingly dark image that reflects the influence of what is essentially, the ego, on our own behavior, here shown as daddy’s snack time. As if to suggest that power also affects our appearance, he has depicted Saturn as a goblin-like creature, something most would consider sub-human. Saturn does not appear strong or god-like at all; while he appears tall, his limbs seem rather fragile and mangled. His frantic gaze and frazzled appearance reflect his desperation to hold onto his remaining shreds of dignity juxtaposed with the very inhumane action of eating your own offspring. Moral of the story: don’t be power-hungry and don’t eat your kids.

7. Medusa

Behold, the severed head of the gorgon, Medusa! You probably know Medusa as the beautiful woman with live snakes for hair or her ability to turn people to stone at first sight. That is, until Perseus beheaded her, using a shield he borrowed from Athena. What’s odd here is not just that Caravaggio used a young male model or that it’s painted on an actual shield, but the moment of the story the artist highlights in this piece.

As the tale would have it, the mirrored shield gifted to Perseus not only allowed him to see Medusa’s reflection but also gave her the chance to glimpse herself one last time. I’d bet those last moments of self-reflection came with some not-so-delightful realizations, seeing as her head is no longer attached to her body. With the backstory accounted for, Caravaggio’s work creates an interesting, albeit disturbing, mirror of Medusa’s last moments.

8. Dante and Virgil in Hell

Next up, a dark, yet weirdly interesting painting from the darker side of the Romantic period. French artist, William Adolphe Bouguereau took inspiration from a page of Dante’s Inferno, with a lovely setting- the eighth circle of hell conveniently set aside for falsifiers and counterfeiters. Sounds pleasant enough. That is until you see the smirking bat-demon creature flying above or the strange pile of bodies in the background or the two humans tearing each other to shreds. Those two fighters just happen to be Cappochio, an alchemist and heretic, and Gianni Schinni, who supposedly took another man’s identity in hopes of acquiring his fortune.

These two men were based on real people who were sentenced to death for the crimes mentioned above. Dante knew their stories and decided to include them, and many others, in his epic poem. Behind Cappochio and Schinni stand Dante and Virgil. Dante, in the red cap, looks on as he turns his friend, Virgil, away. If you look closely, you’ll notice Virgil is actually looking off to the right as if he’s seen something even more disturbing than the vampire-esque attack before him. Ironically, Bougueareau’s painting was dubbed a wonderful work of classical painting techniques.

9. The Vegetable Gardener

Giuseppe Arcimboldo isn’t a name most are familiar with. Yet, for a painter working during the Renaissance, his paintings are quite bizarre. Despite his unusual style, Arcimboldo’s work became synonymous with Mannerism and the Renaissance obsession with riddles, puzzles, and the strange and bizarre. Maybe that’s why Emperors Maximilian II and Rudolf II added quite a few of his strange paintings to the Kunstkammer (cabinet of curiosities).

Arcimboldo’s painting, The Vegetable Gardener, definitely fits the bill as a curiosity. Like the one above, Arcimboldo’s paintings are composite portraits, meaning he carefully arranged different, yet categorically related objects into the shape of a human bust. The end result is a fascinating, perfectly balanced allegory for different things, such as the seasons, the elements, even occupations. In The Vegetable Gardener, Arcimboldo creates a bust out of different vegetables, topped with a black bowl, clearly meant to represent gardener’s duties. The really cool thing about this one is, it belongs to a group called, “reversible heads.” If we turn the image upside down, it creates a more traditional still life of a bowl of vegetables. I don’t know about you, but once you’ve seen it upside down, it’s hard to un-see it!

10. Gabrielle d’Estrées and One of Her Sisters

Usually, taking baths with siblings is something we deem appropriate as young children but past a certain age, it’s just strange. At first glance, this bizarre painting seems to contradict that theory. The sister, the Duchess de Villars’ outstretched arm and nipple-pinching suggest some rather naughty things. Even the curtains overhead are parted in a way that alludes to a stage, making the audience feel like peeping toms.

While this painting has been interpreted as a fetishistic piece of homo-erotic art by many for quite some time, history would tell us we should pull our minds out of the gutter. Gabrielle, the pinchee, was mistress to King Henry IV. Oddly enough, many art historians have interpreted the Duchesses’ gesture as an announcement that Gabrielle is pregnant with the King’s illegitimate son. In this case, the nipple pinching is not as naughty as it would seem. Oddly enough, in this setting, it represents fertility, which is reinforced by the figure sewing baby clothes in the background.

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If this last painting doesn’t sum up the odd subtleties that make art so weird, I’m not sure what does. We know that some art is just plain strange and bizarre and we have to accept it at face value. However, knowing the visual languages of old can add some extra weirdness to many a piece of art.

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Classy Female Neck Tattoos





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Where Elegance Meets Ink

In the world of body art, tattoos have long been a way to express oneself. From intricate designs that tell a story to simple symbols with profound meanings, there’s a tattoo for every personality and style. But today, we’re diving into a particularly stylish and unique realm: classy female neck tattoos. So, put on your imaginary monocle and join us as we explore the art of neck ink with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of elegance.

Classy and the Neck Tattoo Combo: A Match Made in Heaven

When it comes to neck tattoos for women, the word “classy” is the guiding star. Picture Audrey Hepburn’s timeless grace with a hint of rebellion—this is the essence of classy neck tattoos. They exude confidence, individuality, and a touch of sophistication.

Portrait of woman with body tattoos

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

Cooking Classy or Getting Classy Tattoos?

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re all for whipping up a gourmet meal, but there’s something about a classy neck tattoo that takes personal style to a whole new level. It’s like adding a pinch of salt to a dish—it elevates the flavor. And yes, while you can’t exactly sauté a neck tattoo, you can wear it with pride.

Arts and Classy: The Artistry of Neck Tattoos

Tattoos are indeed a form of art, and the neck provides a unique canvas. The curves and contours of the neck allow for intricate and elegant designs. From delicate flowers to minimalist geometric patterns, the possibilities are endless. It’s like having a mini masterpiece right under your chin.

Portrait of woman with body tattoos

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

Classy and Unconventional Mother of the Bride Dresses

Speaking of weddings, let’s not forget the mother of the bride. She too can rock a classy neck tattoo while flaunting an unconventional dress. It’s all about celebrating individuality and adding a touch of uniqueness to special occasions.

Classy Small Face Tattoos for Females: A Subtle Statement

If you’re thinking about a neck tattoo but want to start small, consider delicate face tattoos. They’re like the whisper of the tattoo world—subtle yet impactful. Whether it’s a dainty symbol or a meaningful word, a small face tattoo can be the perfect introduction to neck ink.

The Classy Definition of Neck Tattoos

Before diving headfirst into the world of neck tattoos, let’s clarify what we mean by “classy.” In this context, it’s all about tattoos that exude elegance and sophistication. These are designs that enhance your natural beauty and make a statement without being overbearing.

Classy Synonym: A Tattoo That Speaks Volumes

A classy neck tattoo is like a well-chosen synonym in a sentence—it adds depth and nuance. It’s a reflection of your personality, passions, or beliefs. Whether you opt for a delicate flower, an inspiring quote, or a minimalist design, your neck tattoo becomes a part of your unique narrative.

Classy Stomach Tattoos for Women: Expanding the Canvas

If you’re considering a neck tattoo, you might be inclined to explore other areas as well. Stomach tattoos, for instance, offer a larger canvas for creative expression. The key is to maintain that touch of class and sophistication in your choice of design.

a photo of a woman with tattoos

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

The Classy Queen Quotes and Neck Tattoos

In the realm of neck tattoos, queen quotes are reigning supreme. Whether it’s a nod to your inner royalty or a tribute to strong female figures, these quotes add a regal touch to your ink. Just remember, you’re not just a queen; you’re a classy queen.

Classy Upper Arm Tattoos for Females: An Alternative Canvas

If the neck isn’t your first choice, fear not! Classy upper arm tattoos are another fantastic option. They offer versatility and allow you to showcase your style with elegance. You can still make a statement without going for the neck plunge.

Classy Nudes: It’s All About Color Palette

Wait, before your imagination runs wild, let’s clarify. We’re not talking about anything racy here. In the world of tattoos, “nude” colors refer to a soft, natural color palette. These shades can be incorporated into your neck tattoo for a classy and timeless look.

Photo of a beautiful woman wearing pajama in bedroom

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

Neutral Classy Nails: Coordinating Your Style

Your neck tattoo can be a style statement that extends beyond the ink. Consider pairing it with neutral classy nails. It’s all about creating a cohesive look that oozes elegance.

Classy and Chassy Car Wash: Where Ink Meets Chrome

Okay, we might have slipped in a humorous twist here. But picture this: a classic car enthusiast sporting a neck tattoo while cruising through a car wash. It’s the perfect blend of passion and style.

Classy St. Patrick’s Day Nails: A Festive Touch

If you happen to have a neck tattoo and love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, why not add a touch of green to your nails? It’s a fun way to embrace the festive spirit while staying true to your classy style.

Elegant Classy Nails: Nailing the Look

Nail art is another form of self-expression, much like tattoos. Elegant classy nails can complement your neck tattoo beautifully. Think of it as the finishing touch to your overall look.

Classy Cow: When Rural Meets Urban

Let’s take a lighthearted detour and imagine a classy cow with a neck tattoo. It’s a whimsical picture, isn’t it? The point here is that tattoos can be unexpected and delightful, just like a cow with a sense of style.

Classy Cocktail Dresses: Perfect for Showcase

When you have a classy neck tattoo, you want to show it off from time to time. And what better occasion than slipping into a classy cocktail dress? It’s all about making an entrance with confidence.

Classy Small Foot Tattoos for Females: A Hidden Gem

If you’re someone who prefers subtlety, consider small foot tattoos. They’re like a secret garden—hidden yet enchanting. Your neck tattoo can be the centerpiece of this delicate body art collection.

beautiful and delicate tattoo on the foot in a feminine 2

Classy Female Neck Tattoos

Classy Captions for Instagram: Sharing Your Story

In the age of social media, a classy neck tattoo deserves an equally classy caption. It’s a chance to share the story behind your ink and connect with like-minded individuals.

Stay Classy: The Golden Rule of Neck Tattoos

In the world of neck tattoos, the golden rule is simple: stay classy. Your ink should enhance your elegance, not detract from it. It’s a reminder that sophistication and self-expression can coexist beautifully.

Classy Christmas Sweaters: Holiday Elegance

Even during the festive season, your neck tattoo can maintain its class. Pair it with a classy Christmas sweater for a look that’s both festive and elegant.

Conclusion: A Classy Canvas for Self-Expression

In the grand tapestry of self-expression, a classy female neck tattoo is a stroke of elegance. It’s a personal statement that blends sophistication with individuality. So, whether you’re exploring neck tattoos for the first time or adding to your existing collection, remember to stay classy in your choices. After all, elegance is timeless, just like a well-crafted tattoo. Cheers to the art of neck ink!

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Bisma Kab Bekasi

Ody Team



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Are you looking for information on Bisma Kab Bekasi? You have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on Bisma Kab Bekasi.

Bisma Kab Bekasi

This is a complete list of sources that I found to be helpful in researching Bisma Kab Bekasi. If there are any other sites or articles you think should make this list, please leave them as comments below so we can include them!



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Ody Team



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Nowadays, commenting on a girl’s picture has become pretty standard to impress her, but how better and unique it will be for the girl to make your best comment stand out. You know, a comment can be one of the best ways to start a conversation, and a good comment can make your relationship better and your bond stronger. It is just not about impressing her but also making her feel special depending on how you can comment on her pics.

Making someone feel special isn’t an easy task, but a beautiful comment on a girl’s Instagram or Facebook picture can surely initiate the journey. Let’s take a look at some Instagram comments that can adore her personality, make her smile, comment on her beauty and her looks. This article is the ultimate list of comments for girls; no matter what you are looking for, you can surely impress her with this updated list.

List of the Best Comments for Girls Pic on Instagram

You are at the right place if you are searching for the best comments for girls pictures on Instagram. As you know, Instagram has become the most preferred social media platform for sharing wonderful life moments by clicking them in Videos or Pictures. At the same time, it has become crucial to know what you should comment on a girl’s Instagram post.

44 Best Comments for Girls Pic on Instagram to Impress Her

Best Comments For Girls Pic On Instagram

  1. Adding vibe to our Instagram.
  2. Confused about what is more beautiful, the scene or the girl in it?
  3. You just know how to bounce back on social media.
  4. I think this is the best I’ve seen till now.
  5. Not enough for me? You are everything.
  6. Just when I couldn’t love you more. You posted this pic and my jaw dropped to the floor.
  7. You are a symbol of beauty.
  8. Surely you are the most beautiful woman alive, the most that I’ve seen.
  9. You mean the world to me.
  10. The word pretty is worthless without you.
  11. You are the definition of Beauty.
  12. Flawless outstanding eccentric lovely beauty.
  13. The stars, the moon, and the sun are minor to me since you sparkle brighter than all of them.
  14. You are graceful.
  15. Surely you would have been arrested if looking immensely beautiful was a crime.
  16. You’re an incredibly stunning, a really pretty, beautiful woman.
  17. I guess this is your best look, you look beautiful in this outfit.
  18. You look mesmerizing.
  19. I wonder how cute you would be looking when you sleep.
  20. You are so much lovely.
  21. I love your curly hair.
  22. Your dressing sense is appreciable.
  23. You are the sweetest girl I have ever seen.
  24. I love that straight hair of yours.
  25. You are pleasing.
  26. Just ‘WOW’ for your natural beauty.
  27. You are cute.
  28. I love how comfortable you are in your world.
  29. You are very much adorable.
  30. You look even more pretty without makeup.
  31. I feel so happy to be with you.
  32. You are my safest place.
  33. You look beautiful in that dress.
  34. I wish I had your makeup.
  35. You are stunning.
  36. That natural beauty tho.
  37. You have the most beautiful, sparkling eyes.
  38. You have the most beautiful smile.
  39. Your sense of fashion is great.
  40. I like your hair.
  41. You look more beautiful than in the photo.
  42. You look stunning.
  43. You’re classy.
  44. You’re very trendy.

After you’ve commented, you may need to make your chat interesting to take it to the next level.

28 Unique & Creative Comments for Pictures that Girls Like

Unique Funny Comments That Girls Like

  1. Your true colors are beautiful.
  2. Getting lost in your chroma can prove fatal.
  3. You’ve got a beautiful heart.
  4. Inside out; you are beautiful.
  5. You take my breath away.
  6. I love how expressive your eyes are.
  7. Your beauty is one of the things I like about you.
  8. Honestly, you are beautiful.
  9. You’re helping us sound lovely.
  10. The beauty lies within the soul.
  11. It’s refreshing, your beauty.
  12. You are a whisper of perfection.
  13. You’ve got lovely eyes.
  14. There are endless possibilities for your beauty.
  15. You are a true beauty epitome.
  16. You’re beautiful and enthusiastic.
  17. I see the power of your grace.
  18. You’re like the sun’s ray.
  19. You’re a divine present.
  20. Beauty is just one of the beautiful features you have.
  21. The expression is lovely.
  22. Sorry is overcome by the grace.
  23. You are true, beautiful and pure.
  24. You’re flawless.
  25. You have a beautiful smile.
  26. Your beauty is amazing.
  27. I see the beauty of your life.
  28. I think you’re fascinated.

It will make her feel special and comfortable interacting with you, and after that, you can take the talk further, and someday you can even name your relationship. What about getting married? We have got some great comments for wife.

Words are something that you can use to awe anybody. Girls continuously cherish individuals who deliver them great comments. If you also want to impress her and want to receive comments for a couple sometime in the future, at that point, you’ll choose comments from here and directly paste them in her comment section. In case she notices your comment, at that point, for sure she will be dazzled or impressed.

12 Lovely Comments for Girls to Impress Her on Instagram

List Of Lovely Comments To Impress A Girl

  1. You’re energetic, aren’t ya?
  2. Impressive pic.
  3. Strong and confident.
  4. The picture is lit!
  5. Loadsa Elegance.
  6. Vibes everywhere!
  7. I love your straight hair with a slight flix.
  8. The most stunning thing I’ve seen today.
  9. Your smile makes everyone happy.
  10. You are so gorgeous.
  11. You made my day.
  12. This beauty has no boundaries.

If she shares a lovely picture of her, try appreciating her loveliness. Commenting on her post should depend upon what type of post she is sharing. It would help if you did things for her without even asking. If she is doing something in the picture, try praising that kind of work. Always use your brain while making the top comments for girls’ posts. Also, you can go through these lovely comments and appropriately appreciate her.

9 Comments That Girls Like the Most

You must be honest with the individual. Make a genuine and adoring comment on the girl’s picture as you may like the comment and few of you may be thinking about what comments young girls from school, college or even tuition like the best, so here are the some good words for girls that you can use to comment on Instagram reels:

  1. No one makes me smile more than you.
  2. Lady, you make me feel like a man.
  3. I just can’t stop wondering about you.
  4. When I hear your voice, my morning is all my day.
  5. I am now not thankful for anything aside from having you in my life.
  6. I can never get angry with you, your love is incompetent.
  7. If there is no “you”, then my life means nothing.
  8. I get attracted to you when you try to make me a better person.
  9. I want to see you.

11 Funny Comments for Girls on Instagram

Cute Comments For Girls Pic Instagram

  1. Hehe. cute monkey.
  2. You’re too short, just like your brain.
  3. Hey, you brainless cutie….
  4. I am still wondering how can god create this kind of bizarre human being who is cute, adorable at the same time has no brain.
  5. You are my precious fool.
  6. Hello idiot!
  7. What did I just see, that’s amazing, oh sorry it’s you!
  8. Cute little bitch.
  9. Surely you’d have used a photo editor.
  10. Nice make-up.
  11. Hey Guys! here you can get to know about all the latest updates of Instagram filters.

Facebook comment on girls photo

We see pictures and photographs of individuals on Facebook and we continuously keep wondering when we come over the picture of a lovely girl whereas looking over our news feed.

Unfortunately, most individuals particularly some of the guys don’t know what to comment whereas others can give a suitable and befitting comment. You also may be having trouble in your relationships, commenting nice things on her photos will make her feel important. Whereas increasing in value all that’s wonderful, we should do so instead of giving out bad and insulting comments.

Good and excellent comments may make a great impression and produce a positive viewpoint about your identity. Your girl is surely going to like consideration and also deserves excellent comments on Facebook.

27 Cute Comments for Girls Pic on Facebook

  1. Pretty enough.
  2. How Gorgeous.
  3. You are ravishing.
  4. Why are you so beautiful?
  5. You are amazing.
  6. Lit!
  7. Your eyes are like stars.
  8. You are just inexplicable.
  9. Damn, what are you made of?
  10. You seem pretty.
  11. You are engaging.
  12. This one’s stunning.
  13. Damn that cheeks.
  14. You are winsome.
  15. You are exquisite.
  16. Hello, Miss world.
  17. You are elegant.
  18. Mine.
  19. Your charm is never-ending.
  20. Your smile is beautiful.
  21. Nice outfit.
  22. Those earrings suit you.
  23. You are graceful.
  24. Cutiepie.
  25. So lovely.
  26. Your charm is irresistible.
  27. See your beauty.

Top 7 Comments for Attracting a Girl

  1. You are mine.
  2. My heartbeat.
  3. The most pretty girl around.
  4. Probably the next miss world.
  5. That innocent look tho.
  6. It seems your Demand will probably increase in the future, lmao.
  7. You spunky.

28 Best Comments That Are Liked by Girls on Facebook

Comment on girl's post

  1. Precious diamond.
  2. I respect you.
  3. Keep smiling.
  4. Where did you get that charm from?
  5. I’m sure your mother is the most beautiful lady in the world.
  6. I’ve heard about seven wonders of the world and the 8th just showed up!!
  7. You are wonderful.
  8. You are mind-blowing.
  9. Cool picture my friend, so long.
  10. You are Fantabulous.
  11. This pic is just Fantastic.
  12. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  13. Incredibly attractive.
  14. Aren’t you awesome?
  15. Your magnificence is irresistible.
  16. Such a charming post.
  17. Elegant pic, love it.
  18. My words are less to portray this picture.
  19. Beauty lies inside for those who choose to see.
  20. The control of excellence lies inside the soul.
  21. This picture is worth a million words.
  22. Beauty is control; a grin is its sword.
  23. This looks exotic.
  24. I cherish how dynamic colors are within the picture.
  25. Such a beautiful picture looks great.
  26. Impressive picture.
  27. Your grin makes me Happy.
  28. Looking Flawless and this picture made my day.

27 Impressive Comments for Girls on Facebook

Any girl would surely be surprised and giggle when she sees this kind of impressive comment in her comment section, so don’t forget to make such a cool difference here.

  1. Your elegance is indescribable.
  2. Just divinely gorgeous.
  3. You’re an exceptionally wondrous and marvelous girl.
  4. Your looks make me insane.
  5. What a plenitude of magnificence.
  6. Grasp the wonderful mess that you simply are.
  7. Incredible characteristic excellence with parts of huge charm and astounding gorgeousness.
  8. The exemplification of beauty.
  9. Natural beauty with a brilliant heart.
  10. Lovely and more than rich!
  11. Mesmerizing Treasury house of beauty.
  12. That’s the icon to revere if you’re sitting out of gear.
  13. How can somebody be this beautiful!
  14. Dazzling and impressive queen!
  15. We all are favored to see your magnificence.
  16. You have got such an excellent smile.
  17. Your smile is fair enchanted and magnificent.
  18. Like a sparkling emerald, you are rare and divine.
  19. You’ve got so charming and lovely grin that indeed God gives you each chance to smile.
  20. Keep grinning continuously expensive, you see so charming and lovely after your smile.
  21. What a Captivating capture!
  22. Such a super magnificent capture this one is.
  23. Such a charming capture.
  24. Btw for me you continuously were astounding; always are amazing and continuously gonna be astounding too.
  25. Well I think this is often my favorite posture of yours.
  26. The meaning of excellence lies in you.
  27. You are the light in the darkness.

63 Flirty Best Comments for Girls on Instagram & Facebook

Girl reading comment on instagram and facebook post

Now, if you are finding some unique comments that can help you flirt with a girl, look nowhere else; following listed are the best flirty comments you won’t find anywhere else. It’s time to get over your ex and try to flirt with someone you have a crush on.

We have crafted everything for you. Just paste any of the following comments in a girl’s photo comment section, and you’re done.

  • No one should be permitted to look that good, ok?
  • You’re so charming, I can’t deal.
  • Hello, you seem truly charming in this as always.
  • Comment for a squad pic – Snare me up with the pretty on the (right, left or center).
  • That grin is priceless.
  • You shake my world.
  • You are my world.
  • You know you’re pretty… lovely, amazing & extremely wonderful.
  • My heart skips a beat each time I think of you. Or perhaps it’s more of a somersault.
  • For a few reasons each cherish tune makes me think of you….
  • God made the world in six days, rested on the seventh, but it took him thousands of a long time to create somebody as flawless as you.
  • I figure your guardians are bakers because they made you such a cutie pie!
  • You looked so excellent the final time I saw you, that I overlooked what I was attending to say.
  • I can’t raise the boldness to tell you how much I worship you, so I guess I’ll just keep it to myself.
  • I’m so bored at work, come and rescue me.
  • You looked incredible nowadays. I know I didn’t see you, but I know you look beautiful every day.
  • Send me a photo, so that I can give my wish list to Santa.
  • The sunflowers would have gone into the garbage if Van Gogh had you as a subject.
  • You can’t be replaced.
  • This picture looks stunning, where did you get it from?
  • Hey, I’m only preparing for my future and I would like to ask you: are you free for the rest of your life?
  • In this life, the one thing I can’t avoid is you.
  • None of the comments can justify the cuteness.
  • Each time I see you, I get light from your eyes.
  • Here’s to hope your day consists of bright traffic lights, the supermarket’s quickest queue, and all the best ways to get you right back in my embrace.
  • Your goodness is the most attractive feature, it makes me a better human.
  • How can you look so amazing every day? I am speechless when I look at you.
  • You’re in my mind regularly, and you’ve certainly taken a place in my heart.
  • Can you post your pictures regularly? because I want my feed to look bright and beautiful every day.
  • Looks great, is this actually a lockdown picture?
  • You’re really getting good at these trending Instagram challenges, I must say.
  • Once the pandemic ends, this is what I am going to try.
  • I should definitely try the backdrop in your picture, girl!
  • Well, whatever. Just the most beautiful girl in the world loves me.
  • You should have posted this much earlier when I asked you to.
  • I cannot believe how I found you, this is so pretty.
  • That’s what I said.
  • Even Beyonce would think this is prettier.
  • This post is truly classy.
  • I have got to save this.
  • Irresistible!
  • Stop showing off, everyone knows you are extremely beautiful.
  • I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
  • No matter where I go, I cannot find someone beautiful like you.
  • Behind those beautiful eyes lies a beautiful story.
  • I am absolutely going to love this Instagram pic forever.
  • I checked the clouds during midnight, and wondered where has the moon gone? Well, the best one is here on Instagram.
  • This is such an Insta beauty, why waste it by commenting words.
  • Have we met before? If not – would you like to go out?
  • With great pictures, comes great responsibility.
  • I could say this is one of the greatest pic of yours, but I’ll have to repeat my comment on your next Insta post.
  • Oh my god, my bestie is the prettiest!
  • Lucky you, such an incredible Instagram picture. Totally worth it.
  • You are simply a complete and true definition of beauty.
  • The charm on your face can make the world smile.
  • My first plan was to propose you a long time ago, pretty much the day I met you.
  • I can’t tell you how to love someone else, for I only know how to feel for you.
  • Everytime I look at this picture, it just takes my heart away.
  • You make the comments section go crazy woman.
  • This post is so good that you can create a new Instagram trend by yourself alone.
  • I am impressed by the beauty of your eyes.
  • Totally fire, loved this entire photo.
  • I should totally get the credits for capturing this beauty.
  • All your photos should be a reel.
  • If I was you, this would be my highlight’s cover.
  • I can look at this new picture of yours all day long and still comment about the underrated beauty of yours.
  • You can make the summers go away and build up the thunder of monsoon.
  • The weather is super hot, but for a reason.
  • You look pretty, don’t get me wrong if I end up crushing you.
  • Girl, you’re such a multi-talented. Is there anything that you can’t do?
  • Oh, that smile. It makes me fall in love again and again.
  • Who rocks the world? It’s you girl.
  • Because girls like to swing.
  • Refreshing everyday stylish in every post.
  • Drama queen as always.

Pretty Beautiful Girls Comments

What Is the Difference Between a Comment and a Compliment?

If you consider compliments and comments for girls the same, let me prepare you by saying they’re not.

Compliment – It is used to show appreciation, praise, or approval.

Comment – It is used to express an opinion or response. A comment can either be positive or negative.

If you want to compliment your girl in your life, we have a complete list of it too.

From all the comments listed above, choose your comment wisely based on the type of picture your girl is posting on any of the social media platforms and always be valuable and try to appreciate her; you both will undoubtedly become good friends. If you have any suggestions for the comments for girls pictures, do let us know in the comments section.

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