Top 10 Applications on the App Store of iPads for Bloggers

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iPad is a very popular device among bloggers because of its portability, performance, and a massive collection of applications. They don’t have to travel with a laptop and a camera to write blogs with some photographs. It has everything you need to research, write, edit, and publish a post.

Earlier, laptops were recommended over tablets because of the unavailability of SEO tools. Since then, iPads have come a long way with applications specifically designed for blogging. Almost every feature available on the desktop applications is now available on their iPad versions.

Try them for yourself. These iPad applications are the most helpful and essential for bloggers.

1. WordPress for iOS

WordPress is the most widely used platform to build websites and blog. It powers almost 40% of the internet, a number increasing each day. You must try it for content management if you don’t already use it.

The iOS application provides every feature to manage your blog that is available on the desktop. You can add, edit, or delete the content, use plugins and engage with the audience through it. The user experience is kept simple similar to the website with all the analytics features.

2. Blogsy

Blogsy is a bloggers platform that is ideal if you want to add media files to the content without much trouble. It provides a simple drag and drops feature to add links, pictures, and videos from numerous sources such as Google Image Search, Facebook, Picasa, and Instagram. The style options are a single tap away to make the blog posts look visually appealing.

You don’t need a separate app to make simple changes to videos and pictures. Moreover, it also allows users to edit the HTML code of the websites. Tutorial videos are provided within the application to simplify learning.

3. Aviary

Aviary is an image editor known for its immense library of enhancement options. You can use it to edit the images with 16 different tools and enhancement options similar to Instagram. Despite the long list of features, the app is small in size and uses a simple interface.

It won’t take much time to get yourself familiarised with the application interface. The application is free-to-use with many in-app purchases. You may find the price unreasonable and with the other purchase, it is better to start looking for guaranteed loans in the UK.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is the industry leader for graphic designing and media editing tools. It doesn’t disappoint iOS users with a powerful application. The application is not as comprehensive as the desktop version but the bloggers will hardly complain about the features.

You should use the Photoshop or Lightroom app if you are a Creative Cloud subscriber. The application will not ask for payment while downloading it to use basic features. However, the price for its premium features is still significantly lower than Creative Cloud.

5. Mindmeister

Mindmeister is a mind mapping application designed for iOS users to build around an idea. For those who don’t know, a mind map is a diagram that uses branches and nodes to make the initial idea a comprehensive plan. You can connect different ideas and analyse their relationships and impact.

You can use the application to create new ideas for your blog, organise the existing posts, and connect the various aspects of the blog. It is a tool that helps you organise the blog when the whole setup gets overwhelming. Moreover, you can use it for project management to streamline various stages of the project.

6. MagicalPad

MagicalPad is the perfect alternative for Mindmeister with numerous added features. Mind mapping is not the only use of this application in the project lifecycle. You can also use it for outlining, creating notes, create task reminders, and use images for representation.

It is recommended if you want more thorough content ideas with a detailed analysis in a single space. The subscription is indeed costly but the features justify the price tag. Start looking for guaranteed loans in the UK if you want to start your blog and cover the cost of these expensive tools.

7. Analytics

The search engine giant is known for its presence everywhere on the internet. Analytics is one of the many incredible applications from Google that helps bloggers to find every possible detail about the traffic. Many bloggers learn it even before they create their first post.

You can use Analytics of iOS devices at no cost to use its features. You will get an insight into the traffic, their behaviour on the website, and the performance of content. These metrics are essential for strategising.

8. Teed

Many people think the To-Do lists app are not required when the smartphone already have a calendar and notes application. Yes, they are not necessary but the user experienced is more convenient. Teed is an intuitive and simple application for iOS to get the users organised with their tasks.

You can divide the tasks in the list into different categories or projects. It will remind you of the approaching item in the list with an option to turn these reminders off. It provides a search bar to make finding a task in a folder super easy.

9. Dropbox

You need cloud storage to streamline the cross-platform sharing of files. Dropbox is a simple application that provides free storage up to 2GB. It is incredibly important if blogging requires collaboration with some designer or SEO experts.

You need to select a subscription plan to get more storage options. It provides the option to share the link of files to ensure file sharing is faster and simpler. Moreover, it supports over 175 file types to preview before downloading anything.

10. Feedly

Feedly provides you with a space to follow the websites and blogs to keep yourself updated. You can use it to learn more about your niche and the growth of the blog. You will also receive notifications about content update on the competitors’ websites to upgrade your strategy.


To sum up, the App Store on an iPad has numerous applications to manage and organise your blog. It is important to use the right set of tools for quality, productivity, and efficiency. These applications will help you post the content anywhere, anytime you want with your iPad.

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