To My Gays And Gals, You’re All Truly Special

To My Gays And Gals
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Leonardo Dicaprio’s dream of nude and juicy haute couture sweatshirts came to a successful conclusion.

Dear gays,

thank you all! You are really special. I think you are made of sparkling vodka. No one is like you, which makes you the worst walking on this planet.

Don’t change anyone just because you are “you”. My advice is very important, please take notes and follow them.

If you are a gay and want to wear makeup, please wear makeup. Go to Cefora and buy all the highlighters from Urban Decay and Jacqueline Hill around the world. Makeup is very comfortable. I feel like Beyoncé in the Met Gala, but Jay Z is not.

If you are a girl and want to be the next top model in the United States, then become the next top model in the United States. I realize that those who abuse you will need you soon.

The person who calls your name will soon envy you. It doesn’t matter if you are slim, fat, short or tall.

In any case, you are beautiful. God does not make mistakes. Those who miss you are their loss. They are not worthy of you, because people who can accept their shortcomings are perfect in my book.

Don’t let men destroy your belief in “love”. Someone… there will be an angel you believe in love. Someone said: “Love is waiting for you somewhere.

” It’s easy to say, when you were Netflix and Chilling, I was filling my face with KFC.

From time to time, I wonder if my future partner died in a car accident on the way. From my experience, I realized that you can’t rush. It all depends on your patience and trust in time.

They are somewhere. All frogs must be conquered to finally reach the charming prince. I know this sounds like a cliché in a Disney movie, but it is true. If you are with a boy, that’s a matter of course.

Tell him goodbye and ride a ride. There are millions of boys around the world instead of insisting on a man who is not worthy. Not only those who have “history” have “chemistry” together.

Walking around wearing petrol shorts while smoking is better than solving unhealthy relationships.

My mother always preached to me “If someone tells you who they are”. They know themselves better than anyone else. If someone makes you unhappy, please follow my favorite solution.

Pop them and run like hell! Violence is not always the best solution, but it tells them. Please pay attention next time. Monitor your surroundings and always trust your intestines. Leonardo Dicaprio’s dream of naked and juicy haute couture sweatshirts ended successfully.

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Madison Franz
Madison Franz

By Madison Franz

I am an experienced financial analyst & writer who is well known for his ability to foretell market trends as well.

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