Tips to Get Rid of Dry Skin by the dermatologist in Bangalore

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If you are someone who has dry skin, you may constantly deal with cracked, itchy and flaky skin. Only applying moisturizer on your face and body is not the solution. It is the right time to get your Bajaj Finserv health card and visit a doctor. Consulting a professional will help you understand what is causing dryness. And in this blog post, we are sharing some of the best tips by a dermatologist to treat dry skin.

How You Bathe Affects

When the level of humidity drops, your skin is likely to feel dry; therefore, make sure that you close the bathroom door while showering. Additionally, instead of using hot water, use warm water that does not strip away the moisture of your skin. And, avoid taking long showers; 5 to 15 minutes duration is adequate. Another important thing that impacts the texture of your skin is the kind of cleanser you are using.

Go for a body wash and face wash that are gentle and fragrance-free. Moreover, apply the cleanser adequately to avoid stripping the moisture level of your skin. Do not wait for your skin to completely dry before putting on moisturizer. Gently blot your body with the towel and apply moisturizer immediately afterwards.

Moisturize When Your Skin Is Still Damp

The best dermatologist in Bangalore would suggest you apply moisturizer on damp skin. Lotions, crèmes, and ointments trap the existing moisture within the skin. For these products to trap moisture, you need to apply them when your skin is still damp. Gently dab your body and face after the shower and apply moisturizer.

Cream And Ointment Works Better Than Lotion

You might be using lotion your whole life and wondering why you still have dry skin. Now that you have used your Bajaj Finserv health card and gotten a consultation, you realized you were doing it wrong. Cream and ointments are less irritating and more effective than lotion. People suffering from dry skin are often very sensitive to products. When looking for a cream or ointment, look for these ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Glycerin
  • Dimethicone
  • Shea butter
  • Mineral oil
  • Lactic acid
  • Lanolin
  • Jojoba oil

These are all excellent moisturizing ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated for a long time.

Go For Fragrance-Free Skin Care Products

Skincare ingredients that have fragrances in them can be too harsh for your skin. People suffering from dry skin are especially vulnerable to these products. Therefore, it is best to avoid such products and choose a better alternative. The best dermatologist in Bangalore will suggest effective and fragrance-free products.

The reason why we are suggesting that you visit a professional is that some products come with an ‘unscented’ label. These products contain chemicals that hide the odour or neutralize the fragrance of other ingredients. And such ingredients can be irritating, especially dry, sensitive skin.

Keep It Moisturized And Gloved

When taking care of our skin, we often overlook our hands. But this is where you first notice your dry skin. But the issue can be treated with the right approach. Make sure that you always have a non-greasy hand cream handy.

And, every time you use a hand sanitizer or wash your hand, ensure to apply the cream immediately after. Additionally, wear gloves when you are going out in the winter. You should also wear gloves when you are cleaning, gardening or doing anything that gets your hand wet.

Habits That Leads To Dry Skin According To the Best Dermatologists In Bangalore

Following are certain habits that you should strictly restrict if you want to get relief from dry, flaky skin.

  • Skin that stays hydrated from within will stay healthy from outside as well. So ensure that you are drinking an adequate amount of water daily and keeping your body well-hydrated.
  • Too much exfoliation is one of the habits that can cause dry skin. Over-exfoliation can cause microscopic tears that can cause redness, inflammation and peeling. Ensure you only exfoliate twice a week.
  • Retinol is one of the best over-the-counter treatments for anti-ageing. But applying it too much or too often can cause skin dryness and irritation. You should only use a pea-sized amount to apply it all over the face.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of your skin is a constant effort, especially if you have dry, sensitive skin. It is all about the kind of ingredients you are using and how you are using them. Additionally, your lifestyle habits also determine how healthy your skin feels. So make sure you are not doing anything that might impact your skin’s health.

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