Tipping Guide to Keep In Mind While Moving To New Home

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Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience, fraught with questions and uncertainties. Sometimes you need to decide if hiring Movers and Packers Bur Dubai to help you move is the right thing for you. And if you decide to put a lot of trust in professional moving companies, you will wonder if you should tip them. For example, tips can be a tricky business. You don’t want to appear ungrateful for the hard work these people have done, but you also don’t want to tip them too much.

To get the correct answers to these uncertainties, here are some things you need to know in order to tip your moving company.

What Is The Purpose Of Tipping Movers?

You are usually not required to tip your moving team. While not mandatory on you, it is a common way to show your gratitude for a job well done. While most of you don’t expect a tip, the same will be greatly appreciated when given. Remember, a tip is a nice gesture that shows that you are satisfied with the service you received from them.

Things to Consider When Tipping Moving


Before we get into how much to tip your moving team, it’s important to determine whether or not they deserve a tip. While you may feel like you received quality service, here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding to tip your moving company:

Quality Services Provided:

With this in mind, you have to judge whether your moving helpers arrive on time. You can also check out how they handle their customer service. See if the crew behave professionally and respectfully the moment you step into your home. Do you know if the crew member can handle your belongings carefully, e.g. B. wrap fragile objects with blankets or sheets.


Moving Procedure Required:

Before you give a tip, you should also understand how complicated your move is. For example, if this is a remote move, you might need to consider how many days it would take to start and complete the entire move process. Also, think about how big your house is and what things you will need to move. Determine if you have a lot of heavy stuff to move into your new house. More importantly, consider how many flights of stairs it will take before loading your boxes onto the moving truck.

Most Important Moving Costs:

In addition to the quality and complexity of your long-distance moves, it is best to consider the final moving costs. Check if the packing services are included in the moving services. Find out whether you have to pay the costs in a lump sum or in installments. In the end, make sure you consider all of these things before deciding how much to tip your moving company.

Good Tip Options for Moving Companies:

In the service industry, moving companies are open to the idea of ​​tipping their crewmembers when they are doing a good job. However, the problem starts the moment you don’t know how much you are going to give them. Fortunately, the solution is simple. You can determine the amount of the tip that is given to the mover depending on the service provided. Generally,

Here’s what a great tip is for seasoned moving companies:

For a full day move with% 12 of the total contract. If the movers work more than 12 hours, AED 50 to AED 60 per person can be a good tip.

For a small move that takes less than 4 hours, a reasonable tip can range from AED 20 to AED 30 per person.

If you want to calculate your tip on an hourly number, you can have it between AED 7 and AED 8 per hour per mover.

If there are aggravating factors, consider adding something to the base amount.

There Are Some Other Ways To Show Appreciation.

Aside from cash tips, there are other ways you can express your appreciation to your moving company. That said, tipping for moving companies isn’t just about money. Here are a few different ways to keep your movers’ energy levels high enough during the move:

  • Offer refreshing drinks to professionals. These can be in the form of sodas, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or even cold drinking water.
  • Offer your helpers sandwiches, pizzas and other snacks.
  • Prepare your bathroom with enough paper towels and liquid soap for your movers to use.
  • Thank each removal team for the help they provided with your move. Your kind words and smile are very much appreciated.
  • In addition to cash, you can also leave a positive online review as a tip for a high-quality moving service. Reviews play an essential role for people looking for a moving company.


Again, don’t feel obliged to tip your Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina. After all, tipping is an optional way of saying thank you for an excellent moving service. Whenever you are thinking of giving tips to your professional helpers, keep all of the above information in mind. You and your professional helpers benefit from an excellent moving experience.

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