This hair dryer can straighten wavy hair in less than 10 minutes and is half the price of Dyson

This hair dryer can straighten wavy hair
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No salon style punk or pants required.

-Hair has been wavy and messy since I was a teenager, and it is easy to curl due to heat damage.

-Eliminate heat styling products from hair care and consciously strive to reduce hair tip damage and hair loss.
-When I first used Tineco’s MODA ONE Smart Ion Hair Dryer, I was immediately surprised that thick hair dries quickly and can be straightened and smoothed with minimal effort.

Until I was a teenager, my thick, soft, silky straight hair was the envy of almost everyone I met. I took this for granted until my hair became more wavy and irregular and wavy and straight hair began to exude.

Since then, I’ve started using straighteners and curling irons, making my hair look almost irregular in the next few years. The end result was even worse-my hair was so damaged that all my hair cracked and even my hair fell out.

A few years ago, when I decided to comprehensively detoxify my hair, I threw away all the heating tools and slowly restored my hair health.

After arriving in a comfortable place, I rarely started using heating appliances just for special events and occasions.

When deciding to use a heater, pay close attention to everything from heat protectants to the tools you actually use.

When I received Tineco MODA ONE, the first reaction was that the tech equipment looked like the future of robots.

My second reaction was to find out why it would be a “smart” hair dryer.

Basically, hair dryer technology can detect the water content of hair and automatically adjust for harmful heat-notifying you in a dangerous way when the danger is approaching the scalp It even has an optical sensor that can.

The result is a soft, smooth puncture. This is similar to a product that you bought thousands of dollars in your life directly from home, with minimal product, damage, and time.

how to use

I use one of two methods. Use a paddle brush to get a smooth and straight look, or use a large round brush to get a lot of waves.

After the shower, I waited for my hair to dry about halfway, and then added hair oil containing Playa’s warming agent to rehydrate. After gently combing the hair, insert the hair dryer.

Whether it looks straight and smooth or wavy, divide your hair into two parts, three to five parts on each side of your head, and then slowly comb your hair with one hand. The hair dryer follows my others.

Before using this hair dryer, I used to use a lot of low quality hair dryers, so I’m mostly used to touching my hair, or at least touching my hairbrush.

However, MODA ONE’s focused nozzle makes it easier to feel heated, even if the dryer is about 6-8 inches away from your head. More importantly, the neon blue ringlight around the base of the dryer is red if it gets close enough to the scalp and feels damaged.

Before the hair is completely dry, I just walk each hair once or twice and then add another serum or drying oil to make it shiny.

How do you compare

The famous Dyson hair dryer is in the gym I go to, so I used it several times. MODA ONE is comparable in speed, magnetic attachment and smart technology.

When attending a large or special event, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to style the hair from start to finish with MODA ONE, but Dyson usually takes at least 15 to 20 minutes to dry the hair. I will.

Both have the ability to do less heat damage than standard low quality hair dryers, but I prefer MODA ONE. Light energy tells you if you are too close to your scalp, making your hair brighter than Dyson.

MODA ONE is cheaper than Dyson. The former is $ 300 and Dyson is $ 400.

In conclusion

Of course, MODA ONE is expensive, but it is recommended for those who want to avoid visiting the salon because it is often blown away.

Some of my friends blow it off every weekend or at least every month. This is great for them. I also think this is a very important investment for those who dry their hair on a regular basis.

How to prevent heat damage is a real investment in hair health.

I also recommend that this is a great tool for those who really have curly hair. For example, the diffuser attachment created a wonder for my sister’s thick, curly, rough hair.

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