Things you may require for terrarium team building

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It is human nature that he gets bored from performing the same work every day and requires a break. But the break should be a proper one which may be refreshing for your mind. I mean that taking holidays from the office and sitting idle at home watching Netflix etc. on TV might not be the best way to refresh yourself because your mind may still be stuck in your office work.

So, what should be done to get that refreshes that your mind requires? Engage your mind in something productive and creative.

Speaking of productive and yet creative engagement of mind, terrarium team building is the best choice to make. It’s a perfect way to improve not only your mental health but also to enhance your teamwork, creativity, and building skills.



What a terrarium is and where can I build it;


A terrarium is a sealed or open glass container containing plants of any kind, rooted in soil. The soil contains all the requirements for the nourishment of the plant. 

When it comes to building one, you may find special workshops where they provide you with the materials and you may build a terrarium of your kind. It only depends on your creativity and likings. 

There are a variety of materials that may be necessary for making a perfect terrarium which may be;


  • A Transparent Container


While making a terrarium, you start with choosing a container. There is a choice in the material of the container to build your mini garden. Whether you want your garden to be made up of glass or plastic.


Generally, plastic terrariums are prioritized over the glass as they may feel lighter and easy to carry but it is a little costly than glass. Glass terrariums are generally cheaper but give you a little extra weight.

  • Plants;


Now comes the most interesting and important choice to make, the plant! So the question is, what plants to choose? Well, the answer to it might not be that simple. Before you make a choice, you have to consider the environmental condition of the area you are living in. 


For an area of high humidity, you may require plants that can tolerate heat and a humid environment. Cactus and succulents might be the best choice to make for terrarium team building in humid environments.


The amount of sunlight available and its intensity should also be considered before choosing a plant for a terrarium.

  • Soil


Choosing the right soil is as important as the plant. Soil with a proper amount of organic fertilizers and nutrients are considered the best for growing healthy plants, but where to find the right soil?


Well, the majority of the people like making their soil but you may find soil at the garden store which may work fine. 


Some additional layers of charcoal and sand are also added to have a good drainage of your mini garden.

  • Decoration of your terrarium


After you are done with the basics, it comes the time to shower your creativity and convert your invention to an art. For this, you may require some colorful pebbles that may not only add some additional colors but will also make them attractive


Moreover adding some miniatures such as shells, decorative rock’s etc. may also add beauty to your mini garden.

  • Don’t forget to maintain


After completing all this, you have to think about its maintenance too. For this’s you must have to spray a little water whenever you feel the soil getting dry. Don’t touch the plant too much as it may affect it. Moreover, dead leaves should also be removed.


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