Things To Consider While Hiring Exterior Painters!

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Exterior paint can be called many things, but it surely gives a distinct look and character to a place. That is the main reason homeowners and contractors are obsessed with what should adorn the outer walls of their houses.

Rough estimates show that on average, people paint their houses every five to eight years. It means if you have lived in a house long enough, you might have faced the situation where you need to make the right decision regarding the painters.

In case you have not gone through this or the last experience you have had was not perfect at all, this guide is for you. In this, we are going to share significant things that you must keep in mind while hiring exterior painters for your house.

Exterior painting in Irvine is a booming business so you can find plenty of great sellers there.

Now, To The Tips For Hiring Exterior Painters.


Portfolio & References

Companies always want to show off their best work and get positive word from their clients to get new ones. When you are interviewing prospective local painters in your area, it is best to start with their portfolio.

Ask them about their past work and what they have to showcase. When a company is established and handy as it claims to be, they gladly show off their past work. This helps them sell easier and command higher prices.

For references, it involves interacting with their former clients and getting their opinion about the work of the said company. You can ask the company directly or you can check their worth online through online business directories, such as City Local Pro. If you are lucky to nail this step, graduate to the next one.


It is exciting to find the best company for the work at hand. But you should not be carried away by this enthusiasm that you miss out on certain details. One is the contract signing.

You need to be thorough and critical in your approach to sign the contract. Make sure there is no ambiguity, no confusion about the work before signing.

The details of the work should also be written clearly. For instance, you hired one of the residential painters in Irvine and now you are formalizing things, it is best to add the details into the contract, no matter how trivial they seem. It includes surface preparation, material to be used, etc. Also, the authentic name, address, phone number, license number, etc., of the house painting service in Irvine should be mentioned in the contract.

Cost Estimates

Pricing is the determining factor for many people when they are going to buy something or hiring a service. While interviewing the prospective exterior painting, it is best to get a written cost estimate before drafting a contract.

Think of it as hiring an employee. No one hires the first one that walks into the company. They interview and evaluate candidates before making up their mind. The same way, you should meet with multiple companies before setting your heart on one, based on how much value they add and how much they will cost you.

Getting the cost estimate in writing will allow you to compare different sellers and even compel the chosen to stick to the original estimate.

Painting Materials

Again, this is one of the things that should be observed or there is no point of taking all the necessary steps before hiring a paint contractor.

Get the details of the quality of material they use and do some research. Most of the time, companies do not skimp on using high grade materials and supplies, such as dyes, paints, brushes, etc. But you should get it out of the way just to be sure.

One of the overlooked things is caulk that is used in the preparation phase of the exterior walls. Make sure they use high quality caulk because it directly affects the longevity of the paint job by two to five years.


While discussing the details of the painting project with your prospective company, you need to be blunt and state your goals as clearly as possible.

If you are planning on selling the place after the paint job, make sure you mention that fact to the contractors so they can save money wherever it is possible.

There is no harm in consulting the professionals for the color combination and contrasts. It is important to show your intentions about the project and then take the lead.


This is a tricky part of the deal. The best course for a consumer is to state the deadlines in their goals, based on the time they have.

This allows the company to get the things in motion and start as soon as possible to finish at the latest. Rushing the job halfway through will affect your project badly so set the deadlines beforehand.

While dealing with the details, it will help to guess the maturation of the project if you know the size of the crew working on your site.

Getting the cost estimate in writing will allow you to compare different sellers and even compel the chosen to stick to the original estimate.


Painting involves a lot of moving pieces. It means things can be broken and people can be injured when a crew is working at your site. In times like these, insurance comes in handy.

When you are working out the details of the contract with your painting company, make sure you get a clear look on their insurance papers.

A company has premium insurance and employee coverage in order to be qualified for the job. So, if something happens, you will not be bothered with the cost of damages or injuries.

Finding the perfect painting company for the exterior of your house is not that hard. There are many professional companies that check all the boxes and some more. All you need to do is do some research and hire the best one in your area. Visit “The Odyssey News” for more.