The use of custom rigid boxes in industries

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Thanks to custom rigid boxes, I have never experienced difficulty finding the perfect gift for my mother, which falls right after Valentine’s Day. In fact, over the years, I have found that it has become easier for me to find gifts for her, thanks to the evolution in the cardboard bard-based custom boxes. The packaging industry has left no stone unturned in manufacturing the prettiest custom boxes for different industries, which speak to their customers and lure them to check out the different products. Custom rigid boxes are being used by various companies and brands. As I walk to enter the different shops at the great mall in my area, I realize that like every year, I will find exclusive deals on premium items within my budget. I decided to look at the different options. I had already selected two jewelry and perfume retails that I wanted to visit.

One of the retails I decided to visit, was owned by my uncle. He had recently launched it at the great mall six months ago. As I entered the shop, I fell in love with it. It was a large but very homely shop for perfumes. I knew that Mary, his daughter, who was studying interior decoration, had a role in decorating it. Upon exchanging greetings, I told him my budget and asked him to show me perfume options in custom rigid packaging within my budget. I also told him that the aroma should be light and summery, just how my mother preferred. MY uncle looked around for a bit and placed five to seven different perfumes in front of me, all of which were packed exclusively in impressive custom rigid packaging. I loved each one of them but decided to check all one by one.

I checked one beautiful perfume bottle after another for the perfect fragrance that my mother would love. Unwrapping these attractive custom perfume boxes was an exciting experience for me. Each offered a unique opening and closing mechanism. But I wanted something simple for my mother that can be opened without a hassle. Finally, I did find one perfume in a zesty aroma that is ideal for the summer spell ahead. It had a seamless and simple opening and closing mechanism, which made use of magnets in the lid. In the packaging industry, this feature in custom perfume boxes is referred to as magnetic closure rigid boxes. I knew that my mother would love the perfume I had selected. I also knew that this packaging type will be best for her to open and close as she suffers from rheumatism and cannot deal with fussy packaging.

I finalized the gift for her, which did not require any more wrapping. I have always loved this attribute of custom rigid boxes. They can easily be presented to the recipients without worrying about gift-wrapping. I thanked my uncle and left the shop. As I was leaving, he asked me to check a popular jewelry brand store that was launched a week ago on the second floor. I thanked him again and excitedly started to make my way to my next stop. This popular jewelry brand also happened to be my favorite and there was no reason why I shouldn’t check out its latest collection. As I made my way to the store, I realized that they had relaunched their custom jewelry packaging. It was not white and silver anymore. It had changed to gold and black, which looked amazing.

I checked out the various items at the shop and bought a beautiful set of ear studs for myself. I had been looking for delicate jewelry items that I could wear to work for quite some time. They came in pretty and small custom jewelry boxes in black color. These custom boxes were given a round shape, just like the studs I selected. I loved the packaging because it could easily fit my handbag of any size. It was small and ideal for storing my ear studs. I knew that I would not have to rummage through my bag when I have taken them when going for a swim after work every day. I knew that I would be wearing them again from the same custom jewelry box after my gym session every morning. Whether I am home or traveling, I had found a home for my ear studs. In fact, this custom jewelry packaging has space enough to fit in a ring or two as well.

If you are a jewelry brand check out the customization options with ClipnBox, the packaging experts.

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