The Top 5 Benefits Of Whiteboard Animation Videos For Your Business

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Whiteboard animation videos have been around since the turn of the century, but they have become exceptionally relevant to businesses in recent years. They are popular because of their ease of use and the amount of engagement they can generate, but how can you use them in your business? In this blog, we look at the top 10 benefits of whiteboard animation videos for your business.

  • Easy and Fun:


With a narrative as the cornerstone of whiteboard animation, a major advantage is the potential to make complicated concepts simpler to comprehend as well as to enliven dull subjects.


Visual metaphors may be used in business to convey complicated concepts and abstract ideas in a way that is more relatable to the audience. The same is true for visual storytelling approaches, which can take essential but uninteresting subjects and turn them into captivating images and tales.

  • Identity, Tone, and Positioning:


It is from these scripts that whiteboard animations get their famous narrative and instructive images. To bring the writing to life, a voiceover artist reads the words on the screen.


Throughout each of these phases, you have several chances to express your own voice, tone, and branding. When it comes to the words, colors, characters, and pictures that appear in your whiteboard animation, as well as the typeface and vocal artist who does your narration, the possibilities are endless.

  • Versatility:


With a 17-fold growth since 2012, Cisco discovered that mobile video consumption has become more and more dominant in how people interact with information. In order to reach your intended audience, your message must be as effective whether it is shown on a tiny screen or in a more conventional environment.


It’s best to use whiteboard animation films for this kind of content. In a little period of time and space, they can convey a great deal of information in a way that is both educational and visually appealing. For that matter, they may do so regardless of whether they’re being seen on a smartphone or smart TV, as well as a monitor.

  • Makes message stand out and be memorable:


When compared to a film with a “talking head,” whiteboard animation videos boost knowledge retention by 15%, according to our study with Professor Wiseman. Your whiteboard animation will function for a viewer regardless of their preferred mode of delivery, whether they prefer aural, kinesthetic, or visual input.


Making your message more exciting and engaging is made possible via the use of the same mix. As a result, your calls-to-action will have a greater chance of being heard in a world that is growing noisier.

  • Lower your Website’s Bounce Rate:


By incorporating whiteboard animations into the homepage or landing page, you can decrease the bounce rate. According to Wistia’s study, users spend 2.6 times as much time on sites with videos as they do without them. For the most part, Google has said that page experience measurements will play a role in determining a site’s ranking.


When a user clicks on a link on a web page, it sends a page experience signal to Google. As a result, the web becomes a more enjoyable experience for all users regardless of their browser or device of choice. In our opinion, this will help businesses succeed online by increasing customer involvement and decreasing transaction friction.

  • Humanize your brand by connecting with your target market:


Whiteboard animation videos are a great method to communicate with your target audience. Whiteboard videos have a lot to credit for this, but there are many more ways in which they may connect with their audience. People can better connect to your message if you use characters or a voiceover that is relatable to them and if you include social or pop-cultural allusions that they will understand.

  • Tailored to the topic at hand:


Whiteboard animation’s ability to connect and convey come into its own not merely in terms of commercial perspective. When it comes to conveying your message or subject matter, it’s important to do it in a way that captures its richness and depth.


Your topic or message may be conveyed to its fullest extent with the help of a creative team, which can help you design the appropriate drawings and visual metaphors to do so. When it comes to explaining both the abstract and the more specific, whiteboard animations excel.

  • It’s time to show the full picture:


When it comes to narrative, whiteboard animation videos have a unique property that sets them apart from other types of media – the ability to link ideas and build layers of information. In terms of your explanation and narrative, this is an important point to consider.


By tying together disparate concepts, you may help an audience grasp a complicated theory or a statement with several references. Using whiteboard animation, you can show a close-up before showing how it relates to the rest of your content.

  • Animation of the communications:


Whiteboard animations aren’t only versatile in terms of how far they can go; they can also perform a broad variety of tasks. Whiteboard animations have a number of applications, including the following:


  • marketing
  • training
  • presentations
  • pitching
  • exchange report synopses.
  • explainers for the home page and the landing page
  • the most often asked questions from consumers, clients, and employees
  • Explainers of procedures, policy, and product
  • explaining the narrative of the company

  • Video Plays a Key Role:

Finally, we’ll take a look at how people utilize video nowadays. The connection with video has evolved through time, and now it’s not simply teaching us how to build planters. Video is a significant factor in the decision-making process for many of us. Findings from the┬ástudy, Google and Ipos examined 24,000 consumers and discovered that 55% made purchases based on in-store films.


Whiteboard animation videos are a great way to bring attention to your business and get your message across. They are also a great way to get people to remember you’re important points and engage with your business. We hope our blogs helped you learn more about why whiteboard animation videos are such a great tool for your business!

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