The strong influence of using custom makeup boxes for makeup products:

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Make-up products have been in demand since the turn of the century. As the years have passed the cultures changed, tastes changed and the moods changed. The make-up industry changed according to the moods and trends of each era. Now the make-up industry has become specific and refined. Now the makeups come according to the moods of the customers. The brands know that the majority of customers are influenced by what they see on TVs, shows, and social media platforms. 


Influencers on youtube, Insta, Facebook, or Twitter are bringing about a change in the mindsets of people. Sometimes the influencers are paid to advertise a specific brand and sometimes the reviews and trends are accurate. 


The marketplace has become saturated especially for cosmetic brands, lots of brands have their own set of dedicated followers. Some brands are trying to make their space through their ads, cheaper but quality products, and good packaging, it is very unfortunate that some of the new cosmetic lines get swallowed by the bigger sharks. Adaptation is necessary for cosmetic companies, they need to offer something that another product by a competitor doesn’t. They tend to amplify their message through their custom makeup boxes. They tailor their messages through their custom boxes

The custom packaging gives the companies plenty of wriggle room. The customization options like printing, designing, dimension, sizes, shapes, finishing can elevate the product to new heights. Keep in mind that the product and packaging should complement each other. If the product is of high quality and the packaging is substandard the product will suffer. The same goes for packaging too. So the company needs to maintain a perfect balance with product and packaging.  


Packaging defines the brand, it reflects the values and ethos of a brand. The use of colors, images, embossing, printing reflects which audience the brand wants to target or simply trying to carve the congested marketplace where they can sell their products.

The custom boxes should be made timeless, and with keeping modern trends so that your packaging doesn’t get outdated. 

Gone are days when normal packaging would’ve soared the sales of the products. Now customers have become more inquisitive and they want to know everything is there for the product. Custom boxes can do that for you, relevant hazards of using the make-up products, instructions, and ingredients can also be printed on the boxes.  Exquisite printing techniques like CMYK and PMS offer a huge spectrum of striking color shades that makes the packaging more vibrant. 

The materials choice has also gained huge importance now in the packaging industry. E-kraft, corrugated, buxboard, and cardboard. Cardboard is mainly used in the make-up industry because it is highly customizable and it’s lightweight yet robust. Custom cardboard boxes have increased in demand. 

The custom make-up boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable and standard boxes most times aren’t. This has a huge impact on the customers as they have become more nature conscious. 

Making a good box is a requirement but you need to keep in mind what kind of message that you want your make-up box to send. Using bold attractive fonts, hand-letters, or typewriting with irregular patterns will make your packaging more aggressive than the rest and it will catch the eyes of the customers. Sometimes less is more you can use abstract patterns to make your packaging understated. 

Using finishing techniques like silver and gold foils, laminations, matte and glossy will bring elegance to the makeup products. 

Just strategize about what kind of custom packaging you want as planning and execution of the packaging can make or break the product.    

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