The Sleeve Boxes, Why are they So Common

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If you talk about the simplest, the cost effective, and yet the most practical custom box, sleeves are certainly my pick. They are the new cool of the packaging industry. 

These are easy to open and easy to close boxes suitable for holding a wide variety of products. Their fairly simple make and easy operation make them one of the most preferred types of boxes by all sorts of businesses. No matter what product you are dealing in, sleeve boxes can be used to hold virtually anything and that too in style. 

Let us have a look at their basic structure and why they are among the most multipurpose packaging boxes.

The Structure of Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes are essentially made of only two pieces and they are among the simplest of packaging boxes. Yet they are very versatile when it comes to holding a variety of items. The two pieces on the simple structure of sleeve boxes include the following;

  • There is a piece called a sleeve. It is actually a box which is open at both ends. It does not have any closing flaps. And you can move or slide it easily back and forth over the basic container around which it wraps.
  • The container or the tray is the other part of the sleeve boxes. This container has the sleeve wrapping around it. It carries the product. This container is made exactly according to the dimensions of the product that it would hold. Product is securely tucked into the box and then the sleeve closes it. Slide the sleeve to expose the product. 

This simple assembly and minimum pieces used in the make of sleeve boxes also renders them a cost effective and cheap packaging option.

The Uses of Sleeve Boxes

It is because of the simple and yet practical design of the sleeve boxes and that they are used to package a huge variety of products. 

Custom printed sleeve boxes wholesale are a multipurpose type of packaging which can be used to securely carry light to medium weight objects. Whether you want to package your branded apparel items or add value to the shoes you sell, sleeves can offer a stylish appearance which enhances your company’s image. 

They are also used to package precious, expensive branded items like watches and perfumes. Sleeve boxes make one of the most presentable types of gift boxes. They are very commonly used to pack the sweets and chocolates in an exquisite fashion to be presented to the loved ones. 

Sleeve boxes are even used to hold the electronics. They are adopted as a signature packaging box by a number of mobile phone companies. Their applications are innumerable thanks to a combination of style and security provided by these packaging boxes. 

Customization of Sleeve Boxes

The sleeve boxes are very flexible and adaptive when it comes to customization. They can be personalized in any required manner depending upon your particular demands and the nature of your product. The plain broad surface provided by these boxes acts as a canvas which can be printed in any way you like. Use the graphics of your choice and get your logo printed in style to allure maximum customers.

These boxes can be made in any size. You can also add handles in the front of the main container for the ease of opening. Besides, windows can also be added for better display. They can also be made with a variety of stock options and you can get the required durability by selecting the stock of your choice. 

To make your sleeve boxes into adorable custom Christmas boxes, you can also add a number of decorative features like ribbons, flowers, brooches, etc. The main container can be divided into compartments to hold more than one product at a time. 

Moreover, these boxes can be finished with a coating of your choice to make them even more presentable. The coating and foiling options like spot UV, aqueous coating, gloss and semi gloss coating, etc. are all supported by the sleeve boxes. All you need is an experienced designing and printing staff equipped with the latest printing machinery. 

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