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A supportive and comfortable sports bra is one of the most important pieces of kit in your running arsenal. We look at some of the best…

The humble running bra has come a long way since its 1979 beginning when it was simply two jockstraps sewn together and known as the ‘Jockbra’. Understated? Sure, but for women sprinting sans support, it was a performance-enhancing revelation. Fast forward 42 years and the running bra has become an impressive feat of engineering.

In a bid to reduce breast pain during physical activity, scientists have measured the way boobs bounce, and discovered that they move in a butterfly-shaped motion – researchers at the University of Portsmouth report that breast tissue moves 50 percent up and down, 25 percent forwards and backward, and 25 percent side-to-side. That’s a lot of movement to keep under control while you run.

And further data shows that insufficient support can do more than cause a bit of discomfort – it can reduce the activity of the pectoral muscle by 55 percent, which is something that may even contribute to muscle fatigue. It doesn’t matter what speed you run at either – pace doesn’t appear to increase or decrease movement – so here’s what we should all consider…

The design

When it comes to running bras, high-impact support is crucial –there really is no debate about this. ‘There is a greater degree of breast movement during running compared to other sports,’ explains Laura Kong Brown, product manager for Runderwear. ‘The average bra size in the UK is 34/36D and at this size, each breast will weigh 500g!’ A well-fitted and supportive sports bra is, therefore, key, and there are two main types of running bras that fit the bill: compression and encapsulation.

‘A running bra is specifically designed for high-impact activity, for which additional support is required,’ explains Kong Brown. ‘Compression bras work by pressing your breasts against your chest to reduce movement. Encapsulation bras compartmentalize each breast into separate cups, like normal bras but with extra support. This controls movement across all three planes of the body (up and down, in and out, and side to side).’

The design you choose will ultimately come down to your personal preference, but encapsulation bras tend to boast the most high-impact support because they are designed to separate and support each breast individually.

Measure up

Finding the right fit matters, but getting measured during the Covid era has proven difficult. ‘Despite stores being closed, it remains vital that women measure their bra size at least once a year,’ says Kong Brown, who recommends these home tricks to check you’ve bought the right fit. It’s easy to see how hard it can be to find the right running bra, so we’ve followed up with a handful of our favorite bras to help you decide.

The underband: A good-fitting underband should sit flat across your back in a straight line. You should be able to fit two fingers in between your body and the band. When you buy a new sports bra, you should always wear it on the loosest hook – the extra hooks are a design feature so that when the elasticity wears over time, you can tighten the band.

The straps: In a well-fitted sports bra there should only be one inch of giving, meaning you can fit two fingers under the strap at the shoulder area.

The cups: A bra that fits properly will encapsulate your breasts perfectly. This means your breasts should not be spilling out of the bra. The signs of a poorly-fitted cup include having room between the cup and the skin or wrinkling in the cup of the bra, both of which indicate that it is too big.


Shock Absorber’s award-winning Ultimate Run Bra has long been the go-to for women who do high-impact activities such as running, pleasing both smaller and larger chested fitness fans alike. Its special design features an Infinity-8 support system, which counteracts the figure-of-eight movement breasts go through as you run, and University of Portsmouth tests show it reduces bounce by as much as 78 percent. Indeed, it’s a winner in our books for its padded and adjustable straps alone! We tried the non-padded version (available up to a G cup) but a padded option is also available (£49; available up to an F cup) for those who prefer molded cups. shockabsorber.

Best on test


The Runderwear bra has become a firm favorite among those in the running community of late and it’s not hard to see why. Indeed, it’s been so sleekly designed that you’ll barely notice it’s there. Featuring molded cups and an encapsulated cut, it keeps boobs supported whatever size you are because it’s available up to a GG cup. It doesn’t nip around the insides of the shoulder blades either, thanks to its open back rather than racerback design. The padded shoulder straps are a thoughtful extra for both small or large sizes, as they prevent straps and the adjustable clips on straps from digging in as you drive your arms. What’s more, the soft fabric wicks sweat away like no other bra on test – you won’t be peeling off a drippy, sweaty number with this option!


While molded cups can flatter, they’re not for everyone, and we appreciate that sometimes only a non-padded option will do. Enter Freya Active’s hugely supportive Dynamic Bra, which we really rate for running. It works by encapsulating the breasts and anchoring them in place with a wide and strong, but equally soft and comfortable, underband. The fit is perfect, with the neckline cutting just above the chest to keep everything steady. The four-hook fastening at the back means that this bra continues to fit after multiple wears and washes. Plus, we love the addition of a J-hook fastener for choosing a racerback or open back option. freyalingerie.


Global running brand Asics not only masterfully creates running shoes and clothing, but also boasts high-impact support bras. Unlike the others on the test, this bra uses compression technology to beat breast bounce, making it a good option for smaller sizes. In fact, you’ll be surprised how much support a bra that fits over the shoulders can offer. Style is key here, as the higher cut and mesh paneling around the front means that you won’t think twice about wearing it as a crop top on hotter days. You can adjust the straps for a tailored fit, but it doesn’t measure according to bra sizes (available in XS to XL) so it’s worth considering whether that’s important to you. asics


Hats off to Mari Thomas, Maaree’s founder, and experienced tester. Frustrated she’d never find a bra that could suppress the upward bounce, she designed one herself. Enter a reassuringly substantial bra with a trademarked Overband – a curved panel that runs over the top of the breasts – that’s anchored, via adjustable side straps, to the very wide and supportive underband. All this works to banish a huge amount of breast movement and keeps a flattering silhouette, too. The bra comes in sizes 30C to 38G, can be worn racerback or classic style,

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Things to keep in mind while riding a motorcycle

Madison Franz



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Do you love enjoying thrilling and adventurous experiences? If yes, motorcycle rides are perfect for you. You may love to take a ride with your friends every weekend. Yes, it sounds amazing and gives you an exhilarating experience. But at the same time, it is vital to keep in mind that you are riding with proper safety precautions, or else, you may ruin things in just a matter of seconds. However, if you have faced injuries due to a motorcycle accident, you must first reach out to a personal injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyers long beach are the right person to decide whether you are eligible for compensation benefits or not. Now, let’s have a look at some of the things you must keep in mind while riding a motorcycle: 


  • Firstly, you must never ride without a helmet. Apart from a helmet, wearing safety gloves, jackets, boots, etc is important too. These will give you much protection if you have to face any kind of accident while riding your motorcycle. 


  • Secondly, before you go for a ride, don’t forget to check if the motorcycle is in the right shape. There can be mechanical issues related to tires, brakes, etc, and it is vital to rule out such risks before riding. 


  • Thirdly, you may not take traffic rules seriously. If this is the case, you may land up in huge trouble. Maintain all the rules, as these are meant for you to have a safe ride on the road. 


  • Fourth, be careful of the road conditions and if you feel that the conditions are not very good, be extra careful. Make sure that you are not distracted by anything while riding. 


Summing Up


Now that you are aware of how to ride safely, you can go for a ride, but be very cautious and check out if everything is fine. Even after being careful, you may land in an accident because of some other vehicle or person on the road. In such a scenario, you are eligible to get the compensation amount for the damages caused to you. But the process may be complicated for a layperson like you, and here comes the need for a personal injury lawyer. They will make sure that justice is served, and that your rights to get the compensation is taken care of. 


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Vershi to the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation and Greetings on the Day of Victory

Madison Franz



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On May 8th and 9th, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, the Day of victory over Nazism in the Other World War. In these days, the memory of the soldiers of that peaceful population, who perished in the war, is remembered.

We have chosen for you verses about war and war from victory, as if they tell you about the importance of saving peace on the whole Earth.


And live in the memory of the people
Yogo’s daughters and blues,
Tі, who did not return from the campaigns
of Griznoy, the great war.

Їх life, їх have thought high,
Kotrim was not destined to flourish,
Calling for a clear and calm world,
Like the zіnitsu of the eye, take care.
V. Simonenko


Soldiers sleep in the steppes
Under the voloshkovy sky of Europe,
And there is no chance for a rose-coloured happiness between, or a kintsa.
The banks of the Volga and the Dnieper were overgrown with thyme trenches,
Only in the scars of soldiers our hearts grieve
D. Lutsenko


I am the one who rowed tearing.
I did not sit by the rock,
When the oaks fell for centuries
At the partisan fox donkey
On the stagnant, trampled grass
Lying, covered with purple leaves,
I blood flowed over the drops of crepe binti
A fox man with gray-browed guise
Feeding me: “Why did you break all the bridges?”
P. Voronko


My first verse of writing in the trenches,
on that sipky ode of vibukhiv walls,
if the dawn in the horoscope
my childishness has ruined, beaten into war.

Pozhozhі volcanic lava poured.
The house was on fire. Nich was given during the day.
Our crossing
over the Dnipro was flooded with water and fire.

Gula earth. Susidsky crying lad.
The woman was christened, and bread was brewed.
Dvigtіv this vuzesenky foxhole,
de two sіm’ї huddled sprat dib.

Oh, the first bіl is quiet not childish hostility,
what kind of wine is traced on the heart of the flood!
You won’t say like an invisible verse,
why can’t my soul be crushed ?!

It was already neither a bunny, nor a wolf –
a crooked world, the dawn was charred! –
and I wrote little more than a fragment
great letters, just from the primer, –

that first virshik, crouching at the edge,
sob lighted up the night of the war.
What a win, I don’t remember anymore.
The shell fell – the wall hoared.
L. Kostenko


We don’t need war

We don’t need war, we don’t need it –
We are for peace and peace on Earth,
Sob not korshaks in a clear sky,
But cosmic sailing ships,
So that children grow up happily
, I don’t sip the heat of war,
Sob the evil military wind
Bouve the wind of spring.
In the wind of truth and the strength of man –
That strength cannot be healed in centuries –
We are for nothing lakayut war,
Mіts people – in the hands of the people!
We do not need war, we do not need –
We are for calm and peace on Earth.
Schob not Korshaki in a clear sky.
And spaceships fired ships.
M. Umanets


Peremogi Day

They brought paths-roads
Our people to victory.
I soldiers-didusі
Moustache laugh.

Tse holy grass is
holy Required to be vigilant with the heart!
Surprise: in the old soldiers
Slozi gladly shine!

Long live in the earthly world,
there will be peace and happiness for the children,
For the people of the stink
For life, not war.
S. Gordienko



We will come again to the eternal fire,
Rocks will never erase the memory
of the quiet, who survived the terrible war,
and is quiet, who is drowned in the arms of death.
Let’s come again to the eternal fire…
From us to come and onuks and children,
For the veterans to bow down to the ground,
To shove their sivin.
Let the Lord grant them summer,
Warmth and calmness, happy days without humours.
Bring the young greenery to the shoroku
Set up stitches with kilim tomorrow.


Memory cards

Kviti – on the granite, on the armor.
The sun smiles at me.
I stand in charge of the veterans,
I take an oath to remembrance.
Veterans in bright blues
And on their chests they place orders.
Memory of the heart …
Memory of the sivin …
Memory is quiet, that 
the war did not come,
Memory – first of all, on the armor …
The sun smiles at me.


At Holy Peremoga

At Holy Peremoga 
I got up early. 
The little spring of spring 
Garnenko painted: 
Verbicki volokhat, 
High sky is clear, 
I little sun in the sky 
Burn, burn, do not go out.

I’ll go to the last hut 
To Baba Yakilin: 
Any children she has, 
Any relatives.

Vaughn is old and kvola, 
Grumpy and sumovit: 
In the war, the little titmouse 
Under Kharkov was killed.

For our Batkivshchyna 
I put my head on my head… 
I’ll cherish my grandmother, 
I’ll take care of the old one. 
Viddam їy sun, sky, 
Verbichki volohatі: 
Let spring sow 
In її samotnіy hut!
L. Company


The grassy wounds smile,
The trembling spogadіv, the pressure of the palms…
At the tears of the unrepentant-generous
Znov vibliskuє the fire of eternity.
Ale is the order of the shoulder
of the first child, the eyes of the drinker,
the first soul, in the heart of the trippoche,
What your soul is carrying in the future.


The Day of Peremogi is sacred to the sivin
of Our forefathers, children and those who are young.
Navit quiet, who is not a bachiv of war –
Ale її with a krill of chaining the letters of the skin, –
Vitaєmo with the Day of Peremog mi!


Salute to the world

In the days of grass, with dreams of riches, 
If you are happy squealing from the song, 
We are holy for a long time – 
Help the radio day.

I stand at the memory of the road, 
Tі, which we happened to pass, 
proudly carry the crimson ensign of Peremogi Above the Reichstag. 

And live in the memory of the people 
Yogo’s daughters and blues, 
Tі, who did not return from the campaigns 
of Griznoy, the great war. 

Їх hearts – for centuries of flame 
On our red ensigns, 
їх dumka – to remake and live 
In our creative thoughts and deeds. 

Їх life, їх have thought high, 
Kotrim was not destined to flourish, 
Calling for a clear and calm world, 
Like the zіnitsu of the eye, take care. 

And to that, if it is holy to come, – 
Leather rіk at the grass, hanging, – 
Our grіznі battle garmaty 
Salute the world – not war!
V. Simonenko 


Bowing down to the Eternal fire,
Bowing down to the ground to all the soldiers,
Who mortified the roads of the crisis of war,
Sob to us today’s death and kohati.


Long live in the earthly world,
there will be peace and happiness for the children,
For the people of the stink
For life, not war.


If history is called,
Our hour is for the people of the people.
For while the heart is alive in us –
We did not stand on knees.
Happy Victory Day!

You will also be told  15 verses by Lina Kostenko about eternal life.

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TOP 20 best children’s books about winter, New Year and Christmas

Madison Franz



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The New Year and Christmas holidays are coming soon. The best children’s books about winter, New Year and Christmas will help create a festive mood right now.

  The war in Ukraine continues. But the childhood of our children also continues. And our task is to do the maximum so that it, no matter what, is happy. You can add magic to children’s lives with the help of books. We have made a selection of the top 20 best books for children about winter, New Year and Christmas.

1.  “Christmas Story”, Tina Karol (” Rіzdvyana іstorіya”)

In a boundless world, we are all looking for goodness, love and tranquility, daily we are waging an invisible struggle against injustice and evil. And although we almost forget about fairy tales in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, miracles do not only happen around Christmas. The main thing is to unite, believe and follow the light against the darkness… This is the main leitmotif of the Christmas story from Tina Karol. 


“A Christmas Story” by Tina Karol / photo


2. Loud Hibernation by Kathy Hudson (The Great Hibernation)

The tortoise does not like winter, and every year, when the first snow falls, it nestles comfortably for hibernation. But this winter, it seems that she will not be able to sleep peacefully. This story will convince even the most ardent grumblers that a lot of exciting things happen in winter, especially when good friends are around!


“Loud hibernation” / photo


3. “Mitten for the nose”, Oksana Krotyuk (“Mitten for the nose” by Oksana Krotyuk)

A book that can instill in your child a caring attitude towards their health. She will teach him how to dress properly in the cold season, with the help of vivid illustrations.


“Mitten for the nose” / photo


4. “Christmas in the Big Tree”, Sylvie Michelin (“Christmas at the Great Tree”)

At the top of the tree lives a family of squirrels – father, mother and three squirrels – Melchior, Balthazar and Kaspar. On the eve of Christmas, little Kaspar disappeared somewhere, and his father went in search of him. Together with him, little readers will jump from branch to branch, look for little animals and chicks, open bright windows with surprises to finally find out where the baby squirrel and his friends are hiding and how the inhabitants of the forest are preparing for Christmas.


“Christmas in a big tree” / photo


5. ” Christmas for Gossip” by Rob Scotton (“Christmas for Gossip”)

The night before Christmas came. Cat Gossip cannot close his eyes: what if he was not very polite and did not deserve the biggest gift in the world? You have to wait for Santa and tell him all your exploits yourself … But Santa does not come. Was Gossip really not obedient enough? Did he help his mother with the housework in vain? Faithful Seymour and the little sister lead Splet to the living room, and there … Black Fluffy simply could not stay without a holiday. 

6. ” It’s time for everyone to carol”, Roman Zavadovich (“It’s time for everyone to carol”)

All sorts of miracles happen during the magical time of Christmas. So in this Christmas book not only children carol, but also forest animals. The poetic lines of the classic of Ukrainian children’s literature will be easily remembered by kids, and thanks to the colorful illustrations of the artist Maryana Kachmar, you can learn the names of animals and even musical instruments with your kids. 


“It’s time for everyone to carol” / photo


7. “Brave Evelina at the South Pole”, Ulla Mesmeyer (“Vidvazhna Evelina at the Pivdenny Pole”)

Have you ever been to Antarctica? Do you know what the penguins do there? The brave traveler Evelina will gladly tell you about it. After all, she made a stunning journey in a balloon to the very South Pole. 


“Brave Evelina at the South Pole” / photo


8. “First Christmas”, Dzvinka Matiyash (“First Christmas”)

David was an ordinary shepherd. For him, there was nothing better than spending the whole night in the pasture near the herd with his grandfather and his stories. And the best among grandfather’s stories was about the Messiah, who should come to earth. David could not even imagine that he would become one of the witnesses of the birth of Christ. 


“First Christmas” / photo


9. “Christmas comes to the land of the Moomins”, Tove Jansson (“It’s a good time to come to the land of the Moomins”)

One morning in December, the long winter sleep of the Moomin family was interrupted. The world outside the walls of the house has changed beyond recognition: something white and mysterious covered the entire Moomin Valley, everyone ran headlong, hung with gifts and bundles with festive food and drinks. The inhabitants were in excited anticipation of something that was heading towards Moomin Valley.


“Christmas comes to the land of the Moomins” / photo


10. “Father Christmas and I”, Matt Geig (“Batechko Rіzdvo i I”)

Living with elves, flying on a sleigh and seeing with your own eyes every day how magic is born… Almost every child dreams of this! However, for Amelia, the new life in Elfhelm was a real test. At school, she never mastered elvish math, where two plus two equals… snow. In the Toy Workshop, she did not cope with the easiest work, and at the lesson on the sleigh she smashed the most expensive ones. However, when an insidious enemy decides to destroy Christmas, it is Amelia and her friends who will have to save the favorite holiday of elves and people. 


“Father Christmas and I” / photo


11. “Gift of the Christmas Star”, Agnieszka Nozhinska-Demianiuk (“Darunok of the Christmas Star”)

In the book you will find six good tales of unexpected adventures at Christmas. Saint Nicholas, the star of Bethlehem and angels will bring the heroes of this book the real magic of a majestic holiday, and they will tell young readers about the most important values ​​of Christmas – the family circle and belief in miracles. 

12. “Christmas stories under the pillow”, Natalia Pashinskaya (“Christmas stories under the pillow”)

The characters in this book do not sit still. They are very adventurous. Short stories and colorful illustrations will give you the feeling of a real Christmas miracle. 


“Christmas stories under the pillow” / photo


13. “When the snow smells like tangerines”, Roman Rositsky (“If the snow smells like tangerines”) 

The characters in the stories are teenagers. Sometimes during the festive season they get into trouble and experience various adventures, and sometimes they receive unexpected gifts or become discouraged due to painful losses and do not understand how to turn on the “joy” button on the order. But the most important thing for each of them is to celebrate the New Year and Christmas with their loved ones. And this is the real holiday magic. 


“When the snow smells like tangerines” / photo


14. “Santa’s Magic Workshop”, Alice Dolan (“Santi’s Enchanting Workshop”)

Santa’s workshop works non-stop, because every year the number of children waiting for gifts only increases. Santa is sure that everything is under control! In his workshop, all processes are established, because there have never been problems with the delivery of gifts. Do you want to see how everything is arranged there?


“Santa’s Magic Workshop” / photo


15. ” Christmas Eve in Wonderland” by Carys Benksin (“The Night Before Christmas at Divokrai”)

Wonderland is ruled by the Queen of Hearts and she hates Christmas! It all started when the queen was a little princess. She wrote a letter to Santa with her cherished wish. But the White Rabbit, who carried the letter, did not have time to bring it to the post office! Since then, the queen has forbidden to celebrate Christmas, and you can’t even talk about it! And celebrate even more so! But one day, on the evening before Christmas, Santa finally receives a letter from the Queen of Hearts, written when she was little, and rushes to bring her a present! 


“The night before Christmas in Miracle Land” /


16. “Winston and the Christmas Letter”, Alex Smith (“Winston and the Christmas Leaf”) 

On the eve of Christmas, Winston finds a letter to Santa Claus, which for some reason did not get into the mailbox. The hero goes in search of Santa Claus to give him a letter before Christmas comes. As he travels through the festive city, Winston meets wonderful friends, experiences extraordinary adventures, and receives special rewards for his act of kindness. 


“Winston and the Christmas letter” / photo


17. Christmassaurus, Tom Fletcher (Rizdvosaurus)

The boy William asks Santa for a dinosaur for Christmas and does not even suspect what his request will turn out to be. Flipping through the pages of this hilarious book by the British writer and musician, you’ll find out who helps Santa at the North Pole and who tries to shoot the reindeer, how friendship is born out of hatred, and why Mr. Trundle loves Christmas. And, of course, you will meet the most fantastic book hero – Christmassaur. 


“Christmasaurus” / photo


18. Fantastic Adventures of the Christmas Company, Corinne Gieseler (Fantastic Uses of the Christmas Company)

Freda always knew that her cat was special… but not so much that Santa Claus himself called him and asked him to help save Christmas! However, there is no time to be surprised. The girl must trust her furry friend and go with him straight to the end of the world. There, at the North Pole, the League of Christmas company operates, thanks to which children from all over the world receive gifts every year. But this Christmas, Santa’s helpers don’t seem to be able to fulfill the children’s orders: an unknown hacker has blocked the company’s main computer! 


“The Christmas story of the donkey Tail” / photo


19. “Once Upon Christmas”, Nadiya Gerbish (“Once Upon a Christmas”)

In this surprisingly light and homely fairy tale, the real spirit of Christmas lives. A family of hedgehogs – dad, mom and their three children – not only prepare for the holiday together, tell the story of the birth of Jesus, but also receive unexpected guests – two little gophers lost in the forest. All together they learn to be wise, prudent and open their hearts for good.

20. “Christmas story of the little Tail”, Alexander Gavrosh (“Christmas story of the donkey Tail”)

Donkey Tail – the main character of the Christmas nativity scene. And now, on the eve of Christmas, he is kidnapped. And here the real adventures begin, in which, of course, there will be some magic.

Author: Ekaterina Kopaygora


“The Christmas story of the donkey Tail” / photo
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