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Chiang Mai continues to be a popular destination for digital nomads and for a reason. The rich and colorful culture of northern Thailand, delicious food and cheap prices have them coming back year after year. Especially for new digital nomads, Chiang Mai is a great place to get started. Chiang Mai has a great community – you’ll find expats, international students, travelers, and digital nomads from all over the world. That said, meeting new people and making friends is easy.

Meeting these like-minded people is made super easy in coworking spaces and Chiang Mai does have plenty of different coworking to choose from. Whether you’re looking to meet other digital nomads, combine coworking and coliving, or renting a private office, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in Chiang Mai.

The low cost of living, tropical climate, strong remote work culture, and other recreational amenities like hip cafes, bars, boutiques, and galleries make Chiang Mai one of the best cities to work remotely.

Exploring every cafe and coworking space is out of the question, so keep reading for a sample of the best Chiang Mai coworking spaces for working remotely and meeting other nomads.

They range from massive remote offices to cozy bungalows, so there’s sure to be something that fits your working style.

The Brick Startup Space

Located in smorgasbord, the Brick Space is a coworking space ideal for budding entrepreneurs and a place to incubate creative ideas. Sponsored by the Thai Ministry of Science and Technology, its purpose is to support and guide new local Thai startup. To provide this assistance to local startups the Brick Space has created its own ‘Pre-Incubation Program,’ which provides a platform and network for ideas exchange with experts and where budding entrepreneurs can receive help with the development of their plans.

For a completely different vibe, head over to The Brick Startup Space – one of the best Chiang Mai coworking spaces for startups. This elegant, modern space offers three meeting rooms for your startup, plus a call room and the standard tables and comfortable chairs to work around.

Networking with other professionals and making friends is easy at the Brick Startup Space since it offers community events every month. You might find it hard to leave with free water, a snack bar, lockers, and parking for your scooter.

Punspace (Tha Phae Gate)

Punspace is probably the most popular coworking space in Chiang Mai. If you’ve ever watched Chiang Mai’s “digital nomad” vloggers, you’ve no doubt heard them talk about this coworking space.

Punspace is a great place to work if you’re new to Chiang Mai and looking to make friends with people more established in the city. The community at Punspace consists of everything from copywriters, web developers, designers, accountants, and more.

Punspace also offers some of Chiang Mai’s most reliable wi-fi and meeting rooms that can be booked very cheaply (if you’re a member of the space). Oh, and a membership at Punspace’s Tha Phae Gate branch also gives you access to their original location landmarks.

Hub53 Coworking and Coliving Space

Hub53 is a coworking and coliving space with a warm community and welcoming staff. The space also has a nice location. Despite being less than 10 minutes away (on foot) from the boisterous Nimman Road, Hub53 offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Like any coworking space, the most important aspect of Hub53 is its work area. Fortunately, Hub53 has comfortable chairs and wide desks that allow you to spread out all your materials. The space also offers free snacks, coffee, and tea to help keep you energized throughout the day.


Wiang Kaew

This location differs from the other two in several aspects:

You can’t get a day pass. You need to buy a weekly or monthly one.

A monthly pass cannot be used to access the other two locations.

They host TEDx events.

You can purchase alcohol here, as there is an onsite café.

Aside from these differences, there is a big fat plus point which makes this Punspace our favorite Punspace — the garden. Wiang Kaew boasts easily the most delightful garden of any coworking space we’ve seen so far. If you enjoy working outside, this is absolutely the place for you.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Chiang Mai’s top coworking spaces. If so, show us some love on social media and share our post with someone that’s going to Chiang Mai 🙂

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