the apparel industry that have a good impression
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How do you summarize the motivations for the apparel industry that have a good impression?




The apparel industry that have a good impression?
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The apparel industry that have a good impression?

When applying for a job in the apparel and fashion industry, the motive for aspiration is always asked. Motivation for aspiration is an important point in selection in any industry.

The reason “I like clothes” is, of course, a major premise. So what else should I write? The Girls Woman editorial department asked the hiring manager of the company about the motives for aspiring applicants. If you are a reader who wants to think about your motives, please refer to it

Motivation to get a good impression” asked by the hiring manager

In fact, I asked the hiring manager of the company what kind of motivation they had.

Zubari! What is your motivation to get a good impression?


・ Impressions of the shop, staff, products, etc. I don’t think it’s a lie that I really like my company. (Apparel company A)

・ Since the number of people applying without knowing it has increased, I would like you to tell us that you like the brand, you like clothes, and you like the atmosphere of the store. (Apparel company B)

Portrait of a woman in a design studio — Image by © Hemant Mehta /India Picture/Corbis

・ It is important that you can say what you are looking for.
For example, after experiencing at a store, you can step up to the head office position in the future! If there is a job offer, it will make an impression that you can write your own motive based on it. (Apparel company C)

By communicating your impressions of going to the store and your feelings of love for this brand, that is why the hiring manager can clearly understand why you want to work for this company / brand.

For example, if there is a specific episode about the store or product, such as the reason why I bought this dress at the store because the salesperson consulted me, I got a good impression that the seriousness of the company was conveyed. Will lead to.

If you’ve never been to this store but are interested in apparel work, go to the store in advance to understand the atmosphere of the brand and why this store is among the many brands. Find out why you did it. It’s hard to leave an impression just by vaguely expressing the feeling of “like”, so it is more effective to convey one specific episode.

Furthermore, it is important to read the contents of the job offer carefully in order to express your intention that you are interested in the company. When I was told that I wanted to be this company because I wanted to be like this in the future, I was impressed by the motivation to work.

How much text should you write in your resume?

・ Even if you make a mistake or get dirty, it is important that the frame is completely filled. (Apparel company C)

・ Even if the frame is not full, it is good if the content is not shallow. Feelings are important. (Apparel company B)

・ It is important to write carefully and hard even if the characters are dirty, not the amount of text. (Apparel company A)

Have you ever felt that your resume’s motivation section has more space than you think?

Some respondents said that it would be better to fill in the fields, but what was more important than that was the feelings and hard work of the applicants for the company / brand.

If you write it with the feeling that it doesn’t matter, you will understand it. Enthusiasm can be conveyed by writing firmly with feelings.

What are the other important points?

・ Everyone says the same thing, so we attach great importance to the way we speak motives. (Apparel company C)

・ It is good if the person has a company history of 3 years or more. (Apparel company B)

・ When asked if you are receiving another company, if you get the answer, “I will receive another company based on your company’s results,” I

will not receive more than one, but rather love this company. And royalties are transmitted. (Apparel company A)

From the answers such as how to talk about the motivation for the interview, the company history of the previous job, the selection status of other companies, etc., it seems that they are looking at the degree of aspiration for the company and how enthusiastic they are.

Interviewers interview many aspirants, so they try to find out who they are by looking at what they are saying and how they speak.

Some companies care about their company history, but they are worried that they will quit soon. Of course, companies know that there are various reasons for quitting, so even if you have a short history, try to make up for it for positive reasons.

I know that the interviewer is also receiving other companies. However, the person who appeals that your company is the best among them will convey your enthusiasm.

If you can clearly convey in your own words why you want to work for the company / brand, you will be able to make a good impression.

Example sentences of apparel aspiration motive (for inexperienced people)

If you do not have experience in work / part-time work in the apparel / fashion industry, you
can appeal the reasons why you wanted to work in an inexperienced industry / occupation, and the skills and experience you have acquired so far that you can utilize in your apparel business. It’s effective.

Experienced customer service sales, inexperienced apparel

I have been using your brand since I was a student.

Even when I bought clothes at your store the other day, I was able to meet wonderful clothes thanks to the smile of the sales staff and the consultation. I also have a job that pleases customers. I applied because I wanted to convey the charm of my favorite brand.

I have no experience in apparel work, but I have been selling at a general store for 3 years.

At that time, “smile say” we may be asked for words of compliments from the “attention can be” customer.

In your company as well, while aware of what customers are looking for what kind of goods, nice clothes I would like to do my best with a smile and warm customer service so that you can meet me.

College student / apparel inexperienced

I am thinking of getting a job in the apparel industry, so I would like to gain experience among students.

I want to be an apparel salesperson who wants to acquire courtesy, etiquette, and communication skills.

I often buy clothes at your store, but when I get lost, the staff always gives me personal advice, so I also want to be a staff who can be friendly to customers and serve customers like that. I want to be I have no experience in apparel, but I am attending a fashion university, and I think that my knowledge of fashion can be used to serve customers at your company.

Experienced as a mom / worker

I joined the beauty industry as a new graduate and worked as a beautician, but I retired when I gave birth.
Now that my child-rearing has settled down, I hope to return to society.

It is difficult to continue as a beautician while raising children, so I was looking for it in other industries.

I like to make people beautiful and cute, so I thought that the apparel industry could do that as well. Although I have a blank as a member of society, I thought that an apparel salesperson would be able to utilize the experience I had cultivated during my time as a beautician.

If your company also develops children’s clothing, I thought that you could make use of your child-rearing experience, so I chose your company.


Experienced part-time job in other industries (food and drink), inexperienced apparel

I had a part-time job at an izakaya for 4 years while I was in college. I like customer service, so I was looking for a job where I could make use of my customer service experience.

I like to be fashionable and I often shop at your store.
I longed for Mr. ◯◯, a staff member of your store, and even when I was working part-time at an izakaya, I was able to refer to the bright smile and the way I talked with customers.

I also wanted to become a salesperson like Mr. ◯◯, so I started to aspire to the apparel industry.

Example sentences of apparel aspiration motive (for experienced people)

Let’s write concretely the points that can be utilized from the episodes and achievements in the previous job. In addition to that, it is also important to write the reason why the store (manufacturer) / brand is.
And it’s okay to appeal that you want to build a career.

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Rope Chain Vs Cuban Link-Which One Should You Buy?




Rope Chain Vs Cuban Link-Which One Should You Buy
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In this way, which of the two merits purchasing. Actually, the two chains are, it is just an issue of your inclination. They are both solid and sturdy chains. The two of them pair well with ashley lip piercing pendants or can undoubtedly be worn as independent. The chains are likewise similarly famous with regards to Hip-jump culture. Their cost ranges are additionally not all that far separated.


The Cuban chain, nonetheless, is more qualified assuming that you are searching for an inconspicuous plan. Something you can undoubtedly fold under your garments without showing since it lies flush against your skin. The chain is likewise somewhat lighter by around 10g and has a general smoother finish. The rope chain, nonetheless, is your smartest choice in the event that you are hoping to say something. It may not be awesome to fold under your garments, however its glistening sparkle gives it a seriously striking allure. It would be the most ideal choice to say something. By the day’s end, your choice will rely upon which bind you view as more engaging you, individual preferences might vary.

Is the rope chain still in style?

Indeed, rope chains are still in style. Year in, year out this chain has stayed well known and not simply inside the hip-jump culture. The chain is cherished generally for its interesting plan, striking nature, however in particular its solidness. The chain is additionally incredibly simple to style, either alone or with a dahlia piercings pendant.

Are Cuban connections tasteless?

No, Cuban connections are not even close to tasteless. They are a staple of the hip-jump culture and have an ageless plan. The chains are intended to squeeze into any setting. You can decide to wear them under or over your garments relying upon the amount of an assertion you might want to make. The chain additionally arrives in an assortment of thicknesses and lengths. The more slender and more limited it is, the straightforward and more inconspicuous the chain would be. You can likewise get it in an assortment of metals, so you can pick which one best suits your complexion.

Are Cuban connections strong?

Indeed, the Cuban connections are beautifully and tough. The interlocking example of the level connections guarantees that the chain won’t break without any problem. The chain likewise generally includes an open box catch, which is extremely secure and frequently utilized in very good quality chains.

Sorts of ring enhancers

To observe the right sort of ring enhancer that matches your style, it’s essential to think about the various kinds of ring enhancers that you can look over. There are three primary ring enhancer types for you to browse:

  • The Circle Guard-this ring enhancer is intended to go by and large around the solitaire jewel ring. Whether you pick the full or the fractional ring watch, the enhancer will make a more adjusted look that adds a lot of try to please sorts of focus stones. Frequently, the circle watches are matched with the round pad, or splendid cut jewels/precious stone rings.
  • Side Wrap Enhancers-this ring enhancer is intended to isolate your rings by sitting on one side of the first wedding band. You might have it fixed to the ring forever.
  • Double Wrap Enhancers-With this sort of ring enhancer, additionally called the ring supplement or watchman, the enhancer will sit on both/either side of your wedding band. It makes the impact of having three wedding/commitment groups. In any case, a portion of the ring styles make it feasible for you to slip your wedding band in the center so it sits right between the two groups/enhancers.
  • The double and the side wrap ring enhancers, then again, are more great for use with the little, round-molded jewels in the channel settings. The enhancers will give channel set rings a sleeker and an advanced look. It’s additionally great for improving the presence of the tightened roll and the loaf precious stones and gemstones for a more refined, current look. This is additionally the situation with the emerald and the princess-cut jewels and focus stones.

Notwithstanding the various sorts of ring enhancers accessible, the other significant contemplations to remember while searching for ring enhancers include:


The ring enhancer ought to offer the right degree of equilibrium. The size of the ring is a vital thought for you to remember. It’s particularly valuable for the rings with greater carat jewels, dissimilar to the rings with more modest stones that would be overpowered whenever decorated by the enhancers. The variety is significant as well, however it ought to match the plan/shade of the precious stone wedding band.

Upsides and downsides of ring enhancers

Aces of ring enhancers

  • The ring enhancer upgrades the general appearance of the wedding band
  • It safeguards the jewel from sway or superfluous openness
  • It makes a more strong search for rings
  • Adds a decent shimmer or wreck to the ring
  • Fantastic expansion to the moissanite and jewel set rings
  • The ring could be more agreeable after the it is added to ring enhancer
  • It’s an incredible method for energizing your plain solitaire wedding band

Cons of ring enhancers

  • The ring enhancer could aggravate your commitment on the off chance that you don’t get one morally justified/agreeable style/size for a more adjusted look.
  • It turns out best for some, jewel styles than others

Could you at any point resize a ring enhancer?

No, ring enhancers can’t be resized, which would intend that assuming you observe a ring enhancer in some unacceptable size, you’d need to purchase another one. The bifurcated plan of the ring enhancer makes resizing the enhancer considerably more troublesome.

Are ring enhancers cheap or obsolete?

In the event that the ring enhancer is very much made, it won’t be shabby or even feel obsolete. Regardless, these enhancers will work on the presence of the ring, making a more durable look when the rings are stacked.

When would it be advisable for you to get a ring enhancer?

You ought to get the ring enhancer assuming that you are considering adding a degree of newness and freshness to your current jewel wedding band. It’s likewise great assuming you maintain that the precious stones should stand apart more.

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Ring Size Guide: Using Your Ring Size to Find Your Perfect Fitting Jewelry




Ring Size Guide
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When it comes to finding the perfect piece of jewelry to flatter your figure, your size has little to do with it. That’s because not all rings are made equally. So where does that leave you, and how do you know your ring size? Find your perfect fit with this ring size guide.

What is Ring Size?

Ring size refers to the size of the band of a ring — in other words, the width of the ring. The most accurate way to determine your ring size is to have a jeweler use a ring-measuring tool or use the following chart.


Measuring your ring size is highly recommended for the following reasons:


Different metals have different gauges, and if you have more than one ring you might wear, you’ll want to double-check their sizing.


The fit of a ring can vary according to the wearer’s finger-size preference.


A ring’s fit might change over time due to wear and tear, so it’s best to size it properly from the start.

What Does Ring Size Mean?

Your ring size is determined by the width of the band of your ring. The size of this band is known as the ring’s gauge. A lower number means a wider band and a higher number means a narrower band.


The most popular ring sizes today are US sizes 4 to 9, with a very small percentage of men and women in the US wearing a size 0 (or a size 00, if that’s what you prefer).


In the old days, sizes in the US were based on the actual circumference of the wearer’s hand. This measurement is called a size. Today, only three US ring sizes are based on the actual circumference of the wearer’s hand:

Finding Your Ring Size

The best way to find your ring size is to have your fingers measured by a jeweler. The best time to get this done is either when you’re shopping for a new ring or when your current ring is being resized.


If you have a wedding or engagement ring that you’d like re-sized, that’s the best time to bring it in. If your current ring is in good condition and you’d just rather not have it resized, you can use the sizing method below.


To find your ring size, you’ll need the following:


Your current ring (if you’re trying to find your current size) Your wedding or engagement ring (if you’re trying to find a different size) The table below (if your wedding or engagement ring doesn’t have any markings) A pen or pencil A ruler

Finding Your Perfect Fitting Jewelry

Now that you know your ring size, you can start looking for the perfect fitting jewelry. This includes everything from rings to earrings to necklaces.


Finding your perfect fitting jewelry is easier than you think. With this ring size guide, you’ll be able to find your perfect fitting jewelry in no time. Whether you’re looking for engagement rings, wedding bands, or other kinds of jewelry, this guide can help you find your perfect fitting piece.

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What does a Freight forwarder do & the most popular types of freight forwarding services?




What does a Freight forwarder do & the most popular types of freight forwarding services?
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20Cube Logistics – Freight forwarders in Australia are among the most popular logistics services providers that you can find in the Australia country as of now. They provide much-needed assistance to people and businesses in moving cargo across the country and other parts of the world. They are one of the best freight forwarders and expanded their services in Australian cities like Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney. Before getting the help of the best freight forwarders in Brisbane, freight forwarder in Melbourne & freight companies in Sydney, it is a good idea to have a clear picture of which exactly a freight forwarder is. Then you will be able to proceed to the next step of obtaining the services offered by a freight forwarder.


Who exactly a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders are specialized in arranging shipping and storage of goods, on behalf of shippers. They usually provide a comprehensive range of services, which include preparation of shipping, tracking of transportation, warehousing, custom clearance, document preparation, and even booking cargo space. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to keep peace of mind when you are working with an effective freight forwarder.




Popular types of freight forwarding services

Now you have a basic idea about the freight companies in Australia. While keeping that in mind, let’s explore the popular types of services that you can expect to receive out of a freight forwarding company.


Rail freight services

Rail freight services are highly efficient. Therefore, you can approach 20Cube Logistics – the best freight companies in Sydney for rail freight services without keeping a doubt in mind. This method includes carrying a massive load across longer distances on the railroad network. It is a relatively fast method of transporting goods within a country. However, the spaces available within the rail cars are limited. Therefore, you will only be able to use this option for transport certain goods.


Sea freight services

Sea freight services are the biggest freight operations that you can find around the world. 20Cube Logistics offer the service of freight forwarder in Melbourne. This is where cargo ships are being used in order to carry your goods to different parts around the world. Cargo ships are few of the biggest sea vessels that you can find out there in the ocean. Along with the help of sea freight services, it will be possible for you to carry millions of tons of cargo every day. On the other hand, you will also be able to use this as a cost-efficient method in order to carry goods to different destinations around the world.


Air freight services

Air freight services are the quickest method available to transport goods to a different part of the world. If speed of delivery matters, you may get in touch with a best freight forwarders in Brisbane and ask about air freight services available to transport your goods. The freight companies can help you with meeting your deadlines without a problem. However, you should also keep in mind that weight is a concern when it comes to air freight services. That’s because cargo planes are only capable of carrying certain types of loads.


Final words

As you can see, many different types of freight forwarding services are available to you. You can get in touch with the most effective freight company – 20Cube Logistics and you will be able to learn more about options that you can consider. Then you will be able to go ahead with the best possible method available out there to carry your goods to the destination. It will provide a hassle-free experience to you with transporting your goods as well. That’s because 20Cube Logistics – freight forwarding company will take care of everything.

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Should I Sell or Pawn my Jewelry




Should I Sell or Pawn my Jewelry
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Whenever we need money for emergency purposes, we get confused between these two terms, sell and pawn. What would be the best deal? There is a difference between sell and pawn. If you understand this difference, you can make your decision easier. In this article, we will explain what selling and pawning jewelry is and discuss which one you should choose between these two facts.

Differences between Selling and Pawning


Everyone knows what selling is but a few people know about pawning. Before getting into the details, you should have a clear idea about pawning. When you need a loan, you can get it in exchange for your valuable stuff. And it’s called pawning. This type of service is provided by a pawnshop. There you can get instant cash in exchange for your used things that have market value. You know that jewelry is suitable for pawning. But except for jewelry, there is a lot of stuff that you can use for pawning. That stuff is electronic devices, play stations, designer handbags, watches, designer shoes, metallic stuff, musical instruments, etc. When you need loan on jewellery you should know the current rate before visiting a pawnshop. Different types of jewelry have different values. Among these diamonds and gold are more valuable than jewelry. You can get loan against gold at the same price as the current market value. Besides these, you can get an instant loan in return for other types of jewelry. Now there is another fact that you may not know. You can buy and sell your used items to the pawnshop. While buying, the product price would be affordable. Similarly, when you sell items to them, they will offer you the same price. There are a few types of a pawnshop. Those are regular, specialized, online, etc. When you return on time, they will return your items. On the other hand, when you sell it you will not get it back. Besides this, there is no guarantee that the selling price would be like the current price. Now the differences between these are given below,




There are a lot of places where you can sell used products. If you can, you will not get the expected value. Besides this you can’t exchange the products. But with pawning, you can instantly cash and sell used items. While selling, you can’t sell all kinds of used stuff except jewelry and electronic devices. But while pawning there is fewer limitations on items.


Ensuring security


Selling places fail to ensure the security of prices. They demand lower prices than the actual price for products. They judge the items by their brand names. They also don’t offer the actual price for jewelry. On the other side, Pawnshop is ready to give you the expected value for your jewelry and keep it with proper security.


Whatever you decide, decide by keeping the above discussions in your mind.

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Selling Your Jewels for Cash: What You Need To Know




Selling Your Jewels for Cash: What You Need To Know
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Inherited a family heirloom that you do not seem to use as much or does not suit your taste? While it might hold a significant sentimental value, maybe the extra cash you could get in return for it would be much more valuable to you. Whether you need it for a bigger, more important investment, returning debts, or funding for something that matters more to you, we have prepared some details that might help you decide!


Look For Buyers Online


In the age of technology, just typing in silver buyers Melbourne in the convenient search bar will present to you tons of options, local and accessible. However, it would be wise to sift through your options since it’s highly likely you will encounter some shady companies looking to take your jewels. The procedure will probably take some time with the contract processing and shipping of your jewels. Social media is another great option for looking for credible organizations as you can find reviews and details simply by typing sell gold Melbourne or gold buyers with your location. Make sure you take your time and check out all the certificates, licenses, or ratings they have to show before you pick their services lest you lose your valuables!




Pawnshops are generally known for loaning more than buying your jewels. But if it is selling you are looking for specifically, pawn shops near you will come in handy. They buy your precious jewels at a much lower rate than online buyers and the staff at pawnshops may not be as aware of the market price of your pieces. However, pawning comes with easier processing, fewer scams, and gets you your money faster. Ask around your town for information about which pawnshop can give you the best deal for your jewels. Overall, pawnshops are the best emergency alternatives for those urgent financial needs.


Reputed Jewelers


Local, well-known jewelry stores are another convenient option similar to pawnshops that will give you your cash immediately. Keep in mind that you should look for a jewelry store that has experience in buying older jewelry made of precious metals so you know you are in good hands. The downside of this method is once again, a lower selling price, meaning you get less than what your jewelry is worth. Remember to check the price points of your jewels and read any receipts beforehand so that you can negotiate when you have to.


Lastly, always keep an eye out for price spikes and drops in the market. If you can afford to wait a few months for gold or silver prices to increase before selling off your jewels, then you can definitely choose that option. We wish you a great opportunity for your jewels to find a new home and that you get your best deal out of them!


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Platinum versus White Gold




Platinum versus White Gold
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If you decided on the white, metallic style for your engagement ring, you are probably faced with the daunting question: is platinum better than white gold or the other way around? The answer truly depends on what you are seeking from your ring so hang tight while we help you decide!



Platinum is a metal rarer than gold, which immediately raises the price point. While white gold is an alloy – a mixture of metals. Since white gold consists of only a portion of gold, while platinum rings are made entirely of dense, heavy metal, white gold jewelry has a much lower price range, giving you an option that won’t break the bank.


Platinum is a naturally white metal that gives an elegant shine when made into jewelry. White gold has a coating of rhodium on it, giving it the white color that we know so well. Cheaper white gold can have dull colors peeking through, so this gives you an advantage in identifying the quality.  However platinum rings require good care, so regular, gentle cleaning should help maintain their glossy finish. White gold is prone to wear on the surface, requiring professional polishing every now and then which may be undesirable.


Both platinum and white gold are durable metals, suitable for everyday use and for the longevity desired in engagement rings. However, they are not spared from any damage at all. Platinum is malleable, meaning it can change its shape without wearing, similar to clay. If your design includes intricate details, these may become less sharp over time due to the character of the metal. This gradual aging of platinum jewelry is desirable for some, called “patina”, but if that is not the case for you, you might want to check out white gold options. White gold is susceptible to wear, but it holds designs for longer than platinum due to its tough structure thanks to the other hard metals mixed into it.

The conclusion to the discussion of platinum vs white gold engagement rings depends on your preferences and how you would immortalize your cherished memories in your ring!

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Check Out This New Jewelry Store For Affordable, High-Quality Jewelry




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Whether you’re staying in or going out, you can always make a statement with some lightweight and contemporary jewelry. If you are looking for something new and exciting in the accessories’ department, this jewelry store in Bengaluru offers pieces that are both stunning and affordable, while offering top notch quality. This brand is trustworthy, with great customer service and they always have lucrative offers that will make buying new jewelry even more fun! They are designed to match your lifestyle so get up and start shopping.


These days, the era of influencer culture dictates style in fashion, home decor and even jewelry and just when you make sense of one trend, it changes! Keeping up with these constantly changing trends becomes so difficult and curating our personal collections according to them is a major undertaking. Purchasing clothing is one thing; however, purchasing jewelry is a more significant investment since not only is it more expensive, but the quality of our purchases must be of high caliber. You can avoid all this hassle by hopping over to this brand and checking out their jewelry section as they offer the latest designs in trending jewelry whether it is Y2K fashion or classic jewelry items which can be used on several occasions, and you can spend your money knowing that the quality remains intact. With thousands of options available, ranging from earrings to anklets, there is something for everyone in their vast collection and they have the best bling in town. This jewelry brand combines both quality and fashion in a single package. It doesn;t matter if you’re young or old, they have classy jewelry for everyone.


Not only do they offer convenient services like cash on delivery on their online orders, they also have a flexible 30 day return policy with doorstep pick up facility, easing your stress levels! The only thing better than this is their lifetime exchange offer! Yes, you heard that right. They offer a Lifetime Exchange on all purchases wherein the product and the original product certificate can be returned for buy-back or exchanged with making charges deductions and Rs.500 for processing charges, based on its current market value. For gold jewelry, they offer 100% of gold value at current market rate, and for diamond and gemstone jewelry, they offer 100% of gold value and 90% of diamond/gemstone value at current market rate. Naturally, you won’t have to worry about any of your purchases which leaves you free to flaunt and enjoy all your new and cool jewelry. With BIS hallmarked gold, you won’t even have to worry about whether or not you’re getting good quality gold. Along with these, they have services like “Virtual Try On” which helps you determine how a particular piece of bling will look on you. All you have to do is take a picture and upload it and you’ll get an idea of how your favorite items will look on you.


The only thing better than finding good quality and exquisite jewelry is finding offers on those pieces. They have made purchasing high-quality jewelry inexpensive with their offers so investing in high end jewelry will not put you in a money crunch whatsoever. You can simply visit their shop and you will find options that are both inexpensive and have great monetary value. Jewelry shopping tends to get stressful but with personalized customer service, this brand will exceed all of your expectations of jewelry shopping and will take your experience to a whole new level of sophistication and ease. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away! You can visit their stores or grab an online catalog and start shopping so that you have all the things you need to make a big splash at the next event you attend.

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Odyssey News



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How important is it for you to set new fitness goals and challenges?

Personally, I am 100 percent a goal-setter and always love a challenge, be it sporting or professional. I’ve always found motivation in challenging my body and competing against myself, setting targets – my sporting childhood has influenced so much of my training, coaching, and PR business approach.

What do you love most about being able to exercise and lead an active lifestyle?

Staying active now, at 36, is so important to me, to know that I’m setting my body up for many healthy and mobile years to come, I hope! Right now I love the fact my body can move with ease, with strength, in everything I do, be it daily movements, lifting, jumping, and running around with my niece and nephew.

Much has been made of the link between mental health and exercise – how important is an exercise to you for your mental health and wellbeing?

It’s right up there! The post-workout high of endorphins can totally change my day, I can walk out of a studio feeling like a superwoman. The boost of belief and confidence it then gives me to take on my day, be it PR deadlines, client reporting, or just ‘life’ happens time and time again.

I often refer to training as my escape, time to switch my brain off (which tends to work at 100mph). Headspace, freedom, time to focus on something outside of my PR business or general life concerns and challenges. Running, for one, has given me so many hours of clarity and healing.

What are your top five tips for anyone keen to get in better shape?

Find joy in being active and moving your body. Exercise is different for everyone, some might like a super sweaty HIIT workout, a fast-paced spinning class, or others, a slow, magical yoga flow. Find what’s right for you, there’s so much choice out there now, apps, PTs, or studio-based workouts.

Schedule your workouts so they are part of your day. Maybe you’re an early bird and like to get that morning workout ticked off to start your day. Or it could be the perfect lunch break reset, or evening social with a friend. The most important thing is to work out what’s best for you, to get the most out of your time to exercise.

Make sure exercising is about having fun, it shouldn’t be a chore, nor punishment to burn off that chocolate bar or bag of crisps. Celebrate your body, its strengths, all you achieve through exercise and this will promise a much longer, happy relationship with staying active and eating healthily. Your body is your only home and to have the ability to move, with strength, with ease, is a gift.

Reward yourself. Whether it’s a new kit or a coffee post-run be sure to acknowledge your ‘wins’ no matter how small.

Remember your why. When the workouts feel tough or you might not be 100 percent in the mood to exercise, remember your why. One of my favorite quotes to live by is ‘the stronger the why, the easier the how becomes.’

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The Complete Larimar Guide: How to Buy this Type of Jewelry




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Thinking of Gemstones and not mentioning Larimar is not possible. When it comes to the love for soft, calm, and light-colored gems, this is exactly what you are looking for. The natural serene teal blue tints of this crystal surely take your mind off from the regular tensions. The tropical feel of this crystal and oceanic watery look clearly reminds one of a soothing warm day on a beach.

With recent hectic schedules and lots of pandemic worries, people want to add something that can actually provide them relief from day-to-day tension and is also a great fashion stunner. What is better than adding Gemstone Jewelry for this purpose? The love for jewelry remains eternal and only increases with time.

So, here’s a guide for all the jewelry lovers and a complete guide just in case you want to add something as calm as Larimar Jewelry to your collection.

Bringing out the Serenity

Let’s understand the facts associated with this gem to better understand its features. It often goes by the name Caribbean Gemstone due to its remarkable appearance and resemblance to the Caribbean Sea. Although the irony is that it is originally found in only one place on the earth and that is the Dominican Republic. Despite providing the feel of the ocean, it is formed due to several volcanic activities.  It gets its name from the person who first got fascinated with its beauty. He named it after his daughter Larissa and combined it with the Spanish word “Mar” which means ocean.

Being available only in limited versions, the gem is quite rare, and various gem collectors treasure this stone.

Healings with Larimar

The meaning of Larimar depends on personal experience and beliefs and varies from person to person. Yet, talking about some common facts about the healing properties of this gem, it activates certain chakras in your body that are responsible for the proper balance between your mind and body. It is mostly focused on the throat chakra and enhances good communication. Speaking from one’s heart in the hardships can really be helpful and can save personal relationships.

It is also known to activate the Heart, Third-eye, and Crown chakra. Its metaphysical properties include aid in stress and anxiety-related issues. It helps in allowing the entrance to pure love in the wearer’s life.

Tints of Blue in Jewelry

Larimar Jewelry is highly treasured for its extraordinary properties and remarkable features. This eye-catching stone when studded with white silver creates natural-looking subtle jewelry designs. When combined with any other colored metal like rose-plated creates a decent heavy appearance making it easily noticeable. Beautiful faceted stones are used to create cabochons of jewelry pieces. You can add a Larimar Necklace and Larimar Ring to your collection as a piece of statement jewelry.

Bold accessories are the new trend in fashion and people love their jewelry to clearly depict their personality. This jewel surely makes a great piece for bold accessories and thus has gained huge attention from many jewelry enthusiasts.

How to Purchase?

If you have come reading this blog till here, we believe that you might have made up your mind to add this beautiful crystal to your collection. But there are a few things you need to keep in your mind before purchasing it for yourself. Whenever you plan to purchase any Gemstone Jewelry it is essential to check its quality and durability.

Always try to purchase your jewelry from an authentic place. One such suggestion is Rananjay Exports which offers two hundred plus gemstones with triple-A quality.

This was all about Larimar, add it to your collection today.

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A New Way To Look At Diamonds: Lab Grown Diamonds




A New Way To Look At Diamonds: Lab Grown Diamonds
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The diamond industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. It is also one that has been tainted by unethical practices, like mining conflict diamonds. Unlike natural diamond, lab grown diamonds are created without harming any wildlife or the earth’s fragile ecosystem. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about lab grown diamonds Perth.

What is a lab grown diamond?

A lab grown diamond is a gemstone that was created using high-quality material and without harming any wildlife or the earth’s fragile ecosystem. These diamonds can be made from anything from coal to a meteorite to recycled tires and they are more durable than their natural counterparts.

Lab grown diamonds originated in the 1980s and were first used to create synthetic rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

The process of creating lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are created using a carbon-based material that is heated, compressed, and placed under pressure. This process causes the carbon to form into diamond crystals. The crystals then grow until they reach their desired size. Once they have reached their desired size, the diamonds can be cut and polished with a variety of techniques, including laser cutting and annealing.

One thing that makes lab grown diamonds so unique is how they are made. They are entirely man-made, which allows for a level of control over production that natural diamonds lack. They can be created with high-quality materials and in any shape or size you want them to be, unlike natural diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds Pros and Cons

Lab grown diamonds are a new way to look at diamonds. They can be created using high-quality material and are more durable than their natural counterparts. Lab grown diamonds have fewer cons than natural ones, like the price being higher and the lack of variety.


  • They’re environmentally friendly.
  • They’re stronger than natural diamonds.


  • The price is higher than natural ones.
  • There isn’t much variety in lab-grown diamonds compared to natural ones.

Are lab grown diamonds good for engagement rings?

For engagement rings, lab grown diamonds are a great option. Lab grown diamonds are more affordable and durable than natural stones, which makes them a good fit for engagement rings. One of the benefits of lab grown diamonds is that they can be made in any shape, as well as colored and treated to make them look like any type of gemstone you want.

In addition to being durable, lab grown diamonds also have interesting qualities that make them stand out against other stones. For example, they can emit different colors when hit with different types of light or sound waves. You might not know it until you get this diamond in person, but you could potentially see colors or stars when looking at the diamond through a prism!


Lab Grown diamonds may seem like a luxury item, but the process of creating these diamonds is actually a lot less complicated than most people think.

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