The Amazing Benefits of Uttanasana Yoga Pose

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In the present times, yoga has become the first choice not only of Indians but also of foreigners to stay healthy. Yoga can prove to be an ancient style to protect the body from diseases and other problems.


Yoga is helpful in keeping a person healthy not only physically but also mentally. There have also been several scientific research on the subjects of Yoga and Pranayama, in which these have been found beneficial. In this article, you can know in detail about Uttanasana yoga pose benefits.


Although there are many types of yoga, today we have brought this article for you, in this article you will know that what is Uttanasana yoga pose, and what are the steps and benefits of doing Uttanasana Yoga Pose. So let’s begin.


What is Uttanasana? 

Uttanasana is a Sanskrit word in which “ut” means intense, “tan” means extension, and “asana” which means Posture or mudra.  “Standing Forward Bend pose” is another name of Uttanasana.

But whatever it may be, it is known by any name in any language, but this posture has some amazing effect on your body. It not only pleases your body and mind but also rejuvenates your body.

It is a yoga posture in which there is intense stretching in the muscles of the body. It also calms the mind while stretching and rejuvenating the entire body. In this case, your head is under the heart, due to which fresh oxygen-rich blood flows to your brain, which causes a significant amount of blood and oxygen to reach your brain.


Before doing Uttanasana, keep some points in mind 


  • Before practicing this asana you should make sure to keep your stomach and intestines empty.
  • Eat your meal at least four to six hours before doing the asana so that your food is digested and there is enough energy for you during exercise.
  • It is considered best to practice yoga first thing in the morning. But if you cannot practice in the morning, then you can practice it in the evening.


Steps of doing Uttanasana Yoga Pose


In Uttanasana yoga, bending forward steps have to be touched, in which you must use the method given below –

  • Start with Tadasana or first of all, stand up straight with the help of your feet. Then take a deep breath, and extend your arms upwards.
  • Exhale while leaning forward at an angle of 90 degrees, lengthening your torso.
  • Now rest your palms on the ground and touch the feet with your hands.
  • After this, bend your torso in such a way that your torso and chest touch your thighs.
  • Now stay in this posture for 50-60 seconds then stand up straight.


Benefits of doing Uttanasana Yoga Pose


  • Its daily practice improves digestion.
  • Uttanasana strengthens your thighs and knees.
  • It calms the brain and helps relieve stress.
  • Its practice helps in keeping the liver and kidney health.
  • Problems such as asthma, high BP, infertility, osteoporosis, and sinus can be overcome with this approach.
  • This makes your thighs and knees strong.
  • It helps reduce depression and fatigue.
  • Its practice provides relief from headaches and insomnia.
  • It tones and activates the abdominal muscles.


Easy Tips while doing Uttanasana Yoga Pose


  • It may be a little difficult for you to bend properly in the beginning, you can place a towel under your feet to make it easier.
  • You can also do Ardha Uttanasana instead.
  • If you want to stretch the muscles of the back of your legs more, you can practice standing on your toes in a bent position.
  • Precautions should be taken while doing Uttanasana Yoga Pose
  • Never force yourself to do this asana.
  • If you have back pain, spinal cord injury, ankle pain, heart problem or hernia, etc., then you should not try to do it, instead, you can do another type of exercise called semi-Uttanasana.
  • If you experience back pain while practicing, stop doing asanas and consult a doctor.


If you are a fitness freak and want to know more about yoga poses, then you can join a 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.


Hope after knowing all these benefits, you will never have to say that what are the benefits and steps of doing Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Pose).

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