The 3+3 Guide to A Great Web Design Portfolio

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Do you know that there’s a difference between a resume and a portfolio. There’s no rocket science in understanding the difference. While other professionals have a resume; web designers and web developers have a portfolio. With a web design portfolio, a professional web designer tells its clients/recruiters about everything he/she is capable of and everything that has been accomplished previously.

A web designer’s portfolio is the surefire tool for self-marketing. Showcasing or exhibiting the projects becomes a cakewalk with a portfolio. Conceiving an amazing and creative portfolio isn’t daunting. You can come across multifarious ideas scattered all over the internet in the form of YouTube tutorials or blog posts. Though they don’t guarantee the next opportunity, they do assure the portfolio upsurge.

There’s a way to bedeck the web design portfolio. By following the process step by step, it becomes easier to design a professional portfolio aptly. If you are reading this line, you’re eager to build an effective portfolio. Peruse ahead to understand for crafting an effective and vital web design portfolio. Let’s dive in.


The Golden Elements

As per a recent survey conducted by an American I.T magazine, portfolios with the accurate order of elements increase the chance for bagging an opportunity by 15%. But that doesn’t mean other portfolios remain on the turf. It’s just about the design discipline that companies/clients adore.


  1. Introduce Your Professional Side

Trends change with time and when it comes to a portfolio, your hobbies and taste in music are the least priority for recruiters. They are interested in your professional accomplishments, industry expertise, and so on. Always highlight the projects because they add weight to the portfolio. With the accuracy of these details, the genuineness of the portfolio will automatically shoot up. It is mandatory because recruiters & clients go through a lot of web design portfolios before making the final conclusion. Watch out for this step! Always include that little bit of contribution that adds weight to the portfolio.


  1. A Bit of Bragging Never Harms

On an honest note, when web designers and web developers get creative, they’re bound to produce the Magnum Opus of their resumes and portfolios. Your portfolio is a reflection of your work. You must mention your prowess in it. But hey, being quirky is an art and should be executed with perfection. Looking out for inspirations isn’t bad. Always checkout some amazing web design portfolio examples online because you might end up bagging a lot of ideas.


  1. Rolling Over Challenges

Here’s another way to tell others about your Game Changer quality. Whether you resolved a project you didn’t make or learned a new skill or authored a blog/article post, simply include it in the portfolio separately. How did you tackle the problem, if faced, put it on the portfolio. This will help the recruiter/prospective clients with your additional skills.


  1. The Link To Social Media

If you are sharing your work samples on social media, congratulations, you’re on the right path. Now you just require sharing the link to your work samples in the portfolio. Adding a screenshot would recruiters/clients to understand the amazing output for which you’ve been grinding day & night for hours. Undoubtedly, integrating social media links means driving more positive results. If your work has been shared, by any means, it is a great add-on for your portfolio.


  1. The Logo

This one is a crucial point. There are several web designers that have branded their businesses. Sadly, they do not include the logo. For web designers, the brand logo holds importance because it reflects them in the professional world. If you’re among those having a branded business then never overlook the logo. Always include it in the portfolio because it will make the portfolio look more professional to prospective clients.


  1. Context of Projects

To form the portfolio standout, including the setting of projects ought to not be untouched. Reverberating with a client and giving the proper subtle elements like what was done on the venture and how it was done should be specified. Specify each detail for finishing the project, the extra add-ons, adjust etc. Make beyond any doubt that source code or its test is unmistakable to the open on your portfolio. This would offer assistance to your prospect clients to get it how flawless your code is. A few key focuses are recorded underneath that ought to be highlighted:

  • A brief depiction of the project & its requirements
  • For whom the venture was (personal/client)
  • When was the project accomplished


Things To Keep At Bay

There are a hell lot of things that shouldn’t be included in a web design portfolio. We’re highlighting the rational ones as of 2021. Do not miss out on them.


  • Skills Graph

Just because it is popular doesn’t make it a mandatory element of the portfolio. Honestly, it is an outdated embellishment that a lot of web designers in India are using. Wake up guys, this ain’t a necessity. Even the prospective recruiter cannot clearly understand the authentic skill set prowess. Chuck it from the portfolio because it will not fetch you the front row.


  • Extra Quirkiness

Web Design Guru, Web Stylist, Web Doctor etc.- Such quirkiness makes you a douche bag. There are professional industry titles that exist for a reason and the web search is performed using those specific terms. Just avoid this quirkiness, please.


  • Humor

Your peers find you funny don’t mean recruiters would find you funny too. When your craft a portfolio, keep it immune from humor, and maintain professionalism. You have n idea about who is reading the portfolio. Exclude humor.


Closing Thoughts

Don’t halt upgrading your portfolio after you graduate or begin finding victory. Keep working on it. Update it. Recode it. Your online portfolio presents you to the world and you’ll effortlessly miss out on modern openings by not keeping it overhauled. Impose these tips and you’ll accomplish a fabulous portfolio.

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