Tencent stock falls as Prosus/Naspers to sell shares to fund buybacks
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Tencent stock falls as Prosus/Naspers to sell shares to fund buybacks

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Tencent stock falls as Prosus/Naspers to sell shares to fund buybacks
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Technology investor Prosus NV will tap its huge stake in China’s Tencent to fund a stock buyback in itself and parent Naspers, the Dutch firm said on Monday, knocking shares in the Chinese tech giant.

The move is aimed at closing a gap between the market value of Prosus/Naspers and that of the 28.9% stake in Tencent they own, which is currently worth about $136 billion.

Prosus itself is currently worth less than that stake at some 109.8 billion euros ($116.2 billion).

“This will efficiently unlock immediate value for shareholders because we’re selling (Tencent) shares at full value and we’re buying back our stock at a considerable discount,” CFO Basil Sgourdos said.

Prosus shares, which are down 27% in the year to date, jumped 10% on the news to 58.36 euros in Amsterdam as of 0750 GMT.

Shares in Naspers in Johannesburg were up 13% while shares in Tencent were down 1.5% in Hong Kong.

“We will continue to do this as long as the discount is at elevated levels,” Prosus/Naspers CEO Bob van Dijk said of the buyback plan, underlining that the process will be gradual but there was no specific timeframe or size limit on the sales.

As a rough indication, the company pointed to a maximum sale of 3-5% of the daily trade volume in Tencent shares.

“It’s a big bazooka idea to address a market inefficiency but that also retains our exposure to (Tencent) one of the best companies on the globe,” Van Dijk said.

Van Dijk, the highest paid executive in the Netherlands with a pay package worth $15.8 million for the past year, did not receive one part of his bonus that had been dependent on reducing the valuation discrepancy.

The share sale plan came as a surprise as Prosus had agreed not to sell further Tencent shares after selling a 2% stake worth $15 billion in 2021.

Asked about it, Sgourdos said he did not think violating the lock-up pledge was a problem.

“It’s something we had to consider in arriving at this decision. (But) we think that this is the right thing for our shareholders. And, you know, we have Tencent support in this decision.”

Tencent said it supports the move and expects the impact of the share sale to be “limited”.

Separately, Prosus said it had sold a $3.67 billion stake in JD.com.

Prosus and Naspers shares have fallen sharply over the past year amid a tech sector sell-off and a Chinese government crackdown on tech companies.

“The sale does not have any impact on Tencent’s operations or fundamentals,” said Union Bancaire Privée senior analyst Vey-Sern Ling.

“It is unlikely that China’s regulatory environment, which is improving, is a major consideration.”

Sgourdos said the company remained committed to China.

“We still have a very strong belief in Tencent and the Chinese economy and its ability to grow,” he said.

Investors say the complicated cross-holding structure between Prosus and Naspers has also hurt their share price.

In addition to Tencent, Prosus houses all of Naspers’ overseas investments in online classifieds, food delivery, fintech and education software — though the impact of Tencent dwarfs the performance of the rest.

Both companies reported a fall in trading profit from non-Tencent businesses for the full year ending March 31, as they grew sales but increased losses.

“Results were better than we expected on revenue but lower on profitability,” said ING Bank analyst Marc Hesselink in a note.

The current discount of Prosus to the value of assets it owns is 54% and at Naspers 65%, according to company-provided figures.

Prosus is in talks to sell its stake in Russia’s Avito, which had been valued at $6 billion before the Ukraine war.

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Motivational quotes can change your way of observing the Things

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Posting quotes online is prevalent from time immemorial and even today we can see people uploading different types of quotes from motivational to inspiration and success quotes on several platforms. Apart from it meme quotes are also being uploaded by people by generating them from platforms like
scatterpatter incorrect quote generator. Here are the major impacts of motivational quotes which changes you way of observing the things.

Inspirational quotes and how they change our life

Inspirational quotes are created by brilliant brains who share their success stories with people in the form of short lines and phrases. These quotes are very meaningful and evoke deep thinking in human brain. By reading to motivational quotes majoritarian gets affected by them and get the motivation to do something they find impossible earlier. The way of looking at things and new perspective also developed with the help of motivational quotes as well.

Inspirational quotes guides you to know your caliber

Inspirational quotes are very helpful to show you the path of success and know about your capacities and caliber. You look at your efficiencies with a different way where only positivism is greeting the goals in your life. When we come across the inspirational quotes in life they help up to see the things in our favour and how we are going to accomplish our goals by picking the right direction and orientation. So we can say that motivating quotes are the best guides which change our behavior to see the things and we find everything in our side.

Motivation quotes helps you to set positive attitude towards everything

If you are a negative person and cannot think anything positive in your life it is the high time you should read motivational quotes. This is because such quotes will change your attitude towards the things and you will starts showing a positive attitude towards them. Thinking negative all the time is not a solution to find success and achieve your goals in life. That is why you must follow some positive brains through reading motivational quotes and inspiring things from people who are known for their positive aura. Setting positive attitude is thus helped by motivational quotes in our life.

You get perspective of other brilliant minds to observe the things

When you are reading motivational quotes it gives you a perspective to look at the things with the perspective of brilliant brains. These quotes fit to your skull to such an extent that you cannot think in vacuum as these quotes will always be guiding you and your ideologies, decisions and everything. So we can say that positive and motivational quotes helps us to see the things with the eye view of experts and we take our decisions accordingly. Taking accurate decisions by getting inspired from the brilliant minds helps people to do excel in their life as well.

Motivational quotes compel you to believe in your efficiencies

There are people who are always shaky about their experiences and capabilities and such people must go with inspirational quotes. This is because such quotations help to believe in your efficiencies and caliber and you develop a new perspective towards your own capabilities. It is quite possible to do everything is life if you have the best perspective about yourself as you cannot win a game or exam without having the right temperament. So we can say that motivational quotes helps us to see out efficiencies and then take the right steps to turn them into success easily.

Impossible things appear possible with motivational quotes

The moment you starts catching positive quotes in your life the chances of getting impossible things into possible gets double folds. You do not have to put much efforts in gaining success if you are sailing with the right perspective and believe in things to happen for you. This is given and inculcated in you by the inspiration quotes which helps you to turn the impossible things into possible one and you feel really happy about yourself. It all depends upon our attitude and inspirational quotes works on improving our attitude only to make us successful in our life.

This is how motivational quotes helps us to observe the things in new way if we come across them on regular scale. Reading such quotes once in a blue moon is not going to put much impact on your mentality and thinking as that is why you must be careful to read them too often if you really want to develop a good perspective towards the things. There is a very thin line between success and failure and that line can be crossed by you with the help of motivational quotes that you feed to your brain on regular basis to turn your attitude positive towards the things.

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How do best performing mutual funds work?

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How do best performing mutual funds work
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In a mutual fund, money from several investors is pooled together to invest in a wide range of financial products such as stocks and bonds, money market instruments, and more. Mutual funds are managed by experts who use the fund’s assets to create financial gains or income for the fund’s shareholders. Mutual fund portfolios are constructed and managed to meet the stated investment objectives given in the prospectus.

Small and individual investors may access professionally managed portfolios of stocks, bonds, and other assets via mutual funds, which are investment vehicles for pooling their money. As a result, each investor gets a piece of the fund’s profits or losses. Mutual funds invest in a wide range of assets, and their performance is often measured by the change in the fund’s total market value, which is calculated by aggregating the performance of the underlying investments.

The Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund (Growth) is a dynamic, varied, open-ended equity mutual fund strategy. Parag Parikh Mutual Fund invests in Indian and overseas firms’ large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap shares. The fund typically invests 65 percent of its assets in equities of publicly-traded Indian firms. Such an investment is advantageous in terms of strategy. Under Direct Taxes, capital gains taxes are beneficial. Because the fund firmly believes in compounding, it only offers the Growth option. People who wish to invest for at least five years should consider this fund. Long-term capital growth is the fund’s goal.

Kuvera is an exemplary platform for investing in stocks and mutual funds like Quant Tax Saver Mutual Fund securely and with ease.


How do best-performing mutual funds work?

A mutual fund is both a company and an investment vehicle. Even though this dual nature may appear strange, it is similar to how an Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock reflects the company. In other words, when someone buys Apple stock, they get a piece of the company and its resources. Furthermore, a mutual fund investor acquires an equity stake in the mutual fund company and its assets. The difference between Apple and mutual funds is that the former develops groundbreaking items like iPads, whereas the latter invests in them.

There are three primary methods through which a mutual fund distributes funds to its investors:


  • The fund’s portfolio generates income via dividends and interest on bonds. When a fund pays out practically all of its money to fund owners over a year, this is referred to as a distribution. Funds often provide investors the option of receiving a dividend check or reinvesting earnings to get new shares.
  • A capital gain is earned when the fund sells assets that have increased value. Most funds also distribute profits to investors.
  • If the fund’s assets improve in value but the fund’s management does not sell them, the value of the fund’s shares increases. You may then sell your mutual fund shares in the market for a profit.


If a mutual fund is seen as a virtual corporation, the fund manager, often known as the investment advisor, is the CEO. A board of directors hires the fund manager, who is legally mandated to work in the best interests of mutual fund shareholders. The vast majority of fund managers also own funds. A mutual fund firm employs a modest number of additional people. Financial advisers or fund managers may hire analysts to assist with investment selection or market research.

Investment Objective of Parag Parikh Mutual Fund [Source]


The Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund (Growth) seeks capital appreciation and growth over the long term. The fund invests in a diverse variety of industries, sectors, and/or market sizes to accomplish its investment goal. It makes no investment selections based on market capitalisation, industry, or geography. The portfolio of equities and equity-related assets, as well as debt and money market instruments, is actively managed by the fund manager. Debt and other equivalent instruments account for 35% of the fund’s assets.


The Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund is 60% invested in Indian companies and 30% invested in overseas stocks. The fund ranks third and second in average one-year rolling returns (26.85 per cent) and average three-year rolling returns (26.85 per cent), respectively. Returns over the previous four years were computed using one-year and three-year rolling monthly returns. Trailing returns have a recency bias, whereas point-to-point returns are particular to the period in question. On the other hand, rolling returns objectively examine the fund’s absolute and relative performance throughout all periods. The fund leads the category in terms of quarterly outperformance. The fund beat the category average in 13 of the 16 quarters.


Investors should also remember that corporations are not required to pay dividends on their shares; therefore, dividends are not guaranteed. Dividend-paying mutual funds may be better for investors looking for dividend income than individual shares since the latter pool possible dividend payments from several firms. Because the money invested is distributed over hundreds of firms, a mutual fund helps mitigate the risk of falling stock prices. You may also use the Kuvera app to safely invest your hard-earned money in a Mutual Fund.

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Paytm share price surges on fourth straight day. Stock rises 24% in two weeks

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Paytm share price surges on fourth straight day
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Paytm share price been rising continuously after dipping to its new low of 510.05 apiece levels in May 2022. Paytm shares opened higher for the fourth successive session in Tuesday’s deals and went on to make its intraday high of 723.60 per share levels on NSE, recording around 2 per cent rise in intraday session.

The One97 Communications share price had closed at 582.25 on 13th June 2022 on NSE, with the fintech stock logging more than 24 per cent rise in last two weeks.

According to stock market experts, Paytm share price has given ‘triangular pattern’ breakout above 650 on closing basis and hence it is giving upside bounce for last two weeks. They went on to add that the fintech stock is on cusp of giving ‘cup and holder’ breakout at 720 on closing basis.

Analysts added that if the stock closes above 720 today then it may go up to 940 apiece levels in short to medium term. However, they maintained that it is just a technical bounce back and its fundamentals are still unchanged.

Speaking on Paytm share price rally, Ravi Singhal, Vice Chairman at GCL Securities said, “Paytm share price has been rising for last two weeks after giving triangular pattern breakout at 650 levels. The stock is on cusp of giving cup and holder breakout at 720 apiece levels. If Paytm shares today closes above 720 today, then we can expect this stock to first hit 800 and then 940 per share levels. However, one should buy the stock only when it is available in 680 to 700 range. Those who have this stock in their portfolio are advised to hold the counter maintaining stop loss at 650 apiece levels.” Ravi Singhal of GCL Securities maintained that 940 target can be achieved only when the stock sustains above 800 levels.

Paytm IPO was launched in November 2021 at a price band of 2080 to 2150 per equity share. It was listed at discounted price and has been nosediving since listing on BSE and NSE on 18th November 2021. Paytm share price today is around 716, which is still near 67 per cent below its upper price band of 2150 per equity share.

On Paytm shares’ fundamentals, Avinash Gorakshkar, Head of Research at Profitmart Securities said, “This is nothing but a technical bounce back. Fundamentals of the stock are still unchanged except some morale boosting news of share buyback by Paytm promoters. Paytm numbers in upcoming quarters are expected to remain on same line as we witnessed recently. So, this bounce back in Paytm shares has nothing to do with its fundamentals.”

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Intel Vice President: AI-powered Defect Detection App Becomes Industrial IoT Killer App

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Isn't it the board meeting? What if I create a community post and include my magic link?
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By combining evolving cameras with faster and smarter automatic object recognition capabilities, computer vision has become one of the most promising applications of AI in the future.

At the Transform 2020 digital summit, Intel Vice President Brian McCarson Matt Marshall (Matt Marshall) of VentureBeat is the CEO of the rapidly growing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The role of vision in the marketplace was presented.

In this conversation, we’ll focus on the new use case we have to help with: significantly improved product defect detection, which is expected to improve the reliability of everything from computer screens to automobiles. I put it in

McCarson said that historically, manufacturers working to eliminate product defects did not lack staff or defect detection experts. In other words, the limitation of the human eye is a hindrance.

Defects in today’s consumer products can be microscopic, such as screen pixel defects and surface defects in aluminum components in automobile gearboxes.

Humans are good at detecting changes in movement and style, but we can’t always find those nuances. Therefore, with the development of computer vision, Intel sees an opportunity.

Intel has developed a computer vision solution in cooperation with cloud service provider Alibaba. This solution increased the positive defect detection rate of vehicle metal workers from approximately 20% to over 99%. In short, the difference is that 4 out of 5 defects and 1 out of 100 defects are missed.

At least for the computer vision sensing components, this is a noticeable change, greatly improving the reliability of the car.

McCarson noted that the solution is reasonably priced and “scalable.” This is because manufacturers can add this solution to a million dollar production line for just a few thousand dollars without making other manufacturing changes.

He said, “So after several days of real return on investment (ROI) measurement, manufacturers can implement one of the most prestigious defect quality control measures in the world.

” Intel is currently working with hundreds of companies with similar Factory Cooperation for quality control. Factories that implement this quality control can improve production yields, reduce yields, and increase operating margins, while reducing negative manufacturing and environment-related yields.

McCarson explained that another great advantage of IIoT is the use of open source software. Open source software can help companies without extensive AI experience develop high-performance machine vision solutions.

For example, Intel’s free convolutional neural network toolkit, OpenVINO, comes with a ready-to-use visual inference model that has been applied to various use cases and is 80-90% performing out of the box.

We have effective machine vision solutions that can help you achieve this. By tuning this solution, the company can achieve 96% to 97% performance.

McCarson suggested that open source has become part of the industry trend, moving from garden devices with proprietary walls (like BlackBerry) to platforms with a foundation for future innovation.

Given the nature of Intel’s artificial intelligence solutions (more flexible than specific uses), the company considers providing customers with a guarantee for the future, rather than simply buying enough products for today’s applications. , I want to buy flexibility to adapt to future AI needs.

When Marshall asked about the market opportunities for computer vision, McCarson said it was “very surprising.” In the consumer goods manufacturing industry, the annual global turnover for industrial automation alone amounts to US $ 500 billion, in order to effectively solve manufacturing problems that were almost impossible to solve a few years ago.

We already know that we are ready to embrace AI and computer vision. Over the next two to five years, edge-based computer vision and data analytics will grow simultaneously to improve defect detection, inventory tracking, and machine uptime, including data analytics. of traditional time series and modern computer vision. He predicts that there will be a “big change” in usage.

At the summit question and answer session, McCarson was asked about the future trend of AI hardware. He replied that one of the main issues is to provide hardware that can adapt to future changes.

The company now wants to use software to update its hardware seamlessly, rather than relying on the old approach of having to submit tracks for updates.

He also pointed out that the current stage of AI is limited by the availability of the model when performing certain tasks, rather than hardware performance limitations. He also recommends that software developers be responsible for creating models that take full advantage of available technology.

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