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Teacher quality




Teacher quality
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Teacher quality, also known as teacher professional quality, refers to the basic qualities or basic conditions for smoothly engaging in educational activities. 
It is the basic code of conduct or code of conduct that teachers should abide by in their professional life to regulate and deal with others, with the society, with the collective, and with the professional work relationship, as well as the concepts and behavioral qualities shown on this basis. Teacher ethics is the core of teacher quality.


Teacher quality, also known as teacher professional quality , refers to the basic qualities or basic conditions for smoothly engaging in educational activities. 
It is the basic code of conduct or code of conduct that teachers should abide by in their professional life to regulate and deal with others, with the society, with the collective, and with the professional work relationship, as well as the concepts and behavioral qualities shown on this basis. Generally include professional knowledge, professional ability and professionalism.


Teacher ethics—the core of teacher quality. Teacher ethics is mainly shown in the personality characteristics of teachers. The educators of the past dynasties put forward “being a teacher by example”, “leading by example”, “inducing good practices”, “teaching people tirelessly”, and “practical practice”, which are not only the norms of teacher ethics, but also teachers. The embodiment of the character characteristics of a good personality. 
“Teacher’s ethics” refers to the ethics and codes of conduct that teachers and all educators must abide by when engaging in educational activities, as well as the corresponding ethical concepts, sentiments and qualities. However, the moral quality of teachers does not refer to codes and codes.
In itself, it is teachers who gradually internalize these norms and standards and become the norms for teachers to engage in education. In the eyes of students, teachers are the norms of society, the embodiment of morality, the role model of human beings, and the substitute for parents.
They all regard the morality of teachers. Noble teachers, as role models for learning, imitate their attitudes, tastes, conduct, even behaviors, sounds, smiles, writing on the blackboard, etc. Therefore, it can be said that the moral quality of teachers is more important than the cultural quality of teachers. Teacher morality is the soul of teachers. It is a direct manifestation of the teacher’s personality characteristics.


Teacher quality is a manifestation of professional quality. It is summarized by some educators and thinkers after the teacher’s professional labor , and expressed in their works.
The professional quality of teachers refers to the combination of relatively stable moral concepts, codes of conduct and moral qualities formed by teachers in the process of engaging in educational labor.
It is a code of conduct that regulates the relationship between teachers and others, teachers and collectives, and society. It is a certain social or The basic requirements of the class on the professional behavior of teachers.


Teacher quality is mainly composed of eight factors: teacher professional ideal, teacher professional responsibility, teacher professional attitude , teacher professional discipline , teacher professional skills, teacher professional conscience, teacher professional style and teacher professional honor.

These factors reflect the teacher professional quality from different aspects. The specific nature and laws of the teachers, while cooperating with each other, constitute a rigorous teacher professional quality structure model.

(1) Teacher professional ideals

The so-called professional ideals refer to people’s yearning and pursuit of the type of future work and what kind of achievement they can achieve in the work. Professional ideals are an important part of professional quality.
Only with lofty professional ideals can behaviors of exemplary compliance with professional quality be produced.
Being loyal to the education of the people and striving to be an excellent teacher is the lofty professional ideal of teachers under the conditions of the socialist market economy, and reflects the essence of teachers’ professional quality. To realize this ideal, the following points must be achieved.
First, love education.
Second, love students.
Third, devote yourself to education.
Fourth, have the courage to fight resolutely against all actions that endanger education.
Fifth, continuously improve our own quality.

(2) Professional responsibilities of teachers

The so-called professional responsibilities of teachers are the duties and tasks that teachers must undertake. Under socialist conditions, the fundamental duty of people’s teachers is to train new socialist people.
In other words, the duty of people’s teachers is to train builders and successors of socialist modernization.
To consciously perform the professional responsibilities of teachers is to require teachers to turn their professional responsibilities into conscious moral obligations, and make selfless dedication to cultivate and bring up new socialist people. So, how can teachers do this?
First, teachers must consciously be responsible to students.
Second, be responsible to the parents of students.
Third, be collectively responsible to teachers.
Fourth, be responsible to society.

(3) Professional attitude of teachers

The professional attitude of teachers refers to the views and behaviors taken by teachers on their own professional labor. In short, it refers to the attitude of education or teachers to labor.
In a socialist society, the basic requirement of teachers’ professional attitude is to establish a proactive work attitude and strive to cultivate new socialist people. How can teachers establish a proactive work attitude and strive to cultivate new socialist people?
First of all, teachers must have a sense of responsibility as a master.
Second, have a sense of honor and pride in engaging in educational work.
Third, we must be willing to endure hardship.

(4) Teacher professional discipline

The professional discipline of teachers is the rules, regulations, rules, etc. that teachers should abide by in the process of educational labor. The main points should be as follows:
First, we must have teacher awareness and continue to strengthen this awareness.
Second, carefully study the relevant provisions of teacher professional discipline.
Third, abide by the professional discipline of teachers in educational work.
Fourth, start from bit by bit.
Fifth, accept criticism with an open mind, be bold in self-criticism, and be good at correcting mistakes.

(5) Professional skills of teachers

Teachers’ professional skills are concentratedly manifested as teachers’ ability to teach and educate, and the effects of teachers’ teaching and education activities are a reflection of teachers’ professional skills.
So, what should teachers do to improve their professional skills? The main points should be as follows;
First, study business diligently and constantly update knowledge.
Second, we must understand the laws of education.
Third, we must have certain management knowledge.
Fourth, have the courage to practice and keep innovating.

(6) Professional conscience of teachers

The so-called professional conscience of teachers refers to the special moral responsibility and moral self-evaluation ability formed by teachers in the process of fulfilling their obligations to students, parents, colleagues, and society, schools, and professions.

(7) Teacher professional style

The so-called professional style of teachers is the consistent attitude and behavior of teachers in their own professional activities.

(8) Teacher professional honor

The so-called professional honor of teachers refers to the praise and affirmation given by the society after teachers fulfill their professional obligations, as well as the dignity and pride generated by teachers.
Teacher honor has a huge effect. It is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is to promote teachers to better perform their professional obligations and to fulfill their duties in cultivating talents for modernization;
The other is to educate and encourage people from all walks of life to respect teachers and education, and create a good way for the development of socialist education. social environment.
First, teachers must earnestly fulfill their professional quality obligations, and use their actual actions and contributions to win the recognition and praise of the society.
Second, teachers must master good professional ethics.
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How Microsoft Education Tools Empower College Students

Madison Franz



Education Tools
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How Microsoft Education Tools Empower College Students

As a corporation that stands behind the major educational software platforms like Office 365, Microsoft has always done its best to address the needs of college students. As virtual learning has taken place with all the new tasks and challenges, they have also done proper research by focusing on inclusive classrooms, among other things. As a part of the technology and learning tools offered, Microsoft’s inclusive classroom module is one of a kind as it’s aimed at educators dealing with various subjects. If diversity is one of the learning objectives, as well as empowering every student, this module (based on Office 365 and OneNote) helps to empower students both individually and as a diverse group.

How Microsoft Education Tools Empower College Students 

– Free Office 365 Suite. 

It’s hard to find something as popular and useful as Office 365 by Microsoft, where we can find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and even innovative Microsoft Teams. There are also numerous apps that help to create presentations and work with the graphics that are included in the package. The best news for modern learners and educators is the chance to get Office 365 Suite free of charge. Moreover, the talk here is not about joining some trial, as you only have to enter your school’s email to get things checked and determine your eligibility.

– Surface Laptop Go 2. 

Speaking of hardware tools that can help empower students, Microsoft offers an amazing Surface Laptop Go 2. It can easily transform your learning experiences. The best aspect of Surface computers is the presence of power-saving options and compatibility with various tablet devices. As a student, you may consider a Surface Laptop 5 or Surface Pro 9, depending on your needs. While being energy-efficient, these Microsoft offerings also stand for increased mobility and excellent battery life.

– Microsoft Store Discounts. 

Since there is a plethora of different useful apps and solutions that can be found in the Microsoft Store, many students and parents would be happy to receive a discount. Considering this wish, Microsoft offers a generous 10% off on various software apps and even hardware devices, which is significant. This way, you can get various editing modules or accessories to make your learning process inspiring! Now, if you require a different type of assistance as you go through homework troubles, consider WritingUniverse as a way to get things done on time. Regardless if you seek professional editing or just need to check something, it’s a safe way to go where using Microsoft’s native products takes things to another level!

– Azure Building Apps. 

If you are an aspiring mobile app developer, you can use an amazing Azure platform that combines artificial intelligence, big data management, and excellent design tools. If you want to create something innovative, you can gain free access to the set of these amazing tools. Now, this is far not everything! Microsoft also offers a generous $100 credit for school and college students. You do not even need a credit card because you just have to share your school’s ID by providing your email address that is registered by your school.

– Windows 11 Education. 

What makes Windows 11 Education Edition unique is the focus on inclusive education and empowering students. Unlike previous versions of the OS, Windows 11 EDU helps to address the needs of students with different physical or intellectual skills. Regardless if you are visiting a physical classroom or studying remotely, there will be relevant tools that can help address all your critical needs. If the talk is about special education classes with specific learning and accessibility objectives, Windows 11 Education is the best choice where you can find the latest AI-based and highly flexible solutions.

Microsoft Educator Academy 

It’s one of the most important and massive investments by Microsoft in terms of helping students stay empowered as they participate in various educational processes. The team behind Microsoft Educator took a slightly different approach by focusing on the challenges faced by teachers and parents without violating all the existing standards and policies. What makes this type of training different is the presence of school leader training and working in teams. Another important aspect is addressing the factors like family background and cultural peculiarities of students. It helps to achieve diversity in the classroom and provides teachers and students with additional resources. By visiting Learn Educator Center, one can easily choose and adjust those modules that are relevant to a specific course or objectives that one may have.


Ruby Butz is a tech writing expert at GrabMyEssay with a passion for revolutionizing education through modern online learning methods. With her consulting expertise, Ruby offers invaluable guidance to both students and educators alike. Her love for writing and sharing helpful tips has enabled countless learners to take their knowledge to new heights and achieve academic success. Follow Ruby’s lead to unlock your potential and excel in your educational pursuits.

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Britain’s Orthodox Haredi Jews wary of state intrusion in education




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LONDON, July 6 (Reuters) – At his small north London high school, 15-year-old Yossi Hamilton pores over sacred texts as his Jewish ancestors did for over two thousand years, part of a curriculum that he says prepares him for his future.

This special faith-based education is profoundly important to Hamilton’s strictly Orthodox Haredi Jewish community, which numbers 80,000 in Britain. Many are the descendants of Holocaust survivors and are extremely protective of their way of life.

Educating its children in private schools and at home, the Haredi community, along with some Muslim and Christian groups in Britain, says it is deeply troubled by a new government-backed proposal to register all home-schooled children.

Although the proposed new legislation wouldn’t directly affect pupils in schools such as Hamilton’s, faith groups see it as the state exercising more control over education and fear it could ultimately lead to new rules on what children are taught both at home and at school.

“This intrusion by the state not only threatens parental rights and fundamental freedoms but also puts at risk the faith, culture and traditional way of life cherished by the strictly Orthodox Jewish community,” said Rabbi Asher Gratt, a former governor at the biggest Haredi school in London.

Echoing those concerns, Randall Hardy, a Christian who home educated his children, said: “Calls for registration are not just about knowing where children are, they are ultimately about overseeing what all children are taught, which is why many Christians are concerned about bills like this one.”

All children in Britain from the age of five must be in full-time education. They can be in state or privately-run schools, or be home educated.

The government says it needs the new legislation as there is no legal obligation to report whether a child is home schooled. It estimates 86,200 children were being taught at home as of early 2023.

“There are children falling through the net at the moment,” said Flick Drummond, a lawmaker with the ruling Conservative party who is behind the bill in England. The legislation has no intention of targeting faith communities, she added.

While schools are inspected by a national body, local authorities can check the quality of home schooling once they know a child is taught that way.

“Every child has the right to a safe and suitable education,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Education.

But who defines what is “suitable” is why some faith groups are alarmed. At present, “suitable” is defined as including numeracy, literacy and skills to equip them for life within the wider community.


Hamilton is a student at the Beis Medrash Elyon high school for just over 90 boys, which is funded by donors and fees.

“As long as possible I want to sit and ponder the Talmudical texts … and then I will go into the workforce and add to the English economy,” Hamilton said.

The students’ nine-hour day begins with intense learning of the Talmud, a study of Jewish law, and is followed by core subjects such as maths and English, as well as sports.

Pictures of Rabbis adorn the walls of the modern building, which also has an indoor soccer pitch and a snooker table.

Lessons omit the modules on sex education and sexual diversity typically taught to their secular peers, which are deemed inappropriate or contrary to biblical teachings by the school and parents.

Pupils use computers, but smart phones are not allowed. The boys leave at 16 to pursue advanced religious studies before marriage and careers typically in commerce.

Underlying the tensions at play between the community and secular state, the government’s educational standards office Ofsted, which inspects schools, said in 2021 the school’s secular curriculum was too narrow.

A later inspection found more focus on secular subjects, but said the teaching did not pay enough regard to sexual orientation and gender identities. This limits pupils’ preparation for life in modern Britain, it said.

In Israel, the fast-growing Haredi community faces similar accusations by secular Israelis of not preparing their children for modern life and especially for work in the modern economy, a charge they reject as biased against their way of life.

Shakeel Afsar is a Muslim property developer who led protests outside a primary school in the British city of Birmingham in 2019 over its teaching on same-sex relations.

“Today, they (the authorities) are asking for a register to know about the welfare of the child, but where will it stop? Tomorrow they might be saying to parents if you are home schooling you must cover syllabuses that are completely against your Abrahamic faith,” he said.

Despite government assurances about the intentions of the register, the Haredim fear interference.

“Hear our pain and our deep request to leave us alone to allow us to keep our identity,” said Rabbi Herschel Gluck, a Haredi community leader.

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