Steps to Write a Quality Essay

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Essay Writing is considered vital when it comes to academic writing. It helps students to get rid of many writing problems such as building arguments, improving sentence structure. Writing a quality essay requires commitment and time due to many students are afraid of writing essays.

Every essay consists of several paragraphs where each of them has an objective. Every paragraph is connected with other paragraphs in an essay. However, there are steps that needs to be follow to write a quality essay. These steps make it easy to complete the essay.

  • Follow the Prompt

Every essay starts with a prompt which is very important in terms of essay writing. An essay cannot be written without understanding the prompt. Writers should pay attention on prompt and follow what is being asked in the topic of essay. By following the prompt, they can set the foundation of a quality essay.

  • Thesis Statement

Every essay has a thesis statement which is the heart of an essay. This thesis statement makes a claim which is then defended in the entire essay. In the thesis statement, writer has to choose one side of an argument. It can be a logic or any subjective topic which is repeated throughout the essay. Thesis Statement tells the reader about the essay and it informs them about what this essay is about.

  • Creating Outline

Outline simplifies the entire essay and builds a structure of the essay. This structure includes introduction and body paragraphs in forms of points. Finally, it includes a conclusion paragraph that summarizes everything. Every writer should write the essay outline and professional outline writers are available at Cheap Essay Writing Service where students can order and write essays themselves. Students who are beginners should spend time in writing a quality outline because it will set a strong foundation for the essay.

  • Use Credible Resources

Credibility is important in essay and resources should be used from reputable journal articles and sources. These sources have a high authority and information mentioned in these articles is accurate. It is verified by professional authors due to which it should be preferred over general websites. There are several libraries that can be used such as Google Scholar. These sources should be related to the subject of the essay. Otherwise, it may result in penalty.

  • Topic Sentence

Every paragraph of the essay should start with a topic sentence. It tells readers about the purpose of the essay and what this paragraph is about. The entire paragraph should then follow the flow of writing. Topic Sentence is the first paragraph of every essay that explains the purpose of each paragraph in the essay. There are specific types of essays where topic sentence is important. For example, argumentative essay where students give arguments about a topic by choosing one side of the story.

  • Do not Plagiarize

Plagiarism is a crime and it can result in failure of students. Every student should use their own content in writing and refrain from copy pasting content from internet. The purpose of essay is to build argumentative skills of students. By plagiarizing students destroy the intent of whole essay. Therefore, students should write essay in their own words.


Writing a quality essay is a time-consuming task because of the requirements. Every essay should have a thesis statement and then outline that describes the entire essay in a summarized form. The sources used in the essay should be credible and there should be a topic sentence in every paragraph of the essay.

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