Scripted testing vs recording and playback testing: What you need to know

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Automated testing plays an integral role in making the process of testing faster and easier. Macro Recording and playback stands second to none in making the process faster and easy. Recording and playback testing is doing around for quite some time.

It is offering more value in the present days. Recording and playback testing contributes to being the kind of automated testing in which the tool will be recording the potential audience’s activities, after which it will be imitating it. For instance, you are willing to test the site with the aid of recording and playback testing.

You will begin the recording with the use of a specific tool, after which you will be walking manually through the user journey. Such a tool is useful in recording the actions, after which it will save them in the repeatable test.

You will keep in mind that the user scenario’s repayment will allow the tool to repeat various actions from the recording, after which you need to execute the test on the app. Such types of tools are useful in generating the app behavior’s logs once a certain action is performed.

Difference between scripted testing vs recording and play back testing

Scripted testing is useful as you try to script and code different tests with the aid of an automation framework that is meant for testing the application. The eligibility criteria with the scripted testing is you should know the tips of coding. The deep of the coding knowledge depends on the complications of the framework and the specific app.

If you are willing to test the web page, it is essential to have the prerequisite JavaScript Understanding. However, if you try to test the complicated application, it is essential to seek information about different modules. In addition to this, you need to gain an understanding of the certain testing framework syntax so that you can make the best use of it for the test structure properly.

It will help if you keep in mind that you do not require any sort of coding knowledge to execute recording and playback testing. It is essential to understand the ways in which you will be capable of structuring the user flows for testing the specific app. The tool will be converting the user journeys into the tests properly. It will be useful in recording the test quicker. It is useful in reducing the total number of skills.

Speaking of skilled coders, updating and modifying the scripted test are easier than the issues of recording test fixing. For instance, there is a script for testing five unique components of a specific app. If you are willing to change a specific part of the test which is present in several components, you should make the right use of IDE for the searching and replacement.

In addition to this, it is useful in generating a process that is useful in making testing efficient. Reuse different parts of the test is easier as you try to perform in code, compared to the recording tests. Early recording and playback tools do not provide the option for partial updates.

If you are changing each single component of the specific application, it needs the unique new test recording. However, the latest recording and playback tools available in the market are known to fix the limitation.

Evolution of macro recording and playback testing

There are a plethora of reasons why it is recommended to perform macro recording and playback testing:

Accurate rendering

In the present days, automated testing tools are smarter compared to the earlier ones. The macro reading and playback testing is worth mentioning. Such tools are useful in covering the UI actions properly, such as hovers, drag and drop, menu selection, into different test steps. Here, certain actions are missed.

Faster and hassle-free editing

The recorder tests are not the unchangeable and single monolith anymore. The present recording is split into different discrete steps, which are rearranged, deleted, and grouped. Here, extra steps are added, after which they are configured for improving the test quality.

Integration happens to be the possibility.

It is possible to integrate the tests into the tools which are used in different development pipelines. It is possible to synchronize the tests with the version control system in a manner that the tests will be branching the different mirror code branches. There are scopes to integrate the tests into different CI tools to execute on the pull-requests, builds, and scheduled intervals.

It is possible to integrate different results into various collaborations tools to build, and the tests fail or pass. Here, bugs are created from the test automation tool, after which they are submitted in the bug tracking tool. Such types of integrations are beneficial to the team in staying within the workflows for enhancing the releases.

Advanced Testing Features

Different features of programming like local debugging conditions and loops are useful in improving test efficiency. Such featured are developed in the form of settings which are configured without any sort of coding. It is also equipped with different features like PDF validation, email, multi-tabs and windows, and customized JavaScript insertion, which offer all the prerequisite flexibilities.

Bug Reporting

Different types of modern testing tools are available in the market, which produces the results. It is also useful to the potential audience in reporting the bugs in the illustrative option. Video, screen capture and test steps are useful in the recreation of the bug. It is useful in communicating the way and the presence of the bug.

Test results

The results are known to be the valuable results of the testing. Results are useful in understanding and finding what is wrong and the ways to fix it. Different types of modern testing tools are available in the market, offering different features to handle the results, like storage of console logs, aggregation of errors, and retention of results. It is useful in fastening the result storage process. It is also useful in making the process of result analysis faster and easy.

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