Russell Crowe has released a nostalgic photo of his masterpiece “A Beautiful Mind”!

Russell Crowe has released a nostalgic photo of his masterpiece
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Russell Crowe, known for “Gladiator” and “Les Miserables,” posted a nostalgic photo on Instagram in 2001 starring “A Beautiful Mind.”

▲ Russell Crowe (top), Jennifer Connelly (bottom)

Russell Crowe’s Instagram (russellcrowe)

Russell, 56, shared the work of “Beautiful Mind,” which appeared at the age of 37. This photo was taken in New Jersey, USA in 2001 and appears in two photos released with Jennifer Connelly.

Both were sitting on the cold outdoor stairs, and Russell was having a good time chatting with Jennifer on her lap. Russell called Jennifer his “favorite woman.”

“I married her (I was in the movie) twice. She’s a great actress. I think we complement each other,” he added.

“Beautiful Mind” is a real human drama that tells the half-life of the genius mathematician John Nash (John Nash). Russell plays the role of John, an increasingly mentally ill hero, and Jennifer plays his supporting wife Alicia.

This work won the 74th Oscar for Best Director, Best Director (Ron Howard), Best Supporting Actress (Jennifer Connelly), and Best Adaptation.

Russell and Jennifer also co-starred in a pair in “Noah’s Ark” (2014). He also vividly performed the story of Noah’s Ark. The two also starred together. Akiva Goldsman’s debut film “Winter’s Tale” (2014) won the Best Adaptation Award. A Beautiful Mind Award.

Russell originally came from New Zealand and later moved to Australia to continue his acting career, later entering Hollywood with Sam Raimi’s work “The Quick and the Dead” (1995).

He received high acclaim for his performance in “Los Angeles Confidential” (1997) and was nominated for the first time as an Oscar for Best Actor in “Insider” (1999). In “Gladiator” (2000), he won the Best Actor Award. He was also nominated for Best Actor in “A Beautiful Mind” (2001) and was nominated for the same award for the third consecutive year.

His main appearances are “Master and Commander” (2003), “Cinderella Man” (2005), “American Gangster” (2007), “Rising World” (2008), and “Delete”. “State of the Game” (2009), “Robin Hood” (2010), “Les Miserables” (2012), “Broken City” (2013), “Noah’s Promised Ship” (2014), “Good Guy” (2016), ” The Mummy / The Cursed Desert Princess (2017), Boy Is Erased (2018), TV series “The Loudest Voice-The Man Who Divided America” ​​(2019), etc. wait.

[Click here for Russell Crowe’s Instagram]

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