Rigid box packaging Vs. Carton Packaging: Which Is Better?

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Most businesses spend a lot of cash on research and development of their product. They leave no stone unturned trying to make their product into what they have envisioned in their minds. While so much effort goes into planning, designing and creating the product itself, there is another thing which is absolutely critical in making a product sell; packaging. 

Packaging plays an important role in how the end user perceives the product; if the packaging is good quality with intricately executed details, the product will make a lasting impression on the customer. On the other hand, if the packaging is shabby and sub-par quality, all your hard work could end up in the drain. So, it is absolutely necessary that you choose the right type and quality of packaging for your worthy products.


Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid box packaging is a sturdy and tough kind of packaging used by a myriad of businesses to package or showcase their products. The material used to create these boxes is paperboard, which has been overlaid to harden the case. As a matter of fact, the paper used to make these can as much as four times thicker than the normal carton boxes. This adds extra durability and resistance to wear and tear. The rigid boxes also better protect the products they are used to package. 

These boxes are usually covered in either paper or fabric sheets. Instead of directly printing the design on the box, the sheets used for wrapping are stuck to the surface of the box with glue. This means there is more room for customization with these types of boxes as compared to common carton ones. Different materials, textures and techniques can be used to make the packaging beautiful and eye-catching. 


Who Should Use These?

Delicate products such as glassware or perfumes can be packaged in these boxes to avoid any damage before the order reaches the customer. Besides this, Custom printed rigid boxes, due to their expensive looking exterior, give off a sense of higher value for money. Due to this reason, rigid boxes are an excellent choice for businesses that deal in luxury items. Cosmetics and self-care items, CBD products, watches and many more items can be packaged and sold in rigid form casing.  

With your creativity, vision and the right supplier, you can wow your customers with the latest and most appealing packaging designs. If you want this packaging, Packaging Republic is the best place to shop for your business. They provide trendy and innovative designs at the most economical prices.


Carton Boxes

Carton boxes cost less when compared to custom rigid boxes. The process involved in manufacturing these cartons has fewer steps which is why they aren’t as heavy on the pocket. They may be made from either plastic or paper and their designs are printed directly on the packaging itself. Carton boxes can be shaped in a variety of ways to best fit the business’ products. However, as carton boxes are simpler than rigid packaging, they don’t carry the same effect of luxury as their competitor.   


Who Should Use These?

Pretty much any manufacturing business under the sun can use and do use this type of packaging. It is not as protective or opulent as rigid packaging but it gets the job done. Also, as it is cheaper, if you are starting a new business, carton boxes may just be the right choice for you.


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