Reconstruction Surgery After a Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Implant
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Breast cancer is a dreaded event that no one would like to have in their whole lifetime. Despite that, if you have breast cancer then you might have undergone or are waiting to undergo a breast tissue removal surgery which is either a mastectomy (complete breast tissue removal), partial mastectomy, and lumpectomy.

This Surgery is called breast reconstruction surgery which is performed by a plastic surgeon only.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the unlimited growth of cells in the breast tissues. This abnormal growth of the cells or abnormal division of the cells leads to the formation of a tumor in the breast area. This, if deposited in the bloodstream, hampers the blood circulation process. This deposited tumor may sometimes get detached and can get deposited somewhere else (metastasis) which is considered very fatal. So, breast cancer should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed.

Treatment of breast cancer

There is always a holistic approach towards the treatment of any type of cancer which is an amalgamation of many treatment plans like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgical procedure. In the case of breast cancer, the surgical procedure includes the removal of the cancerous tumor along with the removal of breast tissue. So when there is a breast tissue removal, it leads to avoiding there. This void makes breasts look very uneven. Therefore, a breast reconstruction surgery is required here to fulfill the purpose of getting back normal shaped breasts. The breast augmentation surgery cost in Delhi by Dr. Amit is very affordable.

Diagnosis of breast cancer

Cancer is diagnosed with the help of many investigation procedures. However, breast cancer can be felt by a person herself. But even though proper testing is necessary in order to start with the treatment as soon as possible.

The investigation procedures include-



FNAC (Fine needle aspiration cytology)

It is recommended that every woman should regularly keep an eye on the breasts by massaging and feeling any kind of lump or tumor formation. This will help them to get the diagnosis very fast and start with the treatment as soon as possible.

What is breast reconstruction surgery?

It is a surgery that is performed on women who have undergone breast removal surgery post-cancer. This is an excellent way to get back to the normal breast shape and look. The breast reconstruction surgery is best performed together with the mastectomy. Just after the removal of breast tissue, there should be breast reconstructive surgery then and there, in order to get back the normal breasts. There are many types of breast reconstruction surgeries like

Breast reconstruction surgery making use of implants

Breast reconstruction surgery making use of body tissues/flaps.

Breast reconstruction surgery involving the reconstruction of Nipple and Areola

Breast reconstruction surgery making use of implants is one of the common most procedures considered very safe. The implants are made up of different types of materials like saline, silicone gel, smooth and textured implants. These are fixed in the breasts by drawing an incision and then placing the implant there.

Each patient requires a different shape of the implant, so this should be cleared with the plastic surgeon much before the surgery.

The silicone gel-based breast implants are most commonly used and give breasts a very natural look. The surgery is performed under the effect of anesthesia, so the patient doesn’t feel anything during the whole procedure. Even after surgery, the patient is kept on pain killers to avoid any kind of pain if present.

Post-surgery, there are certain precautions and restrictions which are needed to be taken care of in case of any kind of complication origination.

The most important thing to consider here is that both the surgeries should be performed by well experienced once and plastic surgeons only. Failing at this, the person may get susceptible to develop many other problems associated with a faulty surgery like breast implant illness, infection, development of scar tissue, and many more.

Things to look for in a Plastic surgeon

You just can’t get your surgery done by any random plastic surgeon. This surgery should be done by a plastic surgeon with the following qualities-

Good experience

Good clinical setup

Authentic certificates and degree

Well experienced and skilled staff

Where can I get Breast augmentation surgery done in Delhi NCR?

If you are living in Delhi Gurgaon, then you can opt for a breast augmentation surgery in Delhi by Dr. Amit Gupta. He is the best plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR. His clinic Divine Cosmetic ​Surgery is the most trusted center for plastic surgeries ensuring patients’ care at par with all the necessary safety standards and follow-ups.

He is a Well-known Sr Plastic Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon in Delhi, India, And In Many Countries Worldwide. He has performed thousands of plastic surgeries including Gynecomastia surgery, hair transplant, and breast implant, and tummy tuck surgery in Delhi. He has a wide experience of more than 17 years in plastic surgeries.

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