Product Registration in Dubai

product registration
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Product registration is the process done by the Dubai authorities regarding any imported or manufactured product in the country. Registration of the products is needed to be done before their import, promotion, and sale in Dubai. There are several authorities like the safety and health section of Dubai municipality, food department, or ministry of health to conduct the product registration.

Why Product Registration Is Needed In Dubai?

  • The main reason for product registration is needed is to make sure that fake and unsafe products do not enter the local market in Dubai and to ensure the consumers safety and quality of the products.
  • Product registration, random product testing, and product inspections take place to control the entry of harmful products into the market.
  • Dubai municipality issues the registration certificate, this certificate means that the Dubai municipality has no issue for the imported product to be sold in the Dubai local market. This registration certificate may be asked during the time at shipment clearing.
  • The product registration is compulsory to setup business in Dubai, this process ensures that the cosmetic and packaged food products have all the required information on their label so that consumers will get information about the product, which helps the consumer to decide whether he/she wants to buy the product or not.

Product registration in Dubai

Dubai municipality conducts product registration because to ensure consumer safety by testing the safety of products. Cosmetic products that are made, imported, exported, promoted, sold, or distributed in Dubai cannot be done without registering under Dubai municipality regulations.

Product Registration Documents

  • A free scale certificate means that the goods such as food items, cosmetics, etc. are allowed to sell legally in the local market for business setup in Dubai with no restriction and this certificate is issued by the Dubai government.
  • An Ingredients report is needed to be signed or stamped by the manufacturer or the brand owner.
  • An analysis report signed or stamped by the manufacturer or brand owner.
  • Health supplements and locally manufactured products require a good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificate.
  • To register products like detergents or air fresheners and scented candles requires a material safety data sheet.
  • Health supplements containing animal ingredients and any product claiming to be halal requires a Halal certificate from Islamic society.

How the Product Registration Takes Place in Dubai?

  • A consumer product registration service application must be submitted and the fee must be paid.
  • The first check surveys whether or not the product is following DM regulation, and whether the required documents are uploaded or not.
  • If there are any major mistakes like a failure in uploading the documents, banned ingredient, etc. then the application is denied.
  • If there are any minor mistakes like lab requirements, clinical study, etc. The application is returned to the consumer only once to correct the mistake and to resend the application.
  • An electronic registration certificate stating that the product is registered, and this certificate is generated after the completion of every step.

Product Registration

Benefits of Product Registration in Dubai

  • The registered product can be sold, imported, or promoted in the local market of Dubai.
  • Product registration in Dubai gives you the chance to launch your product anywhere in the whole GCC area.
  • There’s a vastly different type of products to be registered in Dubai except for some harmful/unsafe products.
  • Smooth trade inside the UAE and internationally.

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