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Allah Almighty has commanded his believers to read the Quran properly. Reading it properly leads to understanding the intended meanings, reciting it according to Quran tajweed rules, and is thus more conducive to understanding their purposes and objectives.

The goal in reading the Tajweed rules is not how many Surahs have been read or how many times the Quran has been read through, but to study each verse with the correct Tajweed rules and Almuhammadi Academy will help its students in learning the Tajweed rules. Easy Way To

Learn Quran With Tajweed

Reciting the Quran correctly requires knowledge of the rules of Tajweed, which helps the reader to read and learn the Quran with tajweed, its correct pronunciation.

Tajweed in Islam is a science or a way of reading the Quran through which you know how to pronounce the words of the Quran as they were pronounced by our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Follow Tajweed Rules In Quran

 The most important benefit of learning the Tajweed rules in the Quran is to prevent the tongue from making mistakes while reciting the Quan, and there are two types of mistakes that a person faces while reading the Quran. The obvious errors are the mistakes that occur in the words and disturb the intended meaning of the verse, such as substituting one letter in a different place or replacing one vowel with another.

The hidden errors are the errors that do not change the meaning but violate the rules of intonation, such as leaving the chant or shortening the prolongation and others.

Quran Recitation Course

 The Holy Quran is a light that guides the Muslim to the straight path, and through our website, we will teach the most successful way to memorize the Quran and Quran recitation with the correct many ways can be followed to learn the Quran tajweed and recite it correctly; including learning directly from scholars who specialize in reading the Quran

Learn Quran Recitation To Read Correctly

 What is meant by reading the Quran correctly; Read each letter of the Quran with the correct pronunciation and sound, read each word with its characteristics that distinguish it from other words. So every Muslim should make an effort to learn Quran recitation from Quran teaching experts.

Learn Tajweed Online From The Beginning

 A person who cannot read well and has difficulty in reading must make an effort to learn tajweed rules. Even if a person is weak in Arabic, he can learn with a little training and effort, and if the person fails to learn the Tajweed rules of the Quran well, he can take the help of specialized teachers who have special methods. To help Muslims who do not have time to go to an Islamic institute and seek help there to read the Quran, they enroll in our learn Quran recitation with tajweed course which helps a Muslim to learn tajweed online from home.

Tajweed means the way we read the Holy Quran which depends on a set of rules that guide us to the correct pronunciation of the word, and the reason for developing this science was to ensure that there is no error in reciting the Holy Quran.

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Mettler Toledo Moisture Balances: An Overview

Madison Franz



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Mettler Toledo is a leading manufacturer of high-precision instruments and services for laboratory and industrial applications. The company’s moisture balances, also known as loss-on-drying (LOD) analyzers, are widely used for measuring the moisture content of various materials, such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and plastics. In this article, we will provide an overview of Mettler Toledo moisture balances, their features, and their applications.

Features of Mettler Toledo Moisture Balances

Mettler Toledo moisture balances are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of moisture content in various types of samples. The following are some of the key features of these instruments:

  1. High precision: Mettler Toledo moisture balances are equipped with advanced weighing technology that ensures high accuracy and repeatability of measurements. The instruments have a readability of 0.001g, which allows for precise measurement of even small amounts of moisture.
  2. Fast and efficient: These instruments can measure moisture content in just a few minutes, making them ideal for high-throughput applications. They also have a built-in temperature control system that ensures consistent and accurate results.
  3. Easy to use: Mettler Toledo moisture balances have a user-friendly interface that makes them easy to operate. They come with intuitive software that allows users to easily program and save measurement methods, as well as view and analyze data.
  4. Durable and reliable: These instruments are built to last, with robust construction and high-quality materials. They are also backed by Mettler Toledo’s reputation for reliability and excellent customer support.

Applications of Mettler Toledo Moisture Balances

Mettler Toledo moisture balances are used in a wide range of industries for measuring moisture content in various materials. Some of the key applications of these instruments are as follows:

  1. Food industry: Moisture content is a critical parameter in the food industry, as it affects the quality, safety, and shelf life of food products. Mettler Toledo moisture balances are used to measure the moisture content of food samples, such as grains, cereals, snacks, and baked goods, to ensure they meet regulatory standards and quality requirements.
  2. Pharmaceutical industry: Moisture content is also an important parameter in the pharmaceutical industry, as it can affect the efficacy and stability of drugs. Mettler Toledo moisture balances are used to measure the moisture content of drug substances, excipients, and finished products to ensure they meet the required specifications.
  3. Chemical industry: Moisture content can affect the properties and performance of chemicals, such as adhesives, polymers, and coatings. Mettler Toledo moisture balances are used to measure the moisture content of these materials, as well as to monitor moisture levels during manufacturing and storage.
  4. Plastics industry: Moisture content is a critical parameter in the plastics industry, as it can affect the processing and properties of plastic materials. Mettler Toledo moisture balances are used to measure the moisture content of plastic pellets, resins, and finished products, as well as to monitor moisture levels during production and storage.


Mettler Toledo moisture balances are high-precision instruments that are widely used for measuring the moisture content of various materials. These instruments are designed to be fast, efficient, easy to use, and reliable, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and plastics. With their advanced features and excellent performance, Mettler Toledo moisture balances are a valuable tool for ensuring product quality, safety, and compliance.


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50 best carols that enchant the listeners

Madison Franz



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Christmas carols – head songs on Rіzdvo. We have prepared for you a selection of 50 best carols, as a way to enchant the hearing. Among them are short ones – for the smallest ones, and for the children of the older age

Vinikli carols before the adoption of Christianity. They were victorious in those hours, more than a couple of herds, like they were transferring the villagers and embracing the rulers of those children, bazhayuchi motherland happiness and health, all the powers and generous birth. With the advent of Christianity, carols have sprung up a bible zmist and glorify the people of Christ in front of us. 


1. Carols, carols, carolers,
Goodness with honey,
but not like that without honey,
Give me, uncle, p’yatak.
Subdue the screen,
Then give us the cream,
Subdue the little chest,
Then give me the piglet.

2. Good evening to you, my Lord!

Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth,
the Son of God was born!
Cover the tables and all with kilims.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, to the earth, …
And put rolls of fervent wheat.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth, …
She will come before you
Three holidays on a visit.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth, …
Oh, the first holiday is
that New Year of Christ.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth, …
And the other holiday is
St. Basil’s.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth, …
And the third holiday is
Holy Vodokhresche.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth, …
And the first holiday
Zishle you in the quiet.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth, …
And what about another holiday
Zishle you happy.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth, …
And what a third holiday
Zishle we all share.
Rejoice! Oh, rejoice, earth,
the Son of God was born!

3. In this house, in a merry one,
allow me to carol,
Kolyaduvati, your house to cheer,
Wake up the child, wake up the child,
Praise Christ!

4. Oh, rejoice, earth! Kolyada go!
Holy evening, good evening!
Kolyada go, give everyone luck.
Give luck to everyone, we have a word.
We say the word that the whole world is here.
Earth, earth, open the doors.
Open the door, for your prince is here!

5. Htos cheerful inscription vivіv
On thin ice:
“Hey! Holy came to the guest!
Sing the carol!”
A trio of pond-footed horses
To rush along the white snow –
Kolyada is carried in sanchats
One hundred hotels at the bear!
Chuesh, the bells are singing:
Тілі-тілі-тілі-bom! Let
‘s go dressed up on horseback

6. Because of the high mountains of the Carpathian Mountains,
Because of the meadows,
a carol came before me!
Having fixed the river, the sea
and the wide steppe,
The carol brought us
Dances and a nativity scene!
At the vines she wove the breeze
Gilochki modrin
I brought happiness to people!

7. Across the river is a masonry.
According to the birthday of Ida,
a carol has come to us.
Twist, twist vіhola,
Uphill snow rises.
De sound the carol,
The joy of settling down!
Gamir, smіh, fun
In the leather hut of the bazhan.
Іz Rіzdvom with
From shore to shore
Across the river is a masonry.
From heart to heart
Lin, my carol.

8. Snow covered everything:
Stezhinka and the road.
Sleep, sleep carol
To our doorstep.
Carry it out in the torbinochtsa
For good luck to the light of the world,
Grant us a carol of
I faith and hope.
Lunayut lower bells
From hati to hati.
Hurry, hush carol
We are happy to be blessed!

9. Snіg on the ground is hoarse quietly,
The soul is great in the silence.
Bethlehem’s star shines on
and glorifies Jesus.

10. Carol, carol, carol!
The cold won’t hurt.
Open the door closer,
Let us go to ourselves!
All, who is at your house,
Will be rich and rich!
In the city to breed thickly
I potatoes, and cabbage,
Tomatoes and cucumbers
I for son, and for daughter.
The axis of promotion in us is like that!
See, get ready p’yatak!


11. Carol, carol, carol!
Didn’t look at the grandmother,
Don’t marvel at the grandmother,
All grimace at the grandmother!
Oh, baby, don’t scoff!
Just marvel at onukiv!
Vіdmikay-no chest
That give us p’yatachok!
And you, grandmother, don’t get hot,
but get ready soon!
God carol over the yard!
All thanks to the Rizdvo!
We love you, relatives, carols,
We love and kiss!
Zichim good health to you,
Live long and with love!

12. Gay! Sir, are you sleeping?

Scribble a carol!
Put in our great
Lasoschi bear!
Put at the little bag
Irochtsі gorіhi,
You will be
good for the whole river, and in the air!
Kovbas Yurkovi at the bag,
Shchob buli vi tsiliy rіk
Strong and healthy!
Lay at the bag
Pechiva Varvara,
Shchob, like swans, life
You lived in a couple!
an Apple for Nastya at the bag,
You will have a whole river of
Joy and happiness!
Іz Rіzdvom Christov!

13. I bіzhu-stribayu,
And whoever opens the door,
I bazhat them happy!
Sob lived a hundred years in a row
In happiness and love,
Sob s people until death
Be healthy!
Soby the sun shone
In the heart and in the yard,
I was good in the vineyard
In the hut and komori!
With a carol, a carol
I live without a car.
Already the bear of the hotels is dead,
I will hurry home!

14. Віє вітер з гір
That before you at the door,
Asking to hati
Feel yoga,
cook Taste!
Praise God,
don’t forget us!

15. Oh, I’ll play the tune,
I’ll sleep in a carol!
For the owner and the housewife,
Sob not small in the hut of welding,
And the prosperity is small and the way,
The share of the air, first the garden, Sob
was conceived, It flowed
like a river of life,
The cornfield was densely eared
And happiness settled in the hut!
I’ve sung you on the tune,
Having sung a carol for you,
And now I’m standing zithaya –
I’m checking for a hotel!

16. I am a caroler,
hot kudi
May I have a warm jacket
, That empty bear!
Axis I will sing to you!
Sliv will not harm you!
Well, see me sacredly
Curve the steel bagato:
Shmat kovbaska, sir trіshki,
You can have an apple and gorіshki,
Cake “Prazky” malty,
Shchey tsukerochok two zhmenki!
Well, I wish all my homeland
Days of bright, warm, peaceful!
Hai the Lord bless
you with joy in your Toyota Prado family!
Sob zavzhdi boules at the couple,
Encouraged by the “Ferari”,
Castle in Austria and Rome,
De baseiniv as much as chotiri.
To a savory
I am instructing the little bear!

17. A long time ago, in one country,
She gave birth to Mati Sina.
In the face of hardship, death and hardship,
Yogo Holy Lord!
God called Jesus Sin,
Holy knowledge gave Jesus.
To show people the way of light,
Good love and love in the world of the city.
I yangol at that time, sleeping,
holy glorifying Jesus!
Jesus taught people to forgive,
to love, to believe, to be supportive.
Having put the truth into the mouth of the wine,
Giving life to all of us forever
, And not harming his own for us.
Glory to us too R_zdvo!!!

18. I am a little caroler,
I have a short fur coat,
And a carol, bachte, nі:
I spent three days!
I went to you to the hut,
So that we welcome you
from the Holy Resurrection of Christ!
And let us be healthy
At your homeland will be,
Peace and friendship, let them pan.
They didn’t know sad tears,
They radiated joy and slept.
Rik Novy – come holy!
At the diva, I believe sacredly,
And don’t call the first
bajannya guess.
In novorichnu nіch kazkov
Everything is right! Honestly word!

19. Oh, what is at home, what is not at home
of the Lord’s house?
Set up a hut,
listen to the carol!
We came to you at the hut
From the soul of caroling,
From the soul of caroling –
Good luck to you!
Sob you
have success on your skin,
Sob have multiplied tutki
I zdorov`ya, and zdobutki.
For everything that they planted,
You have been spoiled richly,
For the sake of moose and sawing
, and happily for living!


20. Carols, carols, carols,
Carols, carols, carols,
Hay go around you bіda.
And bring to your doorstep
Come joy to Novy Rik.
Sob in dobrobuti bloomed,
Sob lived happily,
I shchob this young man
to you best for the old.
Friends zichimo rich;
So that at weekdays
tables were bent on your holy day.
So that everyone is healthy!

21. Good evening to you, my Lord!

Bring us a couple of cowbass,
Oh, go around the pіchki,
Ask us for perepіchki.
Vine fat, do not be stingy,
For your barley to be ugly,
For a hundred kilos of zhit to be pressed,
For all the sieves to grow!
Sob the cattle was found,
Sob the wheat was born,
Sob at the hut of the whole mali –
Kolyadnikov was treated.

22. Dark nights
The dawns shone,
sang joy to people.
At Bethlehem,
In the dark, in the blue,
Christ was born
to everyone for salvation!
People, please,
keep Christ alive,
God’s Sin
give glory!
Glory to
the Holy God in heaven,
On earth, to the peace
of the human race

23. A clear star shone,
Tse mother Mary –
Most Pure Leliya –
gave birth to God.
There the Angels all sleep,
and in God the shepherds –
Ukrainian children –
Christ is hovering.
Glory to you, Christ, on the blue!
Enlighten the native land –
I will increase the share
of all Ukraine!

24. The tablecloth was covered with a tablecloth,
and with my motherland,
the checks were taken to the air,
“Christ was born” to say.
Twelve straws are pokushtuemo,
Vertepnikov of all often
І from the world of candles are lit.
Christ is born! Glory!
The tsars come from the wise men
Ring carols among the huts.
All the joy of the world was illumined –
Christ was born at the manger!

25. Began a carol to Homi-uncle
That one became: give, uncle, fat!

26. Give us a carol, but we gave a go.
Give us the trigger, I’ll trigger it in the future.
Give us a claw, I’ll tear down the gate.
Give us pies, for my feet are frozen,
Small feather bed and red maiden,
I great carol, for I’m coming to see you.

27. Carols, carols, carolers,
Goodness with poppy poppy,
And without poppy – not like that.
Give me, master, p’yataka!
Yak don’t give me a penny,
I’ll take the ox by the horns,
And I
’ll take the kobila for the chuprin Ta y to the tick.
And z tick – in a tavern
Yes, I’ll drink for a p’yatachok!

28. Kolyada, carol,
Give, uncle, a pie!
Like don’t give a pie,
I’ll take an ox by the horns
, I’ll lead you to the sea,
I’ll break the right rig.
I will blow the trumpet at the rig,
I will rob the Ox.
I will slander with my tail
, and yell at buckwheat.
Good evening!

29. Kolyadin-din,
I am a grandmother, one.
Bring me a pie
and put it by the little bear
with your hands, with your feet,
so that you follow us.


30. Oh carol, carol!
Give me poppy and cutica.
If you don’t give, refuse,
Don’t shiver my little ones.
My little feet are small,
Buy little laces,
Little laces of your own,
And white fingers.
Oh carol, carol!
Like the night, so the day!
I won’t go at night,
I’ll attack the dogs,
I’ll pick up carols.

31. I’m a little girl,

There is a scarf in me.
I don’t know yet, no, no beeches,
Give me a little worm in my hands.
Have a healthy holiday!

32. I am a small yak,
having eaten a pot of porridge,
And I will look at the other one
and I will take you on a holiday!

33. I’m a little boy, angry at the stovpchik.
With a bear, I take a carol.
Good evening, give me a long pie!
If you don’t give me a pie, then I’ll take the ox by the horns
, I’ll lead it to a bargain, I’ll sell it for a step.
Whoa, motherfucker!

34. I’m a little lady,
I have a new fur coat,
Corky boots.
Please chervontsya on pіdkovi.

35. To sit on the ledge,
Having lowered the crown of the braid.
Syudi – max, toudi – max,
And you have a groin here.

36. We caroled, we wrenched you,
We don’t have a penny, we don’t have a shawl.
They didn’t give anything – they gave us a lot.
We’ll smell de pyrige, we’ll chant there.

37. I am caroling, caroling,
I smell your pennies,
Relish tsukerok, pie,
Serve p’yatak …

38. Carols, carols, carols,
Did look at the woman,
And the woman looked at the girl,
There is no bread.

39. Rippy snow under your feet,
The wind of the wind blows:
This is a clear, glistening day –
the Day of the Nation of Christ!


40. I want to greet
you at once with the joyful saint,
I want to indulge you,
So that good things come to the hut,
So that you live and be happy,
So that children grow up healthy, So that your
son is more cheerfully quiet for the donkey!

41. I am a little shepherd boy

Lighting up in the jacket
I play the violin,
I breathe you.
And you, people, feel,
prepare Kolyada –
Apple, peas

42. Carol, carol,
Look at the police.
There cowbass lie,
Stink in the shank bіzhat.
Give, granny, cowbas
Letom a feast of horses.
Do not give cowbasi –
Then feed it yourself.

43. Kolyadin, Kolyadin,
And I’m alone in the father.
Have a brand new jacket,
Vinesit pampushka.
Be healthy!
Kolyadin, Kolyadin,
And I’m alone as a dad,
Short jacket,
Give me a bagel!
Holy evening!

44. Kolyadin, Kolyadin,
And I’m the only dad.
On the ring of a jacket,
Give, uncle Piatachok.
A p’yatak is not expensive,
Give, tіtko, another one.
With Holy Evening.

45. Oh, in the forest, in the forest, leaves on the rob.
We sing to my grandmother,
Our grandmother has a kind soul,
Vines won a whole book,
Before that, the book was a cowbass.

46. ​​Beagle heifer and birch tree,
Yes, and became.
I’ll sing to you, uncle,
Give me a piece of lard.
Beagle heifer and birch tree,
I’ll get it.
I’ll sing to you, uncle,
give the cowbass!
The little heifer and the birch tree ran,
Went to the uncle in the door.
I’ll sing to you, uncle,
give the uncle a pie.
Yak don’t give a pie,
I’ll take an ox by the horns
, I’ll take it to the sea,
I’ll twist the right rig,
I’ll blow the rig,
And rob the ox.

47. Carols, carols, carols
And I’m the only father.
If you give me a gut,
then we’ll have a calm.
And if you give the cowbass,
I’ll bring the mother.
Blame the income,
For we will bring the hut to the ice,
And the ice into the water,
And bring it here again.

48. Kolyadin-din!
I, grandmother, am alone.
Bring me a pie
, and put it by the bears.
With arms, with legs,
Shchob followed us,
Be healthy!

49. I
‘m a little boy And you, people, feel, prepare Kolyada. Apple, peas – All my potishki. Holy evening!

50. Zirnichka lightly throws from the sky,
Christ the child is born.
Holy, Zirnitsa, Christ and Mary,
Creep in our hearts, faith and hope.
Hai tsya zirnichka in the holidays
is holy Bring us happiness in our huts!
Health, in peace, I will go out of the world,
Wealth and shares for many years!
Christ is born!

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Legal Victory In UK Japanese Knotweed Case Could Lead To More Claims

Madison Franz



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Court of appeal ruled homeowner could recover loss of value even if knotweed has been treated

A significant legal victory in a case brought by a householder affected by Japanese knotweed has raised the prospect of an increase in claims from people stricken by the hazardous plant.

The court of appeal ruled that a homeowner could recover damages for a loss of value of their property from having had Japanese knotweed, even if it had been treated. Marc Davies was awarded £4,900 from Bridgend council in south Wales in a judgment that his lawyer, Tom Carter, said established that one could recover damages for the stigma attached to the house, even after knotweed had been eradicated, and not just physical damage caused by it.

“Inevitably, if you’ve had knotweed and then had it treated, the rhizomes (roots) are still there in the ground, even though it’s been treated,” he said. “There’s then a stigma that’s attached [to the house].

“The importance of Davies is that it has confirmed beyond doubt that that loss [on the house value] can be recovered and that’s really the crucial issue.

“If the court of appeal had said no on that point, then anyone affected by knotweed could get the treatment costs but then they’d be left out of pocket for this loss of value of their home. And if they were to sell their home a year, five years later or whenever, they’d still suffer a loss at that point they wouldn’t have been able to recover.”

Japanese knotweed can take five years to treat. It can grow to 3-4 metres in just 10 weeks and its rhizomes can spread 7 metres horizontally underground and compromise the structure of buildings.

The species was introduced by botanists into Britain in the 19th century as an ornamental plant, with Victorian engineers purportedly using it to stabilise railway embankments. Network Rail – along with local authorities – finds itself as the defendant in a large number of cases.

The principle that adjoining owners could be sued for encroachment of Japanese knotweed was established by the court of appeal in a 2018 case, which Carter also acted in, brought by the owners of two adjoining bungalows in Maesteg, south Wales, against Network Rail.

Last month, a house seller was ordered to pay £32,000 in damages plus legal costs for misrepresenting to the buyer whether there was Japanese knotweed at the property. Surveyors have also been sued for professional negligence for failing to identify its presence.

Chun Wong, partner at Hodge, Jones & Allen solicitors, said the Davies case would probably encourage claimants at a time when the number of cases was already growing.

She said: “It’s talking about what happens after the knotweed has been treated so it’s been found in the garden, hasn’t caused physical damage per se, but just having its presence because of the stigma attached … means somebody is going to pay less for this house than if the house had no knotweed at all.

“Whether this will open floodgates, I think time will tell. I suppose it just makes it easier for homeowners who have the presence of knotweed without actual physical damage to think: ‘Maybe I should make a claim.’

“The public are more aware and more educated about knotweed, the dangers of knotweed … and so, therefore, people are more prepared to litigate over it.”

Carter estimates he has already acted in 200 cases relating to Japanese knotweed and has another 100 outstanding.

He said: “The knotweed landscape probably will stay [busy] for the foreseeable future … and I can see defendants probably fighting more in that they no longer have an argument about claimants being unable to recover for diminution [of property price], so the value of the claims are higher.

“Whether it leads to an increase in claims I don’t know because I’ve got hundreds already and it’s been going on for years now – but I can’t see the issue going away.”

A Network Rail spokesperson said: It will take some time to review the judgment and its implications. However, we do take quick and decisive action when we are notified of knotweed issues on our land.

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