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NeoLife Review – 15 Things You Need to Know

Madison Franz



NeoLife Review – 15 Things You Need to Know
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We’re always on the lookout for nutritional supplements that offer exceptional benefits. Our search led us to a company called NeoLife that sells products they say will help “end the trend” of poor nutrition. We had to find out if the products worked and if the MLM opportunity is worth buying into.

Our first concern was that, for health products, some of NeoLife’s supplements contain quite a bit of added sugar. After that discovery, we decided to look into the claims the company makes about their products, possible side effects, and what science has to say. Finally, we wrapped all of the information together to bring you this concise report and our bottom line.

NeoLife can be purchased through their Official Site.

What is NeoLife?

NeoLife is a company that offers an extensive line of nutritional supplements. The products are supposed to help with everything from weight, to heart health, to digestive health—and several other areas of health in between. The supplements use various ingredients that are supposed to supply the nutrition you’ll find in whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish.

Amino Acids foods

The company offers individual products and Health Packs that contain a few different products aimed at a specific health concern or function. The two main products aimed at weight loss are the NeoLife Shake and NeoLife Tea, so does the research behind the ingredients in these formulas show they’ll work?

  • Food & Function – Hands down, meal replacement shakes have proof they work to help people lose weight. This is especially true if the shakes are used alongside lifestyle changes like adding exercise and reducing overall calorie intake.
  • Molecules – “The mechanistic systems in the body through which tea causes weight loss are complex and multi-dimensional. Additionally, the bioactive components in tea such as catechins, caffeine, and products of tea polyphenol oxidation vary greatly from one major tea type to the next.” NeoLife Tea uses green, black and white teas, so all varieties are covered. Good choice.
  • Drug and Alcohol Dependence – The teas in NeoLife Tea supply caffeine, but there’s also added caffeine in the mix. Researchers are growing concerned that “Even though caffeine is a functional drug there are concerns about dependence.”


NeoLife Competitors

How Did NeoLife Start?

NeoLife is part of a larger company called GNLD, which was founded by Jerry Brassfield. Brassfield is an entrepreneur who, according to the NeoLife website, grew up in a low-income family. He was determined to have a better future and began selling family nameplates door to door at 13 to save up money for college.

The site says that Brassfield’s mother was determined to improve her son’s health, so she “began adding quality nutritional products to his daily diet.” Supposedly, his improved health inspired a desire to help others improve their nutrition.

NeoLife got its start in 1958 with a product they called Formula IV. The official website says that Formula IV was “the first whole food nutritional supplement based on delivering Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates, whole grain ‘Lipids and Sterols’ to support optimal cellular nutrition.” Later, Brassfield acquired the company and merged with GNLD.

NeoLife has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1969 and currently has an A+ rating. Along the same lines, the average customer review on the site is 4/5 stars.

Some of NeoLife’s products include Bar, Shake, Tea, Acidophilus Plus, CoQ10, PhytoDefense, Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus, Pro Vitality, Tré – Nutritional Essence, Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates, Carotenoid Comple, and Garlic Allium Complex.


Is NeoLife an MLM Company?

does WatchFit work

NeoLife sells its products through “Promoters.” They describe the opportunity as “kind of like a tech startup but with nutrition.” Though the official website doesn’t call the way they sell products as an MLM, compensation does pay based on products sold by the promoter and everyone else in their “team,” including other promoters and club members. The amount a promoter makes is based on how much they sell and how many people signed up under them and how much those in their downline sell.

NeoLife offers promoters an app called “NeoLife Backoffice.” This app is supposed to help you keep track of your rank, review orders, shop, and more.

One question that people often have regarding companies that use MLM to promote their products is legitimate. It can be challenging to tell the difference between a pyramid scheme, which is illegal and an MLM opportunity.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that the difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme is that with an MLM, you make money based on how much product you sell to the public. With a pyramid scheme, the money you make is dependent on how many people you sign up and how much you sell to those people.

The FTC offers the following tips for determining if an MLM opportunity is legitimate:

  • Learn about the products. Find out if they are good quality and do what they claim to do.
  • Find out about the company. Including how long they’ve been in business if they have a good reputation, and whether they’ve have any past lawsuits questionable practices in the past.
  • Take time to read information, including the terms and conditions, and think about your decision before signing a contract.

NeoLife Claims

Extreme Fit 180 claims


About the NeoLife Bar:

  • Provides long-lasting energy.
  • Curbs hunger.
  • Contains antioxidants.

They also claim that having a healthy snack twice a day will improve your weight loss success.

One of their best-selling products is the 3-Day Detox. They claim that it will:


  • Kickstart weight loss.
  • Remove toxins from the body.
  • Promote gut health.

Another product, the NeoLife Shake, is supposedly clinically proven to:

  • Reduce body fat.
  • Help with weight loss.
  • Lower BMI.
  • Provide cardiovascular protection.
orgain nutrition

One thing it is important to note about the claims made by many supplement companies is that they are not evaluated for accuracy by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

When it comes to supplements, the FDA only looks at whether the label is accurate, and the product contains only what is on the ingredients list. That means they don’t determine if a supplement is effective.



NeoLife Ingredients

Dr formulas Nexabiotic ingredients

There are a lot of NeoLife products, so obviously we can’t list all of the ingredients here.

However, some of the ingredients they use are:

  • Proprietary protein blend.
  • Fructose.
  • Proprietary protein and fiber blend.
  • Evaporated cane juice.
  • Senna extract.
  • Lactobacillus Plus proprietary blend.

They also use many ingredients you’ll recognize as things you have in your cupboards and refrigerator, such as:

  • Pumpkin seeds.
  • Raisins.
  • Dried cranberries.
  • Peanut Butter.
  • Honey.
Dextrose sugar

Does NeoLife Work?

One positive aspect of NeoLife is that they provide information about clinical studies using the ingredients in their products.

While that’s a positive thing, they may only be giving customers one side of the story.

Some of the NeoLife products, like the NeoLife Shake, use a proprietary blend of protein. NeoLife says that their protein shake will help users to lose weight. They suggest that you use the shake as a meal replacement.


The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology says that overeating protein can also be detrimental to your health. According to the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, when you consume too much protein, your kidneys have to work harder to remove the excess nitrogen from your system. The average adult only needs to consume between 46 and 56 grams of protein daily.

Another concern is with the idea of people needing to detoxify their bodies. NeoLife suggests that their 3-Day Detox pack can remove toxins from your body and help you lose weight.

Lemonade Diet ingredients

A group of scientists in the UK looked into claims made by companies that sold products they claimed would detoxify the body. In their extensive research, they found that companies used the word “detoxify” to mean many different things.


Also, most of the products they studied didn’t live up to their claims.

NeoLife – Too Much Sugar?

One of the things our research team does when researching a product or company is to read what people are saying about it. One concern we saw frequently was about the amount of sugar in some of the NeoLife products.

neolife sugar


The recommendation for women is to eat no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day and that men eat no more than 36 grams.

The NeoLife Fruits & Nuts Bar and the NeoLife Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, products touted by the company as a healthy snack, contain 10 grams of sugar. NeoLife suggests consuming two bars per day as part of a weight management diet, so that’s 20 grams of sugar.

Now, if you were also to use NeoLife Shakes, which are part of the Weight Loss Pack, you’d be eating even more sugar. NeoLife Shakes contain 11 grams of sugar per serving. If you replaced a meal with a shake and then ate two NeoLife Bars as snacks, you’d be getting 31 grams of sugar per day.

If you’re female, you’re over the recommended limit. If you’re male, you’re left remarkably limited in what you can eat for the rest of the day.


NeoLife Benefits and Results

FiberCon benefits

NeoLife suggests there are many benefits to using their products.

Some of the things they say their products will do are:

  • Make you healthier.
  • Help you lose weight.
  • Detoxify your body.

While we agree that the products offer many nutrients, you can get all the nutrients you need by eating a balanced diet.

Yes, it may take a little more thought than grabbing a protein shake or a bar, but it will likely be less expensive and better for you overall.


Choosing healthy, whole foods, you can avoid a lot of the added sugars that are present in some of NeoLife’s products.


Details on NeoLife and Weight Loss

uBiome and weight loss

Although protein shakes and detoxifying supplements are popular as weight loss products, science suggests that they aren’t as effective as NeoLife would have you believe. Using a protein drink as a meal replacement may result in temporary weight loss, but let’s take a closer look at the research into the two main weight-loss products from the company.

NeoLife Shake is formulated with soy protein, whey protein and a proprietary fiber blend. According to Obesity, prepared meals and meal replacements are an effective means of weight loss for people who have trouble with plan adherence. There’s even evidence that total meal replacement is even more effective than partial meal replacement for weight loss, according to the BMJ. The extra protein provided by products like NeoLife Shake has been shown to help improve function in obese individuals with frailty issues, says the Journal of Gerontology.

NeoLife Tea contains ingredients like caffeine, green tea, panax ginseng and rhodiola rosea. A recent review of all available literature supports the claim that caffeine can promote weight loss, based on research published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. As for green tea, “scientific evidence supporting the beneficial anti-obesity effects of green tea and GTCs [green tea catechins] has been increasing,” according to Molecules.


How to Use NeoLife

How you use NeoLife’s products depends on the product you are using.

They provide instructions for each supplement on their website. For example, the instructions for NeoLife Shakes say to mix two scoops of the powder with 8 ounces of cold water.


Where You Can Buy NeoLife

NeoLife products are not available from retail stores, but you can purchase them directly from the NeoLife website. Some of their products are also available on Amazon. You also have the option of buying products through a promoter.

Skinny Coffee Club costs

The cost of NeoLife products, of course, depends on which products you’re interested in. They’re a little hard to find, though.

To find the costs on the official website, you have to begin signing up as a Club Member. Once you do that, you can see the prices of products with and without the auto-ship option.

Some of the costs are below:

  • Vitality Pack: $57.45, $54.58 with auto-ship.
  • Weight Loss Pack: $266.45, $253.13 with auto-ship.
  • 3-Day Detox: $51.55, $48.97 with auto-ship.

What is the NeoLife Club Membership?

NeoLife offers a Club Membership that enables customers to purchase their products at a discounted rate. There is no cost for signing up. Benefits of the NeoLife Club Membership are:

  • Exclusive Products
  • 15-30% Off Suggested Retail
  • Nutrition & Personal Development
  • Complimentary Personal Website
  • 3 for FREE Program
  • NeoLife Challenge
  • Fun Events & Community

Since it doesn’t appear that you can purchase a product on the official website without becoming a Club Member, we can’t help but question whether you’re getting a discount unless you agree to have products auto-shipped.


Potential NeoLife Side Effects

Phillips Colon Health side effects

All products have some potential for side effects. Some people may have no problems with a product at all, but others might have some difficulties.

To determine the potential NeoLife side effects, our researchers looked at some of the ingredients they use.

NeoLife shakes use a protein blend that contains:

  • Soy protein isolate
  • Nonfat dry milk
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Calcium sodium caseinate

People who have difficulty digesting milk products may experience side effects like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Cramps
  • Bloating
  • Gas

Whey in high doses can cause:

  • Increased bowel movements
  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Lack of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
Diatroxal side effects

NeoLife Detox uses senna extract can cause:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea

And, since detoxifying products clean out your intestines, you can expect to spend some extra time in the bathroom.


NeoLife Product Warnings

The warnings listed for NeoLife depends on the individual product.


Any NeoLife Lawsuits?

Our researchers did not find mention of any NeoLife lawsuits or NeoLife recalls.

Is NeoLife a Scam?

Pure Detox Max scam

We do not think that NeoLife is a scam. However, that doesn’t mean we think you should rush into using the products or becoming a promoter. Instead, we recommend taking the time to read the scientific evidence the company provides about its products. Then, do some more research of your own to get all sides of the story.

As for the MLM opportunity, follow the FTC’s suggestions and give the available information a thorough read through. Don’t skip over the “fine print.”

Read the terms and conditions, too. Set up a meeting with a promoter in your area to talk about their experience with the company. Find out if they’ve had any problems or if they’re making the amount of money they expected to.


NeoLife Alternatives

The best NeoLife alternative we can think of is to follow a healthy diet. Make sure you eat a diet that includes lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein. Avoid eating processed foods that contain added sugar and salt.

If you’re unsure of what you should be eating and how much to eat, talk to your doctor. He or she may refer you to a dietician for assistance.

However, if you’d still like some support from nutritional supplements, some alternatives to NeoLife are:

  • Activated You
  • Daily Greens
  • Fitteam Global

What Users Are Saying

“I buy these for my mother. They really help a lot with her knee pain.”

Brenda Gutierrez

“I really love Neolife product, it builds my immune system and gives a brighter skin.”

Olabisi Quadri

“Great source of calcium and D3 vitamin.”


The Bottom Line on NeoLife

After all the research, our bottom line on NeoLife products is that it has some pros and some cons. We like that the ingredients are natural. We also like that NeoLife provides information about some of the science behind their products.


However, we do have some reservations. Some of our concerns are:

  • The possible side effects some of the NeoLife products may cause are uncomfortable and unpleasant.
  • Some of the NeoLife products contain 10 grams or more of sugar, which is more than a health product should.
  • The cost of NeoLife’s supplements is quite high, putting it out of reach of some consumers.

If you’re looking for clinically-proven weight loss, we have a suggestion.

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Unveiling the Essence of Tangiers Tobacco





Tangiers Tobacco
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For those who love hookahs, Tangiers Tobacco is more than just brand to smoke—it’s an adventure into the world of tastes. We shall go into great detail on the history, types, and customs of Tangiers tobacco in this post.

What makes Tangiers Tobacco Unique?

Tangiers Tobacco is well blended product that enhances the hookah experience rather than just being tobacco. Although its origins are ancient, what makes it special is the careful farming, harvesting, and processing that results in flavor profile that is unmatched.

The Origins of Tangiers Tobacco

Tangiers Tobacco

Tangiers Tobacco


Take historical tour to discover the origins of Tangiers Tobacco. Learn how this flavor has changed and endured over time, from traditional uses to current farming.

Tangiers Tobacco Varieties

Explore the wide-ranging universe of Tangiers Tobacco. Discover the vast selection that suits all palates, from traditional mixes to cutting-edge flavors.

Cultivation Techniques

Learn about the science and art involved in producing excellent Tangiers tobacco. To cultivate the ideal blend, every detail counts, from climate considerations to soil makeup.

Harvesting and Processing

Trace Tangiers Tobacco’s path from the fields to your hookah. Discover the painstaking harvesting and processing method that guarantees the best quality possible in each puff.

Why Tangiers Tobacco Stands Out

What distinguishes Tangiers Tobacco from other mixtures? Discover the special features that hookah enthusiasts love about it.

The Art of Smoking Tangiers

Discover the best ways to make the most of your time in Tangiers. Learn how to smoke this unique blend, from filling the bowl to controlling the fire.

Tangiers Tobacco and Health

Address prevailing worries and misconceptions regarding Tangiers tobacco’s effects on health. Keeping fiction apart, recognize its role in smoker’s way of life.

Tangiers Tobacco Culture

Tangiers tobacco has cultural importance in addition to being smoke-free. Examine how it contributes to festivities, social events, and the sense of community it creates.

Pairing Tangiers Tobacco

Tangiers Tobacco

Tangiers Tobacco


Choose the proper food and beverages to go along with your smoking session. Learn how to combine tastes to bring out the best in Tangiers Tobacco.

Tangiers Tobacco Community

Make internet connections with communities and other hobbyists. Participate in conversations about this distinctive smoking culture and share your experiences and advice.

FAQs About Tangiers Tobacco

Q1: What makes Tangiers Tobacco special?
Tangiers Tobacco stands out for its…

Q2: How is Tangiers Tobacco different from regular tobacco?
Unlike traditional blends…

Q3: Are there health risks associated with Tangiers Tobacco?
Studies suggest…

Q4: Can I mix different Tangiers Tobacco flavors?
Absolutely! Mixing flavors…

Q5: Where can I buy authentic Tangiers Tobacco?
Look for reputable…

Q6: How do I achieve the best flavor when smoking Tangiers Tobacco?
To enhance the flavor…

Q7: Tips for Buying Tangiers Tobacco
When purchasing Tangiers Tobacco, look for…

Q8: Making Your Tangiers Tobacco Mix
Customize your smoking experience by blending…


In summary, Tangiers Tobacco is cultural phenomenon more than just place to smoke. It remains connoisseur’s choice thanks to its extensive history, wide range of flavors, and international fan base. Accept the voyage, relish the tastes, and immerse yourself in Tangiers Tobacco’s lively universe.

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Hookah Coals Near Me: Unveiling the Ultimate Smoking Experience





Hookah Coals Near Me
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The search for the ideal hookah coals begins here, in the world of extraordinary hookah experiences. To enjoy a rich and enjoyable smoke, it’s important to choose the best hookah coals nearby, regardless of experience level. We’ll take you on a journey to discover the subtleties of hookah coals in this guide, leading you to the greatest solutions out there.

Exploring the Variety

Understanding the Types of Hookah Coals

Explore the vast realm of hookah coals to start your hookah journey. We weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative, from instant lighting to natural coconut coals, so you can make an informed decision.

The Advantages of Coconut Hookah Coals

Hookah Coals Near Me

Hookah Coals Near Me

Find out why many aficionados now favor coconut hookah coals over other options. We discuss their long-lasting burn, eco-friendliness, and overall hookah experience enhancement.

Quick-Lighting Coals: A Convenient Option

Coal may be quick-lighting option for convenience-seekers. We go over how quickly they ignite and point out circumstances in which they might work best for your hookah sessions.

Navigating the Market

Local Smoke Shops: Your Go-To for Immediate Needs

Look into the convenience of nearby smoking establishments to locate hookah coals. We offer guidance on what to consider and how to guarantee the quality of the coals you are buying.

Online Retailers: A World of Options at Your Fingertips

Explore the wide range of options provided by internet merchants. We walk you through the process of navigating internet marketplaces to discover the ideal hookah coals, from specialized brands to affordable options.

Hookah Coals Near Me: Ensuring Quality

Key Factors in Choosing Hookah Coals

Hookah Coals Near Me

Hookah Coals Near Me

Find out the important things to think about when choosing hookah coals. We present checklist that covers everything from burn time to ash generation to ensure you get the most out of the coals you’ve selected.

Customer Reviews: Your Insightful Guide

Discover how to interpret customer reviews to help you make informed decisions. We go over things to look for to make sure the hookah coals you buy meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Quick-Lighting Coals Safe to Use?
A1: Quick-lighting coals often raise safety concerns. We address these worries, providing insights into proper usage and dispelling common myths.

Q2: How Long Do Coconut Hookah Coals Last?
A2: Understanding the burn time of coconut hookah coals is crucial. We share tips on maximizing their lifespan for extended and enjoyable hookah sessions.

Q3: Where Can I Find Premium Hookah Coals Locally?
A3: Locating premium hookah coals locally can be a challenge. We offer suggestions and strategies to identify reliable sources in your area.

Q4: Can I Mix Different Types of Hookah Coals?
A4: Curious about experimenting with various coals? We offer guidance on mixing different types for a personalized hookah experience.

Q5: What Sets High-Quality Hookah Coals Apart?
A5: Dive deep into the characteristics that distinguish high-quality hookah coals, ensuring you make a choice that elevates your smoking sessions.

Q6: How Often Should I Clean My Hookah Coals?
A6: Maintaining clean hookah coals is vital for flavor consistency. We provide a step-by-step guide on cleaning frequency and methods.


Armed with knowledge and ideas, you’re sure to take your hookah sessions to new heights as you go out on your quest to locate the ideal hookah coals nearby. The secret is to make an informed choice according to your tastes, regardless of whether you choose the quick-lighting convenience of coals or the environmentally friendly appeal of coconut coals.

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