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My son gave congratulations to the late Paul Walker on the anniversary of the date of 47! Vin Diesel and other family members also commented

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My son gave congratulations to the late Paul Walker
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Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Rain Walker starred in the popular car action movie “Fast and Furious” and died in a car accident in 2013.

Walker (left), daughter of Meadow (right) of
Meadow Walker’s Instagram (Meadowwalker)
September 12th is Paul Walker’s 47th birthday, and he will play protagonist Brian O’Conner in the first series in the Fast and Furious series.

On November 30, 2013, Paul died in a car accident driven by a friend at the age of 40.

The 7th series “Wild Speed ​​SKY MISSION” released in 2015 is a posthumous work.

Paul’s daughter is 21 years old. She uploads photos of her birth

father on September 12, when the parents and their children meet.

In the photo, Paul grabbed meadow young, celebrated her birthday with her father’s love message: “While we understand that the twins, happy birthday to the most beautiful.”

Meadow lost his father at the age of 15 and founded the Paul Walker Foundation in 2015 to support Paul’s interest in marine biological research.

This year, to commemorate his father’s birthday, he asked the organization to carry out its mission of “doing good.”

Heroine opera (left), the present (right) meadow
Meadow Walker’s Instagram (Meadowwalker)
The “Angry” family also celebrated Paul’s birthday.

Vin Diesel, played by Dominic Toretto, hosted the series with Paul and celebrated Paul’s birthday with the spelling “always …”.

Vindiesel’s Instagram (Vin diesel)
Tyrese Gibson plays Roman Pearce in the second series of “Wild Speed X2” released in 2003, and two photos with Paul: “We miss you every day!

Tyrese Gibson’s Instagram (Cirrus)
In addition, Jordana Brewster, who plays Mia Toretto, celebrated Paul’s birthday on social media.

Princess Paul Meadow and the “angry” family are still communicating with each other, and they have a strong connection on SNS, such as celebrating their birthdays.

Paul starred in the action movie “Fast and Furious” (2001), starring Vin Diesel as Brian O’Conner, who portrays young people who are passionate about racing.

Sensational recordings were made into a series and developed into a popular series representing car action.

The series includes “Wild Speed X2” (2003), “Wild Speed MAX” (2009), “Wild Speed MEGA MAX” (2011), “Wild Speed EURO MISSION” (2013), and ” Wild Speed “.

Look at “Flying Speed Mission” (2015).

Other appearances include “Into the Blue” (2005), “Under Eight” (2006), “Father’s Flag” (2006), “Takers” (2010), and “Steelers” (2013). ), “Full Throttle” (2014), etc.


[Click here for Meadow Walker’s Instagram]

[Click here for Vin Diesel’s Instagram]

[Click here for Tyrese Gibson’s Instagram]

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How to make real id that work in 2021

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How to make real id that work in 2021
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Several Ways to Make a Fake Driver’s License

Several methods of creating a fake driver’s license exist:

  • Fake driver license maker app
  • How to use a fake driver’s license maker app
  • How to make a fake driver’s license at home
  • How to make a fake driver’s license online for free
  • Also, read “how to make real id work


Use a Fake Driver’s License Maker Application

Several mobile software exists to help you make a fake driving license with ease. Many of these apps work on several devices, including

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • IOS mobiles

How to Make a Fake Drivers License Online


Another way to get a fake driver’s license that looks just like the real one is to make it online. You can even attach a false identification number that looks similar to existing ones, thereby making it difficult for scanning devices to know that it is fake.


What you need to make a fake driver’s license online.

  • A PC or Mobile Phone
  • Strong and Stable internet connection
  • Plastic card printer
  • Drivers license templates

To make a fake driver’s license, you can use

  • The free template is available on several websites
  • Paid templates.

How to Make a Fake Drivers License at Home

Do you know that you can make a fake driver’s license at home? With the necessary equipment and materials, you can also get to make your fake license at home by yourself.

Step 1: Procure Teslin Paper alongside Butterfly laminate Pouches

It is quite hard to get the exact texture of the original driver’s license because the government uses proprietary cardstock for its production. However, you can use Teslin paper to achieve a texture that is close to the real thing.


Ensure that the printer you’ll use with the Teslin paper supports manual settings otherwise your printing will be rough.

Ensure that your pouch laminator is as thick as the government-issued driver’s license.

Ensure that your laminate pouch has a holographic exterior.

Step 2: Download a Driver’s License Template

You can get a driver’s license template from several sites, including the sites and apps you find named in this post. Choose a template that fits what you need and download it in picture format.


Step 3: Take a Passport Photograph

Take a passport photograph of yourself using a smartphone or make a scan of an existing passport and ensure to save it as a JPG or PNG.


Step 4: Use an editing tool to edit the Passport and Template

Install a photo editing tool or application like

  • Net
  • Photoshop
  • Firework
  • GIMP


You can also use PicsArt if you’re working with a mobile device


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a fake driver’s license, nothing is stopping you from having fun with it. However, avoid presenting it in formal settings or legal situations.

If you need an original driver’s license, make an official application, and you will get it in a day, and at an affordable cost.

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Tips to Get a Mortgage Loan in a Smart way





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Mortgage loans fall under the high-value credit forms preferred by borrowers. The easy accessibility and simple terms make it a viable loan option.

According to a report, the Indian loan against the property market is predicted to grow over 14% CAGR by FY2026. Prompted by this growth, many lending institutions levy affordable mortgage loan interest rates on the said credit form.

However, individuals should learn the right application process to marginalize any chances of loan cancellation or related issues.

Process of applying for a mortgage loan

With digitalisation, potential borrowers can avail the said credit by following simple steps.  Following this process will further help borrowers get a clear idea of how to apply for a mortgage loan without physically visiting any lending institutions.

Step 1: Visit the preferred lending institution’s website and select Mortgage loan from the product tab

Step 2: Fill up the online application form with relevant details. This can include both personal and professional data

Step 3: Submit this form and wait for a representative to get in touch

The loan application will get approved after submitting the right documents. Typically, the credit is transferred to a borrower account after surpassing all the parameters. Hence, individuals should be aware of the factors that affect the loan application and approval.

Factors to check for hassle-free LAP application

It is imperative to know that simply understanding what is mortgage loan and its application won’t make borrowing successful. There are instances of loan cancellation or rejection due to minor issues.

Here are some factors that potential loan against property borrowers must check to make the most of the credit.

  1. Check eligibility criteria 

Checking the eligibility parameters is the basic responsibility of every applicant. This helps them analyse their financial capabilities and work on its improvement, if necessary.

The LAP eligibility parameters can vary from lender to lender. However, most of the criteria are similar for almost all lenders. This includes employment status, age, nationality, etc. Borrowers will qualify for a loan against property by meeting these simple eligibility criteria-

For salaried individuals – 

  • An applicant should fall in the age bracket of 28 and 60 years.
  • They should be working for an MNC, public or private sector.
  • Applicants should have Indian residency.

For self-employed individuals – 

  • Prospective borrowers should be aged between 25 and 70 years.
  • Individuals should maintain a steady income and employment profile.
  • They must be an Indian resident.
  • Documentation 

Every lender, irrespective of the credit form, sets a list of documents mandatory for loan application. For instance, in a reverse mortgage loan, borrowers will have to submit papers that substantiate their reliability. Similarly, LAP applicants can avail the benefits when they complete the documentation process.

Some of the necessary documents required to avail of this credit include –

  • KYC documents
  • Statements from a financial institution for the last three months
  • Salary slips
  • Papers related to the mortgaged property
  • Income tax returns.

These requirements fall under the list of documents needed to apply for a loan against property. However, one must know that lenders can ask for additional papers depending on their lending policy.

  • Credit history 

A lending institution reviews a borrower’s credibility before deeming them their mortgage loan eligibility. This ensures their repayment capability and reliability for borrowing. To leverage the score, individuals should ensure that there is no outstanding debt. In addition, they should implement ways to bring their CIBIL score to 750+. Finally, making timely repayment will again leverage credibility. In this regard, one can use a mortgage loan calculator and evaluate the total fund involvement to save accordingly. Maintaining a decent credit score will help borrowers gain negotiation power that can help them reduce their interest outgo.

Moreover, applicants are obligated to receive customised features and better service. For instance, several HFCs extend pre-approved offers to existing borrowers. Usually, these offers are levied on credit forms like LAP, home loans, etc. Now you can check your pre-approved offer by providing details like your name and contact number.

These are some of the factors that mortgage loan applicants must check before applying for the same. Having a clear idea about the loan processing and the steps involved will again help applicants initiate savings for future endeavours.

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