Most Stylish Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas For Women And Boy
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Most Stylish Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas For Women And Boy

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Most Stylish CollarBone Tattoo Ideas For Women And Boy
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Unique Collarbone Tattoos are a great way to get a very meaningful tattoo in a unique place on your body. It used to be that just about everyone either got tattoos on their arms or their backs, but these days people recognize that there are plenty of other areas of the body that can look great with some ink, and that includes the collar bone. Below we will take a look at some very popular collarbone tattoo designs and why they work so well.

One of the reasons why so many people are interested in getting collarbone tattoos is because they can be as visible or as hidden away as they want depending on how they dress and where the design is located. You might want a design that is always showing when you’re wearing a V-neck shirt or any other type of short that exposes your collar bone. Or you might want a design that will look great even when only part of it is exposed.

There are plenty of great collarbone tattoo ideas out there, so you will need to think about the meanings that you want to come across to outsiders and the look that you’re going for. What’s great is that if you have a design in mind, chances are there is a way to tweak it a bit to make it work as a collarbone tattoo. Ideally, though, it is a horizontal design if you want it to go along your collar bone, or a vertical design if you want it to go down across your collar bone.

Some of the most popular collarbone tattoos out there today contain birds or just the feathers of birds. One example of this is getting two of your favorite birds on each side of your collarbone to give it a symmetrical look. If you do decide to go with birds or feathers, you’ll want to choose a species that has a meaning that makes sense for you.

Similarly, some people opt to get wings as their collarbone tattoos. You can get just the wings on each side of your collar bone or the bird’s body straight down the middle of your chest with the wings on either side. If you want to get a larger piece for your chest and collar bone, then definitely look into getting wings.

Another extremely popular collarbone tattoo idea is to put a meaningful flower above the collar bone or along the bone. If you didn’t know this already, just about every flower out there comes with a bunch of great meanings. We recommend checking out all of the flower tattoo meanings and narrowing your choice down to the one that looks the best and has great meanings that you want to share with the world.

The collar bone is also an excellent place to put words, quotes, or lyrics. Most people who go this route get the words so they go perfectly across the liens of their collarbone, giving the tattoo a very cool look. These collarbone tats look just as great when they are above or below the bone as they do when they are directly on it.

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Yet another great idea for a collarbone tattoo is to get a small symbol right above or under the bone. Heck, you can even get an actual bone tattoo in this area if that’s what you like. There are plenty of great symbols to choose from, so all you really have to focus on is designing it in such a way that looks natural in that area.

The collar bone is a fantastic place to get symmetrical designs that can go from one side to the other, up and over the shoulder, or even wrap around your entire body. These can be anything from animal tattoos to abstract line designs. Again, it’s best to get your idea drawn up first before you commit to it so you can see how it looks as a collarbone tattoo.

With any of these collarbone tattoo designs, you will want to think long and hard about the overall look you want so you can get the placement just right. You might imagine that the tattoo will look good closer to the middle of the chest when in fact it looks better further to one side. These are the types of things that you will want to talk to your tattoo artist about.

Collarbone tattoo ideas male

CollarBone Tattoos for Men. If you are looking for grand collarbone tattoo ideas that’ll never fail to make an impression, this deer head tattoo definitely fits the bill. This tattoo covers the chest area and reaches out to the collar bones. With great detailing, the tattoo surely showcases your love for this delicate body art. Zeroing in on men, collarbone tattoos for men are a common sight. It takes a lot of nerve to get one on that area. Getting one on the collar bone for a man shows the degree of confidence you have. Depending on the kind of tattoos you spot, it comes across as self-assuring. There are different types of tattoos that can appear on a man. Simple collarbone tattoo. In simplicity, there’s beauty. Even without intricate details and bold colors, collarbone tattoos can still be made as beautiful as can be. Minimalist trend on Collarbone Tattoos. Before, more means best. Now, less is more for collarbone tattoo designs. Keeping my fingers crossed. This hand gesture means one hopes Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

Fascinating Collarbone Tattoo Designs, Ideas & Images

Lovely Collarbone Tattoos Ideas With Meaning For Men And Women. Today We Have Some Outstanding Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas For You. Share These Designs If You Like Them.

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Collarbone Tattoos For Girls

Collarbone tattoos May highlight among the Very attractive Portions of the body. All these tattoos that can be put on both women and men vary from delicate and yummy to ferocious and strong. Collar bone tattoos aren’t only a form of saying today. A growing number of people especially the youth are currently inclined to have tattoos even ones that are permanent.

Tattoo Of Beautiful Blue Flower

The Pros of Collar Bone Tattoos

Some people choose collar bone tattoos in order to accentuate a certain message. Examples of collar bone tattoos can range from simple words and expressions, all the way up to deeply elaborate pieces of body art. Some people also like the way the collar bone tattoo can serve to accentuate the collar bone itself.

Again, the pros and cons of collar bone tattoos can emphasize certain pros or certain cons over others, since feelings and pain tolerances can vary from one individual to the next. Nonetheless, if you are going to discuss the pros and cons of collar bone tattoos, the following pros are likely to come up in conversation.

  1. Potential for Expression is Immense
    Naturally, those who want to express larger messages than something like an arm can accommodate will want to look for larger areas on their body. To that end, the collar bone affords a strong opportunity to express a large message.
  2. Distinct
    Then again, it doesn’t have to express a large message. The collar bone area is such that a small message or piece of art can be just as distinct a possibility for someone as a larger piece of art or larger message.
  3. Guaranteed to Get Attention
    Regardless of the tattoo, you decide to get, if you opt for the collar bone, you’re opting for a part of the body that is going to get people’s attention.
  4. Gender Neutral Area
    Some people will tell you that there is no such thing as a gender-specific part of the body for tattoos. However, others believe that certain parts of the body are more popular for tattoos with one gender than with another. If you are in the second camp, you will be pleased to know that collar bone tattoos are popular with both men and women.

Tattoos For Collarbone

Small Bird Tattoo on Collarbone

Star Tattoo Collarbone

Moon Phase Collarbone Tattoo

Shoulder Collarbone Tattoo

Heart Collarbone Tattoo

Arrows Collarbone Tattoo

Snake Collarbone Tattoo

Dragon Collarbone Tattoo

Feather Tattoo on Collarbone

Butterfly Tattoo Collarbone

Olive Branch Collarbone Tattoo

Roman Numerals Collarbone Tattoo

Rose Tattoo Collarbone

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Essential Tips Buyers Should Keep In Mind While Shopping Wedding Rings

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Essential Tips Buyers Should Keep In Mind While Shopping Wedding Rings
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While shopping for any special item, a buyer’s mind is always in doubt about choosing the best above best. This is one of the tough challenges for buyers to choose the best as there are already so many options. Wedding rings are something very special and will hold the forever memories of the love birds. So, to pick the best wedding ring, customers have to go through all the wonderful options that can catch their eye. This is not an uneasy job as there is not a chance of mismatch on an all-important day.


Many designs of wedding rings are sold by sellers but when it comes to customers they are always busy. Out of all the top wedding ring picks, lab diamond rings. Gold rings and platinum rings are popular choices. Yet, the beauty of real diamonds cannot be compared with any options. If a customer wants to buy an excellent-looking wedding ring then the customer can rely on the best lab diamonds Singapore rings as they are considered an elite choice in the current modern market.

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Selecting a wedding ring in hassle can be a costly decision that cannot be undone. Hence, there are some essential tips that buyers should keep in mind while buying wedding rings., such as:


  • Budget


Customers having good money in hand are free to purchase whatever ring design they want or wish. For shopping for wedding rings, the budget does play a big role if the price is more, customers will be discouraged which can be a big upset.


  • Type


Out of all the types of wedding rings, customers will want to look at all types of ring designs but which type is the best choice for a wedding ring? Well, it varies from type to type as every wedding ring collection is superb.


  • Durability


The ring’s durability is very important if it’s not good enough it will get broken. Wedding rings should be used on the other days too so in such cases lab grown diamonds London rings will be overall the perfect choice in many aspects.

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  • Quality


If the quality of the ring is poor then after a certain time customers will end up regretting buying these rings with all the money. While shopping for wedding rings quality should be the top priority besides all other factors.


These are the essential tips that buyers do not really know or care about. They have to be more cautious while buying any important thing like wedding rings or related stuff. It is always better to take some time and shop things with a calm mind so that the purchase will be worth it.


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Lab Grown Diamonds: The Next Big Trend in Fashion?

Madison Franz



Lab Grown Diamonds: The Next Big Trend in Fashion?
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Now, lab diamonds are becoming a new trend in fashion! In the past just less than a decade, lab-grown diamond technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. With these advancements, designers have started creating the most unusual natural gem of all- synthetic diamonds- and this is only one of many types of gems that are being grown in labs today.


The Future of the Diamond Industry – The Future of the Diamond Industry

The diamond industry is in for a big change as new technology improves the quality and yield of lab-grown diamonds. These gems are becoming more popular than ever before, with a number of high-profile celebrities sporting them on their fingers.


What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are created through a process that starts with heating carbon to extreme temperatures and then triggering a reaction that forms diamond. This method is much different than traditional diamond mining, where stones are extracted from the ground.


Why are they becoming so popular?

There are a few reasons why lab-grown diamonds are becoming so popular. First, the quality of these gems is usually higher than those that come from natural sources. This means that they look just as good – if not better – on the finger of a celebrity. Additionally, laboratory processing can create smaller stones which are often more affordable than larger ones. Finally, there’s always something sleek and luxurious about diamonds, no matter where they’re mined from.

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How do you get them?

You can’t buy lab-grown diamonds off the shelf like you can regular ones, but there are several ways to get your hands on them. Some jewelry companies will create customized pieces using these gems, while others may offer discounts if you purchase large quantities at once. You can also find them online or in some specialty stores. Just be sure to do your research first to make sure you’re getting what you’re expecting!


Lab Grown Diamonds in the Fashion World

Diamonds are traditionally a symbol of wealth and luxury, but what if you could wear diamonds that were created in a lab? Lab-grown diamonds are becoming the latest trend in fashion, as they offer several benefits over traditional diamonds. They’re environmentally friendly, since they don’t require diamond mines to be exploited; they’re cheaper than mined diamonds; and they’re less likely to cause environmental damage when produced. So why are Lab Grown Diamonds becoming so popular in the fashion world? Jewelers say that people are drawn to them because of their unique characteristics. “Lab grown diamonds have unique fire and brilliance,” says Sterling Jewelers CEO Daniel Barron. “They also tend to be slightly larger and rounder than traditional diamonds.” Some designers are even using lab grown diamond earrings for their entire collections. Brands like Saint Laurent and Dior have introduced collections featuring exclusively lab grown stones, while other high-end designers like Celine have started including smaller amounts of lab grown diamonds in select pieces. While some may find the price tag a bit daunting, others see it as an opportunity to support sustainable fashion practices. For younger generations who view sustainability as a key priority, choosing products made with natural materials is often the better option.

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Recently, the trend in fashion has been moving away from animal-based materials and towards lab-grown materials. Diamonds are no exception to this rule, with companies like De Beers struggling to keep up with the demand for synthetic diamond alternatives. While there are some risks associated with lab grown diamonds (namely environmental concerns), they may eventually become the go-to choice for luxury goods due to their unique properties. So what does that mean for you as a shopper? It means that if you’re looking to splurge on a new piece of jewelry, be sure to also consider whether or not the diamond is made using an environmentally sustainable method.

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Make Your Proposal Memorable with Tanzanite Ring

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You’ve found the love of your life with whom you can laugh, cry, and wonder. Now it’s time to give a status to your relationship with an engagement ring.

Tanzanite has become a favorite choice for engagement rings nowadays. The rarity of this stone makes it even more demanding. Propose to her with a dazzling tanzanite engagement ring that will evoke romance in her and make her fall for you again.
Let’s take a tour of some most fascinating vintage tanzanite ring options that can make your proposal remarkable.

1. Tanzanite Solitaire Ring

Solitaire rings are timeless! They are versatile and will never go out of style, and definitely are some of the most sold rings in high-end jewellers in Sydney. If she is fascinated with minimalist and simple jewelry, then a tanzanite solitaire ring is clearly made for her. Propose to your woman with a tanzanite solitaire ring complementing her versatile personality and making her go head over heels.
The solitaire ring setting brings all the attention to the tanzanite and makes everyone stare at the ring. Make your proposal memorable with this gorgeous tanzanite solitaire engagement ring.
Let everyone have their eyes on her engagement ring while you keep your eyes on her.

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2. Tanzanite Pave Ring

Adding more twinkle to your engagement ring is not too much, right? Choose a pave tanzanite gemstone engagement ring if your lady love likes liveliness in her jewelry.
Pave diamonds along the shank enhance the sparkle of the ring while keeping the spotlight on the center stone tanzanite. Place this spectacular tanzanite engagement ring on her finger and see how she melts for you.

3. Tanzanite Halo Ring

Have you ever felt like you’ve known your lover for ages and can sense an age-old and powerful connection with her? If your answer is yes, then you should propose to her with a ring that reminds her of that ancient connection between you.
A halo tanzanite ring is a perfect way to commemorate your antiquated connection with each other. Make your engagement grand with a halo tanzanite gemstone engagement ring reflecting vintage vibes. The small diamonds encircling the center stone tanzanite will make the center stone appear larger.

4. Tanzanite Three-stone Ring

The three-stone ring holds a very special meaning when it comes to an engagement ring. The three stones in the ring symbolize love, friendship, and fidelity. You may experiment a bit with your tanzanite three-stone ring to make it more romantic. Play with other color gemstones to make your ring one-of-a-kind. Or, if you want to keep it elegant, then diamonds will do wonders for you.
Diamonds flanked on either side of the center stone tanzanite will look marvelous and elevate the charm of the ring. Use rose gold metal for your one and only three-stone tanzanite ring that will take her breath away when you place it on her finger.

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5. Tanzanite Infinity Ring

You love your partner to the moon and back. Only an infinity ring can do justice to your undying love for her. Propose to your beloved with a tanzanite infinity ring to show your never-ending love for her. While the intoxicating indigo-blue of tanzanite will boast romantic vibes, the infinity shape of the ring swank your timeless love for her. If your significant other is a December born, then a tanzanite birthstone ring is the best proposal ring for her.

By now, I hope you’ve got an idea about which ring style would suit your girlfriend the most. Buy an antique tanzanite ring from GemsNY’s enormous gemstone jewelry collection to please your love and make your proposal memorable.

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