Monitor Teenager Viber Chat With OgyMogy Spy App for Android

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Viber spy app for android

Recently  I noticed that my teen daughter’s profile picture on WhatsApp was gone for a few days. She was inactive in the groups and stopped updating funny and sarcastic status as well. Last night at the dinner table when I asked her why  I can’t send her a message on WhatsApp, she revealed that she has left WhatsApp. The deactivation happened because WhatsApp has become too much saturated for her and now she has switched to another instant messaging app which obviously is less saturated. Well, I was surprised now that I fully learned how to use it properly like a pro and she switched the app. For about half-hour of teasing and queries, I get to know about the other less saturated app. She has started using Viber. I googled and it is kind of the same as WhatsApp I mean the offered features are almost similar.

This whole incident made me think about the switch matter more seriously. I mean teenagers know technology and it’s easy for them to switch from one app to another but we elders can’t win in this race. We are not eligible to even participate in this race. Then what?. We have no right to know about teen online friends and digital life. Well yes, we have the right and there are many other ways to get that rights properly. One of the best ways that I like the most and am going to share with all of you is the use of the spy app for android.

These spy apps let the parents know about all the apps and online activities of the teenagers without being in the race. Thus you can simply win the race without even participation. Cool Right?. One of the apps that offer various useful features is OgyMogy.

Check The Chat Between Strangers and Teenagers:

Viber encourages the users to make new friends on the platform by contacting strangers who have access to Viber account. In order to make new friends online, teenagers get attracted to this kind of offer and send and received messages from, anonymous users. Make sure your kid does not share too much personal information with strangers in the Viber chatbox. Click here to check what other features parental control apps offer.

Know About The Recent Slang Language:

Teenagers prefer text messaging over call and Viber offer free text message service. Thus keep an eye on the teen Viber text folder and know about the recent slang words and code language. Teen use different emoticons to convey a message to age fellows which sometimes may contain a secret message. Use The Viber spp of the OgyMogy and remotely read all the sent and received messages of the teen.

Eyes On The Audio And Video Call Log:

By using the Viber app you can make audio and video calls to anyone who uses the Viber instant messaging app. Parents can use the Viber spy app to know about the incoming and outgoing audio and video call logs of the teenager. Know about the contact list and discourage late-night video calls with unknown numbers or strangers.

Monitor Shared Media:

One of the biggest attractions of these instant messaging chat app is that it allows media sharing in many forms. Like you can share image, video, voice, music, or document file through these apps.  Teenager usually uses these apps to share image and video files. Use the OgyMog Viber spy app to keep a strict eye on the sent and received media on the Viber chat box of your teenager. Make sure your kid is responsible enough to not share any triggering or sexual content in the Viber group chats. In case your kid is suffering from any mental illness, depression, or anxiety then any kind of triggering content can be dangerous for the health. Keep them safe from all kinds of bullies, stalkers, and sexual offenders by strictly monitoring their chat box content.

OgyMogy parental control app for Android can be a useful addition to your technical knowledge and experience. You can use the offered feature to know more about your teenager’s habits and interests. Along with the android version, OgyMogy offer Mac and Windows spy app version as well that let the user monitor the gadgets like Laptop, desktop, and tablet of the kids.