Laura’s Cardboard Candle Packaging Boxes

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Here’s the chain of events that lead to Laura ordering her cardboard candle packaging boxes. After graduating as a business professional, Laura always wanted to work for herself. She never thought of working for anyone else. She wanted to be her own boss and make her own decisions. Many of her fellow graduates ended up getting jobs in fortune 500 companies. But Laura wanted to own a fortune 500 company, not work for one.

She knew it wouldn’t be an overnight task. It would take many sleepless nights and restless days to accomplish what she desired. But Laura was ready to pay her dues and climb up the ladder on her own terms. She had multiple businesses in mind that she wanted to launch by the end of the year 2020. And custom candle packaging boxes was just a small part of her bigger plans.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans for her. Not many businesses will remember 2020 as a successful year. Most would remember it as the worst financial year ever. Many investments went down the drain and many dreams shattered. But even during the time of covid-19 Laura shoveled her way through and ended up launching her own candle company.

Laura’s search for custom packaging for small businesses

Laura was frantically looking for a company that could provide high class custom packaging for small businesses at an affordable price and quick turnaround. She’d either land on a company that was trying to cash the covid-19 situation by overcharging or a company that just took too long to process an order due to travel restrictions. Laura was not going to give up just yet and looked under every rock and behind every curtain to find the type of packaging company that would serve her purpose that way she wanted it to.

Fortunately her search was cut short when a friend of hers suggested a custom packaging company that he was working with since before covid-19 hit. That company also halted all their operations due to obvious reasons, but now it was back working fulltime for all the regions in the world. Their delivery time had increased due to the latest covid-19 related travel protocols, but everything else was the same. Laura was glad to have this contact.

After getting in touch with the custom packaging company, Laura inquired about the procedures for placing orders for custom boxes or custom retail packaging. The procedures turned out to be pretty straightforward. Laura had a good feeling about ordering her custom candle boxes from this custom cardboard boxes manufacturer. She took a leap pf faith and ended up ordering several types of custom retail packaging boxes or custom candle boxes.

Arrival of the custom candle boxes

Laura was hoping to get the boxes in one piece as she had heard about the rigorous inspection process of the custom and authorities at the airport. They were not letting anything through which they felt could be contaminated or otherwise harmful in any way. Luckily, the boxes were cleared by the authorities and they were now on their way to Laura, as per the latest shipping updates by the shipping company responsible for delivering Laura’s custom candle boxes.

As soon as the delivery guy knocked on Laura’s front door, she knew it were the boxes. She got excited and rushed to attend the door, keeping the covid-19 protocols in mind. After receiving the delivery, Laura proceeded to the disinfection process. All this while her heart was racing, partially out of excitement and partially with the fear of something going wrong. However, as she opened the box and puled the custom candle packaging out of the box, she was surprised beyond belief. Laura had not imagined the boxes would look this good up front.

She had seen the digitals renders but she was still skeptical regarding the real thing. But this seemed better than reality. The stock of the boxes and the print quality were top notch. The gold foiling on the logo and the rest of the minimalist design all made so much more sense now. The packaging consultants at the packaging company gave Laura the best piece of advice when they told her to keep the design simple rather than going for a noisy design. Now the design was simple as well and curiosity inducing, exactly what Laura wanted.

With great looking custom candle boxes and some renewed confidence, Laura decided to drop the date of her candle brand called ‘Brightened’.

ClipnBox is one such custom packaging company that can be contact for projects related to custom packaging and boxes.

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