Latest Concepts and Trends of Digital Marketing

Trends of Digital Marketing
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A few years back, one would need a website, a Facebook page, and they were good to go. But now, proper digital marketing is essential to get your business ahead. That is why it is important to keep abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing. You won’t find any successful business without a dedicated marketing team that adapts to new technologies. This has forced other businesses to do the same to keep their business ahead of the competition. Here are the top trends and concepts that are a reflection of how businesses are evolving with the changing technologies.

Facebook Is Not as Powerful as Before

While it may have acquired WhatsApp and is by no means struggling like Yahoo, it is very evident that it is losing its popularity among the generation Z. Younger generation prefer more visual experiences offered by other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Bigo. This is directly the outcome of the Facebook data scandal that made it lose credibility all over the world.

So why is this important for digital marketers? Facebook may not be suitable for many marketing campaigns because the relevant audience may not be targeted. Before investing in the marketing budget, businesses should consider whether or not their targeted audience is on Facebook to avoid wasting their time and money.

Instagram Is On the Rise

Instagram has already performed impressively among the younger generation and has reached over a billion users. This makes Instagram one of the most widely used platforms all over the world. It is growing rapidly and it is impossible for businesses to not find the right audience for their targeted market. With most of its user base only under 25, it is a much more viable choice than Facebook. It is however important to be updated on Instagram’s removal of features as that can drive the audience away from the platform.

AI Is the New Customer Service

Customer service is now dominated by chatbots. These bots used artificial intelligence and are your new virtual assistants. The bots can learn using ML and assist the businesses in achieving their customer service goals. Chatbots can talk to humans over text just like a natural human. Some bots are so witty that it is almost impossible to realize that a bot is talking to you. Customers prefer talking to chatbots instead of calling the business directly.

Video Content Has Become a Necessity

Businesses should have visually interactive content. Only textual content won’t do it anymore. That is because customers want to connect to businesses in a more personal way. Since the new generation won’t think twice about providing their data, they expect the businesses to replicate the same by providing them insights into their businesses on a deeper level. That is why Video content tends to make more sales than text-based content.


These are some of the latest trends in digital marketing. Production of visual content is probably the highest priority of many businesses. If you want to create visual content for your business, check here for graphic design companies in London ontario.

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