Knowledge on Meaning of Blogging

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Before we start learning blogging, let’s start with the fundamentals.

What is a blog?

A blog is webpage which is being updated after a regular interval displaying information in reverse chronological order with the most recent post at the top.

Examples of Blog – Search engine journal

Now, let’s see meaning of blogging?

Meaning of Blogging?

Blogging is the art of writing articles on a specific topic on the website published on the world wide web.

Terms used in blogging

Let’s see what are the most common terms used in blogging:

1-Blog – A webpage updated with information after a specific time period like once in a week or once in a month or whatever it may be it depends on the blogger.

2-Blogger – The person who updates the information on the blog or webpage is called blogger

3-Blogging – The practice of updating the content on the blog or webpage is called blogging.

4- RSS Feed – RSS stands for Rich Site Summary OR Really Simple Syndication.

It is a software that is used to feed or read the content of websites you like through hyperlinks and can access it using this tool.

5- Category – The post you publish in your blog is under a category.

There are few example of the commonly used terms.

Advantages of Blogging


One of the important advantages of blogging is that it helps us to connect with other bloggers from same and different fields across the world. Interacting with different bloggers from different countries and culture which will lead to good relations with them that may help you to start new startups/businesses.

It may help you get more popularity for your business.


The best part of blogging is that when you start to write a blog, you may take time into getting the habit of improving your writing skills and style.
You will be criticized if you make a mistake. So, overlook it! Gradually, your writing skills will be improved as I believe your first post and your hundred posts will never be the same.


If you choose blogging as a job, the flexibility of working it makes it more suitable for you to get time for other day to day activities.
When you are a full-time blogger, it is in your hand to stop all your activities as you are your own boss.


Start a blog website by knowing the meaning of blogging, which will help you to understand all the concepts related to blogging.

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