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Just Eat Business Model: How Delivery Company Works & Make Money?




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Demand for online meal ordering and delivery has increased steadily in recent years. This sector saw steady growth when people struck at their homes and were forced to follow social distancing rules. Online food delivery giants like Just Eat made it possible for restaurants to keep their businesses running and meet customers’ changing needs. If you’re thinking of developing a platform similar to a delivery giant, having insight into the Just Eat business model can help you know how delivery works and make money.

Online food ordering and a delivery fad among consumers all around the globe as they prefer comfort and want everything to be delivered to their place. In 2022 the global food delivery sector is estimated to reach around 130.2 billion U.S. dollars; this number is projected to increase by 223.7 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2027. The market was forecasted to increase at 11% of CAGR over the period considered.

The food ordering and delivery businesses have a bright future as more customers these days prefer to have sizzling meals delivered to their doorsteps whenever they want to enjoy them. If you are seeking an opportunity to become a part of a growing industry, White Label Fox can help you with that. An impressive ready-to-use Just Eat clone can help you launch a successful venture online and manage activities efficiently.

What is Just Eat?

Just Eat is an online meal delivery marketplace that connects customers with restaurants. The food ordering and delivery platform provides its service in more than 24 countries and has collaborated with around 580,000 local restaurants. Just Eat Takeaway operates focusing on the local market; it enables customers to search for restaurants and order food through the website, iOS app, or Google app.

JustEat Foundation, Funding History, & Success Story to Have Insight into!

Operated by Netherlands-based Just Eat Takeaway.com, JustEat is an online meal ordering and delivery brand. In 2001, it was launched as a separate company in Kolding, Denmark, and headquartered in the U.K. The company acts as an intermediary between takeaway food outlets and customers.

Just Eat provides its service in more than seven counties and enables consumers to search for local restaurants, place orders, and make payments online. It also enables customers to choose between pick-up and delivery options. Have a quick look over the success time to know complete details of the food ordering and delivery company right below.

Just Eat takeaway doorbell giveaway caters to ticketless champion league fans. It was created in support of Just Eat Takeaways’ sponsorship of the Uefa Champions League; the stunt was captured for posterity by Liverpool and YouTuber fan Callum Airey.

The Takeaway food market globally is expected to witness massive growth by 2029; delivery giants, including JustEat, will have significant revenue and sales. Moreover, Just Eat Takeaways value a great portion; more than 33% is made by a stake in iFood.

The value can be realized by JET management since Prosus owns 66% of iFood. Just Eat Takeaway.com N.V.’s enterprise value is for a great portion made up of a 33% stake in iFood, showcasing how undervalued the sum of the parts basis. The company has 28.2 billion euros in total gross value.

Getting inspired by the success of Just Eat, many are choosing to develop advanced solutions similar to it. They are trying to understand how Just Eat works by understanding the Just Eat takeaway business model. If you’re looking to automate your restaurant or food ordering and delivery business operations, have a quick look over the flow and understand how our branded solution helps you manage business activities from one place.

Just Eat Business Model: How Delivery Company Caters to Customers’ Growing Needs?

Just Eat operates on a hybrid business model, meaning the company partners with the restaurants to cater to the growing food delivery needs of customers. They work together by entering into independent contracts to cater to the orders. Success-based Just Eat business model ensures great cash flow and creates value for restaurants, shareholders, and other partners.

The impressive Just Eat Takeaway business model helped the company to complete millions of orders effectively. In 2020, the company received nearly 588 million orders; this number shows a great increase as measured around 413 million during previous years.

Just Eat Takeaway.com operates under distinct brand names in different countries. For example, Thuisbezorgd.nl in the Netherlands or Lieferando.de in Germany. More than 60 million active customers actively registered with Just Eat Takeaway in 2020; the majority of customers were from the United Kingdom and Germany.

There are two interdependent customer segments in the marketplace-based Just Eat business model; these include:

Customers: Those who want to order food from local restaurants.

Restaurants: Local food stores and restaurants that want a large customer base and offer take-out.

As an intermediate between restaurant and customers, Just Eat easily manages the product sorting, discovery, orders, payment process, and everything related to delivery. Customers can explore menu items through the website and the company’s app. Let’s explore the customer segment and more to understand the Just Eat business model and identify how it operates to satisfy the needs of food lovers.

Value Proposition For Customers

The company provides three key value propositions to customers that are performance, customization, and convenience. Feature-rich online food ordering and the delivery app provide convenience to customers by enabling them to identify all the restaurants nearby them.

Customers who love the take-out option can download the Just Eat app on their smart device or can visit the website to make an order. They can use multiple payment options to complete hassle-free payments and can also write reviews about the restaurant and delivery provider with ease.

Value Proposition For Restaurants

Just Eat provides mainly four value propositions to restaurants and other food stores: accessibility, performance, decreased risk, and convenience. The delivery company improves the accessibility of restaurants by informing customers about them; this enables restaurants to get more customers and improve their business reach.

Just Eat helps restaurants generate more orders. The easy-to-use delivery platform generates more than 2,500 orders during peak hours. Additionally, restaurant online orders are almost 25% more than telephonic orders.

Customer Segmentation

Just Eat follows a multi-faceted business model with two primary independent segments that are essential to operating a successful business.


  • Individuals who want to order Takeaway from a local restaurant;
  • Food lovers who want to enjoy tasty and delicious meals;
  • People with busy schedules who don’t have enough time to cook.


  • Food stores that want to improve their business reach;
  • Grocery stores that want to expand their customer base;
  • Those who are expected to grow their business sales and profits.

Recently Just Eat has revealed a list of six of Bradford’s best-reviewed takeaways. The food delivery brand focuses on developing great relationships with its customers; they are allowed to use the service through the leading platform and with limited interactions with employees. Besides, it also enables restaurants to answer all customers’ doubts through phone, email, etc.

Just Eat Revenue Model: How Delivery Company Makes Money?

Effective Just Eat Takeaway business model makes it easier for an online platform to provide the best food ordering and delivery service. The company operates under various brand names in many countries, including Thuisbezorgd.nl in the Netherlands and Lieferando.de in Germany.

Just Eat Takeaway grew between 2015 and 2020; in 2015, the revenue amounted to around 77 million euros, whereas it increased by two billion euros in 2020. The Dutch portal Thuisbezorgd.nl saw a total value that was higher than their competitors Deliveroo and Hungry.

Just Eat’s revenue increased by 33%, which is around €5.3B in 2021; it has raised a combined $2.9 billion across nine rounds of debt funding and equity. Leading investors include Index Ventures, Rheingau Founders, Prime Ventures, Redpoint, Venrex, and 83North.

You might be wondering about how Just Eat makes money through its revenue model; it earns through delivery fees, restaurant fees, and more. Let’s explore the Just Eat revenue model in-depth right here.

Restaurant Commissions

Most of Just Eat Takeaways’ revenue comes from restaurants as the platform charges a commission for every order. Restaurant commissions differ depending on many factors, including restaurant location and others as well. Just Eat charges 10 to 15% of commission from restaurants.

Delivery and Services Fees

Just Eat also charges delivery fees and service fees from customers. Just Eat costs between zero to £4.50 per delivery; this charge depends on distance. Just Eat charges around £1.99 or more as the additional cost.

Sponsored Placements Within The Platform

Just Eat partners can boost their presence through promoted placements. It is an advertising platform that places a restaurant in the top five results on its website and app. The delivery giant also charges through the Cost Per Click (CPC) model, which means each time customers click on advertising, the restaurant has to pay a small commission.

Interchange Fees

Just Eat Takeaway partnered with Adyen in 2021, a payment processor that provides online payments for various tech businesses. They introduced Takeaway Pay Card, which is a pre-funded debit card that workers can use for meal expenses. The card permits all the employees to buy goods and services at thousands of eateries and shops that accept Mastercard and Maestro.

Get Your Food Delivery Platform Developed Today!

We hope this article might help you to have insight into the Just Eat business model, how it makes money, and more. Looking to the Just Eat success, if you are thinking of starting a similar business, White Label Fox can help you with it. Check the online delivery service app pricing and more to make a smart choice for your delivery app.

Our developers can deploy feature-rich food ordering and delivery apps as per your business requirement. Just specify your requirement, and we will do the rest. Contact us today to know how we can help you streamline your business process: [email protected]


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A Guide to Maintaining a Wrought Iron Gate




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No matter where you live, a wrought iron gate can add both aesthetic charm and security to your home. But to keep your gate looking beautiful and functioning properly, it is important to maintain it regularly.

If you are living in Houston, Texas, there are some specific considerations when it comes to repairing or replacing a wrought iron gate due to the unique climate of the region. In this article, we will discuss how you can ensure that your wrought iron gate remains in optimum condition for many years to come. We will cover topics such as what types of maintenance should be done regularly, factors that could affect the longevity of your gate, and tips for finding reliable repair services if needed.

Types of Maintenance

Here are two basic types of maintenance that should be done to keep your wrought iron gate looking and functioning properly:

Regular Maintenance

Your wrought iron gate should be checked for rust and corrosion regularly. This is especially true if you live in an area with high humidity or saltwater like Houston. You can use a simple solution of equal parts water and white vinegar to clean off any buildup that may have formed over time. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all the bolts and screws are tight, as these can loosen over time due to vibration from heavy winds.

Periodic Maintenance

It is also a good idea to have your wrought iron gate inspected periodically by a professional. This will allow them to check for any damage caused by weathering or other wear and tear. If repairs or replacement parts are needed, they can be identified early on before a more serious problem arises.

If you are planning to move within the area, having a professional inspect your gate before you leave will help ensure that it is in good condition for the next owners of your home.

Factors to Consider When Repairing a Wrought Iron Gate in Houston, Texas

When repairing a wrought iron gate in Houston, Texas, several factors must be taken into account. They include:

#1. Weather: Houston has a more humid climate than other parts of the country, so it is important to ensure that the gate is appropriately coated and sealed. This will help protect it from rust and corrosion caused by moisture in the air.

#2.  Quality of Materials: It is important to use quality wrought iron that can withstand Houston’s humid climate and exposure to the elements.

#3. Reputation: Before you select a wrought gate repair company, make sure to research its reputation in the industry. Ask around for personal recommendations or read online reviews.


These are just a few of the tips to ensure that your wrought iron gate remains in good condition in Houston, Texas. By taking care of regular and periodic maintenance, you can help ensure that your gate remains beautiful and functional. If repairs are needed, make sure to choose a reputable wrought iron gate repair in Houston, Texas to get the best results.

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Top 8 Benefits Of Hiring A Full-Service Moving Company




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Moving from one home to another can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Some essential decisions must be made, including whether or not to engage a professional moving company to assist with your relocation. They’ve helped hundreds of Staten Island residents to relocate their stuff into new homes with their affordable moving services in Staten Island, NY. While there are many advantages to hiring professional movers for long-distance and local relocation, the following are a few of their favorites.

  1. Leave Packing To The Professionals

When you employ a full-service moving company, you won’t have to worry about the laborious packing procedure. Professional movers have the knowledge and skills to pack your belongings safely and effectively. They will know the best packing material to wrap your valuables and antiques during relocation.

  1. Relieve Some Of Your Moving Stress

If you plan to move across town or the nation can be highly stressful. When you hire a moving company, you can relax knowing that professional movers and packers will handle your belongings. When you contact professional local moving services, they will manage the packing and moving of all your stuff to help take some of the moving-day stress off your shoulders.

  1. Save Time By Hiring A Moving Company

If you need to move from point A to point B quickly, hiring a professional moving company will help you keep on track and schedule for the big day. You may already have a schedule for specific tasks that you must complete, such as transferring your cable or power service. Choosing a full-service moving company will allow you plenty of time to complete these tasks. Professional movers can also rapidly pack and unpack your stuff so you can start enjoying your new home sooner rather than later.

  1. Keep Your Belongings Safe In Storage

Consider renting a storage unit if you have time between leases or need a place to store your property for a month or two after moving out. They provide long- and short-term storage at their state-of-the-art storage facilities at affordable moving services in Staten Island, NY. Their warehouses are extremely safe and monitored 24 hours a day, so you can confidently leave your goods in their hands.

  1. Ensure Your Assets Are Protected

When you hire a full-service moving company like The Promovers, you can be confident that your expensive assets will be protected. Most professional movers will require you to sign a formal contract before they begin carefully packing and transporting your belongings. These contracts are only intended to protect the customer in the event of damaged property; thus, if one of your carriers slips and falls while carrying a box, your possessions will be insured.

  1. Hiring Movers Can Save You Money

One of the most significant reasons for not hiring movers is the expense, but did you realize that hiring professional movers can help you save money? When you select a reputable local moving services company, you won’t have to worry about purchasing tons of bubble wrap, packing straps, markers, or boxes, because the moving firm will already have these supplies on hand.

  1. Customizable Services

Every move is unique, and selecting moving services that match your specific timeframe and demands is essential. Many professional movers provide customizable options to improve your moving experience. Choose between full or partial packing, or get organized with unloading services. If you require assistance packaging your fragile or specialty items, inquire with your mover about any custom crating services they may provide.

  1. Avoid Painful Moving Injuries

The last thing you want to deal with during a move is an injury. To minimize physical damage, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional moving company if you have huge pieces of furniture or extra-heavy boxes in your home. An expert fleet of movers will have the instruments required to transport heavy goods safely.


Moving can be a huge hassle if you don’t hire a professional team, but local moving companies make life easier for everyone involved. The next time you need to move, don’t go alone. Hire a local moving services company and enjoy your new home without stress. The Promovers offers affordable moving services whether you’re moving a few blocks away or across the state. Call today to learn more about their services.

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Buy Yourself New Home Appliances Using Funds From Car Title Loans




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Do you feel like you’re not “living” unless your dishes and coffee pot are clean? That’s because most of us have a half-baked understanding of money management. Maybe you don’t know how much to save, you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, or you don’t feel like your current financial system is working for you — and it’s time we change that. Car Title Loans are a great way to boost your money. 


It’s time to invest in you! You deserve a great home and a great life. And the first step has the correct financial tools. How would you like to repay credit card debt or consolidate your loans? Pay for anything from home improvement to family vacations and college education to down payments on a brand new car? All it takes is knowing how to use your money for your benefit.


What Can You Expect From Car Title Loans?


  1. No Credit Check — Since you’re using your car title to secure the loan, it doesn’t matter what your credit report says. You can get a loan if you have a car and a steady job. No more hassles of dealing with credit card companies or banks! Just one signature, and you’re on your way to getting back on track.


  1. Fast Approval — This form of financing is available 24 hours a day to help fit around your busy schedule. Be it before or after hours, during lunch, or even on weekends. You can get pre-approval for an auto title loan. When you need fast cash for your immediate needs, the lenders are here and ready to help!


  1. Personal Loans — Do you want a personal loan but don’t know how? You can take out a personal loan from the same place you take out your auto title loans. What’s nice about this is that you can use your car title as collateral for both loans. Additionally, you won’t have to pay any extra fees to qualify for a second loan. It’s all part of being a smart money manager!


  1. Financial Control — With Car Title Loans in Nova Scotia, you can finally understand how to use your money. If you want to extend your home loan, you know what to expect, thanks to your knowledge of the auto title loan. Most importantly, it’s all in the way you use that money! 


  1. Cost Effective — The interest on Car Collateral Loans in Nova Scotia is usually much less than the interest charged on most personal credit cards. You also have access to more money at a lower cost!


  1. Money Management — Finally, with Car Title Loans Nova Scotia, you’re actively using your money and learning how to manage it. What’s more, you know that your car title will cover whatever you invest in—no more worries about what would happen if you missed a payment. The title is collateral for the loan!


  1. It’s Legal — Getting Car Title Loans Nova Scotia is completely legal and above board. Many individuals used their car title as collateral for a loan. Additionally, through your car’s registration information, you can get approved without providing any financial information like existing credit cards or other loans.


  1. No Further Debt — When you take out a Car Title Loans Nova Scotia, you aren’t left with further debt on your credit card or other personal loans. And since the money is secured on your vehicle, you don’t have to pay any upfront fee, saving you even more money in the long run!


Benefits of Applying For Car Title Loans


  1. Fast Approval — Getting approved is as easy as 1-2-3. We’ll give you potential approval for an auto title loan in less than 60 minutes!


  1. Free Consultation — You don’t even have to pay a fee to check your credit. And you can rest assured that we use the most up-to-date technology to protect your information.


  1. Money Management — At this time in your life, money is likely a concern for you and everyone around you. The money management skills you learn here will help to make sure that your hard-earned money is used wisely. 


  1. Safety — By using your car title as collateral, you can rest assured that you won’t have too much cash to pay back. You’ll be protected in the event of any mishaps with the car as well– meaning you’ll never have to worry about not making payments on your auto title loans!


  1. Convenience — These loans are available 24/7 and online. You can start the loan application process and get approved the same day! That means you don’t have to wait for hours or days to get a fast loan.



Now that you know more about a Car Title Loan, starting your application for a loan today is time. Get the ball rolling and take the first step in taking control of your money! It doesn’t matter your situation or what you need. They’ve developed an easy-to-understand process that will help you achieve your dreams. All it takes is one signature and access to an auto title so that they can secure the loan! It’s fast, easy, and safe.

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