Jessica Alba shows off a cute little nail that fits her family!

Jessica Alba shows off a cute little nail
Jessica Alba shows off a cute little nail
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Jessica Alba, known for her “Sin City” and “Fantastic Four” series, posted photos on Instagram with her family and cute nails.


▲ Jessica Alba (left), husband Cash Warren (upper left), eldest daughter Ono (right)
Jessica Alba’s Instagram (jessicaalba)
Jessica posted a photo of her husband, filmmaker Cash Warren, and her eldest daughter, 12-year-old Honor, “Pinky swear.” The three little fingers are painted purple and blue, respectively, showing a matching cute nail.

There is also a shot where the 9-year-old second daughter Heaven and the little fingers of both hands intersect.

▲ Eldest daughter Honor (bottom left), second daughter Heaven and husband Cash Warren (center), Jessica Alba (right)
Jessica Alba’s Instagram (jessicaalba).

Jessica said she fixed her family with her little finger in a social media campaign “like a Madre vote” (Madre means mother in Spanish) in the US presidential election scheduled for November.

The movement encourages Latin mothers to vote for candidates who prioritize the fight against climate change to promote the future of their children.

In addition to Jessica (Jessica) rooted in Mexico and Europe, another famous Latin singer Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) has also called for the use of Instagram.

Jessica also showed off her little finger with the word “VOTE” on her nails.

▲ Instagram (jessicaalba) of Jessica Alba (JessicaAlba)
The headline is, “We want to make the world better for our children.

To that end, we begin to vote for climate change. Love our children and the planet. Let’s spread it. ”

Jessica is the mother of three children, and her husband’s cash includes the honor of her eldest daughter, her second daughter Heaven, and her two-year-old eldest son Hayes.

Jessica has been an actress since she was 5 years old and made her debut in 1994 at “Summer Camp / No Wear Camp …”.

Since then, the television series “Dark Kiss” (1999) and “Idol Hand” (1999) and the television series “Dark Angel” (2000-2002), governed by James Cameron, have attracted 1,200 people.

Note. I shot the hero from the inside and suddenly became a star.

After that, he first appeared in the movie “Dance Revolution” (2003), and produced “Sin City” (2005) and “Super Power Unit” (2005). Year) and “Valentine’s Day” (Valentine’s Day) and other major works. ”

(2010) Appearance. In recent years, he has appeared in the derivative work” LAs FINEST / Los Angeles Investigator “(2019) of the TV series” Bad Boys “for 18 consecutive years.

Other major appearances include “Into the Blue” (2005), “Eyes” (2008), “Meet Bill” (2008), “Killer Inside Me” (2010), and “Jessica Alba”. Aruba’s “Formula of Happiness” (2010), “Spy Kids 4D: World Time Mission” (2011), “Mechanical: World Mission” (2016), etc.

[Click here for Jessica Alba’s Instagram]

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