Jennifer Lawrence remembers the embarrassing seconds of winning the Oscar

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Jennifer Lawrence remembers the embarrassing seconds of winning the Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence remembers the embarrassing seconds of winning the Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence remembers the embarrassing seconds of winning the Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence still remembers the embarrassing fall she had seven years ago, playing at the Dolby Theater just seconds later and winning her first Oscar.

She was nominated for Best Actress Oscar for her work on her “The Glossy Side of Life”. Jennifer stumbled onto the podium, climbed the stairs, and watched live broadcasts on Earth in front of thousands of people.
She is ready. I am very nervous and superstitious.

I don’t want to admit the possibility of winning. I don’t want to write a speech. I have everything in my head. I was very nervous, but I was ready. All adrenaline is gone, they are gone. They said my name and I was very happy and shocked.

Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) recalled: “Then I fell and wiped everything out. My brain was blank. Now I can look back happily, but for a long time the fall is for me. It’s all a delicate topic.” Heather McMahan podcast.

Even more tense was that she steppe onto the stage, spoke in good faith, and thanked those who participated in the victory. Everyone praised the welcome speech, but Jennifer is still very sensitive to this.

Three days after the embarrassing fall, I was deeply influenced by reporter Anderson Cooper’s comments.

“Anderson Cooper … three days later she met him on CNN,” well, she clearly pretended to be autumn, “Lawrence explained. “I don’t know if I’ll have another chance to do it again. I’m worried that I can’t give a good speech because of this kind of speech.”

At a Christmas party about a year later, Jennifer confronted Anderson and asked Anderson to comment on her downfall.

“I met him at a Christmas party and informed him. A friend said (when I told him) a blood vessel was sticking out of my eyes. He apologized. I think we are good friends now. But for me, we are fine.

“I told her,’Have you ever tried to go upstairs in her evening dress? So how do you know? (Who pretends?)'” She immediately I apologized and apologized for not knowing. She might tell everyone she’s a psychologist, “Lawrence said.

And about her embarrassing fall, the actress attributed it to two things: her wonderful Christian Dior Couture dress since not many hours ago the Dolby Theater where the ceremony took place had been waxed.

Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding guests and first details revealed

The actress and her partner Cook Maloney got engaged in February this year and got married yesterday at a private party in Newportville, Rhode Island.

Jennifer Lawrence married gallery owner Cook Maloney at a private party this Saturday. The ceremony was held in Newport Building, Rhode Island, and was attended by a total of 150 people, including Adele, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller and Kris Jenner.

Newport’s castle is a magnificent 19th-century building famous for hiding ghosts. In fact, there are guided paranormal tours on weekends.

According to her first photo, the Kentucky actress shines her in fairytale natural make-up and wedding dresses. According to sources, the wedding dress was signed by Dior. Jennifer’s choice features her transparency, high neckline and romantic sleeves. She has a casual hairstyle.

Wedding attendees praised the dishes prepared by renowned wedding planner Markseed, including wood-burning fish, beef shank in tomato sauce, and fritters with bourbon cream. This includes sweet potato pancakes, Brussels sprouts and egg yolk pickles, bacon and apple pickles, and salted tara beets.

Add bread pudding for dessert.Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) and her current husband, Cook Maloney (Cook Maloney), met through one of the actress’s best friends, Laura Simpson. What 28-year-old interpreters have in common with 34-year-old Maloney is that they belong to a close family and come from the countryside. Maloney is from Vermont and Lawrence is from Kentucky. They both moved to the city to make their business successful.

The Hunger Games stars and gallery owners started their relationship in mid-2017 and engaged in February this year.

Earlier, the couple revealed that they had decided to marry for intimacy and trust. “I just met Cook and want to marry him already,” the actress declared in the past.

Maloney is an art collector who studied art history at New York University and works at the famous Gladstone 64 Gallery in New York.

His clients belong to the entertainment industry, including British sculptor Anish Kapoor, photographer Matthew Barney (Björk’s partner), Swiss Ugorondinone, and painter Lena Dunham’s father Carroll Dunham.