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Intel Vice President: AI-powered Defect Detection App Becomes Industrial IoT Killer App

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By combining evolving cameras with faster and smarter automatic object recognition capabilities, computer vision has become one of the most promising applications of AI in the future.

At the Transform 2020 digital summit, Intel Vice President Brian McCarson Matt Marshall (Matt Marshall) of VentureBeat is the CEO of the rapidly growing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The role of vision in the marketplace was presented.

In this conversation, we’ll focus on the new use case we have to help with: significantly improved product defect detection, which is expected to improve the reliability of everything from computer screens to automobiles. I put it in

McCarson said that historically, manufacturers working to eliminate product defects did not lack staff or defect detection experts. In other words, the limitation of the human eye is a hindrance.

Defects in today’s consumer products can be microscopic, such as screen pixel defects and surface defects in aluminum components in automobile gearboxes.

Humans are good at detecting changes in movement and style, but we can’t always find those nuances. Therefore, with the development of computer vision, Intel sees an opportunity.

Intel has developed a computer vision solution in cooperation with cloud service provider Alibaba. This solution increased the positive defect detection rate of vehicle metal workers from approximately 20% to over 99%. In short, the difference is that 4 out of 5 defects and 1 out of 100 defects are missed.

At least for the computer vision sensing components, this is a noticeable change, greatly improving the reliability of the car.

McCarson noted that the solution is reasonably priced and “scalable.” This is because manufacturers can add this solution to a million dollar production line for just a few thousand dollars without making other manufacturing changes.

He said, “So after several days of real return on investment (ROI) measurement, manufacturers can implement one of the most prestigious defect quality control measures in the world.

” Intel is currently working with hundreds of companies with similar Factory Cooperation for quality control. Factories that implement this quality control can improve production yields, reduce yields, and increase operating margins, while reducing negative manufacturing and environment-related yields.

McCarson explained that another great advantage of IIoT is the use of open source software. Open source software can help companies without extensive AI experience develop high-performance machine vision solutions.

For example, Intel’s free convolutional neural network toolkit, OpenVINO, comes with a ready-to-use visual inference model that has been applied to various use cases and is 80-90% performing out of the box.

We have effective machine vision solutions that can help you achieve this. By tuning this solution, the company can achieve 96% to 97% performance.

McCarson suggested that open source has become part of the industry trend, moving from garden devices with proprietary walls (like BlackBerry) to platforms with a foundation for future innovation.

Given the nature of Intel’s artificial intelligence solutions (more flexible than specific uses), the company considers providing customers with a guarantee for the future, rather than simply buying enough products for today’s applications. , I want to buy flexibility to adapt to future AI needs.

When Marshall asked about the market opportunities for computer vision, McCarson said it was “very surprising.” In the consumer goods manufacturing industry, the annual global turnover for industrial automation alone amounts to US $ 500 billion, in order to effectively solve manufacturing problems that were almost impossible to solve a few years ago.

We already know that we are ready to embrace AI and computer vision. Over the next two to five years, edge-based computer vision and data analytics will grow simultaneously to improve defect detection, inventory tracking, and machine uptime, including data analytics. of traditional time series and modern computer vision. He predicts that there will be a “big change” in usage.

At the summit question and answer session, McCarson was asked about the future trend of AI hardware. He replied that one of the main issues is to provide hardware that can adapt to future changes.

The company now wants to use software to update its hardware seamlessly, rather than relying on the old approach of having to submit tracks for updates.

He also pointed out that the current stage of AI is limited by the availability of the model when performing certain tasks, rather than hardware performance limitations. He also recommends that software developers be responsible for creating models that take full advantage of available technology.

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How To Drain A Lawn | Fix Waterlogged Grass

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How To Drain A Lawn | Fix Waterlogged Grass
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A waterlogged lawn is most gardeners’ worst nightmare! Usually occurring over winter, heavy rainfall can lawns soggy and muddy underfoot. Look for large pools of water or a squelchy feeling as you walk over the grass. If your lawn has fallen victim to waterlogging, avoid walking on it as much as you can, and make sure to follow these key action steps.

How to Drain and Fix a Lawn

The first thing to do once you are fixing a waterlogged lawn is to make sure no one walks over it, as that can churn up the grass and make the problem much worse than it was to begin with. Wait for the majority of the water to evaporate, but if there is any left that won’t go, gently push it toward the borders of your lawn or a drain with a broom or brush. Make sure the soil is moist but not wet before you take any further action on it.

Spike the lawn with a garden fork, creating large holes in the lawn. After the initial spiking and draining, using a hollow tine aerator on the lawn will remove further plugs of soil. This should allow the majority of the water to drain through. You can then add a top dressing of horticultural sand or compost to absorb extra moisture and build up a healthier lawn. If the grass has been ruined, you can then take the next step of over-seeding and applying a further layer of topsoil or compost.

How to drain a waterlogged lawn

Rain, rain, and yet more rain – that’s exactly what many parts of the UK see oh so regularly. Although the British population may be used to the almost constant deluge, our lawns may not. Sadly, one of the most common problems caused by excess rain is waterlogged lawns. The effects can be devastating for your garden.

To drain your waterlogged lawn quickly begin pricking or slitting the surface. We recommend using a pricking or slitting tool designed to leave holes 10-15cm (4-6in) deep. It is worth remembering that the pricking and slitting methods are best carried out once the excess water has drained away.

Effects of waterlogging

Although grass can cope with wet conditions better in winter than summer, water sitting on the surface of a lawn will cause problems at all times of the year. Compaction stifles airflow and water flow to the roots of the grass. This will ultimately drown and kill the plants, leaving them yellow and patchy.

Three-step law reparation

1. Let the lawn drain

Avoid walking on it or treating it in any way until most of the water has finally drained from your lawn – smaller patches can be swept towards areas of the garden that drain more easily. If draining only takes a couple of days, Grass that has been waterlogged for over a week is likely a lost cause and will need to be replaced or reseeded.

2. Aerate roots

This can either be done with a manual hollow tine aerator which makes small holes all over the garden, or a powered hollow tine aerator that will leave plugs of soil on the surface – be sure to remove them. Holes can then be filled with top-dressing soil or sand to improve future drainage.

3. Feed it

As winter turns to spring and temperatures begin to warm up, you should begin to feed the lawn with spring fertilizer. As it grows, you’ll be able to pinpoint areas where the turf has been killed and you can begin to reseed or replace them.

Longer-Term Solutions

If you have frequent/ ongoing issues with waterlogging, it may be worth investigating longer-term solutions such as Land Drains or Drains.

Both of these consist of a trench (or series of trenches), dug into the lawn and lined with a porous membrane. The trench is then filled with shingle and/or graded stone before being finished off with topsoil so that the relaid on the surface returns to being level with the rest of the lawn.

From there it is guided to dissipate harmlessly underground. The porous membrane is designed to filter out silt from any water which is washed into the trench. Without this filtration, drains of either type can easily be clogged with silt and inundated with the very water which they exist to channel away.

What Causes Waterlogging?

This really is as straightforward as it sounds. The soil becomes waterlogged when water builds up and is unable to drain away, which in turn creates various issues for the grass. A sudden downpour rarely harms the grass plants which make up your lawn, it is prolonged periods of saturated soils that cause the most damage.

Waterlogging brings a number of problems, one being the presence of the water itself which limits the crucial oxygen supply to the grassroots. It also prevents carbon dioxide from diffusing. The roots’ functionality is reduced or even stopped completely as they start to die, which in turn enables the invasion of rot and decay organisms. In addition, essential nutrients are leached out which results in hungry soil as well as severe compaction. The lawn can also thin out, creating an environment where moss will pitch into the new gaps and thrive in damp conditions.


Regular aeration can prevent the lawn from becoming compacted and reduce the risk of waterlogging in the first place but if you have a more severe drainage issue, more extreme measures may need to be considered.


How to Deal With a Waterlogged Lawn?

  1. If the waterlogging was caused by a flood, then wash down hard surfaces and collect up debris to avoid drains being blocked and allow a steady flow of water to remove pollutants.
  2. Try not to step on the soil, as doing so will compact it and worsen the conditions.
  3. Remove any damaged shoots from affected grass plants.
  4. Once the lawn has dried out, assess the damage and what repair work may be required. In most cases saturated lawns naturally recover as conditions start to dry out but it could be that repairs are needed to reinstate a severely waterlogged lawn once the water has receded to create an environment where new grass seed can thrive. This will likely involve aeration, top dressing, seeding moss control, and fertilizer application. We recommend that lawns prone to regular water-logging should be assessed to see if it is possible to fit land drainage which will relieve the problem.


Into every life some rain must fall – just don’t let it water-log my lawn…


To quote the stereotype it’s true that the English love to talk about the weather as much as we like tea, crumpets, and the Antiques Roadshow. However, although we know it’s guaranteed to rain, it is impossible to know how much we are going to get – just ask the Met Office.


When we get too much rain, there comes a point where the soil struggles to absorb any more water and it gets saturated to the point where it becomes waterlogged.


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Why Should you use Etsy Fee Calculator?

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Why Should you use Etsy Fee Calculator?
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Accountability with regards to all the Etsy fees a seller needs to pay is very important to every seller, because when you don’t watch it, it’ll keep taking away your money.

That’s why the Etsy fee calculator was created to help sellers handle their accounting properly and have the numbers at their fingertips without having to stress. The calculators handle all the numbers so you don’t need to stress.

The Etsy fee calculator offers a simple alternative to calculate your profits after subtracting shipping costs and all Etsy fees. Instead of worrying about formulas, percentages, multiplications and divisions, allow the Etsy calculator do all the work for you.

One extra feature of Etsy fee calculator is that it tells you how many units in exactitude you need to sell when you want to reach a monthly profit. An Etsy seller that’s serious about their business needs to know their profit margin, so the Etsy calculator is essential for such business owners.


Here’s How the Etsy fee calculator works

Make a visit to Google Sheet, copy the Etsy calc to your Google Drive or computer. Navigate to the top menu, click on ‘File’ and then select ‘Make a copy.’ You can save it anywhere on your system so that you can refer to it anytime you need to make a calculation.

Remember that Etsy fees do change often and again. That’s why it is important to always look for an updated version of the Etsy calculator in case the fees change in the near future.


What Etsy can the Etsy fee calculator calculate?

  1. Etsy Transaction and Listing Fees

Etsy charges listing and transaction fees on every item sold from your shop. Sellers on Etsy pay $0.20 USD when an item is listed for sale, which is called the listing fee.

Also, Etsy charges a 5% transaction fee out of the final price of any product you sell, shipping fee inclusive. Etsy fees are non-negotiable, so every seller has to pay the price associated with doing business on the marketplace.

  1. Payment Processing Fees

Another Etsy fee sellers have to pay is a processing fee that is applicable for every item you sell. This processing fee varies from one region to the next region, depending on the conversion rates applicable to currencies in that country.


Achieve your goals with the Etsy fee calculator

We’re aware that you are an Etsy seller who is serious with your shop and pays attention to your earnings. As expected, you also want to know how many units of an item or items you need to sell monthly to reach your sales and profit goals.

What you need to do is enter the amount you want to make from your sales every month. The calculator will tell you how many units you need to sell to meet your sales goals.


The ball is in your court

Find out how much Etsy charges you to run your business on the marketplace using the Etsy fee calculator. Etsy seller fees are unavoidable when doing business in the marketplace. However, once you’re able to calculate what percentage Etsy charges, you can assign the appropriate price to your products.

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Where can I get best 48V lithium chargers in Australia for my solar charging and how long will it last? Does it require a specific charger or can I use any lithium chargers?




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Regardless of whether you need a battery for lighting, sun-based capacity, electric vehicle, or you have an inverter as a reinforcement if there should arise an occurrence of a force cut out, 48v lithium-particle battery is the most ideal choice to introduce in these applications. There are many benefits of utilizing 48V lithium chargers over a conventional lead-corrosive battery. 48v lithium battery pack is sans upkeep and doesn’t radiate gasses as a component of their activity saving nature just as they needn’t bother with any ventilation like overwhelmed lead-corrosive batteries.

Profound Cycle Systems, quite possibly the most confided in organizations in Australia, offers dependable and enduring 48v lithium sun-based battery at a reasonable cost. Being the most confided-in organization on the lookout, we realize it is our obligation to give the best to our clients and we endeavor to do that for our demographic. The vast majority of our business is from verbal proposals, and it stands as a demonstration of the nature of our items. At deep cycle systems, we likewise give a dependable 48v lithium-particle battery charger that too at a moderate cost. The 48v lithium battery charger we give won’t just screen your battery however will astute battery the board, it will likewise upgrade its life.

Distinct charger and lifelong:

All lithium batteries ought to be charged utilizing a LiFePO4 viable charger like any in this assortment. SLA or lead corrosive chargers will decrease the exhibition and life expectancy of the battery. Explicitly lead battery chargers utilize a lower voltage that will just fill 80% of a lithium battery, while likewise focusing on the lithium science.

48V lithium chargers charge at a higher voltage and are customized to advance the lithium science for more extended life. Lithium chargers additionally take into consideration a charging time that is 5X quicker than lead corrosive, as quick as a 1 hour charge time. While picking a lithium charger search for one that is a similar voltage as your battery and choose how quickly you need to charge your battery.

The higher the amp rating (A) of the charger, the quicker your battery will charge. To decide the charge time partition the amp-hour (Ah) rating of the battery by the amp (A) rating of the charger. The ordinary assessed life of a Lithium-Ion battery is around a few years or 300 to 500 charge cycles, whichever happens first. One charge cycle is a time of utilization from completely energized, to completely released, and completely re-energized once more.


Try not to utilize a normal (lead corrosive) battery charger to charge lithium-type batteries. They work totally in an unexpected way. There are a few sciences of lithium batteries and some are more basic than others yet they all need unique chargers.

Some lithium battery packs have inner security controls worked in however some don’t. What’s more, a large portion of these controls simply opens the circuit to forestall overcharging or exorbitant force draw. They are not actually controlled as in they control the voltage and pace of charge required.

Another factor to consider is some lithium-type batteries will fall to pieces in case they are not charged accurately or on the other hand in case they are depleted under a specific voltage. So 48V lithium chargers are specifically required to charge a solar battery.



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How to choose a home security system?

Bilal Subhani



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The home security providers in Brooklyn NY provide a network of connected devices to ensure the safety of your home or premises from any unwanted intrusion. This is a general idea of the job of home security services.

The reality is that every household or property has its own set of unique demands and needs for a security system. To help you select the one suiting your needs, we have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will help you select a reliable security system for your home.

Without any further delay, let’s get started. Follow these simple five steps.

1) Identify your exact underlying purpose for a security system

The first step towards selecting a security system is to ask questions. What sort of need do you want your security system to fulfill for you? There are multiple kinds of security systems that are generally available in the market, the top three are:

  • Home Automation,
  • Intruder Protection,
  • Environmental Monitoring.

Home automation security systems are the most technologically advanced and well-developed. They comprise multiple interconnected devices that operate through the internet. The homeowner can control these devices via their handheld device or voice commands. Cool, no?

The intruder protection systems keep your premises safe from intruders. They comprise sensor alarms and window films to detect unwanted trespassing on your surroundings. The alarms would go off as soon as an intrusion is detected on the property alerting the local law enforcement authorities.

2) Select a suitable set of components

There are multiple options available for home security packages for all kinds of homes. You can mix and match many options to come up with one that serves your needs. But before selecting the package, you need to identify the type of components you require for your home security system. Of course, you will not need all of them, or would you?

If you opt for a smart doorbell, it will help you verify the identity of individuals before you allow them to enter your premises. But you can connect these smart doorbells with sensors that can switch on the camera above your main door, notifying you if someone opens or rings your doorbell.

The doorbells are in fact a crucial component of all types of home security systems and are generally a part of almost all home security packages.

So, all in all, the few important components of any home security system should include a doorbell, motion sensors, cameras, intruder alarms, smart LED lights, and sensors on the windows. You may also want smoke alarms and fire detectors if you live in a conventional-style home.

3) Select a suitable monitoring system for your home

If you can afford to spare a few bucks, you can take advantage by connecting to the central monitoring system for your premises in case of any suspicious intrusion.

If the central system identifies strange activity on your property, they will set in motion a protocol for emergency assistance so that any danger can be averted. This is also known as professional monitoring.

But, you can always go for a do it yourself monitoring if you own a small-sized property or a house that does not hold any expensive items such as cash or jewelry.

This will also depend on the kind of job or business you do. If you are not that busy throughout the day and can spare time to keep a track of the activity on your grounds, you can select to get notifications on your phone whenever a motion sensor detects suspicious activity through the cameras installed on your main door.

4) Select a network that is operational

As already mentioned above, every home security system needs a set of interconnected devices to perform its job. It is imperative to select the right set of devices that operate over reliable networks so that your security systems do not give up on you easily especially during times of emergency.

Usually, there are two kinds of interconnected networks that are installed on a property:

  • The Wired Systems
  • The Wireless Systems

The wired network systems are usually considered to be more reliable and credible especially in areas where there is no access to the internet or the internet is unreliable. But, you need a landline connection to deliver data.

Hence, prior to installing the home security network, you need to invest in a special landline that operates over radiofrequency. This all requires the help of a professional or a registered company.

On the other hand, wireless networks are becoming famous day by day due to the accessibility of the internet. They require a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile data connection, and voila, the job is done.

You can order them as pre-assembled systems that will reach your house. They do not need a professional for its installation or set-up, you can easily do it on your own by reading the guide provided.

You will be asked to install a special app on your phone and configure it with the available devices.

5) The last step is to select a method for installation

There are two ways to install your security system, you can either do this by yourself or hire a professional and licensed company that can send trained experts.

Generally, a professional hand is considered more reliable especially on large-sized properties that require extensive home security networks. The drawback is that you will need to pay a handsome amount for the job. These are wired systems and need professional assistance for installation and monitoring both.

On the other hand, homeowners can install and configure DIY networks using their smartphones or handheld devices. You can use the guide or installation manual that comes with the system to configure the settings on your own.

The latter is usually the wireless systems that come pre-programmed and do not need any manual labor for installation. However, to be able to enjoy and reap off the benefits from all their functions, you need a stable and reliable internet connection.

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7 Important Tips for buying a PC from online

Ody Team



7 Important Tips for buying a PC from online
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When you buy a new or used computer for your home or office, It’s not a very easy thing. There may seem like an endless number of options to choose one, but you want to make the right purchase for your smart home or office, so you do not waste time or money. Every office and every user has different needs for both hardware and software – make sure you get a little bit of knowledge before you start shopping.

Here are seven tips to help you to buy a computer:

No 1. Decide if you buy from an e-commerce site or online store


Whether you buy a computer from an online shop depends upon your comfort level with the purchase of a product you have not seen, especially an expensive product. I feel very comfortable buying a Gaming PC from an online shop. You will find a wealth of information via reviews from your fellow consumers. Online reviews are valuable regardless of your location. Suppose you are purchasing a laptop or desktop computer that differs from the product you currently use (switching to a touchscreen or tablet computer). In that case, I recommend visiting a store in person to try it out. You may still decide to make your purchase online, but you will have the added benefit of trying the product out before you buy it.

No 2. Select the right operating system for your PC


What type of operating system is best: Mac, PC, or Chrome? When you are choosing a desktop or laptop computer for your home or office, I recommend selecting the option you are most accustomed to using. Also, you may wish to choose a perfect computer operating system that matches your smartphone’s operating system. There are various benefits to syncing files and information you use daily on your smartphone with your computer – Apple iCloud storage, for example. It is also essential to consider what types of software you need for day-to-day business to ensure that your chosen operating system supports it.

No 3. Decide one from a desktop or laptop computer

Most of the time, Laptop and Desktop computers have the same capabilities to do work, and you will find that most of the desktop computers are smaller than they were in the previous year. No longer will you need a large casing for a desktop pc. If you want to stay put with your working environment and do not wish to bring your computer out in the field with you, you may choose a desktop. The benefit to having a desktop is that it’s easier and more affordable to repair and upgrade than a laptop computer. However, if you need to go outside for a job or education purpose, a laptop is your best option.

No 4. Choose a perfect processor from various core systems

You can choose the right one from many different types of processors such as Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9. But if you don’t understand what the processor is and how it works? The processor is the computer’s logic unit of a central processing unit (CPU). It’s called the brain of a computer and carries out all the computational processes. The processor helps to run programs. The higher Gigahertz (GHz) and the number of cores, the faster the processor is.

No 5. Choose a perfect processor from various core systems

The Random Access Memory (RAM) can also impact your computer speed. Measured with gigabytes (GB), RAM is the most common type of computer temporary memory. It accesses your computer to allow the data it needs without using the (HDD) hard drive. Computer programs and internet browsers allow RAM to help running processes. The higher bus of RAM, the better your computer can manage these programs, but there are limitations to the bus of RAM you can have based on your computer’s specifications. It is important to know that you may not need a huge RAM bus. Look at the specifications of the software you use the most requirements. Good review and specifications can help serve as a guide for your personal needs.

No 6. (HDD) Hard disk drive storage

RAM is different from your hard disk drive storage. RAM serves more like your temporary or short-term memory, while your hard drive is your Permanent or long-term memory. How much hard drive storage you need depends on your existing computer use and how much you plan to store. You can now get computers with several terabytes (TB) of storage. A solid-state drive (SSD) tends to be faster than a traditional hard disk drive but has limitations on storage space. If you rely on cloud storage, the number of hard drive spaces you need may not be as important.


No 7. (HDD) Hard disk drive storage


When you used your CD/DVD drive last time? Maybe that was used for a long time ago. You may don’t need to use it next time, saving space and reducing wastage data when choosing a laptop. USB cables continue to be standard ports for PCs, but make sure you use the most recent high-density cables to avoid inconsistency and damage to your pc devices. One other consideration if you need a built-in SD card reader or comfortable using a USB attachment. A built-in reader is convenient when transferring data from your pc equipment to your management software. Some other regard is whether you need or want VGA and Ethernet. While HDMI is the new standard, you may find that older systems only have VGA access (although there are VGA to USB adapters). Though most devices have wireless connectivity, an Ethernet connection is more reliable.




On the way to the perfect PC, you always have to ask yourself whether you buy the hardware and assemble the Computer yourself or alternatively buy a complete system. Anyone who is up to date in terms of hardware will check their compilation for compatibility. However, if you are totally new or you don’t have enough technical knowledge then you can build your Computer by using an online PC Konfigurator.

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How to get out of debt without dying trying

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How to get out of debt without dying trying
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Planning and discipline, your best allies

Have you been in debt at some point in your life?

Many are the people who at least once have had to face a financial crisis, either due to an unemployment problem, a health problem, or simply because they overspent and lost control of their debts, which now drown them.

According to a basic financial rule, the payment of your debts should not be more than 30% of your net income, since otherwise, you could fall into a situation of insolvency.

If you are in debt and this has become a situation that overwhelms you, produces stress, and takes away your sleep, do not despair because it is true that getting out of debt is not easy, but with discipline and planning, you can always overcome them. The most important thing is that you recognize that you are in a debt problem and do not wait for your accounts to be sent to a collection agency.

And it is that being in debt is not always bad, although it sounds strange, there is also good debt and it is one that you use to increase your wealth, for example: buying a house, remodeling your home (which gives it greater value), acquiring a car, etc.

It is clear that there is no universal plan to get out of debt and the strategy must be according to your particular situation, so at Proteja Su Dinero we want to make some recommendations for you to take the one that best suits you:


List your debts

Get out your bank statements and make a list of all your debts. Write the name of the card, the total balance of the debt, the interest rate, the minimum payment, and the due date. For this we can suggest two formats:

  1. Put the debt with the highest balance first and then the rest in descending order. Concentrate your efforts on paying the highest debts, pay more than the minimum, and assign to the other accounts at least the minimum payment, do not stop making the monthly contributions to keep up to date.
  2. Order them according to the highest interest rate. In this way, you will spend the most money to pay off the most expensive debt. Without a doubt, this is the best strategy in financial terms, since you will pay off the debt that generates the most interest first.

Make a budget

The first step to take control of your financial situation is to know how much money you spend, and then define the amount that you can allocate to pay your debts. Make a list with the total amount of your monthly income, then fixed expenses (rent, tuition, gas, electricity, telephone, etc.), and finally variable expenses (transportation, entertainment, clothing, shoes, etc.).

Establishing a detailed budget that accounts for all your expenses, no matter how small, will also allow you to determine where you can cut them. The most advisable thing is that you start by reducing unnecessary tastes and expenses, without this meaning that you will stop having a good time, it is not that you no longer spend, just that you do it in moderation. For example, you can reduce the number of times you go to the movies or eat, cancel pay-TV or reduce your mobile phone plan.


Pay more than the minimum

To get out of this complicated situation as soon as possible, you must allocate as much money as possible to pay your debts and it must be enough to cover the minimum payment and a little more.


Consolidate your debt

This option allows you to group your debts in a single account. Check which bank offers you the best conditions (CAT, lower interest rate, etc.) and ask them to transfer the balance of several credit cards to a single plastic, in addition to having greater control of your payments, this will allow you to save commissions yearly. Not all Financial Institutions offer this benefit, so ask the bank of your choice if it handles the program and under what conditions.


Save the cards

If your goal is to stop getting in debt, avoid continuing to use credit cards at all costs. Leave the plastics stored in a safe place, or if possible, destroy them to eradicate the temptation to use them and get used to doing all your purchases in cash.


Restructure your debt

Compared with consolidation, restructuring seems at first glance more advantageous, because the creditor institution can reduce the amount of your debt and even eliminate the interest generated by it. However, the negative side is that it will leave a bad record on your credit history, so it will always be better to pay off the total of your debts.


Request a fixed payment plan

This option allows you to “lower” the amount of the payment that you must make each month, the benefit is that the interest on the debt will no longer generate more interest. This facilitates the payment of the debt in a much shorter time than if you only made the minimum payments. Financial Institutions usually handle terms ranging from 6 to 60 months. It is important that once you establish this plan with your creditors you do not use your cards again, since otherwise, you will increase the amount of your debt and you could fall into a situation of insolvency again.


Make your card your best ally

If you know how to handle them, credit cards are one of the best credit options, since they allow you to finance yourself for up to 50 days without paying a peso of interest. In addition to this, they offer you some benefits such as generating points with which you can pay your annuity, obtain plane tickets or have travel insurance. Likewise, they allow you to domicile the payment of services, thus saving you the transfer to a branch.

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5 Strange Car Design Terminology, Description

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5 Strange Car Design Terminology Description
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Every discipline has its own jargon, and so does car design. These are five of the most interesting terms from the car designer’s vocabulary, “translated” into plain English.

DLO or daylight opening

Nothing beats a well-placed acronym and sounds smarter than a meeting companion. DLO, or Daylight Opening, is probably the worst example. The term probably comes from architecture, but today’s car designers use it to describe the glass area on the body side of the vehicle between the first and last roof pillars. A widespread visual trick is to finish one or more roof pillars in black and visually connect the glass plates to make the “DLO” look bigger than it really is.

Pillars A, B, C

The columns that support the roof are alphabetically identified in the order of “A” for the columns other than the windshield, “B” for the columns behind the front entrance, and “C” for the rearmost columns. Station wagons, minivans, and SUVs also have “D” pillars due to the roof extending further back, requiring more structural support.


The “belt line” is the ideal line connecting the bases of the side windows and is an important graphic element of car design.


Car designers have applied quite a few anatomical terms to vehicle parts, but perhaps the strangest because the “shoulder” is below the “beltline.”
With the exception of minivans and small cars, as part of the vehicle’s “mission”, the interior space needs to be maximized relative to the outside dimensions, but the body extends beneath the side windows.

This is something designers can’t have enough to make the car look more “planted” and have a more aggressive “stance” on the road … at the expense of internal space. Its surface area is called the “shoulder” and is especially noticeable in cars disguised as sports.

From dash to axle

This is the distance between the front wheel spindle and the car dashboard. Its aesthetic importance comes from its impact on car proportions and the way it “reads” the shape of the car. Since the 1900 Daimler “Mercedes” first placed the
engine under the steel bonnet in front of the driver, the long front end has visually suggested a powerful engine, speed, and status. This hasn’t changed, given that even the innovative Tesla Model S is compliant with the visual language of 100 years ago. Still, you may see this concept gradually disappear as we move to the mass adoption of electric vehicles.


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What is the work of an influencer marketing agency?




best influencer marketing agencies
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In recent times, influencer marketing has attained a top position. This is one of the popular marketing types that provide ways to reach the target audience. Many brands have believed in it and working successfully with no hassles. It is advised that you should choose the best influencer marketing agencies that can give you the best results. Hence, in this post, we are giving you details on how these agencies work and why are they important too.

  • Find the ideal partnerships

Nowadays, there are various influencers available. The option ranges from social media stars to celebrity influencers and many more. All these charges according to their popularity and some collaborate also. Micro-influencers offers cost-effective as well as have great engagement levels with the target audience. Many times, it may be tricky for brands to choose influencers to work with them. So, this work is done by influencer marketing agencies to find the best partnerships.

  • Connect with influencers

Sometimes, finding a good influencer can be difficult and become more difficult in the case of a celebrity. A brand actually needs to stand out from the competition for securing a good partnership and get an influencer on board. Hence, Influencer marketing agencies tend to have good relationships with various influencers right from beauty to food and others. With an agency, brands can get their message across to influencers and also start a conversation.

  • Takeaway

Influencer marketing agencies can be extremely effective in helping brands to run impactful influencer campaigns. The best influencer marketing campaigns also include takeaway. It means the agencies take over conversing with influencers, promote the product of a brand and discuss payment or commission. Throughout the campaign, agency partners remain on hand and giving real-time insights into success. Furthermore, it also measures the impact of various influencers as a campaign draws to a close. Hence, all this work is done by agencies and brands are free to focus more on their products.

  • Give data-driven results

It’s very difficult and time-consuming for brands to keep track of different metrics such as website hits, engagement, and many more. Due to this reason, companies rely more on influencer marketing agencies for calculating this data for them efficiently. The agencies keep track of all the activities that have importance in the influencer marketing campaigns. Moreover, based on these data-driven insights, these agencies also advise brands on how to run future marketing campaigns.

# Final Words:

Influencer marketing agencies have a major role to play in nurturing new relationships with influencers. The best influencer marketing agencies free up the time for brands to connect with influencers and offer specialized expertise in campaign strategies. Additionally, these also take the tasks of finding and vetting influencers to reach the desired audience.

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Best gaming laptops under 90000




best gaming laptop under 90K
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Hello, dear perusers, I trust all of you are cheerful and having a fabulous time. Regardless of whether you are in school, school, office laborer, or a financial specialist gaming is for everybody. What’s more, in this, I will expound on the best gaming laptop under 90,000 so all of you can have a consistent gaming encounter and appreciate various undertakings.

Be anything you desire in that universe of yours and have an awesome time for which you need a PC with the best equipment and innovation.


On the off chance that you are searching for the best gaming PC to have an awesome gaming experience, Asus PC is the thing that you should have. Asus has been giving us probably the best PCs and cell phones from some time now. As a brand, it is effectively performing its responsibility in giving its clients fulfillment. Asus Tuf gaming FX505DV have RTX 2060 6GB realistic card, expandable capacity and RGB which gives a superior look and leaves you astonished. The trackpad is large with which you will have a great time playing triple-A games like dim spirits 3 or red dead reclamation 2. Obviously, fabricated quality is likewise very acceptable.


At the point when we are discussing PCs you can’t miss the name of brand HP. It is one of the old PC brands in the market progressively giving the best workstations and work areas for different purposes like gaming, easygoing use or substantial office work. This HP PAVILION 15-CXO144TX likewise is one best gaming PCs as it is furnished with 15.6 – inch corner to corner FHD IPS show, 2.2GHz eighth era intel center i7 8750h Hexa center processor, 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, 4GB NVIDIA designs card let you run your games all the more broadly and uncontrollably to appreciate in any capacity. Battery as long as 11 hours and 30 min.


Dell is a brand which you can purchase with shut eyes as it gives the best PCs for each need and I am saying this since I am myself utilizing a Dell PC and it never neglects to give acceptable work. This Dell G5587-7037Red-discharge gaming scratch pad accompanies 15.6 inches full HD IPS LED-illuminated showcase, eighth era Intel Core i7 8750h processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 illustrations card, 8GB of DDR4 2666 MHz RAM which is expandable up to 32GB, accompanies 4 cell 56WHr lithium-particle battery.


Lenovo is outstanding amongst other PC selling brands across the world. It is a spending gaming PC under 90k INR with 15.6 inches full HD IPS show having 1920×1080 pixels goal with which gamers can have a without strain gaming experience. It accompanies a seventh Generation Intel Core i7 7700 HQ processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 illustrations card, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD, illuminated console giving decent attractive looks and giving simple evening time gaming. For cooling, it accompanies warm cooling arrangement tech. It additionally has a pre-introduced authentic Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-digit working framework.


In the event that you are into the best gaming PC I can’t really accept that you haven’t knew about Acer workstations. Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52 15.6″ FHD PC accompanies

15.6 inches full HD IPS screen show that will give you everything about additionally has more splendid screen having 1920*1080 goal. It has 2.2Ghz intel center processor along with NVIDIA GTX 4GB designs card which gives rich smooth working so you will actually want to enjoy your gaming meeting. Additionally has 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD which gives huge extra room for work, films, and anything. Pre-introduced Genuine Windows 10 64 cycle with a dependable battery, Acer cooling help innovation and this PC loads up to 2.7 kg.


This ASUS ROG STRIX G is likewise a gaming PC which gives extraordinary execution with an exquisite and smooth plan. It is fueled by ninth era i7 Processor with pre-introduced Windows 10 Pro, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, 15.6 inches full HD LED-illuminated presentation having 120 Hz invigorate rate, best cooling innovation with RangeBoost Technology. It has VR settings which take gaming to another level.

Also See Budget Gaming Laptop

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Advantages of Using Personal GPS Tracking Systems

Individual wellbeing is a significant issue and securing our friends and family is forever our need.





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Individual wellbeing is a significant issue and securing our friends and family is forever our need. As Rewire Security, we endeavor to give our clients the most recent innovation individual GPS beacons that can be utilized to make extra layers of assurance for their relatives and help them in the midst of crisis. Individual GPS beacons can be handily connected to an individual or a vehicle to watch out for them. Our high-level GPS beacons furnish their wearers and guardians with an elevated suspicion that all is well and good and genuine feelings of serenity.

Kid Protection

In our advanced age, offspring of any age have different exercises they go to during the day notwithstanding the school. Playing in the neighborhood park, soccer rehearses, dance exercises, and going to playdates are regular events in their everyday experience these days yet these exercises likewise put our valuable kids in danger. The smallest oversight in management may bring about a missing case or be focused on by a crook. Nonetheless, Rewire Security Personal Tracking Devices can guarantee that your kids are protected consistently with their high-level geolocation abilities, occasion cautions, and powerful instruments, for example, an emergency signal. Should the most exceedingly terrible occur and your kid disappears, you will actually want to find them inside the space of minutes with the assistance of our forefront following programming – GPSLive – and alert the specialists.

Another astounding apparatus in securing our kids is the fall alert; individual GPS beacons are intended to recognize falls by dissecting its inward G-sensor and advise the guardians and other people in question about the episode. Kids can utilize the signal for an emergency response when they feel dangerous or harm themselves and the gadget will send a moment warning to relatives by means of GPSLive.

Old Monitoring

Intellectual illnesses hugely affect the existences of older individuals. There is a 60% possibility that senior residents with Alzheimer’s illness or dementia will meander and disappear bringing about a significant injury or more regrettable. As their overseers and friends and family, relatives consistently struggle to monitor these weak individuals as they are probably going to fail to remember even where their house is found. Revamp Security Personal Tracking Devices can help reduce the apprehensions of relatives and carers with their amazing assets and observing capacities. Our own fingers are tiny and light gadgets that can without much of a stretch be carried with the rest of their personal effects; regardless of whether a senior resident encounters indications of Alzheimer’s and meander outside the wellbeing of their home, powerful instruments, for example, geofence zones and ongoing the following will assist the carers with finding the missing patient and bring them back securely.

Old relatives can improve the nature of their lives with a Rewire Security individual GPS Tracking System beacon on them; they can visit their companions once more, take strolls or associate with their neighbors realizing that their own finders will guard them. Individual GPS beacons are a shelter for maturing family members with cutting edge highlights, for example, the signal for emergency response and fall sensors as a reinforcement. Senior residents can press the signal for an emergency response on their own GPS trackers on the off chance that they end up in a new area and assist their guardians with finding them with the assistance of GPSLive. Because of their age, old residents are more inclined to encounter a fall and having an intellectual sickness, for example, Alzheimer’s can transform a basic breakdown into a catastrophe. The fall sensors locally available individual finders can recognize unexpected drops and caution the predefined contacts permitting relatives and carers to race to their guide or send the clinical guide keeping a paltry physical issue from transforming into a daily existence and demise circumstance.

High school Driver Monitoring

Battery-controlled Personal Tracking Devices can be set in the vehicle of an adolescent driver who has as of late got their permit. Revamp Security’s high level following programming – GPSLive – gives our clients essential data about their youngsters’ driving propensities, for example, speeding and cruel increasing speed just as their constant area and course history. Stressed guardians can make protected and risky zones for their adolescent youngsters and get cautions, should the GPS beacon enters or leaves one of the predefined zones. Protecting adolescent youngsters is a test yet with the assistance of Rewire Security Personal Tracking Devices, you can watch out for their driving propensities and their developments consistently.

What are the particular points of interest of Personal Tracking Devices?

Individual GPS Tracker Online beacons are planned in light of security and perseverance; explicit highlights, for, For example, SOS button, fall alert, normal registration are inserted in the GPS beacon to ensure your friends and family, and workers are protected consistently. The predefined occasion alarms, for example, fall alert or geofence breaks will help decide the kind of help troubled individuals will need, and ongoing areas the following will guarantee they are found right away.

As one of the main GPS beacon suppliers in the UK, Rewire Security offers Personal GPS Tracking gadgets for individuals who need to keep an eye of their friends and family and to see their area continuously. Our GPS beacons will show up pre-arranged and prepared to-utilize directly out of the case permitting you to begin following your friends and family right away. All you should do is to sign in to GPSLive and you will actually want to monitor your kids, Alzheimer’s patients, conveyance faculty or solitary specialists.

Our cutting edge following programming – GPSLive – will be instrumental in keeping you refreshed pretty much all crises with alarms and notices and help you in observing their developments by communicating their area progressively. However long your relatives and workers are furnished with  Rewire Security Personal Tracking Device, they will be more secure against the risks of the rest of the world.

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Some of The Most Reliable TV Brands and The Reason Behind It




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The flourishing Indian smart TV market is already crowded with impressive offerings from various Indian and non-Indian brands. As such, potential buyers can get overwhelmed browsing through the product catalogue of individual brands, like LG, Sony, Samsung TV, etc.

Samsung TV

Therefore, individuals should prioritise their requirements and then select a brand that best matches their needs. To further help in this department, mentioned below is a concise list of India’s most reliable TV brands and why they are so popular among customers.

Most reliable TV brands and the reason behind their popularity

  • Samsung

Despite facing tough competition, especially from Chinese manufacturers, Samsung TVs are some of the most sought-after models in the market. While brand recognition plays a role in its household popularity, there are several other contributing factors as well.

Samsung’s display panels are one of the best in terms of colour reproduction technology. By improving their existing algorithm and developing Active Crystal Colour Technology from scratch, Samsung TVs can offer industry-revolutionising features like HDR10+ support and curved and QLED panels before their competitors.

  • Xiaomi

The Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has also forayed into the Indian television market with its affordable Smart TVs. Their low price LED TV collection utilises the Vivid Picture Engine technology that can reproduce natural colours to provide a true to life media consumption experience.

Using a blur-free rendering technology, this television brand is the perfect companion for sports and high-speed action movies and shows. With internet connectivity, individuals can also stream content from OTT platforms.

While a low price LED TV should suffice for basic cable connections, users can future-proof their purchase by opting for premium Smart TVs that offer a host of additional features like internet connectivity, OTT streaming, media casting, and voice assistant.

  • Sony

When looking for a TV brand offering the best picture quality and sound, Sony emerges as the most popular choice for many. Their X-Reality Pro picture engine is one of the best in the market, offering high dynamic range pictures with real-life colour reproduction.

Every model from the brand’s diverse catalogue provides stunning picture quality with a wide colour gamut courtesy of Triluminous Display. For even better picture quality, individuals can take a look at Sony’s range of OLED TVs. 

  • LG

LG is undoubtedly one of the most reliable television manufacturers in the Indian subcontinent. They are especially popular due to their expertise in Smart TVs, as WebOS has almost negligent competition in the smart OS sector.

The brand mainly utilizes IPS panels instead of vertical-aligned LED ones. But their picture engine and Dolby Vision makes up for the difference in picture quality, offering stunning true-to-life images with excellent detail retention. That, along with the Smart WebOS, makes LG a valid value for money proposition.

While it is difficult to find one specific brand that offers every feature in the book, individuals can be on the lookout for the latest LG, Sony, or Samsung TV that best matches their specific requirements. Bajaj Finserv EMI Card users can easily make such substantial purchases without stressing their monthly budget. This card comes with a pre-sanctioned limit of up to Rs.4 lakh, which can be used to buy the best TV or other consumer durable items from over 1 lakh partner stores across the country.

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How to Fix ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on Google Chrome




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A lot of people in the world use Google Chrome. Sometimes an error message like Error Code 107 or ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR appears when using Google Chrome. But you need not to worry about this because it is possible to terminate this error. For terminating this error, you need to follow a number of steps which are given below:

1. Check the system’s time and date An ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR can occur if you want to connect to a website and your settings of time and date are incorrect. So, you need to ensure that the time and date of the system are correct. Normally during authentication, this type of error can occur.

2. Clear the browsing data Whenever you use Chrome there will be two possibilities: You will get SSL connection error on Chrome or you will not get this error. But in both the cases you need not to clear your browser cookies or cache regularly. In order to clear the Google Chrome browser’s browsing data, follow the steps given below:

  • Start Google Chrome
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  • Time Range is required to be set to “All Time”
  • For “other side data and cookies” you are required to check the check box
  • For “cached files and images” you are required to check the checkbox
  • Click on Clear Data Button

3. Clear the SSL State An SSL Connection Error can occur with the blocking of SSL connection by an uncleared SSL state. For clearing the SSL state, you need to follow a number of steps which are:

  • Click on start menu
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to Network and Internet
  • Go to Network and Sharing Center
  • On the bottom-left corner click on Internet Options
  • A new window of Internet Properties will appear
  • Go to the Content tab and click on Clear SSL State

Your screen will get an alert “The SSL cache was successfully cleared”. After that you need to restart Chrome.

4. Disable Google Chrome’s QUIC Protocol If you want Chrome to get permanently free from this error then you need to disable QUIC protocol. The steps for doing this are as follows:

  • Type chrome://flags/#enable-quic on the URL browser of your chrome and then press enter.
  • Change the setting of Experimental QUIC protocol from Default to Disabled.
  • Click on RELAUNCH NOW on the page’s bottom.

5. Check the Installed Antivirus Software’s settings The ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR can occur because of the installed antivirus software. For detecting security threats and malicious elements, usually the scanning of the entire website is done by the antivirus programs that are available today. The TLS/SSL version that is outdated is also included in it. As an example, because of vulnerability issues there is no longer use of TLS 1.0 or SSL 3.0. For changing the installed Antivirus settings, no fixed steps are there. On the basis of the installed antivirus software’s UI, it will differ. You need to make changes in the Antivirus software for correcting the issue.

If you want to improve the ranking of your website by optimizing its content then it will be good for you to contact a digital marketing company. It can also provide you with services like ORM, SEO, SMO and PPC.

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5G Network: Benefits, uses and challenges




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You’ve probably already heard of 5G. Some, in fact, must already be tired of hearing about it. Do you really understand the evolution that 5G will bring to our everyday life, though? The technological transformation that it can provide? Well, my goal with this article is to present the most relevant features of 5G.

A 5G network is a cellular system, as are analogue systems, 2G (GSM), 3G (WCDMA) and 4G (LTE). But, its emergence, at first, does not have as its main goal of connecting mobile phones or allowing people to communicate faster. 4G already meets this need well.

The main idea of 5G is to connect things. What things? Any kind of thing that creativity and human need requires. That is, 5G will take the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) to an entirely new level.

So, with 5G, we will be able to connect, for example, any type of appliance that exists in a house, such as a microwave oven, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine and even doors, windows and monitoring cameras. It will be possible to control and interact with a house at any time of the day. It will be up to each user to decide and program the autonomy of each utensil, according to their needs.

Some benefits of the 5G system are:

  • Faster data exchange;
  • Much lower latency;
  • Increased number of devices that can be connected to a single cell tower.

Firstly, let’s talk about speed. The 5G system promises a theoretical speed of approximately 10 Gb/s. That’s a lot. Currently, the 4G system has a theoretical capacity of 300 Mb/s. That means that the 5G system will be approximately 34x faster. Those numbers are the download speed rates.

The upload speed will also increase. However, upload speed rates will not be updated in the same proportion as the download speed, due to device battery limitations. It is not possible to specify the value of upload speeds on 5G systems yet, since we do not have any devices on the market, but it should also increase considerably, compared to the speed rates of the 4G system.

Latency is the delay in time between a request and its response. Imagine that a person in front of a screen and a button. This person is instructed to press the button to end the activity whenever the image of a bird appears on the screen.

The activity starts and random images begin to quickly appear on the screen. The delay in time that the person takes to identify the image of the bird within the sequence of images and trigger the button is latency.

The current latency of 4G networks is approximately 50 milliseconds. This value allows us to make video calls, for example. However, we still notice a delay between questions and answers of the callers. 5G promises to end this and do much more — the promised latency for the 5G system is 1 millisecond, that is, much lower than that of 4G networks.

Thus, one of the many possibilities brought on by the implementation of 5G would be the autonomous car. The entire transportation system would be interconnected in a 5G network and its security can only be guaranteed with a very low latency. This low latency is essential in order to have a response time similar (or even faster) than the human reflex.

A human driver, concentrated in traffic, knows the right time to brake and accelerate their vehicle. The driver knows that they need to stop at intersections and red traffic lights. An autonomous car needs to have this “intelligence”, and, most importantly, the same reaction time.

Thus, in a 5G system, an autonomous car brake warning will be fast enough to avoid a collision. This would be the “real-time” response, similar to the human reflex. However, latency in 5G is faster than the human reflex. Therefore, an autonomous car will be theoretically safer than a human driver.

The 5G system also promises a greater number of simultaneous connections per cell tower. In the 4G system, we have approximately 100 thousand connections per square kilometer. With 5G, we will have 1 million connections in the same area. Thanks to this significant increase in connections, the 5G system will be known as the system that managed to connect “things “(understanding “things” as any electronic equipment) to the Internet.

With this increase in the number of connections, it will be possible to connect everything around us: appliances, doors, windows, cars, motorcycles, traffic lights, sensors on streets and highways, light poles, security cameras, electricity and water meters, among many other things. We’ll be able to have a “living” and smart city, where interaction would be complete and instant and work 24/7.

This city would be alive because everything would be connected. Smart, because all “things” would have microprocessors with software. Instant, because of the very low latency. Your car would “talk” with other cars, with the streets and roads and calculate the best route to any destination. It could warn your gates when it was coming so that they would automatically open. You could program your residence to open the windows if it is sunny, close them if it looks like it will rain. A doctor could operate on a patient remotely, through mechanical arms.

The possibilities are endless. 5G will be a real game-changer in the society we live in today. Surely, the changes will not be instant, because there is a whole industry aimed at profit. However, the deployment of the 5G system is definitely the first step towards these changes.

we are constantly evolving, therefore, we are already studying the technology that enables the 5G system to exist.

Currently, we have equipment capable of analyzing the spectrum range that will be used in the 5G system. We have a spectrum analyzer (FSW85 from Rohde Schwarz) that reaches up to 85GHz, able to analyze the 5G NR Sub 6GHz and also the 5G range that operates above 24GHz mmWave (millimetre waves).

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Know How Ductless AC Unit Can Be a Better Choice for You

Since ductless air-conditioning systems don’taffect the furniture arrangement and indoor beauty of your home, these types of AC units are certainly a great alternative.




AC repair North Miami
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It’s always tricky to purchase the right type of air conditioner because of the availability of several types of air-conditioning systems in the market. It is simply because if you want the most comforting experience, then you must choose the most appropriate air conditioner according to your requirement. Consulting with the experts of AC repair North Miami can be a good idea in that case. They can help you choose the best option from a large number of alternatives available in the market. Here in this blog, we are explaining the top advantages of ductless cooling systems.

Let’s first understand what a ductless AC unit actually is. Window AC and split air conditioners, both fall under this category of air-conditioning systems. Very few people prefer window AC units because they can cool just one room at a time and apart from that, they produce too much noise as well. On the other hand, split air conditioners are a much better alternative than compared to window AC. Even the AC repair North Miami services are also available 24×7 for split air conditioners. Continue reading the following information to explore in what ways a split air conditioner is a good choice.

Split air conditioners are certainly the best choice when it comes to cooling multiple rooms. On the other hand, window air conditioners can only provide cooling in just one room.

One of the major concerns with central air conditioners is the high maintenance cost. Remember that regular maintenance is the key to prevent major AC problems. The best part about split air conditioners is that the maintenance cost is very low. Moreover, these types of cooling systems require less maintenance than compared to central AC units. So, if your home is not that large, then a ductless split AC is certainly a good choice.

You don’t have to compromise on the indoor beauty for installing a split air conditioner. While a central air conditioner requires duct installation, which will certainly have an impact on the indoor beauty of your home. Considering this, you should opt for a ductless air conditioner.

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Avail quality SEO services and give wings to your online business

Looking For Best SEO Services in Delhi? We are Google Certified Partner. Call Best SEO Company in Delhi @ 9350809090 to see our case studies for SEO Services.




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Jeewangarg is India’s one of the top SEO Companies, based in New Delhi, India. We are all in one internet Marketing Service provider that consults and implements your entire web promotion and SEO strategy. Meanwhile, we are also known as one of the best website designing and re-developing SEO friendly websites to engage your customers. We offer mobile website designing, flash website designing, website redesigning, and e-commerce solution. Jeewangarg team’s experts are dedicated to providing best search engine optimization SEO Services in Delhi NCR, India, digital marketing, and best website designing. The company offers web design, social media marketing, and application development services. Apart from it, we also provide enterprise, local, e-commerce, and multilingual SEO services; Google recovery, content marketing, and guest posting services; and SEO reseller, web analytics, SEO copywriting etc. In addition, the company offers pay-per-click advertising that includes
search, product listing, display, social, and Amazon social media optimization, Facebook marketing, and Twitter marketing services across India. Jeewangarg Company was founded in 2010. It is based in New Delhi, but providing SEO and digital marketing and Amazon services in India and all major countries of Asia. So, feel free to consult with our experts regarding your online business.

We are a team of professional strategists, engineers, analysts, designers, developers, and marketers who create transformational digital experiences. As a frontruner Digital Marketing Company, we help your brand to cut through the Digital Clutter with its best SEO Company in Delhi. Jeewangarg’s range of services comprises SEO Services, PPC Services, Website Designing Company, and Social Media Services. We are one of the authoritative Google Partners working with a mission to prepare you for tomorrow.

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How Graphic Designing Can help in Shaping your Business

Eliza Jacob



How Graphic Designing Can help in Shaping your Business
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Designing has always been a huge part of the business world. From the early design of the product containers into different shapes and sizes to the modern branding phenomenon of the new era, designing has always kept pace with the growth of businesses. Graphic designing is the child of technology that is currently taking over the industry and molding the business industry.

You might be wondering how designing can have such a far and wide impact on the business world? Here is an introduction to how it influences businesses:

How Graphic Designing Fits into the Business Frame

To understand the role of graphic design in the business world let us discuss it in the form of a chain:

Businesses need marketing for making sales, the marketing is supported by advertisements of different sorts which include social media marketing posts, online advertisements, and blogging, etc. To make all these contents appealing to the audience, deliver the message creatively and convert audiences to clients, your business will need designers to execute such tasks.

Another phenomenon that is heavily backed by design and highly important is branding. This includes the use of specific colors, typography, and logos to represent your business and help customers gain familiarity with your trade. Logo design holds importance to every business for easy recognition among customers and every brand has its own.

Design services are not limited to online content only; designers are tasked with the production of business cards, brochures, and banners, etc. that help in educating the customers about your business.

The purpose of Graphic designs

Visual communication that uses colors, typesetting, and images to deliver messages and ideas, graphic designs are aimed to grab the attention of and attract customers. It can improve sales and brand awareness, opening new business avenues, through a calculated blend of motion pictures, illustrations, and photosets. There are purposes of graphic designing that are plenty and diverse, some are mentioned below:

  1. Creates Foundation for Your Branding Strategy

The core purpose of designing stands in the branding of businesses. The use of logos and colors that the audience can easily associate with your brand, is important. Through the study of different colors and designs to understand their positive impact on the customer psyche, the current trends in the market, and a differentiating factor from the competing brands, designers make sure your brand is as unique as it can get.

  1. Makes Things More Presentable

One of the most important things in business is the beautified presentation, be it of your products and services or the website and outlets; customers are drawn to the visual appeal and act fast when something grabs their attention. The creation of a positive thought around your products can help customers trust your brand more.

  1. Improve Customer Interaction

Your audience has neither the time nor the interest in reading through long lines and lines of texts. Your designers have a creative way of delivering long messages through info-graphs and banners etc. This way more information is processed by the customers in a shorter time. Thus, customer experience is improved and waste of time is avoided.

Benefits of Good Designing

As we previously mentioned the huge contributions of designing in branding and recognition of your products and trade, here are a few more ways it can benefit your business:

  • Making the Right First Impression

Customers judge businesses and products based on their first impression and experience of the respective brand. If your business manages to deliver the first blow effectively, you can secure client loyalty. Creating a logo that is memorable, helps the customers to distinguish your business from all others. Besides, customers are most likely to remember their first impressions of different products and commerce, so it would be wise to make the best out of it.

  • Creating Consistency

Your branding starts from the homepage of your website and spreads to the packaging of products and all across your business. The key to keeping customers close is to make sure you express consistency throughout your trade. For instance, for the e-commerce sector, customers are often unhappy about the difference between the site of purchase and the products they get. Hence, it is crucial to keep your branding design consistent.

  • Building Brand Recognition

For the human brain, it is difficult to forget visually appealing sights. Through designing the right branding elements, you can print a permanent identity of your business in the minds of customers. The logo is something used in every aspect of your business so it must be relatable to the clients.

Designing has its roles to play in multiple parts of your business, from marketing to the selling point. To take it lightly is a mistake no business can afford. Right Eye Marketing brings you the best of services in graphic designing and all your marketing needs. Through teamwork and synchronization of our experts, your business is guaranteed to have leads converted to clients.

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OPPO Best Android phones of 2021 in UK




OPPO Store Smartphones UK
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New Year has a lot in tech space, and if we talk about the android phones, there are even much more options that you get. Oppo smartphones make a great phone contender for versatile and budget mobiles in UK. The modern-day usage of mobiles leads to an easy usage of AMOLED display, 5G connectivity and even foldable screens.

If you are wondering about which smartphones to prefer for the year 2021, this article might help you greatly. We have chosen Oppo mobiles as they entail everything a general everyday user require. Not only that, but you can get your hands on the most productive features and incredible cameras in their phone sets.

Whether you have heard or not about the Oppo Find X2 Series, we are sure you would love it for its amazing performance. The Oppo Find X2 series mobile phones are exclusively built for creative and high-end users, who are always finding new things in a phone. Out top 2 phones list today, will feature two of the most impressive mobiles in the market. Oppo Find X2 mobiles make it to the top spot for best android phones of 2021.

Find X2 Pro 5G

  • 12GB RAM+512GB ROM
  • Rear Camera: 48MP, 48MP
  • Front: 32MP
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Android 10.0
  • Battery Capacity: 2*2130mAh

The Oppo Find X2 Pro tops our list of best smartphones in UK. It features a massive RAM of 12GB with a vast combination of 512GB storage. The processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 provides a flagship-level processing for medium to intense activities. On the top of that, you get 48MP main sensor camera packed with the ultra-wide 48MP lens and a 13MP telephoto lens.

With its latest android operating system, Android 10, you are getting a great overall performance speed along with SDG 865. While one of us are always after the best camera smartphones, the Oppo Find X2 Pro is the real camera champ. With its high-quality camera you can capture professional images, record elite videos, and get the best photography experience.

This Phone also got popular for its 5G connectivity which makes it pretty much unique as compare to others. You can connect the phone with multiple networks with double the speed and power. Plus, this phone includes Ultra night mode and Ultra steady video pro mode in its camera system. These extra features allow this Oppo mobile phone to get the ultimate camera quality that can be expected from the remarkable phones.

Find X2 5G


  • Rear: 48MP, 12MP, 13MP
  • Front: 32MP
  • Battery Capacity: 2*2100mAh
  • Android 10.0
  • GPU: Adreno 650

If you are thinking about getting your hands on equivalently powerful phone as the Find X2 Pro, but in a little less budget, then Find X2 is for you. This phone surrounds every high-end feature in its system, other than few dissimilarities. The Snap dragon 865 processor is power packed in this Oppo phone for faster productivity and great overall speed.

From what we observed, the phone also features a versatile triple rear camera setup which includes main 48 MP sensor, 12MP Ultra-wide lens and 13 MP telephoto lens. The front camera of this Oppo smartphone packs a 32MP AI-focused camera which involves many modes like AI beautification and fill light mode.

The premium and glass metal design of the Find X2 provides it a classy attire, with the best-in-class screen. It has got plenty of power with its massive 12GB RAM and a supportive storage of 256 GB ROM. Additionally, the battery comes with fast charging getting the mobile charged in approximately 38 minutes. You can use the mobile all day long, and even till midnight if you use it in between the intervals.

Best Oppo Android Phone Deals – Bottom Line

Get your favorite Oppo phone, in better prices and amazing new year deals at official Oppo online UK Store. Our above-mentioned top 2 picks are the remarkable choices if you need your phone to rock every feature. You can overview the full specifications and customer reviews, directly from their online site in UK.

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Ryzen 5 Gaming PCs performance and review




Ryzen 5 gaming desktop pc
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It has been more than decade that a lot of tech users have been following Intel for Desktop PCs and even laptops. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that lately another major brand of processors called AMD Ryzen has stood out its way with impressive performance. Mostly, you can observe the Ryzen processors to be equipped in gaming PCs, or the multimedia Desktop PCs. Whether you are a productive user, or a gaming pro, there are lots of Ryzen 5 gaming PCs that will be it for you. 

AMD Ryzen processors have come up with several editions including Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7. The AMD Ryzen5 is insignificantly the most solid contender with its reliable speed and good performance. Of course, the Ryzen 7 would easily beat the Ryzen 5 performance. However, in case your priority is Ryzen 5 owing to its reliable and reasonable performance, here we are. There are number of best high performance gaming computer PCs, but our feature today will be the exclusively best one among Ryzen 5 gaming PCs. 

Asus ROG Strix G15 – Is it Best Ryzen 5 Gaming PC? 

Before we mention the specs of this powerful gaming PC, let us elaborate on why we chose ASUS ROG Strix G15. This Gaming PC is equipped with the Ryzen 5 processor, and also a NVIDIA GPU setting which is undeniably the best combo for intense gaming. The beast also packs a nice RAM with two types of storage availabilities that means you aren’t going to have any trouble storing large gaming files. 

Specs List 

  • 8GB RAM  
  • NVIDIA Dedicated Graphics GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR6  
  • Windows 10 Home OS 
  • Hexa-core Processor | AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz – 4.4 GHz Max Turbo Speed  
  • 1TB+256GB SSHD 

The Build Quality 

Despite the middling build quality, the ASUS G15 doesn’t fail to strike audience with a big Logo and a colourful RGB light at the front. The body is mostly made with plastic, but you wouldn’t get the feeling that it can break that easily. The main attraction of the build is the diagonal RGB LED that illuminates with several colours. The weight of the ROG Strix PC is 10 kg, which is heavy but not as heavy as many other gaming PCs. You can move it around with both your hands without getting in any trouble. Also, the aerodynamic vents of the PC let it cool more easily even in the middle of intensive gaming operations. 

The Ryzen Processor Performance 

We have already put a light on the AMD Ryzen 5 processor that is equipped in this ASUS gaming PC. The processor holds the capacity to run with the base speed of 3.8 GHz. The maximum turbo speed that it can reach is up to 4.4 GHz, making a commendable speed ratio for heavy gaming. With this processing speed, you can get into hefty gaming loading and execution. The Ryzen 5 armed in the ASUS ROG G15 makes sure to show no lags at all while gaming or any unexpected slowdowns. 

The RAM & Storage  

While 8GB RAM is enough when you are indulging into passionate and heavy-loading gaming, the storage is equally essential. In this ASUS PC, you are not just getting one storage option, but two-way storage facility. Along with the solid-state hybrid drive storage of 1TB, this PC also features a 256GB SSD storage option. You can keep your gaming files or applications stored, without having to put a second thought on, whether or not, you should. This powerful combo makes multitasking speed way faster and efficient with its hard drive boost.  

The NVIDIA Graphics 

The good news in the ASUS ROG Strix is the inclusion of dedicated graphics by NVIDIA. ASUS has incorporated the GTX 1060 NVIDIA graphics, dedicatedly for rocking gaming visuals. The GTX series by NVIDIA is known to perform and exhibit better display graphics with its crisp quality. For high-level gaming, like PUBG, battlefields V or more, you get detailed graphics for all characters. There is no stuttering while you play along heavy graphical games, and less screen tearing. 

Bottom Line 

Your long-due hunt on the best Ryzen 5 gaming PCs might come to an end today. Our top pick amongst a good range of Ryzen PCs is considerably one of the best gaming PCs for enthusiastic gamers. We have reviewed this ASUS ROG Strix G15 with important highlights and you can overview this PC directly on Laptop Outlet UK. Get best gaming PC deals with Ryzen processors on this online tech destinations, and you can also avail instalment offers up to 24 months.  

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7 Ways IoT is Transforming Business Results in the Current Age

IoT is a raging sensation. From to improving customer experience to building new business models, these are top ways this technology is transforming businesses.





IoT and Business
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There is no denial, almost every aspect of our lives generates data. From our smartphones to smartwatches and smart home devices, they know a lot about us. The insights collected by these devices benefit the product maker as well as the customer. No wonder we are emerging into an IoT world from which most of the population will benefit.

Have you considered using IoT technology for your business? To convince yourself, you must first understand how it’s transforming business strategies and operations worldwide. Start by reading these:

1: Improved Business Insight

Connected equipment in healthcare, agriculture, supply chain, manufacturing, other industries are creating data streams and analytics, giving a company more insight into the business operations and how customers are using their products and services. Even mortgage recruiters use software and tools featuring IoT to improve their recruitment process.

Cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM are having made this possible. When a company understands how its customers use its products, it can offer a more fulling experience that goes beyond meeting customer needs. IoT is reducing friction in the buying experience and helping customers to interact with products and services better.

2: Better Customer Experience

Speaking of improved customer experience, let’s understand how the data gathered via IoT technologies enable that.

Let’s say you use mobile card readers that connect to mobile phones for processing payments quickly. Apart from using this data, you can also gather more insights on how your customers reacted to promotions by checking the on-floor cameras. Online retailers such as Amazon measure that through their data-driven strategies.

3: Cost Reduction

IoT devices can save on tasks that were performed manually earlier. This includes monitoring equipment (heating and cooling) and other processes. Data can be logged from a central system in real-time, eliminating the need to travel the distance and check equipment status.

Apart from complying with safety measures, IoT-enabled tracking devices can also help with inventory management. This would reduce staff redundancy and save money. It may appear as if IoT is killing jobs but adopting an IoT enabled system will create job opportunities that didn’t exist before.

4: Asset Tracking & Waste Reduction

Once business efficiency and productivity are improved, waste, and efficiencies in the supply chain are reduced automatically. This is integral to IoT tracking. Such a solution can be developed to improve the supply chain and develop products that boost customer satisfaction and build new business models down the road.


5: Inventory tracking

For a business that completely depends on warehousing and storage, here again, IoT can do wonders. This technology carries profound controlling functions, which work wonders for inventory management and tracking. This would eliminate the hassle caused by inventory management and modification. Your working staff can engage in other challenging tasks instead of worrying about the inventory.

6: New Business Models

More and more companies have started to recognize IoT’s scope and its power to deliver customer and business insights.

IoT can add new value to a product and improve its design to boost its usage in the real world. If companies can integrate IoT into their products, it can benefit their customers and improve their internal processes, which is the place they can reap huge benefits from. Moreover, IoT has enabled organizations to move away from their traditional business models and invent new revenue streams. For instance, you may offer subscription-based services to your customers, drawing on the product’s connected nature.

Products that offer your organization valuable data enables you to give them access to valuable data, letting you offer the same product at a reduced cost, opening new markets and replacing your revenue from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. All this is possible via subscriptions.

7: Automated Services

The shipping industry could use some IoT help as well. By deploying IoT sensors on vehicles, it’s possible to maximize the visibility of the supply change. At the same time, it’s possible to improve transport operations. The sensors have the ability to detect temperature, lights, and other attributes that can stop delays, theft, disruption and more. With real-time alerts, the dock crew would always know about the arrival of the scheduled delivery.


By adopting IoT, so many businesses have witnessed a transformation. Have a meeting with IT experts in your organization to discuss how this technology can be implemented in your current business model. Don’t let your competitors win by being the first one to adopt IoT.  This technology is as mainstream as googling for “staffing agency near me.” Make the most of it to improve your business operations, customer experience and revenue.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Telecommunications Industry?

Have you noticed how advanced and reliable internet services have become over previous years? Explore how AI is changing the telecommunications industry.




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Artificial intelligence is not exactly a cutting-edge concept. The term was first used as early as 1955. Of course, computer technology was still primitive back then. Over the decades since, AI saw periods of intense buzz and interest, alternating with periods of being ignored. It was only in the 21st Century that computers finally reached a stage where AI could actually be close to reality. Today, AI is present everywhere. From a simple Google search for Spectrum deals to complex applications to IoT, artificial intelligence is rapidly creeping into many aspects of our everyday lives. That includes the telecommunications industry, which this blog explores in detail.

The Use of AI in Telecommunications

Conventionally, telecom providers were limited to providing phone and internet services. However, over recent years, many larger providers have all but saturated the United States market. With great advancements in internet technology and infrastructure, the majority of homes all over the US have some form of internet access. At the same time, the rise of IoT devices implies a shift in smart technology moving beyond complex screen devices to other hardware. The biggest ingredient in this change is, of course, artificial intelligence.

With opportunities to grow, telecom providers aggressively expand to as many markets as possible. But with a saturated market, telecommunications providers have to compete even harder to differentiate themselves. This means not just offering a higher quality of service than the competition, but also a better customer experience. The best way to do both is to use the massive volume of data generated over years from customer devices and activities. AI can process this information and offer valuable insights that the provider can then apply to their service and customer experience approach. Here are a few key ways telecommunications currently uses AI:

Self-Optimizing Networks

Self-optimizing networks are a direct result of the use of AI in communications services. Providers use AI that analyzes information on things like time zones and traffic levels to optimize network quality automatically. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, AI can identify patterns in vast and complex data. This allows telecommunications providers to both fix problems and also prevent them.

Maintenance Becomes Proactive, Not Reactive

Ever had to face a service outage? In the old days, providers would catch on to a problem in the infrastructure when they received a larger volume of complaints. This often makes life difficult for subscribers, who are used to constant and reliable internet access. Luckily, AI has offered ways to move from a reactive maintenance approach to a more proactive one. This in itself has resulted in improved network quality and reliability across the industry. AI analyzes data across the infrastructure, and can often predict a problem before it even occurs.

Automating Key Processes

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of using AI is the automation aspect. Automation helps businesses (and telecommunication providers) streamline repetitive tasks that are too labor-intensive. This improves process efficiency and also reduces the risks of errors. At the same time, businesses can redirect human workers to more crucial and complex tasks. Many providers use AI to automate back-office operations. These may include things like workforce management, payroll, billing, data entry, and other repetitive but important processes.

Accessible Customer Support

Offering customer support around the clock is a great thing for the customer but can often be impracticable from a business perspective. However, since customers may need assistance at any time, AI offers a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure they always have access to it. Modern chatbots have become advanced enough to handle general queries and give appropriate responses. A bot can potentially offer a solution to minor problems with your Spectrum WiFi plans. If a query is beyond the bot’s capabilities, it often notifies a human agent to take over. That way, providers can dedicate valuable human resources to other tasks, taking on the bot’s job only where necessary. The development of the technologies continues to evolve. SpecTrue offers a pioneering metaverse experience for users to create idividualized AI friends, dating personals, and playing premium games with digital partners.

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Research and Market Reports: Global 3D Pedometer Market

Odyssey News



Global 3D Pedometer Market
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Research and Markets states, “Global 3D Pedometer Market Size, Market Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth Trends, Key Players, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, By 2027 (Global 3D Pedometer Market Size) , Market Share, Segment Analysis, Regional Perspectives, Growth Trends, Key Players, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts to 2027) Report.

With that release, Research and Markets provides an overview of this report as follows:

The overall size of the global 3D pedometer market in 2018 is US $ 1.49 billion and is expected to grow at a combined annual growth rate of 5.14% during the forecast period.

The 3D pedometer market is driven primarily by the world’s fastest growing wearable technology trends. Consumer demand for fitness trackers and the popularity of wearable technology among young people are driving the growth of the 3D pedometer market.

In 2017, the global value of the fitness tracker market exceeded US $ 50 million. High-end activity tracking and interactive operating systems also play a key role in the growth of these devices.

The 3D pedometer has multiple functions such as distance measurement, aerobic exercise, calories burned, and data storage. Due to these factors, the 3D pedometer market is expected to continue to grow during the forecast period.

By sector, the online sales sector leads the market with a global market share of over 60%.

The proliferation of the Internet and the availability of smartphones are supporting the growth of the global online sales department.

With the continued development of the global e-commerce economy, the company wants to release its products online, which will help further expand the online sales market.

Products such as 3D pedometers are mainly used by young people seeking the benefits of online sales such as discounts, convenience and lots of information, and prefer online shopping. In addition, these benefits of online sales have greatly facilitated the growth of this market segment.

Due to these factors, the online sales segment is expected to lead the 3D pedometer market during the forecast period.

By region, the global 3D pedometer market is dominated by North America, with a market share of over 33%, followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

The reason for the highest market share in North America is the growing interest in people’s health and the increasing personal sporting activity.

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate due to economic development, health problems and an increase in the youth population, but as urbanization progresses and living standards improve, 3D pedometers in the Asia-Pacific region Demand will accelerate further. The reason is factors such as improvement.

Due to these factors, rapid growth is expected during the forecast period, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

Key market participants include Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., DiDo, FitBit, Inc., WeLoop, Life Sense Group, Omron and Precision.

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How to buy all laptop batteries?

Odyssey News



How to buy all laptop batteries?
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Portable mobile devices realize that choosing the battery needed for a laptop can be difficult. Therefore, hopes to provide as much information as possible to facilitate purchases.

To replace the laptop battery, you need to find the battery identifier. Finding this code is very simple. This code is always on the battery itself and can usually be easily distinguished from other codes.

The technical name of the code identifying the battery is:
Part Number
“Serial Number” or P/N.
The easiest way to learn to find an identifier is to look at some sample photos below.


Finally, the device’s battery may be dead and the battery ID may not be found. In this case, there is a second option. Some brands of laptops place the identifier in the hole on the left when the battery is removed, as shown in the following figure.

We hope that after seeing these batteries you will get an idea of ​​what you need. Please, if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You will always, always be welcome.

What is a laptop battery?

A battery is a hardware component that powers a device, and the device can run without a power cord. Batteries can typically power a laptop for several hours, depending on the amount of power required for the laptop. Today, many high-end devices (such as laptops and cell phones) use rechargeable batteries, and when power runs out, users can recharge the batteries.

The computer uses three types of batteries. First, it’s a backup battery, commonly called a CMOS battery, which is used to store computer settings such as time and date. If you do not have a CMOS battery, you will need to reset the time, date, and other system settings each time you start your computer.

In that case, the bridge battery can only be found on laptops as a temporary backup battery for the main battery. With a bridge battery, you can remove the main battery and replace it with a high quality battery without shutting down your computer.

Finally, if the notebook computer is not plugged into an electrical outlet, the notebook computer’s main battery is the backup power source.

There are multiple battery technologies to make the battery work. Here is a list of some of the main types you are most likely to encounter.

Lithium ion is a fragile technology that requires circuit protection. It is used when very high energy density is required and cost is of secondary concern. Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive, but they work fine without affecting other types of batteries.

Lithium polymer is a battery technology that is a low cost version of lithium ion used in 1996.

• NI-Cad-SAFT America Inc. is the brand name for nickel-cadmium batteries. NiCad is a rechargeable battery made primarily of nickel cadmium. The NiCad series has low temperature performance, excellent capacity and excellent service life compared to other battery technologies.

The most important advantage of our competitors is that they can provide near-full rated capacity at high discharge rates. The main problem with nickel-cadmium batteries is that they need to be completely drained before they can be charged.

If the battery is not completely drained, the maximum power per charge / discharge cycle will decrease. Nowadays it is no longer an issue, but this issue is called a memory leak or memory impact.

• NiMH-Abbreviation for NiMH. Also abbreviated as Ni-MH. NiMH is a rechargeable battery mainly used in notebook computers.

Research on NiMH systems began in the 1970s as a hydrogen storage medium for NiMH batteries. Metal hydride alloys are unstable in the cell environment and cannot achieve the required performance characteristics. As a result, the development of Ni-MH batteries has been delayed.

We have each and every one of the brands in stock.

If your laptop is dead and you need to know where to buy a new battery, come to the right place and sell the cheapest laptop battery with the best customer service. We also sell dedicated laptop batteries, so you can buy high quality laptop batteries at a low price.

If you want to buy a high quality laptop battery with guaranteed quality and the best price, you are in the right place. The extensive catalog also includes batteries that are perfect for laptops and pockets.

How to choose a battery for your laptop

Of course, if your laptop battery breaks down, you’ll want to get a new one. In the final analysis, your computer depends on it.

However, choosing the best battery for your notebook computer is very important as it also affects the durability of your computer.

Let’s take a closer look at the product and its characteristics

You should carefully check the battery label on your laptop. In addition to emphasizing the description and photos, we also need to emphasize the list of models that are compatible with the electrical characteristics.

Follow the tips on laptop batteries

If you can’t find the right model, or if you have questions before buying a laptop battery, talk to a team of experts. We will guide you through the selection process and offer alternatives as needed.

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EU robotics project gives maintenance personnel “a helping hand”

Odyssey News



EU robotics project gives maintenance personnel "a helping hand"
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The European Union (EU) has completed a five-year project to develop collaborative humanoid robots to assist workers in industrial settings. Participants have announced advances in “learning artificial intelligence, natural language processing and robotics.” done.

The Second Hands project originated from the European Union’s € 80 billion Horizon 2020 research program. It started in 2015 with the goal of developing “an arm” for factory and warehouse workers. The goal is to develop a robotic assistant who will act as a trainee-like assistant to handle less skilled tasks and “voluntarily” help technicians lift and carry objects.

The project includes the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Sapienza University of Rome, the University College London (UCL) and Okado, the Kingdom’s largest online food vendor.

United. It is hosted by researchers and computer scientists from many organizations, including Okado Technology, the technical department at University College London.

The climax of the program is a robot named ARMAR-6, which was developed by German KIT to advance the investigation of human-computer interaction in a structured surveillance environment.

Cooperation with robots

In recent years, ARMAR-6 has been tested at Ocado’s British Automation Customer Compliance Center to maintain its conveyor system.

Basically this is an effort to use robots to help repair other robots. The point is that when the maintenance technician holds the tool in his hand and sits on the ladder, and his arm reaches down to lower the tool, the robot can see the movement and receive the tool.

Additionally, ARMAR-6 is designed to learn and adapt to real-world situations, such as grasping it when someone wants to move it from one location to another.

Working image Copyright: SecondHands H2020 Consortium (provided by Ocado Technology)

The ARMAR-6 is equipped with a telescopic torso and rotating arms, hands, and grippable fingers with various sensors and cameras. 

What’s more, it can interact with the environment using only visual data, detect the position of a human, and estimate the posture using only real-time images.

Images that use real-time visual data to estimate poses Copyright: H2020 SecondHands Consortium (provided by Ocado Technology)

Another important theme of the project is to show how ARMAR-6 avoids collisions in fast-moving industrial environments, where obstacles, including people, mix with stationary and moving objects.

Images that avoid moving and stationary objects (such as people) Copyright: H2020 SecondHands Consortium (provided by Ocado Technology)

Other notable developments in the project include the development of a speech interface based entirely on neural models, such as full neural speech synthesis and full neural speech recognition.

Regarding these advances, KIT’s Dr. Sebastian Stüker stated that “collaborative robots” will be widely accepted by humans, which will make human-robot interaction more natural.

Application to society

The main goal of SecondHands is to use Ocado as a foothold to promote the transition of humanoid assistants from a research environment to an industrial environment. Now that the project has been officially completed, plans are being made to apply the research results to use cases in sectors such as driverless cars and the oil and gas industry.
Currently, Ocado has no plans to implement ARMAR-6 in logistics centers.

This shows that it is not completely ready to run in a commercial environment. However, several private ARMAR-6 projects are underway in other industries, and significant progress can be made in using humanoid assistants in the real world.

Graham Deacon, a robotics researcher at Ocado Technology, said: “The results of this project clearly show how robots can enhance the benefits of the human experience. We look to the future and will continue to advance and apply these advancements in the real world. I am “.

The project also emphasized the need for cooperation between industry and the university. If you hit the first hurdle in the real world, there is no point developing an AI-equipped robot in an experimental setting.

In addition, it should be noted that as the new coronavirus crisis forces all countries to take measures against social distancing, the project will end with the introduction of automation technology.

In the future, the use of technologies that support ARMAR-6 will spread to other settings and may be “very useful for pollution reduction and long-term care” (Deacon).

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Technology is smarter: what will smart cities look like in ten years?

Odyssey News



Technology is smarter: what will smart cities look like in ten years?
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We all grew up watching science fiction movies and imagining the future. I dreamed of countless possibilities myself, but when I’m older, I think flying cars and secretarial robots will be the future.

Flying cars have yet to be put into actual use in 2020, but we have successfully driven robots that require social distancing. This is not what I expected, but it comes close.

Even if smart and enterprising people are studying these groundbreaking inventions, it is difficult to accurately predict the distant future. As you have see in recent months, a new discovery or global event will change the course of history.

Therefore, it is possible to predict the future through the lens of “opportunity” rather than based on imagination and personal ideals. Big challenges and opportunities generally attract and gather good intelligence to solve these challenges.

When top talent from different disciplines come together and work together across disciplines, amazing breakthroughs and advances can be made.

To answer the question “What is the future of smart cities?” These are some obvious opportunities to make significant progress in the next decade.

Improved data usage

Even today, a large number of data points are still collected every day, but as IoT devices become more common in cities, their number will continue to grow. The data collected will help us understand changing patterns and behaviors and the interrelationships between the data.

With the data sets we collect, we will be able to make better decisions about solutions and improve our quality of life. Startups that can use data to achieve meaningful innovation have great potential to solve and improve transportation, energy use, security, and societal challenges.

Smart home and IoT security

As we continue to increase the number of devices to enhance our family lives, the development of connected smart homes is at an alarming rate. The number of global smart homes is estimated to grow from 180 million in 2020 to 480 million in just five years, a 2.6-fold increase.

In this context, keeping your home safe is more important than ever. This is because it is believed that criminals can now break into the seemingly perfect smart home system and exploit security breaches without going there. In the future, it is time to register your home for antivirus services, it is not trivial.

Sharing economy

In the last five years, there have been a number of creative startups around the sharing economy. These trends seem to have faded now, perhaps because the sharing economy has brought many challenges and involves various stakeholders.

Uber has become one of the leaders in the sharing economy, but it still faces many challenges before completely changing the mobile industry.

Indeed, there are successful cases like Airbnb, but the company’s recent COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted its plans and forced it to reposition itself to adapt to its “new daily life.”

Closely related to families, some startups are trying to enter the sharing economy in various industries, such as bike sharing, last-mile transportation, and self-employment, but due to various factors, there are still many success stories. Undone.

Just two years ago, six companies in Singapore provided a total of around 200,000 drift bicycles, but most of them were retired in 2019.

The consensus among the people seems to be that the realization of shared asset utilization can achieve significant efficiency, but to put this idea on the right track and achieve full success, implementation is a win-win situation. You need a relationship.

It seems that no company has been able to solve the challenge of maximizing the potential of the sharing economy, but Singapore is starting to see more and more companies that want to share bikes and have great potential to enter this market. There is no doubt that it is lurking.

In the next decade, we will see more startups learn from past mistakes and once again challenge the sharing economy in better and more innovative ways.

More efficient internal cooling

In tropical climates, life without air conditioning is unimaginable. With the progress of global warming and many people continue to work at home, the use of air conditioners is constantly increasing and is expected to double in the next 20 years.

In Singapore, air conditioning accounts for about 40% of total household electricity consumption.
The cost of completing the cooling system is high and the network is heavily loaded. Zone cooling is one of the best options to improve cooling efficiency. District cooling is a system that can collectively respond to the demands of several buildings with different usage patterns.

Regional cooling is also attractive because it supports sunlight and other renewable energy sources. This is not new, but it is possible to implement a dedicated system for specific purposes and is expected to significantly increase efficiency in the next 10 years.

Last Mille

Will increased demand for e-commerce and courier services affect last-mile delivery? Today’s infrastructure and logistics operations cannot adapt well to future growth.

Online sales account for only 20% of total sales, which leaves enough room for e-commerce growth. Startups will continue to find ways to cope with their tremendous growth. Drones and robots are also likely to be the future of delivery services.

Sustainable living

There is no doubt that humanity has made significant progress in the last ten years, but it is pointless if we cannot leave a better world for future generations. Today, cities account for more than 60% of the world’s resources consumed, 70% of greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of waste. All of these have destroyed the planet we live on.

Smart cities must deal with traffic congestion, air pollution and waste disposal in order to sustainably adapt to the development of these cities. Over the past 15 years, the Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) has implemented various solutions to promote sustainable housing development plans.

In Singapore, we introduced rainwater for purposes other than drinking water, such as cleaning public areas, and we introduced a smart motion sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of LED lights based on detected movement.

Furthermore, we are currently testing the “Vacuum Waste Collection System (PWCS)” which is an automatic waste collection system to solve environmental and health problems related to outdoor garbage collection.

As more and more people realize the importance of protecting the environment and sustainable growth, start-ups committed to achieving their sustainable development goals will receive more attention and continue to invest in such businesses.

Sustainability will undoubtedly be a major theme shaping the next decade.This e27 article was written by Raymond Doraisamy of NewsCred, which is licensed through the publisher network.

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Can “machine eyes” see society and the future?

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Can "machine eyes" see society and the future?
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Can “machine eyes” see society and the future?

-The people who created machines beyond humans

“Machine eyes” beyond humans

The sound of the wind is getting louder and louder.
When I think it has grown, the next moment is a light-driving passenger car.

The sound became low, and when I thought I was far away, I continued to drive at high speed under the strong vibration of the truck and sports car.

The technology to capture and recognize license plates by tracking successive cars with different models and different speeds.

Even athletes with excellent dynamic vision can never catch up.

Masaki Suwa, a senior engineer in image sensing technology, created a technology that recognizes objects at a faster rate than humans and simultaneously captures the three dimensions of human space.

Professional Masaki Suwa from the Technology and Intellectual Property Headquarters
It can be said that image detection is “the eye of the machine”.

No matter how powerful the machine is, if it does not have the “five senses” of the sensory organs, it will become a machine that can only move blindly.

Image detection technology is built into equipment and equipment, and plays the role of capturing the “eyes” of objects.

It is said that humans can obtain more than 80% of the information around them visually.
The machine cannot cooperate with the surrounding environment to control itself, nor can it see the constantly changing situation.

For more than 40 years, Omron has developed advanced image detection technology to replace the “human eye” and has supported the development of society in various fields of industry, society and life.

Suwa first participated in the development of 2D character recognition sensors at OMRON.

Recognize the characters and codes in the images taken by the camera, and read the characters and codes (such as the expiration date and food production batch number printed on the product by the factory) to identify the license plate and read the business. card.

This technology has been widely used for business card recognition in smartphone applications.

At that time, the development of road traffic sensors equipped with the industry’s first technology determined the life of the visiting Su city developer.

On the road, by accurately determining the volume of traffic, the speed of the car you are driving, the type of vehicle, etc. And by controlling the signal or displaying the guidance on the traffic information board, the flow of traffic is controlled to avoid jams. . ..

However, 2D image detection sometimes does not adapt to changing road conditions such as shadows from buildings and parallel cars, cars lined up in traffic jams, and headlights reflecting off the road.

“Can we use two cameras to measure distance capturing the same ‘depth’ of the human eye?”
When this concept was born at the end of the development project team discussion, Suwa felt great future and potential.

He continued to search for a method to install two cameras on the same principle as the human eye.
What is needed is durability to maintain normal driving even when exposed to rain and wind, and high precision that can capture vehicles up to 60m away and achieve precise eye functions.

What bothers Suwa most is the need to achieve such high performance in a limited size.

Humans can immediately process a large amount of information from both eyes, to understand the surrounding situation and easily recognize various three-dimensional objects. Supercomputers are not enough to process the same amount of information.
“It’s hard to feel when the size is small.”

To solve this contradiction problem, Suwa completely reduced the range of information needed from the images captured by the two cameras and improved the accuracy of depth detection.
It is a challenge because it is difficult. Such a developer soul promotes difficult development.

With the development of this technology, cars with a recognition rate of 97% or more can be detected regardless of day, night or weather.

This road traffic sensor is equipped with a mechanism that can receive light through two cameras and calculate the distance based on the difference in the path of entry of the light. This is unique to Omron and cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Identify the base and perform high-precision refinement

Three-dimensional recognition of electronic components and display of color difference
Suwa can be said to be the top engineer of OMRON imaging. He spent most of his time developing it.

This technology is used for three-dimensional reconnaissance inspection to check the shape and joint condition of the “solder” of electronic components mounted on it. . matrix. It is said to be 3D image detection technology.

The board inspection device is a device for high-speed inspection of the soldering state of the board, and hundreds of electronic components smaller than 1 mm square are mounted on the board.

Different from using two cameras such as traffic sensors for 3D image detection, one camera is a camera and the other is a projector that projects a specific pattern onto the whiteboard.

I think that three-dimensional objects can be recognized by the subtle deformation of the projection pattern, but it is not easy to re-develop them.
Such equipment requires precision and speed.

Developed a 3D image detection function, which can change patterns at an ultra-high speed of 100 times per second, which is not recognized by the human eye.

By numerically controlling the shape and joining state of the “solder” that is critical to the quality of electronic devices, high-quality, high-speed products can already be produced.

Illuminate the electronic component (left) with a specific pattern (right) to recognize the three-dimensional shape
It has been 18 years since Suwa started developing 3D imaging detection.

The technology has finally flourished and the scope of the device has expanded. 3D image detection has become one of Omron’s core technologies.

Omron (OMRON) has created unsurpassed image detection technology and, combined with the advantages of OMRON (OMRON), Omron continues to improve its technology to achieve high performance from small parts.
“It is not necessary to process every pixel of the image captured by the camera.

This is the essence of Omron image detection, which can refine the really important information at high speed and high precision. It is also a place to test the source of feeding, “Wa said.

Today is the cloud era.
Supercomputers can be used to collect big data and calculate and analyze large amounts of information.

However, if the accuracy of the data composing the big data itself is poor, accurate answers cannot be obtained, and if a supercomputer is used to calculate everything, the best time for judgment at this time can be determined. You might miss it.

The core of the Internet of Things is how to extract the reality that is happening in the data.

Omron considers how to operate “wisely” with limited resources (such as the size of the CPU and memory that can be integrated into the device) and the compact, high-performance human eye and brain without large-capacity hardware. We have developed devices with built-in functions.

As a palm-sized device, it is active in cities, buildings, roads, factories, and anywhere in society, and can provide information about the machine “machine eye”.

Palm-sized Image Sensor “Components of Human Vision”

Can “machine eyes” see through thoughts and the future?

By looking into the “eyes of the machine” many problems can still be solved.
How to make the invisible part visible.

Wa’s visit to the city not only tried to perceive “places that are not physically visible”, but also tried to perceive “within humans” and “the future as a timeline”.

For example, it is still difficult to detect physically invisible objects like cars approaching from the other side of the corner or in heavy fog with sensing technology.

On the other hand, the feeling of “seeing” the human interior is also evolving. Omron has developed a facial recognition technology that can automatically recognize human faces.

As a technology that supports autonomous driving, people have high expectations about it, but in the future, you will not only be able to recognize faces and movements, but also express facial “fatigue”.

I want to develop techniques for “looking in”, such as “I want to know if I am sleeping” or “I want to know if I am sleeping.”

On-board sensors can estimate the driver’s attention based on the driver’s behavior and facial expressions
The “perception of the future” that predicts the future is no longer a dream story.

Make predictions within a few seconds in the near future, such as predicting the entry of vehicles behind and accelerating in the rearview mirror, or predicting and avoiding the movement of approaching vehicles due to narrow roads. Already standing.

Fully forcefully accepted the interview.
“Development is a series of difficulties. But when we overcome obstacles and push products to the world, many people will be surprised and happy. Really imagine that our technology will change society.

This is the driving force for daily development.”

Develop technologies that predict the future as much as possible, one step ahead of the future, so that the future can bring about a better society.

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Innovate the manufacturing site through “visualization” processes

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Innovate the manufacturing site through "visualization" processes
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With the decline in the birth rate and the aging of the population, ensuring labor and technical capacity has become a problem for the entire manufacturing industry.

In particular, the transfer of skills from skilled workers is an urgent problem that affects productivity and quality.

In this case, Omron launched a project to convert the “crafts” grown by artisans in its mold making department into the Internet of Things.

We interviewed the members who participated in the project, which can be called manufacturing innovation.

Use digital technology to transform your personality in manufacturing

Omron has made various efforts to improve production efficiency through the use of digital technology, such as computer development, design automation and the use of 3D data.

This time, the “Mold Making Internet of Things Project” was launched at the Omron plant in Kusatsu.

“Today’s manufacturing industry faces several challenges, one of which is a lack of trained technicians. There are many obstacles to adopting technology to solve these challenges.

Therefore, first of all, we are shifting from the in-house manufacturing department to molds. I thought about this problem.. ”

This is what mold maker Kazunori Takagi said. The mold is made by a metal cutting machine called a machining center, but one of the members, Yuji Yamazaki, has cultivated the technology, experience, and intuition for many years to operate the machine.

The purpose of the project is to transform personal manufacturing that relies on skilled engineers into smart manufacturing using digital technology.

Perform resistance quantification in cooperation with automation center

Takagi recalled: “The most difficult thing is how to quantify the resistance to cutting when using a machining center.”

“Initially, we tried to quantify the shear resistance based on current changes during the cutting process, but could not detect small changes.

Therefore, we repeated tests with the automation center engineers (control systems engineers and control engineers). The development of the center was used.

The idea of ​​the ‘predictive surveillance system’. Using the algorithm of the system to convert vibration data into sound opens the way, “continued Yamazaki.

In Yamazaki’s experience, “good” and “bad” of the cut state are defined from the sound obtained by converting the vibration data.

We work with the automation center to establish the best control conditions for each of the many tools and metal materials in the mold, so that the cutting speed can be optimized under “good conditions”.

Detection and control create new value

“Even if you call it a machining center, you can install countless tools on its tip. Since each product is unified, we incorrectly tried and got what kind of data.

However, our goal is not just Resistance value detection and quantification. After the resistance value is detected, the cutting speed of the machining center is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Controller) .

I believe that the project can be completed successfully by combining detection and control. About this project idea.

Finally, we visualize the machining resistance and successfully control the machining center speed by PLC based on the value.

As a result, machining time was reduced to 40% and tool wear was reduced to 20%, which exceeded expectations. I’ve been running for more than a year, including testing, but without problems.

Regardless of the skill of the worker, the best processing can always be achieved.

The efforts of members of the mold making department and members of the automation center have paid off, and Yamazaki’s “craft” is capitalized.

Co-create and connect to IoT-centric customer problem solving methods
“The Internet of Things is not just the purpose of collecting data.

Value can only be created by using and controlling data. This is an initiative that only Omron can do, because Omron has a number of PLCs and other control devices. I can say: “Takeshita continues

At times like this, the use of data from manufacturing sites using the Internet of Things has started to be rolled out to customers as a service called “i-BELT”.

“I-BELT” is a plan to work with customers to create an IoT-centric data collection, data analytics and innovative sites process to find the best value. Stay in touch with customers and keep innovating, not just once, this is important. ”

This “project to shape the Internet of Things” is just one example, but “i-BELT” has the potential to turn all field data that was not available until now into “a new value to protect production and quality. “. .

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Experience the manufacturing site in the near future

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Experience the manufacturing site in the near future
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Experience the manufacturing

“Man-machine harmony” embodied by Omron robots

Omron has implemented several automated methods to innovate the manufacturing site.

At CES 2019 in January this year, there will be a “recent manufacturing site” corner next to the “Forfeus” table tennis robot, where visitors will be able to experience these automated methods, which have attracted much attention.

We allowed them to experience a simulated production line in which the process of printing and packaging novel products was automated, and they also experienced the recent video scene of the “human and machine integration” that OMRON aims to achieve. (Visitors can get a box of magnets in their favorite color as a souvenir and their name printed.)

If Forfeus, the crystallization of Omron’s core technology “sensing and control + Think”, is taken as the [concept], it can be said that in the near future the manufacturing site will be [the application].

At the corner of the manufacturing site in the near future of CES2019, many cutting-edge technologies included in Forfeus have been put to practical use as specific applications.

Experience an automated production line for printing, shipping and packaging

In just a few steps, you can choose your favorite magnet and print your name on the laser marked box.
First, you need to know the colors and names that visitors like.

People will ask and verbally confirm, but the automated production line scans the visitor badge code and gets the badge owner information from the identifying information it contains. You can choose your favorite color on the touch panel.

This information is quickly transmitted to the laser marker unit, which selects the magnet required by the visitor from inventory based on the information and prints the name on the packing box.

If humans perform these series of tasks, they may be able to convey the necessary information in just a few minutes. However, due to the interlocking of the scanner and laser marker unit, printing can be completed in just 30 seconds.
Then put the magnet in the box, but not all.

According to the visitor information printed on the packing box, the visitor’s favorite color should be selected from the magnet on the conveyor belt, and then transported to the packing box.
Also, there is a groove in the box with the same shape as the magnet. If not positioned correctly, the magnet may overflow and the lid of the box may not close, thus requiring high precision control.

This new automated product production line is realized not only through the use of laser markers, but also through the use of mobile automatic transfer robots, pick and place robots and collaborative robots.

Each has its own advantages and characteristics, and by combining all this, it embodies the “fusion of man and machine”.

Product line that realizes the “man-machine integration”

Mobile robot for automatic transport

Omron’s mobile robot is equipped with artificial intelligence technology and can perform automatic transport. The cabin pallet can hold up to 135 kg.

In the near future, in a corner of the manufacturing site, magnets and boxes are brought onto the production line and moved from there to the next location. Autopilot software allows you to drive safely while avoiding obstacles and people.

laser marking machine

Laser marking machines are an integral part of product quality control and grading in all industries. In addition to high speed and high precision, OMRON laser markers can also print on various surfaces such as metal and plastic.

Furthermore, even objects with few planes can be correctly identified and processed. You can also manage the tools you use independently, such as performing maintenance after a specified time.

Robot Pick and Place

The pick and place robot can recognize objects, pick them up and place them anywhere.

At the “near future manufacturing site” corner, visitors are responsible for selecting magnets of their chosen color and transporting them in sets of three.

In addition to high speed and high precision, AI is also built in, so precision can be further improved by instructing personnel to make improvements.

Visitors who want to cooperate with robots

The collaborative robot can be programmed to pack magnets into boxes. The easy to understand interface and intuitive operation guide the movement of the robot.

After understanding the movement, you can select a suitable magnet among several magnets, adjust the direction of the magnet to fit the groove inside the case, and then insert it.

Finally, close the lid and gently hand it to the visitors. Furthermore, collaborative robots can respond to various situations and production scenarios. For example, various tools can be installed on the arm, not only for picking and packing, but also for drilling.

By further promoting the “fusion of man and machine”, Omron not only seeks user safety, high speed, high precision and high efficiency, but also establishes a connection in a manufacturing base where man and machine can learn from each other, cooperate and promote each other. I will continue to challenge.

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A big step towards “a future in which machines discover human potential”

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A big step towards "a future in which machines discover human potential"
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which machines discover human potential

Omron’s goal is for the future image of man and machine to be “the fusion of man and machine”, which maximizes human skills and creativity.

Omron’s condensed core technology “Sensing & Control + Think”, embodying the world’s table tennis robot “Forfeus” born in 2013. We continue to develop a concept for each generation and by 2020 we are reaching the sixth generation.

In the sixth generation of Forfeus, in addition to the personal training function installed in the fifth generation to improve the player’s skill level, we also challenge the development of “AI that improves player motivation”.

By cooperating with companies from different industries, we are committed to creating machines that “attract humans to develop further.”

Challenge technology to accelerate player growth
Satoshi Yase, the technology and intellectual property headquarters of the project leader for the second consecutive year since the fifth generation, is committed to “enhancing the growth momentum of people” in the development of the sixth generation. He said he focused on the interactions that promoted his growth.

In the fifth generation, we have thoroughly improved the hardware and algorithms, and have obtained high-level table tennis skills, which can be used for high-speed meetings with experienced table tennis players.

In addition, we have developed to the point where we can create a “personal trainer” to encourage skill improvement by returning the ball and giving advice based on the opponent’s skill. In the sixth generation, we mentally challenge to accelerate the growth of the players.

Meta AI generates a “meeting plan” to infer excitement, motivation and maintenance
Motivation and maintenance are the keys to accelerating human growth.

In sports psychology, the state of being completely attracted to the game is called “fluid” and the state of extreme concentration is called “area”, athletes who reach this state of mind will exercise their greatest capacity. To get to this process and area, high motivation is required.

To motivate people, you need to understand the player’s state of mind in real time and formulate a rally plan accordingly.

For example, players who are too difficult to challenge and are confused will be asked to return an easy ball, while players who are too easy and boring will be asked to return a hard ball. In other words, you must read the player’s emotions and make the most appropriate return at the right time.

That’s why we focus on the “Meta AI” from gaming company Square Enix. Meta AI monitors the entire game while guessing the player’s psychology and triggering events at the appropriate time. For example, instruct the enemy character to deliberately leave a gap, intelligently avoid attacks, or launch powerful attacks.

By constantly adjusting the balance of the game, players will become more addicted to the game and become the so-called “addiction”.

In this way, Square Enix and Omron jointly developed the sixth generation Forfeus. The two companies repeatedly discussed the characteristics of table tennis games and how to use meta AI to process them.

As a joint study, while playing table tennis, we also performed hypothesis testing and confirmation of actual emotional changes.

Yes, Omron uses its unique human body measurement technology to detect important data such as human facial expressions, eyes and heartbeats through the camera, in order to assess the player’s abilities and emotions in real time and master the state.

Based on the results, Meta AI analyzed how to move the player’s emotions to increase motivation and turn it into a rally plan. Then according to the rally plan, repeat the process of changing the route, ball type and speed and accurately returning the ball.

This is the first sixth generation Forufeusu that achieves interaction to increase people’s motivation. It is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show “debut at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020” held in January and May 2020.

The arrival of the future of man and machine

Project leader Arthur said: “The” AI that enhances human power “that is cultivated here allows machines to function in accordance with human mental states. This can be applied to various situations in society, for example, in areas such as manufacturing sites in factories Provide technical education and job support, and encourage the elderly to decline their physical function and physical strength in the medical / nursing field.

Forfeus will continue to evolve toward the realization of a “future in which machines and people continue to grow together.”


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