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Important Tips for First Time Home Loan Buyers




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Purchasing your dream home is a big decision, and considering the steep real estate prices, it may be critical to opt for financial assistance in most cases. To fund this purchase, a home loan is the right financial instrument to opt for as it has a long tenor and offers ample finance. Moreover, some lenders offer an attractive home loan interest rate, and this facilitates comfortable repayment. However, to enjoy these benefits, you need to meet the lender-specific home loan eligibility criteria. 

For a first-time borrower, these loan processes and requirements may be tricky to navigate. To ensure that you understand these nuances and avoid common pitfalls, take a look at the top 6 tips to get a home loan on affordable terms. 

Maintain a high credit score

As a first-time borrower, the key factor to consider before applying for a home loan is your credit score. It is one of the crucial aspects of the home loan eligibility criteria. Lenders look for responsible borrowing behaviour, and a credit score of 750 and above is indicative of this. This helps you get a more affordable home loan interest rate along with other perks.

Apply with a co-applicant for the home loan

The benefit of applying with a co-applicant is that this increases your home loan eligibility, if your co-applicant has a good credit score and income. This is because the responsibility of the loan is now shared by two people and this reduces the risk incurred by the lender. What’s more, applying with a female co-applicant, like your wife, mother or sister, may also help you secure a lower home loan interest rate. Lenders often offer women concessional rates on home loans. 

Choose the right interest rate type

There are two types of interest rates applicable on a home loan and choosing the right one depends on your risk appetite and the prevailing rates. With a floating rate of interest, the home loan interest rate changes based on the market conditions. It can increase or decrease, and the change will affect your total outgo. 

On the other hand, a fixed home loan interest rate does not vary and remains constant until the reset date. This is a better option for risk-averse borrowers as there are no unexpected costs and you can safely plan repayment right from the start. However, floating rates are usually cheaper compared to fixed rates at the onset, and these also allow you to make part-prepayments at no charge if you’re an individual borrower. So, weigh the pros and cons and then opt for the right rate. 

Identify the best tenor

The repayment tenor of your home loan is crucial as it affects the EMIs payable. Generally, a long tenor loan translates to a low EMI amount, but increases the total interest you owe as you end up servicing the loan for longer. Alternatively, a short tenor loan results in a high EMI amount, increasing your monthly outgo drastically, but also lowering your total interest payment. With the help of the home loan EMI calculator, you can choose the best option based on your monthly budget and financial goals. 

Check the loan to value ratio

The loan to value ratio for a property is the percentage of the home loan amount you borrow against the current market value of the property. A higher down payment from your side will result in a lower LTV and reduces the lender’s risk. Lenders may be open to offering you more suitable loan terms, including a more competitive home loan interest rate when you borrow a lower amount. 

Inquire about the associated charges and the fees

Home financing institutions have varying terms and conditions, including those that apply to the applicable fees. Inquire about such charges before you finalise on any loan because these can amount to a high sum. For instance, lenders will charge you a processing fee, among other, as part of the administrative work they do. This is charged as a percentage of the sanction and can amount to quite a lot of money. In addition, you may have to pay bounce charges, penal interest, loan statement charges and more. Being clear about these can help you plan better and even negotiate for lower charges with a good profile. With these details about home loans, you are equipped to identify a deal that’s truly favourable. In this regard, a good option to consider is the Bajaj Housing Finance Limited Home Loan. It offers a competitive home loan interest rate, a flexible tenor of up to 30 years and a high-value sanction. To qualify, simply meet the easy home loan eligibility criteria and submit the minimal documentation required to process the loan. In fact, the loan also has swift processing protocols, thus ensuring hassle-free access to funds, so long as you have a healthy financial profile. For easy access to the benefits on offer, simply apply online by filling out the application form.

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How Smartly Establish a New Business in Africa? Useful Tips




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Establishing and managing a business anywhere in the world will also need your complete attention. Without taking it seriously, you might not be able to get ultimate results as per your demand and need. Every business owner should have to pay attention to the business registration setup first because it is the main point that will lead the business up high in the sky. Don’t try to ignore this step because it will make your business stand out in the trustworthy option and you could better generate better results as well. many people prefer to expand their businesses by opening a separate entity anywhere in the world. Some business owners prefer to expand their business roots nationwide which is also an effective solution. Whether you are going to open a nationwide branch or you are going to set up a new branch overseas, you have to need the great help and support of the professional business registering agency in this regard. 

Searching out the business by taking help and support of the business consultant will provide you enough relaxation which you may not have any idea about it. These professional business consultants will take care of all of the business registration tasks by their selves and they will manage every task perfectly without disturbing you. You can focus on other tasks related to your business which is also an important thing to do so. If you are willing to open a new business set up in Africa, then you need to hire a professional Business Consultant in Africa. It is much easy to find out the right option for the business registering purpose and you will never find this thing full of hassle by any chance. The ultimate benefits will directly come to you and you will enjoy the huge profit as expected. 

First of all, we will share with you the smart tips for searching out the professional business consultancy firm in Africa, and then we will let you know the other important factors which you have to apply for your business respectively. 

How to Find Out Business Registering Agency Online?

Follow these smart tips and you will get the right option to get search for the impressive option in the shape of the business registering agency online.

  1. Everything is available on the internet as per your desire and need. You just have to choose multiple options of business registering firms online.
  2. Make sure to get selected multiple options and send them a free quote request to get to know everything in detail. 
  3. Make sure to check well their credentials and success rate online before requesting the free quote.
  4. Match the quotes with each other along with their offered services. You will get the smart solution in front of you instantly.
  5. Select the solution provider which is offering you the right solutions as per your demand and need. 

All these points will provide you the immense solutions which you are searching for along with the right business registering agency. Here we will share with you the smart solutions for establishing the business in Africa and you have to follow these rules and tips seriously. 

Smart Tips for Establishing a Business in Africa

Following are the tips and suggestions for everyone to follow seriously to establish a business successfully. 

  • Hire Professional Staff

As we all agree on the statement that well-trained and experienced staff is much important for any type of business around the world. Almost every successful business has utilized the same formula and they are getting ultimate benefits in return. Professional and experienced staff will also include their effort and experience to boost the appearance of the business in the market. Feel free to hire competent staff for the respective task and they will enhance the business reputation in the market perfectly. 

  • Select Perfect Location

If your choice for selecting the location is perfect, you might utilize this thing for real-time benefits in the future. Business with having this brilliant option is taking a lot more positive response and they can target the relevant audience instantly without any gap. You should have to follow this point seriously to avoid any type of mishap in the future. 

  • Branding Process is Compulsory

Without having the interference of the marketing solution, a business will never touch the height of the sky at all. Branding is much important these days for everyone and you can better take help and support from social media platforms that are quite active these days for the respective task. 

  • Never Miss out on Professional Business registering Agency Support

Never miss out on the help and support of a Business Consultant in Kenya and they will handle all things related to the business registration smoothly. You could be able to focus on other relevant tasks of your business. 

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Custom Makeup Boxes to Impress at First Glance




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It’s the modern era and nothing can beat stylish Custom makeup boxes when it comes to impressing the customers. The well-crafted packaging enables the business to level up the brand reputation and create identity. Eyeshadows and blushes are sensitive, so they require extra attention in packaging and sturdy material is essential for marinating retention rate. The well-designed packaging draws the attention of prospects and impresses them. Let’s get the boxes to impress at first glance:

Cost-effective makeup packaging boxes to allure customers

To preserve the product while sitting in the store before a person buys it, makeup packaging boxes is the cost-effective idea. OXO packaging crafts durable and sturdy solutions to keep products protected as well as it’s a cost-effective tactic of marketing. The artwork is imprinted with creativity and the Custom makeup boxes are shaped innovatively to grab the attention of customers. One of the best things about the company is that the client can get the boxes customized as desired and it won’t even cost him/her an arm and a leg. The staff works hard to produce exceptional boxes which don’t exceed the budget limit and the design seduces the customers. The high-quality ink and printing tools make the staff able to produce excellent packaging.

High standard custom makeup boxes with low rates 

High-standard makeup packaging boxes makes the company stand out in the crowd without investing a fortune. OXO Packaging offers the boxes at an affordable rate, so the customers can afford good quality packaging to show the standard of the item to the potential buyers. The uniquely designed Custom makeup boxes speak aloud and show the true standard of the item inside. The company is offering many features and add-on options for the businessmen to choose and get impressive boxes. The makeup can’t be ignored by the ladies but they see the standard of the item by its cover before they buy. It is wise to get the boxes printed with the qualities of the item as they tell a lot about the company.

Recognizable Custom cosmetic boxes for brand identity

The printed makeup packaging boxes are an effective way to grab attention and it makes the company recognizable. It is a fact that customers easily get attracted when they see the complementary colors and the alluring theme showing the care of the manufacturer. OXO Packaging creates the packaging with the colorful and attractive personalization to create a positive perception in the customers’ minds. The admirable packaging gets the product noticed and sells more. The company with years of experience makes the brand easily recognizable and stands out in the crowd with a unique look.

Let the experts strive to produce impressive boxes, call on (510) 500 9533 or send an email to The staff discusses the idea with the client and gets it polished to produce alluring packaging. There is nothing to worry after assigning the task to the professionals as they can handle it with grace and send the order at doorstep.

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