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How to wear CEO dressing for presentations and internal meetings? 10 ways to learn from Bezos and Sandberg




How to wear CEO dressing for presentations and internal meetings
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Spending too much time per day worrying about what to wear will affect decision-making judgment? Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wears a 10,000-year-old gray T-shirt. Can I also work like this? If you still have these myths, be careful.

Image charm is an implicit communication tool to deliver messages to customers, colleagues in the industry or the public. Mastering this tool can help you get twice the result with half the effort in the workplace and shopping malls, and master the right to speak.

“Leaders with clear personal images have higher media exposure and more opportunities for companies to be seen.” said Chen Liqing, CEO’s charismatic leadership coach.

The image of a low-key, hidden leader behind the company is outdated. Now is the time to emphasize personal and corporate branding. Chen Sunhua, a well-known stylist, said, “Building an image of a leader can enhance the value of the company.” While focusing on professionalism, we must also find ways to package ourselves.

“Alive” invited fashion and image experts to form an advisory group to comment on the image of well-known corporate leaders. From these charismatic leaders occupying the major media pages, learn ten tricks of imagery.

How to wear for presentations and internal meetings? 10 ways to learn from Bezos and Sandberg

  1. Build your fashion identification card

Companies establish an identification system (Corporate Identity System, referred to as CIS) to shape their brand image, and corporate leaders also need to have a “fashion identification certificate.

” For example, Apple founder Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck and jeans, and the signature black shirt was designed by designer Issey Miyake; Amazon chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos often wore a shirt and jeans semi-formal Smart Casual, this “bald-headed man” CEO, is super recognizable.

  1. The whole body must have at least 3 points

“When leaders want to attract attention, they must pay attention to the three-point rule.” Chen Liqing explained that there must be at least three important points in the whole body to attract eyes, such as special hair color, shoes with unique materials or colors, and eye-catching accessories.


However, no more than six points, lest it be too fancy, there are key points everywhere, and there are no bright spots.

3. Pay attention to the attendance occasions and the subjects

attending various occasions, and must conform to the TPO dressing principles (Time, Place, Occasion). For example, Facebook CEO Zoberg, who always loves to wear gray T-shirts and jeans, went to the Congress to attend the hearing in person for Cambridge Analytica’s disclosure of user information. He changed into a white shirt, light blue tie and navy blue.

The suit jacket, using calm colors and tailoring, perfectly interprets how to wear an “apology suit.” Chen Liqing taught another trick: When attending press conferences or speeches, you can first ask about the color of the back panel, so that the clothing and the background appear in contrast.


4. Use jackets to show professional sense.

Jackets can help leaders generate authority and professionalism. According to different occasions, your jacket can also convey information. Mary, Chief Executive Officer of General Motors, USA Mary Barra wore a coat when attending public occasions.

In the negotiation meetings and press conferences, she presented a sense of formality with a suit jacket; at the car presentation, she put on a black leather jacket and silver high heels, standing in front of the silver car, showing deft and strong.

Yuan Qing suggested that female CEOs can also learn from Xue Rou, the chief operating officer of Facebook. Sheryl Sandberg wore a cardigan jacket, firm but feminine, not necessarily stiff jacket, soft style, but also smart.

  1. Maintaining the consistency of

your own style After finding an image that suits you, you should maintain the consistency of your style. Just like a corporate advertising slogan, keep repeating your image style to increase the memory of others.

Chen Liqing observed that neutral colors such as black, gray, white, and dark blue are the basic colors commonly used by CEOs. They maintain stability and are less likely to cause emotions. But still have to adjust to the occasion and the message you want to convey.

6. Use different materials to create a sense of hierarchy,

even if the whole body is of the same color, you can also choose different materials.

Chen Sunhua suggested that the colors do not need to be colorful and the styles do not need to be complicated, but the layers must be worn. For example, a female leader wears a suit jacket with shoulder lines but a silk shirt inside, which can be both neat and soft at the same time.

7. Let the jersey and shoes help you “speak”.

In important occasions such as press conferences and shareholder meetings, your “jacket” is sending messages. For example, Chen Sunhua, pointed high heels represent mobility, while round high heels are more rounded. Is it an attack or an occasion that requires reconciliation? Even your shoes are talking.

If you want to dissolve barriers and distance, pull up your sleeves, take off your tie, and remove formal symbols, all of which represent an opportunity to reshape the language of communication.

8. Maintain a good posture and spirit.

In addition to choosing the right shirt, maintaining a good posture and mental aura is more conducive to building an image of a leader. Chen Sunhua reminded that leaders should pay attention to eyebrow trimming and hairstyle.

Before attending important occasions, exfoliate, apply mask, and pay attention to oil control. Those with myopia can prepare a few more glasses and replace them according to the outfits, instead of discarding the outdated frame.

“Any old symbol represents a leader or company’s hesitation.” He said.

9. Lace and translucency are taboos

Yuan Qing reminded that too trivial, fancy, frivolous or sexy elements are taboos for workplace image. For example, lace, translucent, shiny fabrics and other elements may be suitable for parties, but they are not appropriate in the workplace.

They are not only distracting, but also easy to give people unprofessional associations.

10. Make good use of accessories to attract

attention and focus “In negotiations or signing occasions, avoid wearing accessories that distract and interfere with the line of sight.” Yuan Qing said. Excessive shaking or long necklace should not appear.

It is best to use symmetrical and concise accessories, such as K gold jewelry, diamonds, or Art Deco style. Especially brooches and pins, not only have their own bright spots, but also l focus and produce blessing effects.


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Unveiling Brilliance: Exploring the Magic of Al Fakher Diamond Dust





Al Fakher Diamond Dust
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Imagine enjoying smoking on a whole new level, with a dash of genius added to every inhalation. This is precisely what the ground-breaking product in the shisha market, Al Fakher Diamond Dust, claims. This article explores the numerous facets of this amazing product, including its characteristics, background, and the reasons why enthusiasts today view it as indispensable.

Al Fakher Diamond Dust: A Diamond in the Rough

The essence of Al Fakher Diamond Dust is revealed to be a distinctive blend of fine tobacco and faintly shimmering diamond-like particles. The outcome? A unique smoking experience where luxury and flavor collide.

The Origin Story

Explore the origins of Al Fakher Diamond Dust and follow its history back to the rich tobacco customs of the Middle East. Discover how creativity and skill combine to produce a product that appeals to the senses.

Crafting Brilliance: Manufacturing Process

Al Fakher Diamond Dust

Al Fakher Diamond Dust


Discover the complex procedure that goes into making Al Fakher Diamond Dust. Every stage, from picking the best tobacco leaves to carefully adding tiny particles that like diamonds, is an example of excellence and perfection.

The Mesmerizing Features

We explore the unique qualities of Al Fakher Diamond Dust that make it unique in the world of indulgent hookahs.

Diamond-like Sparkle

See the eye-catching beauty of Al Fakher Diamond Dust. The delicate shimmer gives your smoking experience a touch of luxury and sparks conversation at any get-together.

Flavors That Dazzle

Explore a range of tastes that aren’t your typical ones. Al Fakher Diamond Dust provides a range of options to suit every taste, from traditional blends to creative creations.

Smoking with Elegance

With Al Fakher Diamond Dust, your shisha sessions will be elevated from a casual hobby to an opulent event.

The Perfect Social Companion

Al Fakher Diamond Dust

Al Fakher Diamond Dust


Find out how smoking is made more socially enjoyable with Al Fakher Diamond Dust. With friends, enjoy happy and restful times to make every session special.

Tips for Optimal Enjoyment

With helpful advice on taste matching, heat management, and packing, you can maximize the benefits of Al Fakher Diamond Dust. Make smoking a ritualistic endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Al Fakher Diamond Dust suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Al Fakher Diamond Dust caters to all levels of enthusiasts, offering a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience for beginners and seasoned users alike.

Q2: How long does the diamond-like sparkle last?
The diamond-like particles in Al Fakher Diamond Dust are designed to last throughout the smoking session, providing a mesmerizing visual experience from start to finish.

Q3: Are there any health concerns with inhaling diamond-like particles?
Rest assured, the diamond-like particles in Al Fakher Diamond Dust are safe for inhalation. Extensive testing ensures a worry-free smoking experience.

Q4: Can I mix Al Fakher Diamond Dust with other shisha flavors?
Certainly! Get creative with your flavors by mixing Al Fakher Diamond Dust with your favorite shisha blends. The possibilities are endless.

Q5: Is Al Fakher Diamond Dust available worldwide?
Yes, Al Fakher Diamond Dust is globally accessible, bringing its unique sparkle to shisha enthusiasts around the world.

Q6: How do I clean my hookah after using Al Fakher Diamond Dust?
Maintaining your hookah is easy. Simply follow standard cleaning procedures, ensuring a residue-free experience for your next smoking session.


To sum up, Al Fakher Diamond Dust is a sensory experience that combines flavor and visual appeal, going beyond the bounds of traditional shisha. Enhance your smoking routine with this innovative gem.

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Unlocking the Fun Side of Business: Exploring Interesting Ventures





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Editorials in Time Magazine are like that witty friend who can talk about serious topics without becoming overly serious. They are a must-read for everyone who wants to keep educated while having a few laughs because of their special wit and wisdom combine. So, if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Time Magazine and explore the world of editorials. At the same time, you’ll be entertained and educated!

The Quest for Quirky Ventures

Unlocking the Fun Side of Business: Exploring Interesting Ventures

Unlocking the Fun Side of Business: Exploring Interesting Ventures

Have you ever heard of a company that rents out chicks as a specialty? You did read that correctly. That is what the “Rent-a-Chicken” company does. It enables city inhabitants to enjoy rearing hens without making a lengthy commitment. Clucking brilliant, that is!

How about a business that sells air in bottles? Anyone wanting to pay for a breath of fresh air can get clean, untainted Icelandic air from a company called “Aethaloper” in Iceland. Like the scent of Mother Nature!

Business Ideas That Tickled Our Funny Bone

Who wouldn’t pay for a good, professional cuddle, asks The Professional Cuddler? You can employ a professional cuddler to provide company and cuddles without the awkward romantic entanglements in countries like Japan and the United States.

Need your grass mowed but don’t want to do it yourself? Rent a goat. No issue. Many companies rent goats for environmentally friendly gardening. These goats truly are the best!

Have you ever questioned what your dog or cat is thinking? There are, however, certain pet psychics who assert to have the solutions. Even your pet’s horoscope will be provided!

Specialist Stand-In Liners: dislike standing in line? In some nations, you can pay someone to wait in line for you to purchase the newest iPhone or the most recent

Business Beyond Boundaries: Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking beyond the box can result in unexpected and even massively profitable initiatives when it comes to creative and distinctive company concepts. Consider the “Potato Parcel” business, for example. This odd business delivers handwritten notes on actual potatoes to recipients all across the world. When you can have a spud-tacular message delivered to your home, who needs greeting cards?

The Deliciously Different Ventures

You’ll be thrilled to read about companies that, through their mouthwatering and distinctive offers, have carved out a niche for themselves if you have a passion for food and a sense of adventure. Have you ever considered launching a company that sells tasty insects? It may sound unusual, but businesses like “Cricket Flours” have been using crickets to produce protein-rich snacks and baking ingredients. It is supposedly the sustainable protein of the future. Crickets are surprisingly crunchy—who knew?

A business in Japan called “The Banana Museum” is devoted solely to bananas. It combines a museum, a coffee cafe, and a shop offering everything from banana-themed art to snacks that taste like bananas. Make a museum when life offers you a bananas!

Laughing All the Way to the Bank: The Comedy Business

Unlocking the Fun Side of Business: Exploring Interesting Ventures

Unlocking the Fun Side of Business: Exploring Interesting Ventures

If making people laugh comes naturally to you, the field of comedy offers a wealth of interesting economic prospects. While comedy clubs feature nightly performances that leave audiences in stitches, stand-up comedians tour the world sharing their amusing anecdotes.

However, comedy isn’t just for the stage. Comedy has been transformed into a successful online industry thanks to businesses like “Funny or Die.” They make money while creating amusing movies and articles that make millions of people laugh. Just remember to bring the punchlines if you want to be financially successful if you have a sense of comedy.

FAQs (Frequently Amusing Questions)

Q1: Can I start a business selling sunshine?
A1: Well, you can’t bottle sunshine, but you can definitely sell happiness. Perhaps start a business organizing outdoor events and picnics on sunny days!

Q2: Do professional cuddlers ever fall in love with their clients?
A2: Cupid’s arrows might strike, but it’s generally not part of the job description. It’s all about platonic cuddles!

Q3: Are there any business ideas that haven’t been tried yet?
A3: Probably! The entrepreneurial world is vast, and creativity knows no bounds. Who knows, the next quirky business idea might just be waiting for you to discover it.

Q4: Can I really make a living by sending potatoes with messages?
A4: Believe it or not, Potato Parcel has sold thousands of spuds and made a tidy profit. It’s a classic example of how a simple, quirky idea can turn into a thriving business.

Q5: Are there any other food-themed museums out there?
A5: Absolutely! The world of food museums is vast and diverse. There’s a Museum of Ice Cream, a Cup Noodles Museum, and even a Mustard Museum. The possibilities are endless.

Q6: Can anyone become a stand-up comedian?
A6: Anyone with a sense of humor and the ability to craft jokes can try their hand at stand-up comedy. Just remember, it’s not all fun and games; it takes hard work and perseverance to make people laugh.

In Conclusion: Business Can Be a Laugh!

In the world of business, creativity has no limits. From renting chickens to selling bottled air, there’s no shortage of interesting, unique, and downright funny business ideas. So, the next time you’re pondering a new venture, remember that business doesn’t always have to be stuffy and serious – sometimes, it’s all about having a good laugh and embracing the unexpected.

As the saying goes, “If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” And in the fascinating world of interesting businesses, you’re sure to find a good dose of laughter along the way. Who knows, you might just stumble upon the next big, quirky idea that takes the business world by storm. Happy entrepreneuring!

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